NASCAR XFINITY Series – Full Race – Food City 300 at Bristol
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NASCAR XFINITY Series – Full Race – Food City 300 at Bristol

>>Rick: The drivers definitely fired up.
The ffired up to see the green flag.>>Rick: Want to take a look at our starting
lineup. Starting grid for tonight’s race. Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch in row number 1.
The third pull of 20 is a for Denny Hamlin. Other two races he won.
>>Jeff: Row 2, Bristol winner Kevin Harvick, starting alongside Kevin.
>>Row 3, outside row 3, Ryan Blaney running the triple this weekend. Trucks, XFINITY and
the sprint cup race.>>Rick: Row four.
>>Row 5, Daniel Suarez and chase Elliott. Making up row six you saw these two in the
highlights. Ty Dillon and Regan Smith.>>Rick: Looks like it’s interesting how the
two always get put together. Back at row 7, Darrell Wallace Jr. Making his seventh Bristol
star. Row eight, Brendan Gaughan and cassill.>>Ryan reed, J.J. Yeley. Back in row number
10, R Sieg. Let’s see
if we can chat with Ryan Blaney who was able to win the truck race earlier this wreak.
>>Hey, Ryan, Jeff Burton in the NBCSN booth. You with us? Hey, Ryan, it’s Jeff Burton.
You with us?>>Hey. Yeah, I got you.
>>Jeff: All right, bud. The last two starts here you won the race. Tell us why you’re
so good here.>>I don’t really know. I think it’s a product
of I’ve always had good cars or trucks whenever I’ve been in these races. Really great short
track. Me growing up on short tracks. The past series. I think that’s kind of prepared
me a lot for this. We go to some places like woodchester compare to this. Brought up on
the two. And I remember growing up and watching my dad race here. It’s always been one of
the coolest racetracks. That definitely gives me something to look forward to every time
I come to Bristol.>>Jeff: Bud, thanks for taking some time
with us and good luck tonight.>>Thank you.
>>Rick: As you can see we’re going to ride along with the 22 today and also be riding
along with Daniel Suarez. He has the XFINITY in-car camera and he’ll start ninth today.
We just were chatting with Ryan Blaney in the Ford eco boost on-board camera. He’ll
start sixth. Kevin Harvick up front, with the hunt brother’s pizza in-car camera. On
the front row, Kyle Busch, seven-time winner of the XFINITY series race at brist. He starts
second and carries the Toyota in-car camera. Track facts for Bristol motor speedway, just
over a half a mile. The banking Progressive from 24 to 28 degrees in the corners. Front
stretch is 5 to 9 degrees. Backstretch 4 to 8 degrees. Front and back stretch, both 650
feet. Not lot of distance as far as going straight as we look at our racetracks for
Bristol motor speedway. 300 laps. Just under 160 miles. Pit road speed is 30 miles per
hour. They’re going to feel like they’re crawling on pit road. That fuel window between 140
and 150 laps. Tonight’s aerial coverage provided by our partners at smithfield foods. It will
be a great shot to see 40 cars working their way around this short half mile. And a great
venue. One of the best in sports. Definitely one of the racetracks that all drivers would
like to get a win when you come to Bristol.>>Jeff: No question, think about the XFINITY
series race, we see a lot of action. This is not a short race. 300 laps takes a long
time. Requires aggressness and patience.>>Steve: It’s a tough mix. Majority of up
and coming drivers. This is a place where you have the learn that patience lap after
lap.>>Rick: The pace car is going to pull off
the racetrack leaving the field in the hands of Denny Hamlin. Won the pull earlier today.
Chooses the inside line out of turn number four. Green flag is in the air. We’re under
way from Bristol. Are you surprised Denny chose the inside lane as there’s already some
issues in turn one? They get it going. Everybody stays in the correct direction.
>>Steve: It looked to me like the teammates talked between Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch.
Almost let Denny Hamlin have a nice clean start. And now they go back races. Kyle Busch
already looks underneath Denny Hamlin.>>Rick: For the lead. Denny Hamlin still
in front. Kyle Busch trying the bottom of the racetrack. The preferred line all day
has been up near the wall.>>Jeff: That’s what’s so hard about the bottom.
Saw the 20th Hamlin get a run on the corner. The 54, Busch, he’ll roll quickly but can
he clear him on bit? He did right there.>>Rick: Kyle Busch out in front. Can he hang
on to it? Scott on the inside trying to get by Denny Hamlin for second. Kyle Busch out
front. Scott at the bottom of the track in the 2. Denny Hamlin in the 20 on the high
side.>>Steve: Yeah, if the bottom of the racetrack
is going to work for Scott it’s going to work on newer tires. The top really comes in. He
squeezes off the front of Kevin Harvick into third.
>>Rick: Kevin Harvick in the 88 just behind Brian Scott. Behind him, Ryan Blaney in the
22.>>Jeff: See the 20 bottoming out. Hitting
the racetrack with the chassis of the race car. I wonder if that’s got him — a lot of
times we see Scott get really, really loose.>>Rick: Brian Scott up the racetrack as well
allowing Kevin Harvick in the 88 to get by. Hereney in the 22 and Chris Buescher in the
60 closing the gap down.>>Steve: This is the risk you’re going to
see. Feels he has the momentum. If you don’t complete the pass you see Chris Buescher fill
the hole in the top. If you cheese to get out of line ango to the bottom you have to
be confident you can close the gap. Ryan Blaney does a great job squeezing his way back in
the line.>>Rick: Got aggressive back if line. Ryan
Blaney tucks in in the fifth position.>>Jeff: Did a nice job of working with him
there. He could have pushed the issue and pushed Blaney into the corner. Look, it’s
lap eight. Be smart. Give the guy a break. Later on in the race we don’t see that. That
was smart racing by Chris Buescher the guy trying to win a championship.
>>Rick: Elliott Sadler in the 1, won here twice before in the XFINITY series. Behind
him the 42 of Kyle Larson. Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Brian Scott, Ryan Blaney,
the top five. Kyle Busch having to hold off his teammate, Denny Hamlin, for the lead.
>>Steve: Jeff, you mentioned the 20 bottoming out. Seeing the car early in the run. Ten
laps into the run the air pressures have build up, the tires are a little more inflated.
We don’t see as many sparks out of the 20 car and it seems like he’s better compared
to the 54.>>Rick: Actually got on the back bumper of
the 54 of Kyle Busch as they started to put a few cars a lap down now. Kyle Busch stuck
behind the 13. That allows Denny Hamlin to make the pass. Hamlin will take the lead away
from Kyle Busch as bush is all over the back bumper of the 13 of Brad Teague. Here at Bristol.
>>Jeff: Matter of timing. We saw Denny Hamlin catch Kyle Busch right behind the slow car.
Kyle had nothing he could do so Denny took advantage of it and Harvick took advantage
of it as well. Kyle Busch has to earn the spots back.
>>Steve: This is what happens. Kyle Busch the 13 chooses to run high through the corner
which is frustrating for the leaders. That’s the preferred line. Kyle Busch was stuck behind
him. Hamlin got turned behind the 54. Once he’s there Kyle Busch has no option other
than show his displeasure to the 13. Marty?>>Reporter: Guys, I was talking Denny Hamlin
earlier today. He said we’re running an experimental setup so I asked Mike wheeler, crew chief,
what does that mean? He said, well, here’s the deal. We came into this weekend knowing
we didn’t want to run exactly with what the 54 was running, we wanted to go a different
direction, try something a lot different and see if it works. So far this weekend it has
worked. Long runs. Might be a little better for the 20 car. Y, sometimes when you have
a known — you have to go outside to find something that will work.
>>Steve: The sport is a constant evolution. If you think you’re going to bring what you’ve
always brought to the racetrack and continue to be successful, you won’t. If the 54 is
going to come, run the proven set wrup at least through practice have one of your cars
get off the island, outside the box a little bit, try something new. You can always go
back to what your teammate has. If they stuck with it in the race, they must have felt it
showed a little bit of fruit in practice.>>Rick: Three cup superstars out in front
of the field at Bristol. Can they stay there?>>>Went away to break, Kyle Busch was running
third, he was able to get by the 88 of Kevin Harvick and now the 20 of Denny Hamlin. Kyle Busch out in front of the field here
at the XFINITY race and the reason he was able to do it, lap cars. Guys are falling
in behind lap cars. At the wrong time. Allowing guys to be able to make passes. That’s what
Kyle Busch just did.>>Jeff: See the 54 get underneath the 20
before he ever got to the 90 and now there’s nowhere to two. 54 of Kyle Busch, he’s got
the preferred line. Drives in the corner. Keeps the 20 pinned up there. 20 tries to
make it three wide but he has to pinch it off enough where he loses his speed. Kyle
Busch clears it.>>Steve: Yeah, as you come back to the live
action you see the problem you have now is some of the cars are choosing to run the top
which is the preferred lane. They are trying their best to make something of their race
trying to work on their race cars. If they use the top of the racetrack and leaders have
to run the bottom and slide up in front of them, Kyle Busch there with the big slide
of the 25, we’re going to continue to see — we talk about patience. We’re only 32 laps
in and it already seems like their patience is getting worn thin.
>>Rick: They’re still running laps right around 16 seconds, Dave.
>>Reporter: So far so good for leader Kyle Busch. I asked his crew chief Chris gale earlier
today if in practice they found the sweet spot for the seven-time Bristol XFINITY winner.
They found it one time. Kyle said when the truck was over the rubber we were losing the
nose on that car. Found it. Found it again for the race and maid the adjustments.
