Nascar, Indy Car, NHRA Drag, Hot Rods, & DRIVING 180mph!

good morning everybody
walking around downtown Portland this morning just want to get some fresh air
before the rain hits got a rain alert it’s gonna rain and thunder all day
today so we’ll enjoy the first part of the morning air okay
all righty feel the boost ideas I guess this is the headquarters of adidas oh
did you know that Paul Bunyan’s got some style got some swag guys yeah
Paul Bunyan might sport these awesome Adidas shoes superstar
that’s not quirky I don’t know what is huh so the headquarters of adidas is
here in Portland Oregon very cool how about that they do have that big Paul
Bunyan statue right down there in Canton so that makes sense
cool well I don’t know if there’s a visitor center or not I’m gonna look
around a little bit that’s a negative it’s just corporate offices and parking
garages I’m gonna go across the street though too so I just want to let you
know I went into the office there across the street kind of hard to get to
because the construction there’s nothing here except offices that’s that’s too
bad I mean magnets they’re gonna have so we do a little research I was not
planning on the rain it’s gonna rain bad today starting in like an hour so get in
the RV and plan my day out otherwise I saw a semi-truck earlier today that had
a big sign on the back that says blinkers on question mark please don’t
speed up that is the universal thing to do when any big rig is trying to get
over lose the gap on us I’m gonna get out of
downtown Portland because and I don’t want to do it and then or be so and see
do I see my shirt good I found something related to this south of Portland so
we’ll try to beat the rain there okay all right that’s right sporting my
NASCAR leather jacket because ladies and gentlemen we are here at world of speed
here in Wilsonville organ a massive Motorsports museum known nationwide but
this museum represents the Northwest contributions to motorsports and that
includes hot rods drag racing music influenced cars classic cars race cars
Indy cars NASCAR everything I am so excited and on their web page it says
photos and videos permitted so yes I’m gonna go buy ticket I’m gonna share it
with you guys so it’s a $10 to get in the museum and there’s some other stuff
going on big boy it’s all American classic cars and Motorsports everything
check out their magnets little trailer it can be yours oh it’s a
cooler are you kidding me it’s an Airstream cooler for five hundred and
fifty bucks that would be awesome on somebody’s porch and yes we’re gonna see
a lot of cars in the museum so let’s get the started they didn’t have anything
that says world of speed on they’re magnets for some reason they just had a
whole bunch of car stuff but they had a coca-cola one so I went with that magnet
and this will be my world of speed magnet
how about Mario Andretti and here is his 1967 Ford Fairlane
stop car for NASCAR o-67 gt40 right here there are a lot of cars in here remember
as always I’m only gonna show my favorite 10% of what’s going on in here
when I was out there in Utah doing my speed test out in the desert on the TW
200 this is a land speed racer here how fast does she go well it’s got to
small-block Chevy’s 750 horsepower each and this bad boy goes 288 miles per hour
that’s fast Oh in 1994 Lola IndyCar there an hour
talking and like it’s not just cars and racing and they have a whole music
section because how music inspired racing and I guess some stuff all this
acts up here signed by gene Simmons I doubt it works but look at this cassette
neck boom box oh yeah this one has to be 60s
right 8-track SEP 17 where is some funky stuff in here
I’ll tell you what we have little science don’t know you can you can mess
with these things all you want that’s why they’re out here in the open here’s
a Sylvania Thunderbird it’s an old radio – they’ve been going
backwards that music section is called the wall of sound okay so that’s where
that starts let’s read the first sentence here it says the synergy
between cars and music connects our lives like long road trips bringing
folks together singing along to songs that stir up good memories so that’s the
connection and of course we got to talk motorcycles if we’re talking speed
there’s a 1930s flathead engine 1936 knucklehead 1948 panhead 66 shovel head
an 84 big twin and the twin cam 88 and a 1917 model F sidecar Harley I’d sit here
checks would be right there in his throne a couple dragsters here whose
1969 there’s a t9 d there number five well that’s really bright and go okay
and it’s NASCAR time and they got Richard Petty as Chevy Monte Carlo 79 who looks clean looks ready to go
it’s firing that girl up called gas pump here that’s been converted to a screen
showing stuff and being as I have actually camped inside the infield of
the Daytona 500 twice in my life it is pretty cool to see this here in the
northwest the Daytona and they’re on a slope up here there’s Dale Earnhardt jr.