>>Rick: Kyle Busch putting distance between himself and Denny Hamlin. It is making it
difficult to get by cars you see the 42 tucked in behind John Wes Townley. Running up the
high side of this track. Ryan Blaney in the 22 upfront.>>Jeff: How far Larson drove in the corner
there, that’s an example of the job. He drove in the corner, overdrove the corner. Car went
way up to the wall. Had to over-slow the car to keep from hitting the wall. He was able
to take that spot. If anybody knows how to do a slide job, Larson does. That’s typical
passing in dirt track racing. It’s not seen that much in this type of racing but you’re
going to see it a lot tonight. He overdrives the corner then gets in front of the car and
almost over — but unless you have a car you just passed you’re going to hit him, there’s
nothing you can do.>>Steve: The difference is when you have
to pass lap cars you have confidence they’re going to give you the spot when you slide
up in. If the 42 tries to catch 2 Ryan Blaney, if he’s going to pull the slide job on Ryan
Blaney he has to believe he’s not going to get into my back bumper or Ryan Blaney isn’t
going to overtake him.>>Rick: Ryan Blaney doing the triple here
at Bristol that includes the camping world truck serious which he won on Wednesday. The
XFINITY race tonight. And the cup race tomorrow. Marty?
>>Reporter: And Rick, you get a picture from the helicopter shot, all the traffic these
drivers are dealing with. You mentioned Ryan Blaney doing the triple. Right now his car
— Jeff, he was telling me earlier today it’s tough to keep it all straight. He said honestly
I went from the cup car to the XFINITY car today. He was like, wait a minute, was it
the XFINITY car handling that way? Imagine for a young man like this, Jeff, it’s difficult
going three races running both the XFINITY and cup series.
>>Jeff: I think it makes you better. Going to different kinds of race cars on the same
racetrack helps you with your adaptability, helps you do to make whatever car work well.
I love the fact he’s driving that many race cars. It’s a way to learn. Think how much
more he’s learning this weekend than his counterparts. Three races one weekend. That’s an incredible
thing to be able to do.>>Rick: Ryan Blaney. If he tries to complete
the sweep, he’s got a long way to go.>>Yeah, listen, there’s multiple ways. Right
here, Larson putting the pressure on Ryan Blaney. Gets to his rear bumper. See Ryan
Blaney going to the bottom of the racetrack and let the 42 go. Lap 44 Kyle Larson has
put the pressure on right here. He doesn’t hit him hard enough to spin him out but he
pushes him enough, gets the 22 loose. So, hey, buddy, I’m faster, I’ve run you down
from half a straightaway back. Ryan Blaney like the veteran driver lets the 42 go, get
back in line.>>Jeff: Give Ryan Blaney a lot of credit
early in the race. Why get yourself in position to get wrecked in a tight race?
>>Rick: Blaney running sixth. Kyle Busch out in front has a 1.4 seconds lead over Denny
Hamlin.>>Rick: Welcome back to Bristol motor speedway.
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caution has come out at Bristol. The 90 of Mario Gosselin, off of turn number two. A
little debris put on the racetrack, so NASCAR put the yellow flag out. Caution lights are
out. And we’ll see if there’s any takers for pit road. Race leader Kyle Busch is going
to lead the field on to pit road. Remember, under caution they have to go all the way
around no matter where their pit stall is they have to come in on turn two and they
will have to exit on turn one. Dave?>>Reporter: Kyle Larson and Kyle Busch, Kyle
Busch says the car is on the bottom but lacks lateral grip. He’ll have a small change for
his driver. Full of sunoco fuel. Kyle Larson also four tires and full of sunoco fuel.
>>Reporter: Just across from start/finish. Car is tight rolling to center. Chassis adjustment
with track bar awedge. Four-tire change on Harvick’s machine and fuel. Marty?
>>Reporter: Middle of the screen front of pit road, car is too loose in, too tight off
the corner. Denny Hamlin has the best pit stall here at Bristol. Very first one. Immediately
Denny Hamlin loses a number of spots here on pit road, Rick.
>>Rick: Take a look at the race off pit road. Kyle Busch holds the lead. Chris Buescher
big gain as well as Ty Dillon.>>Jeff: On-board here with Kevin Harvick. Getting reports he melted a
bead which means a part of the tire that touches the wheel not too hot and actually melted.
I would assume it wasn’t handling the way he wanted. Too much brake heat caused the
90 to go to the wall.>>Rick: That brings out the first caution.
Lot of fuel on pit road. Six wave-arounds. Took advantage of this caution. Fans coming
back up on their feet. Kyle Busch gets the green flag. We’re back to racing. What a great
restart for Kevin Harvick. He ducks to the bottom of the racetrack. Tries to take the
lead away from Kyle Busch.>>Jeff: Another big benefactor of the restart,
Denny Hamlin, lost spots on pit road after stalling the car as Marty snider reported.
He’s back up to third on this restart.>>Jeff: Chris Buescher got off to a slow
start, stacked the bottom lane up. That allows Hamlin to get to third. Buescher in fourth
in the 60 car. He’s on two tires. Ty Dillon is two cars behind him.
>>Rick: Now side by side for second. Denny Hamlin to the bottom of the racetrack trying
to take that position away from Kevin Harvick. In the 20. Harvick in the 88.
>>Jeff: Rolls to the dle so well, drive in the corner exceptionally deep but make the
car ride the middle of the corn er really well. You can see how much better the car is turning.
Still bottoming out but obviously turning better than it did at the start of the race.
>>Rick: Here comes Ryan Blaney in the 22. Bottom of the track trying to get by the 60
of Chris Buescher. Riding along with Ryan Blaney, a lap happens so quick here. Marty?
>>Reporter: Rick, before that last stop, Ryan Blaney said his car was so extremely
loose that he had three rounds of front braking the car. That’s a big adjustment. When it
came down to pit road this time, they went down and around the — also made an air pressure
adjustment trying to get the car better. Right now it looks like they have made it better
for Ryan Blaney.>>Reporter: Kevin Harvick is a driver who
certainly knows what it feels like to have a good race car at Bristol. Won here in a
truck, won in a sprint cup series and has five XFINITY series wins here but he’s unhappy
with his race car now. Tight through the center and off. So much, in fact, they made a serious
adjustment down pit road. He’s hoping it will turn a little bit better. Kelli?
>>Reporter: Elliott Sadler in the 1 car said his front end is chattering a bit. He was
discussing with his crew chief ways to fix it on their next time down pit lane but he
might have a bigger problem. He said the temps were running high. He did not see anything
on the grill during that caution but Elliott came over the radio and said temps are sky
high, how high can I run it?>>Kyle Larson called his 42 car really, really
good on that first run. Lost a couple spots on pit due to strategy because he took four
tires. I asked earlier today, what makes Kyle so good on this racetrack? He said for the
good drivers, everything slows down. And that’s the case for this young driver, he’s very,
very fluid. Rick?>>Rick: Yeah, Kyle Larson so strong here
at Bristol. Currently running in the top ten. He’s ninth. As you mentioned, a little strategy. Four tires for the 42 team hoping that will
help them on the longer runs. Kyle Busch out in front has a half a second lead over his
teammate, Denny Hamlin. Kevin Harvick running third. Ryan Blaney up into the top five. He
runs fourth. Chris Buescher, the XFINITY points leader, is fifth. Kyle Busch catching the
back part of this field a lot quicker now. Kyle Busch out in front.
>>>Beautiful sunset here. Sunset scheduled for 8:12. Right on time. We have completed
81 laps from Bristol motor speedway. Out in front it’s Kyle Busch. Denny Hamlin, Kevin
Harvick, Ryan Blaney, and Chris Buescher. They are the top five. Scheduled distance
of this race, 300 laps. A good battle here between Chris Buescher and Ryan Blaney. Blaney
running that high line. Buescher trying to work the low line to see if he an get by to
take fourth away. Another guy involved in the points race, just a few moments ago. Chase
Elliott in the 9. Defending series champion.>>Jeff: Chase, he thought he had the spot.
Brandon Jones on the outside. As we talked about earlier, I mean, Brandon was there.
Brandon was there but that’s an example how sometimes it’s better off just to lift, give
that guy that spot so you don’t lose more spots. Dave?
>>Reporter: Jeff, it’s been a tough day for chase Elliott in the 9 car all day long. Disconcerting vibration in practice so they
changed everything from the bell housing on back. It was about a 20-minute change in the
middle of practice. So far tonight, though, he’s not had that vibration anymore but the
brakes have been, quote, terrible. So the driver’s man handling the car maybe braking
in ways he doesn’t like to do with that 9 car.
>>Rick: Look at points as they run. Chris Buescher with a 27-point advantage over Ty
Dillon. Chase Elliott right there in third. 31 points back. Chase Elliott, of course Jones
had an encounter in Iowa as well.>>Jeff: I thought he did a great job there,
as mentioned, the 9 of chase Elliott, squeezed that position. Thought he was clear. He wasn’t.
The 33 got up into the fence because he was trying to avoid the 9. He really had the opportunity
to make the 9’s night long. It was going to be a long night if hed in the gap because
the 9 was going to come across his nose for sure.
>>Rick: Ryan Blaney staying in front of Chris Buescher. Daniel Suarez driving 18 tonight,
and we’ve been keeping our eye on him, Marty.>>Reporter: In the blue and black colors
tonight here at Bristol and this is one young man who picks up on Bristol quickly in the
spring, it was danon Suarez, he finished second in the race. Tonight a little L bit early
with some brake issues. Have a listen on the radio.
>>The brake pads are all but –>>Reporter: That’s his spotter, Chris Osborn,
reminding him take care of those brakes. It’s easy to use a lot of brake here isn’t it,
Jeff, but it’s your job to remind Jeff, don’t use up all your brakes.
>>Steve: It is easy. The brakes help make the car turn. If you want to carry a certain
amount of speed you wantuse those brakes. We saw a melted bead already. If you use too much brakes, you can melt it,
and ware the brakes out early. It’s about building air pressure in the tires and making
the car handle worse the later the race goes.>>Rick: You used earlier in the word the
word patience. This is an amazing battle between Buescher and Ryan Blaney. Able to clear the
22 of Ryan Blaney. Chris Buescher showing some incredible patience as he’s working by
the 22.>>Jeff: Normally it’s relatively ease city
to be patient when you’re battling one guy. Looking in the mirror seeing Kyle larcenying
catching this battle, your patience starts to wear thin. You know if you don’t make this
pass you’re going to lose another position to a guy you’ve been in front of all the night.
We’re on board with Ryan Blaney. Looks like they have their car handling better than in
the beginning of the race. It still is not quite as good as the 42 of Kyle Larson.
>>Rick: Ryan Blaney working by Brad Teague. Kyle Larson coming up behind him in the 42.
Little bit of contact just moments ago. The 9 of chase Elliott, the 1 of Elliott Sadler.
>>Jeff: Chase, again, is way up the racetrack on corner exit trying to force the guy on
the outside to try to get him the spot. So, you know, going to have to be careful because
if you push that guy too high he’s going to get up and you’re both going to wreck.
>>Steve: We’ve had two replays that both had chase Elliott going from the middle lane
up to ttop lane. If you do that all night long somebody’s not going to give, you’re
going to run into somebody who’s had a worst night than you and decide enough’s enough
and that never ends very well.>>Rick: Chase Elliott trying to work his
way by the 25, John Wes Townley. That’s the gap between the 1 and the 22. Kyle Busch out
in front.only happens once a year.>>Rick: Welcome back to Bristol motor speedway.
The 20 is out in front of the field now. XFINITY series race. And that means that has been
able to get by the 54 of Kyle Busch. This is how it happened.>>Jeff: Denny Hamlin in the 20 just turned
left. Made it look easy.>>Rick: Nothing’s easy at Bristol.
>>Jeff: I said made it look easy.>>Steve: For a guy who doesn’t like his car
very much the 88 found some speed.>>Rick: Take a look at tonight’s Toyota driver
update. Denny Hamlin in front of the field. Daniel Suarez 13th. J.J. Yeley in 16th. Battle
for the leave. Kevin Harvick to the bottom of the racetrack. Denny Hamlin running the
high line.>>Steve: 88 of Kevin Harvick, what he’s doing
at the bottom of the racetrack is really, really impressive. He puts the left front
tire right against the apron and almost just — I don’t want to say he’s going easy but
he just rolls really patiently around the bottom, gives himself a good strong run off
the corner.>>Jeff: He’s looking at lap traffic trying
to find a place to make a move on Hamlin. Lot of cars right in front of him, two side
by side. Can he turn left and get underneath him and block Hamlin in? We’ve seen it all
night long.>>Rick: Right now Denny Hamlin is trying
to run the higher line. There’s cars up there so he’s got to go to the bottom of the track.
>>Jeff: There’s that line again. 88 right on the apron of the racetrack. Denny Hamlin
trying to run the middle of the racetrack more up in the second group.
>>Rick: Denny Hamlin just in front of the 88. Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Kyle Larson,
and Chris Buescher the top five. Just moments ago, again we see the 33 and the 9 with some
contact.>>Steve: These two seem to be attached to
one another. Right there it’s three wide off the corner. That’s a position that someone’s going to
have to give. Chase Elliott, he almost did it too late after he made contact with the
33 of Brandon Jones.>>Rick: 20 of Denny Hamlin continuing to
pick and choose the lines he has to go to get by the lap traffic. Kevin Harvick was
all over his back bumper and charging challenging for the lead but now has fallen back, almost
a half second separating the top two. Dash for cash still alive here as well. Ryan Blaney
is in the top spot there.>>Rick: Under the lights at Bristol motor
speedway. NASCAR XFINITY series. Denny Hamlin was challenged by the 88 of Kevin Harvick.
And he has been able to stay out front. Kevin Harvick looked like he was going to be able
to clear the 20 but in the end it wasn’t able to happen.
>>Jeff: Brendan Gaughan trying to put him a lap down. Kevin makes a move. We have a
caution on the racetrack.>>Rick: Cautions come out. Debris on the
racetrack. That was the 88 getting by the 20, but he wasn’t able to stay there. Look
at the 20 work that high line.>>Jeff: Made an aggressive mood, what we
talked about earlier. Maybe you shouldn’t do it. The 20, he stuck it in there. It worked.
He was able to block the 88 making that advance. Ended up getting back in front of him. Still
the leader.>>Rick: Denny Hamlin in front of the field
as we completed 129 of the 300 scheduled laps.>>Steve: I’m impressed with Chris Buescher
running fifth on two tires. You wonder if some people farther back in the Darrell Wallace
Jr., Regan Smith, Suarez, those guys around 10th to 15th, is two tires an option to get
–>>Jeff: Ty Dillon still maintains seven spots.
Two tires could be a good option for some guys.
>>Rick: The pace that Denny Hamlin has been running has put everyone outside of the top
14, one lap down. Brendan Gaughan running 15th will get the free pass. Seeing race leaders
on pit road. Dave?>>Reporter: Kyle Larson on pit road. He’ll
take four tires and fuel. Happy with the car right now. See a little bit of rub on the
right rear there. Ta talked about possibly pulling that fender to help him out. Leader
Kyle Busch is on pit road. He said the right rear is cooked on the car and the crew chief
said we’re going to take a big swing right now to try to get you back in the game. Mike?
>>Reporter: Lots of right rear damage. Chris Buescher had little bit. They repaired it
on the last pit stop. The problem now, it’s been a tight race car. They’re going to try
to loosen it up with air pressure, four-tire change on the 60. The 88, the car responded
to the changes last time on pit road. They’ll make a slight chassis adjustment this time.
>>Reporter: Denny Hamlin said his car got too loose running out front. He said the last
adjustment fixed 60% of what we needed. He said I’ll give you that adjustment and more,
that was Mike on the radio.>>Rick: Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Kyle
Larson and Kyle Busch. Coming off of pit road. Top four. Take a look at the 54.
>>Jeff: When the jack falls that’s the driver’s cue to take off. It looks easy but it’s not.
>>Rick: That allowed Kyle Larson to get by on pit road. Graham Rahall on the heels of
championship leader Juan Pablo Montoya. They get ready for the tricky triangle at pocono.
Catch the Verizon idny car series action Sunday 2:30 eastern on NBCSN with coverage presented
by mav TV. Closing in on the halfway point of this race. Let’s recap how we got to lap
134.>>Jeff: Two Joe Gibbs racing teammates here
battle early. Kyle Busch in the 54. Denny Hamlin in the 20. You see lap traffic gets
in the way of Kyle Busch. Denny Hamlin gets by him. Kyle Busch runs him back down returns
the favor when Denny Hamlin gets stuck behind lap cars. Denny Hamlin stall in pit road causes
–>>Rick: Chase versus Brandon Jones. This
has been an interesting, I guess, encounter on the track. A couple times. Brandon Jones
in the 33. Chase Elliott in the 9. The restart. It’s
going to be Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Kyle Larson, Kyle Busch, Chris Buescher the top
five. Thgo two-by-two once again. Hamlin choosing the outside line for the restart. Ryan Blaney,
Ty Dillon, Brian Scott, Darrell Wallace Jr. And Regan Smith, they are the top ten. Brendan
Gaughan back on the lead lap because of the free pass coming out of turn number four.
Green flag back in the air. Side by-sfor the lead. The backstretch. Denny Hamlin hard into
turns three and Kevin Harvick slides back behind him and he will hold on to second.
>>Jeff: Kyle Larson the 42 car didn’t get a good start. He kind of got locked on the
bottom. He worked his way really hard to protect the top. As soon as he could he drove up to
the top. Buescher is underneath him. He’s willing to give him the spot because he believes
the top lane is the best way to go.>>Rick: Seeing a car slide across the front
stretch. That is the 52. A lot of damage to the right rear. May have got a little help
from the 25 of John Wes Townley. We saw him get sideways.
>>Jeff: It’s hard to tell. I couldn’t tell if he got help or not. Three wide. Here’s
a good view of it. Three wide in front of him. John Wes Townley got to the back of him.
That’s an example of how the 52 lost his momentum with the three wide in front of him and John
Wes Townley didn’t anticipate it and got on the back of him.>>Rick: So the caution comes out once again.
We’ll be back.>>Rick: Strategy already being talked about.
The 20 team out front. Here’s what they had to say.
>>All right, bud. Strategy here. 165 to go. We’ll split — once again, our window.
>>Rick: So basically what he’s letting his driver know we have one set of tires left
in the pit, you know, there’s 158, 155 to two. When they take the green, the plan is
to try to break this in the middle so he wants to run 50 or 60, 70 more laps and put his
last set of tires on and be patient, hold the tradition position to the finish, Marty.
>>Reporter: Telling them to save fuel right now. One of the interesting things a lot of
drivers are noting is the runner buildup, a lot of drivers saying it’s starting to get
a little bit of shine and Ryan Blaney says when he hits it it’s like ice, he wants to
slide toward the wall. I don’t know if I’ve seen that, Jeff, have you?
>>Reporter: I’ve seen it here. When we saw the light go across the rubber, see it shine.
It’s very odd. A lot of times the rubber, it gets into the racetrack, but almost sits
on top of the racetrack, and the cars will go on top of it and the rubber actually moves
underneath the tires and it’s a very uneasy feeling for the drivers and you can get into
the wall if indeed that’s what’s happening.>>Rick: Denny Hamlin choosing the outside
line again for the restart. Kevin Harvick on the inside. And a great view from high
atop Bristol motor speedway. Tonight’s aerial coverage provided by our partners at smithfield
foods.>>Steve: So the one thing I’ve noticed is
I’ve been coming to Bristol for 21 years, and it’s chaotic and it’s busy and pit road
opens and everything happens in a hurry. Man, I wish I could have called all the races from
way up here above the race because from up here it looks so calm, or at least more calm,
but I know, Jeff, down there on top of the pit box it’s chaos and behind the wheel it’s
way more exciting than it even seems from up here.>>Jeff: Amazing how quickly things happen
and you have to make decisions right now. You don’t have time T think about it most
of the time, you have to respond to whatever’s going on around you.