Chevy up there number eight and Terry Labonte is 88 Budweiser did you hear
about that a week ago Dale jr. and his family actually got in a plane crash in
Tennessee I think it was they crashed their plane caught fire they’re all ok
but yeah that’s kind of scary oh yeah Tom Cruise Days of Thunder they
show some of the Daytona track in there in the old RV his back then that’s an
old seat that’s a really cool jumpsuit they have some simulator rides that you
can pay extra to ride to normally they’re being serviced right now they
think they might have one of them fixed later but a 1995 mercedes-benz Indy car
a 98 Ford for the NASCAR and at 62 Lotus come back maybe they’ll get it fixed
hey it’s an authentic 1958 Egg Chair I’ve seen some of these beat-up ones at
like swap meets and antique stores because we can sit in it and we’ll
listen to the music they’ll see how comfortable this is Oh
I mean like how do you make the music start Siri play music and speak wait
1958 yeah probably not is this the future of semi trucks if so
I like it that is sexy look at that it’s all about being more
aerodynamic to get better fuel economy so they did away with the side mirrors
so that it’s more aerodynamic and then they use cameras to be able to see
what’s behind you into the side and that sign down there says it has run smart
predictive cruise control it’s nice it’s nice you don’t got to be big to be fast
and successful I got three Mini Coopers the 1960s grab Offenhauser the very
first Formula One race car these cars are not very fuel-efficient they have a
little model here to kind of show us I’m kind of happy getting seven or eight
miles per gallon in Miranda after seeing this you can consume 18 gallons of fuel
in three seconds okay that’s just idle idling right now and time to refuel we can test out a
supercharger here uh-huh and see how that works to push the NASCAR down the
road so we’ll get it fired up that’s going and then we’ll hit the gas here one goes and we can see how the gears work of a
quick change rear end and the turbocharger here get a look at
that guy cutaway there we’ll hit the gas here there she goes Oh
Bucky’s speed shop I wonder if they’ve got a turbo v10 for Miranda I do see
some header gaskets we’re gonna need some more of this don’t remind me
don’t remind me look at this garage all sorts of toys mm-hmm
always good to have an extra big block or seven I got me a turkey sandwich I’m
gonna wait and see if they can fix that simulator so the NASCAR is gonna be out for
several days the processors broke at least I got to sit in it and try it and
it was fun to ride the Lotus very very much worth it I think pretty cool spot
pretty cool place I’m gonna head on out guys
it’s been nice oh it is pouring rain outside well you know either way made
the most of it right got to see something cool all right we’ll put our
coca-cola magnet up there next to the Mount st. Helens and route 66 magnet
there mmm-hmm we’ve been having some rain it’s letting up this is about the
latest that’s been so I decided to come outside and share with you what I got
going on the back I do God you have my cover as you can see the water beating
right off it no problem keeping the bike dry underneath but it doesn’t protect
against is if I’m driving on a dirt road well the dirts gonna get kicked back
under the rear tires and it’s simply gonna go right up the bottom of this
cover right here and get the bike dirty and wet so and I’m just sitting here
might as well protect it as much I can and I also decided because of the
weather and everything just to kind of wait it out here in Wilsonville Oregon
and get a fresh start tomorrow after it dries up so I’m here at a Camping World
in Wilsonville and I appreciate Camping World giving me the okay to have a safe
spot to park because it’s gonna be few and far in between as we go on south for
sure I’ll show you what’s going on inside though you know you gotta get
creative all in the rainy days so netflix is my friend let’s see the ps4
is my friend and actually Netflix just suggested a new show and I like it I’m
only 22 minutes into it but hyperdrive they’re drifting and racing cars in a
competition with some really good driving it’s really cool but because of
the rain and the clouds and the lack of solar you know running the TV and using
the microwave and stuff like that and the I’m probably gonna have to run the
generator for a couple hours on these rainy days just to kind of get back
solar you know um where’s my kid oh there you are
you hanging out right there you know what comes next to me I got cat bed over
here that’s comfy it’s you could after I move
my drone stuff of course well let me know okay well my buddy my
baby sleeping the whole day away huh all right man all right so Jack’s announcing
in a couple days take care guys okay can I cut back in with one more
little word of caution if you find yourself staying at Camping World
boondocking and Camping World you’re gonna sleep overnight during the
business hours of Camping World I highly suggest you to lock the doors of your RV
as you may have customers coming around thinking that you are an RV for sale if
you park near the service center customers will walk the entire perimeter
and they think that they should just be opening every single door on the
property okay so it’s just I guess part of the life of living in a camping world
for the night but yes lock all of your doors all every single garage door cam
lock outside lock the entire RV up or put a note on the door that says
occupied not for sale maybe cracked me up though all right good night guys

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