>>Rick: The chaos could be amplified by the noise. You’re not hearing it as much but they’re
talking upwards of 160 decibels. Very, very loud here at Bristol. And we’re back to green.
Side-by-side once again. Kevin Harvick with a great restart. Can he take the lead from
Denny Hamlin?>>Steve: See how hard Denny Hamlin fought
to stay on the quarter panel of 88. He knows if the 88 clears him he’ll be the leader and
be hard to get back around him.>>Jeff: The 22 of Blaney trying to block
the 88 of Harvick onto the bottom to move into second place, he’s going to do everything
he can to keep Harvick down there. Harvick is going to try to squeeze his way back up.
>>Rick: Won this race a year ago. And now working on Kevin Harvick trying to take second
away from the 88. Blaney is going to get that spot. Here comes Kyle Busch in the 54. Here’s
going to try to trap the 88 down on the bottom of the racetrack.
>>Steve: That’s what you have to do because if you don’t trap that guy down there, Kevin
Harvick doesn’t lose spots here, he’ll continue to be aggressive on the bottom. Make him pay.
Look at Kyle Larson fighting Harer panel.>>Jeff: That was an aggressive move. Did
not give Harvick any shot at all of moving back in front of him. Fast a great job by
the spotters. Harvick can’t know he’s there. Harvick’s spotter was on the ball letting
him know he wasn’t clear.>>Rick: Look how quickly Harvick has fallen
all the way back behind Brian Scott into the sixth spot. Kevin Harvick restarted second
on the front row, was challenging for the lead and now back to six.
>>Steve: You’re sitting at home in the living room, frustrated, that’s the penalty you pay,
if you turn below the leader, whatever car you’re trying to pass and don’t clear him,
to the back you go.>>Rick: Kyle Larson working the high line
around Brian Scott a littlebit loose. That bobble allowed the 88 of Kevin Harvick to
get back to the inside of him.>>Steve: The 88 can’t clear the 2, the line
is going to try to go by him. He ends up clearing the 2. Nows 60 is committed. I’m going to
go by Brandon Jones trying hard to fill the spot behind him.
>>Rick: Here comes Chris Buescher trying to get by the it. Three wide there coming
out of turn four.>>Jeff: That’s what happened with Buescher,
he made move and could not clear the 2. Brandon Jones and chase Elliott are trying to take
it and move him back three spots.>>Rick: Denny Hamlin has the lead over Ryan
Blaney. Kyle Busch running third. Kyle Larson and Kevin Harvick top five.
>>Steve: That 42 of Kyle Larson is better than we think. We didn’t have the best starting
position but he methodically moved his way up into track position. Watching him race
around this track is so much fun. He does things with the 42 car you’re not used to
seeing, Jeff, you mentioned it a few times how hard he drives into the corner. He might
not run the fastest lap times but may be the most successful in traffic.
>>Jeff: Harvick was sitting up there trying to battle for the lead. Now he’s back in fifth
place. He’s got to go get this back. Only 144 laps to go, he’s got to get his track
position because if he has a chance to win this race. He’s got to be aggressive. Dave,
you have something on the 42?>>Reporter: Though, Jeff, they didn’t make
significant changes on the last pit stop Kyle told his team the car fired off much better.
They changed a set of tires. Maybe that helped. Right now it’s tight on the exit of the corners.
Mike?>>Reporter: You can hear frustration in the
voice of Kevin Harvick after slipping back and losing several positions. The car’s just
awfully tight. It’s been tight throughout the evening and especially on restarts. He
tried to make it work but obviously the car just wouldn’t do what he wanted it to do.>>Steve: The report on the 42 concerns me.
When you don’t make changes and the car takes off better normally a general statement is
the cars take off three. They’re loose in the back, don’t have rear grip. The longer
you run, the car gets tighter, rubber gets put down on the racetrack. If the 42 is taking
off better yet getting tight already maybe it’s not that the set of tires is better,
maybe the track is tightening up. I just wonder with 140 to go if they don’t start to realize
that and get ahead of this racetrack, they can find themselves here in 100 laps being
too tight to compete.>>Rick: Ryan Ryan Blaney trying to hold off
the 54 of Kyle Busch.>>Jeff: This is what’s so challenging about
the racetrack. Busch is further than Blaney. Where are you going to go? So hard to make
the move on the bottom for here comes the 42 getting into the battle. Three cars. In
my opinion, Blaney is holding them all up. How are they going to find they’re way around
them?>>Steve: Patience. How clear can Kyle Busch
be? Every straightaway he looks at his mirror and that big Orange 42 keeps growing and growing.
>>Rick: Both of these drivers are racing in all three races this week at Bristol. Both
raced in the truck race on Wednesday. Ryan Blaney ended up being the winner. He has the
opportunity for the sweep of Bristol. It’s only been one time before and of course you
can guess by who. Right behind him. Kyle Busch. Only driver to ever win the truck series,
XFINITY series, and the cup series race in the same week here at Bristol.
>>Jeff: See what Kyle can do right here. He’s driven next to him. Driving the corner
deep. Looks look Blaney almost gave him the spot, being conservative getting into the
corner.>>Rick: Kyle Busch moves up to second. Will
be chasing down Denny Hamlin. Hamlin has about a one-second lead or advantage over Kyle Busch. Hamlin leading here at Bristol.>>Rick: Welcome back to Bristol motor speedway,
XFINITY series. Racing here at Bristol where Denny Hamlin is out front. Hamlin already
LED 87 laps and trying to surpass his teammate, Kyle Busch, who also has LED 87 laps. Let’s
two through the field. We start with Marty snider.
>>Reporter: Denny Hamlin once he leads this lap will take over his teammate leading the
most laps this season. Being very happy with the race car. Has not said much. Said it took
off better this run than the last run. He won New Hampshire and Richmond, won both of
those races. Today he started on the pole trying it make it 3 for 3 in 2015, Dave?
>>Reporter: Marty, Kyle Busch will be modifying the way he addresses the gas pedal on the
restarts because of this.>>When I latch the gas for a restart, when
I go wide open, the motor, like, shuts off for a second like there’s too much throttle
or something. I don’t know.>>Reporter: His dealing with it will be positive
and the crew chief he minded me in the break the cars have the carbonators, not the fuel
injection, they can be expensive. Marty?>>Reporter: He said the car takes off tight
and loses speed too quickly in the run. Kyle Larson still stalking him for the third position.
The one thing he pointed out to me earlier today he said when it was cool this morning,
I feel like that’s when we were the best car on the racetrack. Right now getting tle bit
cooler, may pay to the 22’s hand.>>Reporter: The race car for Kyle Larson
is tight exiting the corners. They have to address that the next time he comes down pit
road, Mike?>>Reporter: Crew chief of the 88 told us
this morning they set this car up based off past history and are relying very much on
Kevin Harvick’s ability to identify the way the track is going to change throughout the
course of the night. They’re planning their adjustments based upon that. Right now, though,
the car has been tight from the beginning. It’s gotten a little bit better with the a
adjustments. Still unsatisfied is Kevin Harvick behind the wheel. Marty?
>>Reporter: Behind those guys is Brian Scott who told me I have a love/hate relationship
with Bristol. Qualify well which they did today. But then we don’t race well. Completely
different setup today to see if he could race a little bit better. So far they’ve done that
running sixth, Dave.>>Reporter: Before the last pit stop chase
Elliott complained he feels every bump in the racetrack and has no rear grip. They made
significant chassis and air pressure adjustments for him and since the restart he picked up
three positions. Mike?>>Reporter: Talking with Chris Buescher just
before the green flag dropped he was extremely confident that he had a good race car tonight.
His only concern was the widening of the groove. He wanted it to wide. En. He could not run
where he wants to run, does not want to run at the top. Yet that’s where he is and feels
like that’s where his car has been. Meanwhile Brandon Jones in the 33. First XFINITY series
start. He’s getting passed now by the 33 but had been running up toward the front most
of this run. Fading now, though.>>I talked to Ty Dillon why he loves this
racetrack. He said it feels like an old dirt track. Said it feels like a dirt track and
that’s what makes this place so much. Ty Dillon has the car a little bit too tight right now
and haven’t made up track position since the last start. Daniel Suarez behind him. The
brakes we talked about earlier on. The car way too tight. Suarez in second here in April,
trying to get Regan Smith here now in the 12th position. Kelli?
>>Reporter: Regan Smith snapped a 52-race winless streak. He expected to be better in
the race. An adjustment they made early in this race hurt his center. He said, guys,
we’re not great, have to get creative. Dave?>>Reporter: Wallace liked his car so much
last time. Unfortunately he thought he was going to be moving forward after that. Stalled. He actually lost a spot since the
last restart, Kelli?>>Reporter: One of Elliott Sadler, they’ve
been really on a hot streak, four top-five finishes in the last nine races. He credits
the new cars that they have brought out from Chicago. Right now he said his car has been
chattering and has a concern on his temp, running 270. They said as long as we’re not
pushing water we’re okay. And the 62 of Brendan Gaughan who absolutely loves racing at this
track, he said he loves the spectacle of it, the atmosphere. He said the balance has been
off a little bit all night but not too bad. Now we have a caution, Rick.
>>Rick: Conley in the 14 came to a stop outside of turn four. The caution has come out for
now the fourth time here at Bristol. Riding along with Kyle Busch, you see Cale Conley
sideways in front of him.>>On the apron. On the apron. Yellow. Yellow.
>>Steve: Certainly contact between those two cars. Saw Cale going around. Got together
going into turn three. Cale was on the lead lap, last car on the lead lap running 19th
but got lapped when that happened.>>Rick: The question is, we heard earlier,
we’re going to split the run up. With 107 to go, who decides to put their last set of
tires on now? I think we’re going to see the leaders on pit road. You see the 20 of Denny
Hamlin diving to pit road as well as the 54 of Kyle Busch following him down. Dave?
>>Reporter: Four tires on the 41, good year tires they’ll be putting on there by the way.
Sunoco fuel in. The track bar will go up. Remember, his car was tight. As for Kyle Busch,
anything you can do for me to start a car that is tight to start with, and loose to
end with, that will be the judgment for him. You see the wrench going in the window. Four
Goodyear tires for Busch. Mike?>>Reporter: Kevin Harvick’s team waiting
for his car to hit the pit stall and do service on that machine. It’s been tight throughout the course of the
evening. They’ve gone to work on the jack bolt on the right side of the car twice on
pit stops. No work on the chassis this time around, though. As service continues on the
88. Marty?>>Reporter: Ryan Blaney said I need to be
tighter on the — freer on the longer runs. Trying to get that car better. You see dehamlin
already leaving his pit stop. He said I’m too loose 20, 25 laps into the run, I need
a little something extra here if we want to make sure we win this race. Rick?
>>Rick: Top three not changing any positions and all three getting four tires.>>Rick: Welcome back. 300 in Bristol motor
speedway. A couple guys playing some strategy here staying out on the racetrack are the
60 of Chris Buescher and the 01 of Landon cassill, so with those two drivers trying
that, that will now put Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch behind them in row two.
>>Steve: The whole theory here, there’s a limited amount of tires in the XFINITY series.
Everyone who’s a leader of the race, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, put on their last set
of tires. Chris Buescher has a set of tires left. He took two earlier in the day and worked
pretty good. The 60 might think, you know what, I want to get a little close in the
end, maybe 50 to go before I put my last set of fresh tires on.
>>Jeff: Those two cars staying out put Denny Hamlin on the bottom of the racetrack, not
where you want to be. Kyle Busch on the outside. They played the strategy — you can never
tell what the guys around you are going to do.
>>Rick: Chastain. Green flag back in the air. How will four tires do against the older
tires of the 60? We’re about to find out. Kyle Busch tried to look to the bottom of
Chris Buescher. Buescher holding tight on the high side of the racetrack.
>>Jeff: Denny Hamlin went from leading the race, came off pit road with a great pit stop
to running in fourth.>>Rick: Here’s Buescher. Kyle Busch. Larson,
Denny Hamlin. The top four.>>Steve: The sprint cup crew chiefs are watching
this right now. Might be 100 to go in the ex XFINITY race. Continues to lead the 54
and the 20 and the 42. Three of the best cars tonight. Chris Buescher continues to hold
the lead. Very important information for tomorrow night’s race.
>>Rick: Very important for points leader Chris Buescher. Now is this too big of a gamble
for the 60, the points leader, to be trying something like this?
>>Jeff: I’ll tell you in 100 laps.>>Rick: Don’t overcommit.
>>Steve: I like it, the last time they were on pit road they were short on fuel from there.
We had some cautions. I don’t believe this thing is going to go green. The lead looks
good. See Denny Hamlin fight back to the inside of Kyle Larson.
>>Steve: Put a lot of pressure on Larson. Got Larson loose. Larson kept fighting back.
Kept the spot.>>Rick: Kyle Larson holding on in that third
position.>>Jeff: Bottoming out very hard. Probably
got him a little bit tight in the middle of the corner where Hamlin rolls up on him.
>>Rick: Buescher impressive. Almost .8 of a second lead now over Kyle Busch on older
tires.>>Steve: We talk about track position and
I think aerodynamics gets blamed a lot for some of this when you see the leader check
out. We’re on a short track here. This isn’t as much aerodynamics as clear racetrack. No
distractions, no lap cars in front of him. He’s able to run his own line putting together
a string of very impressive laps.>>Rick: You guy mentioned timing. Racetrack
like Bristol you have to have timing. Look at this. Three wide. Kevin Harvick tried to
get on the inside of Brandon Jones.>>Jeff: This crew has been racing hard, three
wide off the corner several times. Everybody’s digging on the restart. On the inside trying
to make something happen.>>Rick: Ty Dillon in the 3 also trying to
make a move up toward the front. Darrell Wallace Jr. In the 6. Haven’t talked a whole lot about
I’m him. He’s outside the top ten running 12th.
>>Steve: We’ve seen a couple times tonight where they’ve made contact. Kevin Harvick,
left side of your screen, Kevin Harvick. On the last set of pit stops, Rick, he got beat
off pit road by the 42 to lose one spot from fourth to fifth. That doesn’t seem to be very
important but moved him, Jeff, from the outside to the inside lane on the restart. It’s very
hard to run the bottom. Because of it he’s fallen all the way back to 11.
>>Jeff: Look how much harder it is back here running at 11th, eighth, ninth, tenth, 11th. This is a dog fight. Though they’re driving
hard up front, it’s not the same. The further back in the pack you get — look at cassill
with his new tires. Done a great job running eighth, holding off really good cars. So to
your point, crew chiefs are watching this for tomorrow night’s race. Landon cassill,
see if he can hold off these really big teams behind him taking those tires may be the thing
to do.>>Rick: 80 laps on the tires for Chris Buescher.
He was last on pit road on lap 131. Lap 194, they came to pit road. So can those older
tires hang on? Great battles going on, though, behind them. How about the 88 and 33? Kevin
Harvick, and the 33 of Brandon Jones.>>Rick: NASCAR nonstop showed you the most
recent caution. That’s J.J. Yeley with damage to the left rear. So five cautions have come
out here at Bristol after 216 laps are complete of the scheduled 300. There’s what took place
with the 28.>>Steve: See the 28 looks like he’s in the
corner really shallow almost off the pace and the 4 3 doesn’t have anywhere to go if.
He’s committed to the corner. Armstrong got to the back of the 28 and spun him around.
>>Rick: And more action taking place between the 9 and the 33. Brandon Jones in the 33.
Chase Elliott in the 9. There’s quite a bit of history between these two. It’s not just
here at Bristol L. Iowa, late in the race, chase Elliott on the outside trying to get
by the 33. Tags him on the right rear and into the wall goes the 33. And tonight, it
wasn’t just recently, there was some contact there. Seems as though the two have been around
each other all night long. Chase Elliott trying to defend his championship. 2014 XFINITY series
champion.>>Steve: Rick, earlier when the 60 of Chris
Buescher decided to stay on the racetrack, I thought the strategy was going to be to
get later in the race and put new tires on later in the race. To be honest as fast as
the 6 0 is out in front, I think the call now is to try to stretch the fuel, make it
all the way to the finish because H easily has the lead over Kyle Busch and Kyle Larson.>>Rick: We listen in to the strategy. Here
again is the 20.>>Try to save fuel. Make sure you save fuel.
>>Steve: Run him hard. That’s the whole plan. Listen, he’s going to — Denny Hamlin has
the fastest car most of the night. Guess where he’s going to start in going to start fourth
on the outside. That’s where you want to be.>>Rick: Under our fifth caution. We’ll be
back for more here, NBCSN.>>Rick: Welcome back to Bristol speedway. 22nd race of the season. We’re under the lights.
Once again. Outside. Row one. Chris Buescher. On the inside, Kyle Busch. Green flag back
in the air.>>Jeff: Last restart Chris Buescher had the
lead, had Landon cassill on old tires to his inside. Right now, it’s Denny Hamlin. Two
of the fastest cars of the knight.>>Rick: Fresh tires. Are they going to work
out for Kyle Busch? Stays side by side with him. Now the 60 of Buescher forging ahead.
Holding on to that lead.>>Steve: The 54, never got next to him, wasn’t
able to take the spot in second.>>Rick: Now Hamlin trying to take the spot
away on the bottom of the racetrack. Won’t be able to make that pass. Chris Buescher.
Kyle Busch. Denny Hamlin. Kyle Larson. Your top four. Side by side back here, Brandon
Jones in the 33 on the inside of that 88 of Kevin Harvick.
>>Steve: Everybody time I look up, Brandon Jones has been running really well in everything
he’s driven. Trucks, XFINITY cars. He’s been doing a really good job.
>>Rick: The 88, Ty Dillon in the 3, just behind him Darrell Wallace Jr. In the 6. Little
contact there. We look back off the 88 of Kevin Harvick. Darrell Wallace Jr. In the
6. Brandon Jones in the 33. Darrell Wallace Jr. Is going to make the pass. Chase Elliott
in the 9. He’ll try to take the high line and make it work.
>>Jeff: Get a bad feel about this group running so close together. Three wide off the corner.
Feel like the next caution when it comes is going to involve these guys.
>>Steve: And they’ve been together all night. They have the memory of the last 227 laps,
glued together fighting for inches on the racetrack.
>>Rick: Take a look at the points as they run. Chase Elliott back up to second, Ty Dillon
to third.>>Steve:graphic shows even without a chase
the best way to win a championship is to win races. Chris Buescher currently the leader.
39 points as they run over chase Elliott. Wins don’t matter. I know there’s not a playoff
system, not a way to advance. If you come to races and win races you have the best chance
to win the championship.>>Rick: Two wins already for Chris Buescher
on the season, again, Chris Buescher gambling and out in front. He last came to pit row
on lap 131. 71 laps still to go. Brandon Jones into the wall just a bit.
>>Steve: The corn R, got a little too high, got the loose rubber, ended up getting to
the wall. I don’t think there was damage there. Certainly didn’t help anything. I thinought
to keep going just fine. The car have all the foam, that helps them when they get into
the wall. There’s foam between the door and bars. They don’t hit as hard with the wheels
as they used to. That helps in a little scrub like that.
>>Rick: You never think that Bristol could be a fuel-mileage race. The 60 in front by
a second over Kyle Busch. He was last on pit row on lap 131. What will they do for strategy,
Mike?>>Reporter: As far as fuel mileage, they’re
confident they have enough to go the distance. They feel like they’re two laps — that’s
pretty close. They’re counting on a few more cautions here on out. As far as the gamble
goes it’s certainly paying off. Buescher has radioed in saying, hey, this car is much better,
I don’t have to lift as much in turn number one and we can see that.
>>Steve: Yeah, the interesting thing if you look at the top of your screen, the last time
all the car leaders were on pit road, Kyle Buscher lap 191. Normally at Bristol we would
be talking about how those are fresher tires for Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin but doesn’t
seem to be affecting Chris Buescher. I’m feeling good. If anybody can stretch fuel mileage
this 60 of Chris Buescher proved at Dover when he got the win there. This is another opportunity for them outside
the box. We talk about fuel mileage. Any race can be a fuel mileage race. Anywhere you burn
fuel fuel is part of the strategy and it helps when you have as fast a car as Chris Buescher
does.>>Jeff: Part of the strategy from the Joe
Gibbs camp was to push Buescher, make him run hard and burn a lot of fuel. Buescher
said okay, I’ll drive off by a second and a half. Not only did he use fuel mileage and
strategy to get track position to lead, he’s driven off from second to third.
>>Rick: The question is should he be laying off trying to save fuel, maybe conserve? The
62 of Brendan Gaughan sideways. He got into the wall.
>>Steve: That’s the perfect example. We take for granted how easy these guys make it look
right up there on the black two feet from the wall. That easy, you could jump over the
cushion or rubber and get into the fence.>>Rick: Chris Buescher, race leader. Kyle
Busch, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Larson the top four. NASCAR nonstop here on NBCSN.>>Rick: Tomorrow on NBCSN sprint cup series
racing from right here at Bristol presented by no escape. Coverage begins 5:30 P.M. With
“NASCAR America.” And the caution has come out. Elliott Sadler in the 1, a lot of damage
to the back of that car. One of our dash for cash cars. Elliott Sadler, Regan Smith, Daniel
Suarez and Ryan Blaney all eligible for dash for cash. Elliott was running 13th. See the
damage to the right front, the right side, and the back of that car. Let’s look at how
it happened.>>Jeff: See Elliott Sadler coming off turn
two, I’m sorry, turn four.>>Steve: Yeah, he just comes off the corner
looking for that last lane to get up to the outside wall. The 62 is just barely at his
bumper cover. This is what happens when you have split grooves. The 1 thinks he’s clear
of the 62. The 62 trying to carry the momentum off the top. The 62 is there, not going to
get off of the gas. He’s fighting hard for the real estate on the top of the racetrack
and stayed in the gas catching the 1 in the rear bumper.
>>Rick: And hand signals saying we’ve got some broken parts.>>Rick: And while under our sixth caution,
from Bristol motor speedway let’s explain the dash for cash. Four drivers are eligible.
Elliott Sadler being one, he brought out the most recent caution. Daniel Suarez, Ryan Blaney,
Regan Smith, eligible driver receives a $100,000 bonus and will be qualified for the final
dash for cash race that takes place at Darlington. Next best eligible driver to qualify for Darlington.
Regan Smith won at — he was the highest scored at Dover. He was also the highest scored in
indy so he won the previous $200,000 that were eligible. If he would finish ahead of
all of the other drivers, all the other three drivers eligible here, he would still be eligible
to win $1 million. Take a look at where they’re running. Elliott Sadler, again, on pit road.
Regan Smith 18th. Ryan Blaney currently is up front compared to the drivers that he’s
racing against for dash 4 cash. Regan Smith the only one eligible if you would finish
ahead of the other three drivers in the three races leading up to Darlington and win Darlington,
he could win $1 million. We still have 46 laps to go. Anything can happen at the short
track here at Bristol.>>Rick: Not the sight any team wants to see
having to push their car back off of pit road and behind the wall to work on the 1 of Elliott
Sadler. Broken suspension part on that right front has put them behind the wall. And Chris
Buescher still out in front, Mike.>>Reporter: Rick, moments ago we were talking
about the fuel strategy of the 16 how they were two laps to the good. It sounds like
they were a lot better than that. Scott graves told me, hey, look, we ran more laps than
this in the spring. So we know we’re good.>>Rick: Pretty confident. 43 laps to go when
they get the green flag. It’s in the air. Can Chris Buescher hold off Kyle Busch on
the bottom of the racetrack? Caution lights come right back out. Up into turn one. The
16 of Ryan reed and the 97 of Dylan Kwasniewski.>>What do we have for damage?
>>Rick: Left front is down.>>Got the wall pretty good here. Looks like
down left side.>>Steve: Coming through three, four, before
they even got the green Ryan reed was three wide on the bottom arguing about a position
before they ever took the green flag. See right here, this is coming to the green. Ryan
reed is three wide with the 97 and 25 of John Wes Townley. They try to get sorted out. 97
moves up, John Wes Townley and get back to the 16 of Ryan reed and crash into turn one.
You have to ask yourself at one point do you want to try to use the patience? This is before
they take the green flag, they’re already three wide. They’re just now accelerating
for the restart. At some point you have to get in line. I’m sure the 97 it didn’t seem
like he knew he was three wide or he was bound and determined to take the top spot.
>>Jeff: A lot of times on the restarts it gets confusing, you believe you have a spot,
you contest the spot, you never get a call. NASCAR doesn’t say this is where you belong
so you just stay there and it causes confusion when they drop the green flag.
>>Rick: Ryan reed again winning the season opener at daytona, now damage here at Bristol.
>>Rick: Welcome back to thunder valley. That’s Dylan Kwasniewski walking to the ambulance,
he’ll have to take the ride to the care center here to be checked out. The accident between
he and Ryan reed has brought out the seventh caution, but what it’s proving that it’s very
difficult to pass around Bristol.>>Jeff: No question, we see the high line
working. You’re trying to make this thing work on the bottom, hazards, go where they’re
not. Chase Elliott underneath, 1 can’t clear him, causes congestion behind him.
>>Steve: Yeah underneath the 42 of Kyle Larson. You see the two push up, nowhere to go. The
54 of Kyle Busch worked a couple laps for this position. Look how hard he dives in the
corner with a big slide job up in front of the 22.>>Steve: Leads to a situation like this,
the 1 car of Elliott Sadler won that spot. Can move up in front of Brendan Gaughan. Brendan
Gaughan’s there. Causes the wreck.>>Rick: Tried to slide up the racetrack to
take the spot. It wasn’t there. The 60 of Chris Buescher out in front. Let’s listen
to his radio.>>Staying out here.
>>Nobody’s gotten a tire for a while. Pretty equal here now. Doing a good job, buddy. Keep
doing what you’re doing. The gap for me. Take care of it when we get out in front, we’ll
be good.>>Jeff: A few weeks ago we heard jack Roush
talk about Chris Buescher. He’s a cup driver. Wants to get him in cup. You’ve got some of
the best drivers in the world behind you, you’re on older tires, can you hold them off?
In you can, it’s just verification that you are cup ready. What a shot in the arm for
Roush Fenway, looking for speed on Sunday, here they are Friday night in Bristol leading
a Joe Gibbs Toyota, the 42 which is basically a ganassi, a ganassi Chevrolet. This is an
impressive run even if it’s on the XFINITY side, this is a nice run for Roush Fenway.
>>Rick: Mike Massaro?>>Reporter: If they get to victory lane a
lot of credit has to go to them. What do you think of your gamble right now?
>>Working for us. Our Roush mustang is fast tonight. Been fast all day. We had to get
track position.>>Reporter: What are you telling your driver
what he needs to do to hold off Kyle Busch?>>What he’s been doing. Three starts have
been good here. Once we get going he’s able to drive away. We have a car that’s good enough.
Just telling him under caution make sure he’s taking care of tires, getting them cooled
off, saving gas. All that stuff we have to do. Really proud of what he’s done tonight,
what the whole team is doing here. Have to give thanks to everyone at Roush Fenway for
all the support they’ve given us.>>Reporter: Going to be fun to watch, Rick.
>>Rick: Absolutely.>>Jeff: You think about jack Roush and the
drivers he’s hired, typically he’s hired young drivers and given them the chance to excel.
We talk a lot on Sundays about how the cup program isn’t working. Roush said to me, Jeff,
we’re going to get the program going, it’s going to get going. We have a fleet of young
drivers capable of running in the front. Chris Buescher in this race, Darrell Wallace Jr.
In the race. If they get the cup program running the way jack believes he will, they have talent
coming to take the seats and carry Roush racing far into the future.
>>Rick: I agree. Also part of Roush racing as you take a look at points as they run.
Chris Buescher in front of this field. 36 points in front of Ty Dillon. When he came
in it was a 24-point advantage that he had over Dillon. So increasing that by running
up front and the laps continue to wind down.>>Steve: Right. Why is that an important
fact? Because on the XFINITY said there is no choice so every point you gain at Bristol,
every point you gain at daytona in July, every point you gain all season long is going to
be your points title in homestead. There’s not a reset. They all add up for our champion.
>>Rick: Seven cautions tonight. Done 47 laps under caution. The last 136, we’ve had six
cautions.>>Steve: We may have some more.
>>Rick: You think? Possibility?>>Jeff: We just saw the best way to pass
is a slide job. Kyle Busch restarting inside of the front row. We’re going to see if he
has one more pass in him.>>Rick: He’s always great on restarts. We’ll
see if he can do it here. Back to racing at Bristol. A great restart for the of Chris
Buescher. Denny Hamlin working the high line trying to get by his teammate Kyle Busch for
second. Buescher hanging on to the lead. Kyle Busch
hangs on to second. Denny Hamlin to third. Will the fresher tires work for Kyle Busch
for one last effort to try to get by that 60 of Chris Buescher? Fast laps continuing
to be turned by not only Chris Buescher but Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Larson, Ryan
Blaney, all top five drivers.>>Jeff: Buescher really loose off the last
lap. Kyle putting pressure on him now.>>Steve: The last few restarts the 6 of Chris
Buescher ran off and hid from Kyle Busch. Not this time. Kyle Busch only a car length
back. Continuing to put the pressure on the young driver in front of him.
>>Rick: We mentioned he can’t make a mistake. Especially Chris Buescher leading this race.
They gambled to stay out. Didn’t come to pit road when everybody else came on lap 194.
They’ve decided that they will go the distance. The caution laps have added up to where he
is now able to get there on fuel but can’t make a mistake, he can’t have a bobble. If
he wants to seal the deal and get this win for Kyle Busch. Catching the lap cars at the
right time is working in Chris Buescher’s favorite as well.
>>Jeff: I think that’s going to be a big key, Rick. Saw earlier in the race Kyle Busch
and Denny Hamlin swapping the lead came down to lap traffic. With 27 to go I do expect
these leaders to catch the back of the field and lap traffic is going to play a part in
this finish.>>Jeff: Chris Buescher lowered his line in
the corner. Prior to that he was right against the wall almost too high. One lap where he
almost jumped the cushion. Here he’s brought it down a little bit trying to not make that
mistake.>>Steve: Make Kyle Busch pass you. Don’t
jump the cushion and give him the position.>>Jeff: I’m amazed, Rick, Bristol we’re talking
about jumping the cushion.>>Rick: And how much pressure is Kyle Busch
putting on Chris Buescher right now?>>Jeff: All he can. These young guys when
you talk about the XFINITY series and the young guys trying to beat the cup regulars.
We talked about at the beginning of the show how difficult it was going to be to beat Kyle
Busch, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Larson, Kevin Harvick. Buescher is beating them all right now. 24
laps to go.>>Jeff: Jumping the cushion, what we’re talking
about, Chris Buescher is getting in the corn E little bit of room from the outside wall.
Right here in the middle of the corner if he goes a foot and a half higher he’s going
to be in the rubber buildup, debris from the tires and slip up in that and get into the
wall so you got to be right on that edge because that’s where the grip is, but? You cross that
edge, you’re going to get in trouble.>>Rick: Chris Buescher put a little bit of
distance between himself and Kyle Busch. A milestone was just reached by rcr as we see
the 22 of Ryan Blaney on pit road, Marty.>>Reporter: Pit road for an unscheduled stop.
He said something is wrong with his gear, feels like it’s going to fall out of the top
of the car. See four penske members at the back of the car trying to fig figure out what
the problem is. Tryingout what’s going on. They changed rear tires and sent Blaney back
out.>>Rick: One of the dash 4 cash drivers. When
he came to pit road that put Daniel Suarez in the position of potentially gaining that
$100,000 bonus. There’s the gap between 1 and 2. Chris Buescher in the 60. Kyle Busch
in the 54. I mentioned a milestone that has just been reached by Richard Childress racing.
Rcr just went over 1 million laps that they have run in the top three series of NASCAR. And you were a part of that, Jeff Burton.
You had over 108,000 laps that you turned for R.C.
>>Steve: 100,000 laps?>>Jeff: I’m old. A lot of laps. Chris Buescher,
Kyle Busch, the back of the pack. It’s going to get interesting. How is Chris going to
handle himself once he does catch these guys because any mistake at all, and there will
be a price to be paid. Kyle Busch can be aggressive. It’s okay if he makes a mistake. If he tries
something and makes a mistake, it’s okay. Chris Buescher is for winning this race, but
also winning the championship, he cannot afford a mistake.
>>Rick: There comes that lap traffic that they’re closing in on. Buescher, a great move.
Able to get by two cars at once. Now the 54 able to close the gap once again. Very close
there for Chris Buescher. Way up against the wall.
>>Jeff: And right behind the 43, that’s my concern for the 60 of Chris Buescher. His
car is driving good. He’s doing a great job. At the end of every straightaway, though,
he has to pick top or bottom, top or bottom? Straight here hi he picks the top behind the
eight. One poor decision. The 54 is going to go where he’s not. Kyle Busch knows where
he’s going to go. Wherever the 60 doesn’t. It’s easier at this point to be the guy in
second to choose your lane.>>Rick: Coming up behind the lap traffic.
Which line will the 60 choose? Goes to the bottom of the track. The 54 will follow. Laps
continuing to wind down. Closing in on ten to go. This time by just 11 laps remain at
Bristol. Cannot make a mistake. Kyle Busch, seven wins in the XFINITY series here at Bristol.
Wants to make it eight, but he’s got Chris Buescher in front of him running a great race.
Down to the bottom of the track. Oh, Buescher.
>>Jeff: Very close call.>>Rick: Very close call there. The 74 all
the way down the racetrack.>>Steve: Look at the distance he gave up
to Kyle Busch. If you’re Chris Buescher, got to forget about it. The lap car didn’t do
you favors there. It’s over. Focus on the future. Pay attention to what’s in front of
you.>>Rick: A lot of cars in front of him now.
They’re two-by-two. Buescher splits the two lap cars.
>>Jeff: Actually tried to make a move a little too early on the 4 car. Try to make the move
on the bottom. Gave up a little bit of ground to Kyle Busch.
>>Rick: Back up the track. Kyle Busch closing the gap. To the bottom of the racetrack goes
the 54. Where’s the 60 go? He comes up behind David Starr in the 44. Able to clear it. Kyle
Busch will try to get by the 44 as well.>>Steve: The 60 loves to look out the front
windshield, with only six to go, has half a straightaway in front of him. Not going
to come down to lap traffic as much as now hitting your mark. And the caution’s out.
>>Rick: Going to come down to a restart is what it’s going to come down to. The caution
comes out. There were just five laps to go.>>Just the right front here looks like. Let
him look at it.>>Rick: Brad Teague making his final start
in the XFINITY series. Brad a 67-year-old out of Johnson City, Tennessee. Just up the
road. And the zero of Harrison Rhodes looks like it wasn’t able to get up to speed. Brad
got into the back of him.>>Jeff: That’s a Bristol wreck where the
guys in front of you get checked up and you don’t get checked up quick enough. Things
happen so quickly here. We talked about it all night long. That’s a good example of how
Brad was kind of minding his own business and the guy in nt of him got in trouble and
he didn’t get slowed down.>>Steve: There’s a piece of fender missing
off Brad Teague’s car. It’s on the racetrack. They had to throw the
caution to clean up the track.>>Jeff: A long time ago Brad was a great
racer, really, really good short track racer.>>Rick: Chris Buescher has been great on
restarts but now he’s going to need his best restart. Because he’s going up against one
of the best in the business when it comes to restarts. You ook at the last eight races
this season, eight different winners. Chris Buescher’s name is not on that list.
>>Steve: There’s a difference between making a race on fuel because you have enough in
the tank and restarting when you’re very slow on fuel. These fuel cells are very expensive.
It’s basically a box, a big box that has the fuel in it. There’s only one or two locations
in the box that actually picks the fuel up where it’s actually taken out of the fuel
cell. What happens is it’s designed to go around in a circle in the back right-hand
corner. As you make the laps the fuel gets sloshed over there, it stays full, everything’s
fine. On the slow lapsding around the banking they have to be careful. The fuel will go
to the left side going away from the pickup. The car can run out of gas or worse pick up
just enough air when we come here off turn four Chris Buescher steps on the throttle,
it blubbers, stumbles, misses just enough acceleration that they either stack up behind
him or Kyle Busch gets the lead. It’s not about do they have enough fuel for the finish.
Do they have enough fuel for the restart?>>Rick: That will be the big question. Now,
tomorrow on NBCSN, it’s a sprint cup series racing from right here at Bristol presented
by no escape. Coverage beginning at 5:30 P.M. With “NASCAR America.” In that race will be
Kyle Busch. Kyle Larson, Denny Hamlin. Kyle Busch in the 54 will restart second. Here’s
what they have to say on the radio.>>They think they’re good on fuel, but they’re
definitely wanting him to keep a — so he might stumble. You never know.
>>Rick: So in other words, they were listening to you, Mr. Steve Letarte?>>Steve: That’s an experienced spotter and
crew chief, doing a great job of not getting lost in the moment, not being so focused on
this win that he lets the emotion of the situation — he’s staying in the zone. What can go wrong?
Make sure I remind my driver every detail he needs to finish the race off.
>>Jeff: The way he’s keeping fuel in, racing the car back and forth, the fuel slings over
to the pickup to keep the lines full of fuel. As Steve said, you can have fuel but if you
have any air at all it will vapor lock and when he takes off it won’t run two, three
seconds. If that happens on restart he will not win the race.
>>Steve: He’ll be lucky to make it to turn one. Behind him he’ll be hard on the gas.
If you stumble it will be hard not to run over the car in front of you.
>>Jeff: Think about Joe Gibbs racing in the cup cars they lost several races here Denny
Hamlin in particular where on late restarts it did not run and he lost the lead.
>>Rick: Three to go meaning this will be our first attempt at a green-white checkered.
We’ll do up to three attempts at a green-white checker. If the leader takes the white flag
the next flag ends the race, be it either the yellow flag or the checkered. We’re about
to find out how good these two are on restarts. Chris Buescher on the outside. Kyle Busch
on the inside. Will he have enough fuel? Green flag in the air. Great restart once again
by Chris Buescher in the 60. Here comes the 54 back on the inside. The 60 on the backstretch.
Kyle Busch takes the lead!>>60’s out of fuel. 60’s out of fuel.
>>Rick: Fuel an issue for the 60. Kyle Busch on the final lap. Looking to make it eight
wins in the XFINITY series at Bristol. Kyle Busch is going to win at Bristol!
>>Yeah, checkered.>>Steve: The 60 has enough fuel to finish
what we said, stumbled over off turn two. Picked up air instead of fuel. Just enough
— Kyle Busch is the winner.>>Rick: What a turn of events. You called
it.>>Steve: This is the worst racetrack to have
low fuel. So much banking, going slow under caution. This is the worst track. We’ve seen
it over and over and over. We saw it again tonight.
>>Rick: Took all the way over off turn two for the air pocket to get to the carburetor.
As soon as it did, the car lost power. Kyle Busch, he’s really good at this point. He
knows where to go, how to celebrate. That’s the eighth XFINITY win for Kyle Busch. He
continues to up his record in the XFINITY series as far as the winningest driver ever.
73 career XFINITY wins. Kyle Busch will do his signature bow. Amazingly enough, as Kyle
gets the checkered flag, Kyle Larson finished second to Kyle Busch. That is now the third
time that the two Kyles have fed one and two here in that order. And there’s the bow. Charlotte,
eight wins, Bristol now eight wins. The most wins for Kyle Busch at any track.
>>Steve: Back to the restart, the 60 gets a great jump, has great acceleration. Drives down into turn one. Has to get out
of the gas to make the corner. As he picks the gas up, see right here it doesn’t accelerate
off the corner. The engine I’m sure is stumblarching for fuel. See him shaking the car back and
forth trying to get fuel to it. Very quick. We talk about it. Just like that, Chris Buescher
goes from a chance of a win all the way to 11.
>>Rick: Let’s hear from Chris. He’s with Mike Massaro.
>>Reporter: Chris Buescher just climbed from his race car obviously disappointed. What
happened in those closing laps?>>Just ran out of fuel. Lost it in the pickup.
That’s unfortunate. I’m mad. Is what I am. Just sucks. Man, we were so good. We knew
we were good all day. Just a matter of track position, and, you know, we got it there,
our pit strategy and we showed we could outrun anybody here. We drove away from them every
time. Just lost a little bit of — lost a little bit of fuel at the end. I knew we’d
be close, but wouldn’t change it if we could. We’re not — we’re not here to just lay over
and just finish eighth every week. I mean, we’re here to try to win races. I think it
was the right call. Our Roush performance Ford mustang was really fast. We got some
good TV time. Just didn’t work out. I’m mad. Pissed off.
>>Reporter: Guys, you really can’t blame him. An awfully good run for Chris Buescher
came up a couple laps short on fuel of getting the victory here in thunder valley.
>>Rick: And when we come back, the 54 will be up in victory lane to celebrate once again.
We’ll be here for it.>>Rick: An interesting victory lane location
at Bristol motor speedway on top of a building in the infield and the 54 has made it there.
Let’s go to Dave burns.>>Reporter: Kyle Busch emerges from the black
54. And I figure — did you follow your own tracks in here, Kyle? Because this is number
eight in the XFINITY series at Bristol motor speedway.
>>Mr. Burns.>>Sorry about that. That’s not good for the
eyes but it’s good for the gut, right?>>Always. I’m sorry, what did you say?
>>Reporter: Welcome back to victory lane. You’ve been here seven times previously. Tell
us about tonight.>>Well, it was a hard-fought battle. Our
car wasn’t the best early on in the race, and Chris and these guys made really good
adjustments and got it better for me. When we pitted. With 100 to go I thought, we have
to go 100 on these tires? I let the 60 go. He ran straightaway on us. I was trying to
ve and do what I could to keep the tires underneath. I knew we would get caution at the end to
push us back up. I wasn’t sure if they were going it make it on fuel. Obviously they cut
it close and a little too close, but I just can’t say enough about everyone from monster
energy, thanks Rodney and mark and Mitch and everybody that does such a great swrob for
us, Kerry, everybody that works on this program for us, Amy. It’s fun to run these cars, the XFINITY series.
The Toyota Camry was awesome today, and I can’t, again, I can’t thank the fans enough,
everyone here at Bristol and XFINITY. It’s just — this is home. This is where I’m supposed
to be. I wish I was here Wednesday night to continue the sweep chase lookout for tomorrow,
but, you know, that was a second place. Oh well.
>>Reporter: You can do the double if you want to. Talk about the restarts, because
even that last one was a little bit — what was going on?
>>Horrible. We got to work on our gearing really, really bad. First was way too tall
and second was way too low. I was trying to find something that I would make work and
I couldn’t make anything work, you know, and when I’d go to the gaps the engine would stumble
and fall out. I’d get hit from behind and the tires would spin. All in all it was a
really, really bad night for us on restarts. I was horrible. And I didn’t pick up on any
of that in practice. I wish I would have. We would have made adjustments to everything
to make it better, but, you know, fortunately it worked out for us tonight, you know, and
I got a really good run through one and two and I think the 60 ran out off of two, but
I felt like I was going to clear him getting into three, anyway. I had my foot to the floor.
>>LED 89 laps. What did you pick up for tomorrow night?
>>A little bit. Definitely just what kind of goes on with the top of the racetrack.
As the run progresses and the run goes the rubber starts to build up and starts to clump
up and you start sliding all over. The cars are very unpredictable and out of control
kind of so you have to bide your time and keep the car underneath you as best you can.
There are guys always barreling down on your back bumper so we’ll learn from that and,
you know, continue on hopefully to be able to put the car in victory lane tomorrow night,
the good Camry.>>Reporter: Kyle Busch now tied his success
at Charlotte, eighth win here, eighth win at Charlotte in the XFINITY series. Another
good run for Kyle here at Bristol. Marty?>>Reporter: Dave, Daniel Suarez finishes
fifth tonight. More importantly, $100,000 richer thanks to the XFINITY dash 4 cash program.
How key was the two tires to get withdrew into the top five?>>The track position was — everyone from
juniper. It was great. I really feel like track position was everything. In the beginning
of the race, we changed four, and many cars changed two. Looked like they might — and
I felt like that was something we should try in the end to try to gain the track position.
Worked out pretty good for us. I feel like our racetrack was really good for the long
run, about in the first 15 to 20 laps I was just — I wasn’t able to turn. You know, very,
very painful. Everyone in juniper racing they never give up. They work all night long. Juniper
who came aboard for this race. XFINITY support. Great, great. Really all the guys. Down in
Mexico. Toyota for the great engines and power.>>Reporter: I’m not going to hold up the
check any longer. We’ll bring in Matt from Comcast to present $100,000 to Daniel Suarez.
He gets a run for another $100,000 at Darlington coming up in a couple weeks and the team told
him on the radio, hey, guess what, buddy? You’re buying dinner tonight. Sounds like
a good deal, doesn’t it? Mike?>>Reporter: Sounds like a great deal, actually,
Marty. Catching up now with another driver who finished among the top ten tonight, that
would be chase Elliott. What was your night like?
>>It’s been better, that’s for sure. We were just off, man, we really struggled. Couldn’t
really find any way to go forward. Just kind of rode around, unfortunately, but we — everybody
fought hard. Proud of our group for continuing to fight and hopefully we can get going soon,
we got to.>>Reporter: Looked like there was physical
battles, typical Bristol there. Close quarters racing especially with the 33. What was going
on there?>>I don’t know. Him and Kevin and myself,
I don’t know if he — we just didn’t know he wasn’t clear or what it was, but no big
deal. No harm, no foul.>>Reporter: And chase Elliott will take his
seventh-place finish, go home. He’s still third in the standings 23 points
back. Kelli?>>Reporter: Brian Scott was in the thick
of things. Started fourth. Come away with the sixth-place finish. What stands out to
you?>>I was proud of our performance from rcr.
This year it’s been a kiss for death, money on the line, dash 4 cash races have not gone
our way. Proud to be locked in for Darlington, throwback theme. Hopefully we can bring home
a big check after that race. But back to Bristol, you know, it’s just kind of bad luck to get
stuck on the bottom of the final restart. It’s just real hard to get clear to the high
side and you get pinned down and we lost a couple positions. You know, I felt like we
were a fourth-place car that finished sixth so it could have been worse. I wish we would
have got in the top five. I feel like we deserved a top five. Everybody worked really hard.
I felt like that’s the most competitive we’ve been as a company or car compared to the penske
cars that normally dominate here. I feel Luke we’re ING strides and looking forward to the
rest of the year.>>Reporter: Solid day for Brian Scott.
>>Rick: Thanks, Kelly. I want to take a look at the unofficial results from thunder valley.
Kyle Busch, Kyle Larson, one and two. That’s the third time they have done that here at
Bristol. Denny Hamlin, so strong. Won the pole earlier. Finishes third tonight.
>>Jeff: Ty Dillon did a good job of finishing fourth.
>>Steve: Chris Buescher in 11th. Disappointed with 11th. Has to keep his head up high. Great
car. Opportunity to win the race. The fuel strategy didn’t work out at the end.
>>Jeff: Landon cassill and his team used the strategy and got a 15th-place finish.
>>Rick: Back outside the top 20. Blake cook finishing 21st. Ryan reed finished 25th. Hermie saddler finning 29th. Elliott Sadler
finished 31st. Also involved in an incident on the track.
>>Jeff: He’s still racing for the championship. That was a big blow tonight.
>>Rick: And let’s take a look at the points. The championship standing. Now. Because Chris
Buescher wasn’t able to finish that one up front, he has lost some ground on Ty Dillon
in that championship. Just 19 points separate the two. Up top, chase Elliott not out of
defending his championship title, 23 points back. Crazy things happen in the moon light
at Bristol motor speedway. And it happened again. Our final thoughts coming up next.
This copy righted telecast may not be reproduced, retransmitted many any form without the expressed
written consent of NASCAR. NASCAR would like to thank our loyal fans for your support and
we hope you enjoyed today’s broadcast.


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