NASCAR XFINITY Series – Full Race – Sparks Energy 300
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NASCAR XFINITY Series – Full Race – Sparks Energy 300

>>Jeff Gordon said the mental strain of talladega
is mind boggling. The ever-present threat of the big one and large pileups of wrecked
cars is while we watch to the finish. First it’s innovation. Let’s head trackside.
>>Ladies and gentlemen please rise and remove your hats as the Alabama National Guard presents
our nation’s colors. Remain standing as Lynn knight, of Alabama raceway ministries offers
today’s invocation.>>Let’s pray. Our heavenly father, you are
the creator of all things in the lord over all your creation. I praise you today for
who you are, for the air that fills our lungs and for the freedom you allow for us to participate
in events like today’s race. I ask for your hand in protection to be on these drivers,
their support crews, the safety teams, the first responders, and on every person in this
complex. We acknowledge your greatness and your grace, and I pray all of these things
in your great name, amen.>>Here to honor America, please welcome top
24 finalist from the final season of “American idol” Jordan Sasser, accompanied by signer,
xavious institute for the deaf and blind as they perform our national anthem.
♪♪ O say, can you see by the dawn’s early light ♪♪
♪♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming? ♪♪
♪♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪♪
♪♪ O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪♪
♪♪ and the rockets’ red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪♪
♪♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪♪
♪♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪♪
♪♪ O’er the land of the free ♪♪ ♪♪ and the home of the brave? [3:03:08 PM]>>Wow. We need to talk to Ryan Seacrest.
I demand a recount. That man is my “American idol.” You saw Brandon Mcreynolds there driving
the 24 car. I’m standing next to his dad. We will get started with the race next. Thanks
for coming today. How you doin’? Well today’s gonna be pretty easy. I want each of you to
grab a 2×8 and cut it. You’ll have 2 saws to choose from. A power saw, or a handsaw.
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longhorn steakhouse. You can’t fake steak. For lunch try our steakhouse burger. Or any
steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7.>>>This stretch strikes fear in veteran drivers
so imagine how rookies feel when they’re side by side in tight packs and something goes
wrong. Fox Sports present NASCAR XFINITY series racing from talladega presented by can-am.
The weather is warm, partly sunny, right now we are ready to race. Let’s meet today’s driver
guest analyst now. Denny Hamlin. A young man in a hurry as you can see, some special times
and special races he won. Hamlin is known for a note he wrote in the second grade predicting
he would one day win the daytona 500 and this year his dream came true. We welcome Denny
Hamlin to our show now. Denny, is it try as a kid you also wrote a note about calling
an XFINITY race with Adam Alexander and Michael Waltrip.
>>Got to be.>>Two of the best in the business right here
in the fox booth.>>We’re glad you’re here. I’m thinking about
this, last couple weeks, short track racing in the XFINITY series but today we’re at talladega. [3:07:15 PM] Big, fast, wide open, how do you adjust as
a driver?>>It’s different for sure. Normally the drivers
have to get on the wheel and focus on the restarts and once you get single file you
settle in and work on a rhythm. There’s no rhythm to be had at this racetrack. You have
to stay focused for every mile of this race. You’re mentally exhausted by the time this
race is over, so for these young, inexperienced drivers it’s going to be something they’ve
never seen before.>>I think you to chink about chase Elliot,
on the pole for the cup race, going to the rear for the XFINITY race. 26 of the last
27 races from been won from the top ten. Don’t think chase Elliot can’t come from the back
and win. Another guy Joey Logano.>>Another guy who didn’t start in the top
>>Chase Elliot. Started 19th. Only other plate race this year. Don’t worry the 88 is
coming to the front.>>Time to go trackside and get the command
to fire engines here at talladega.>>Race fans, it’s time for those most famous
words in motor sports. Here to give the command please welcome our grand marshal from sparks
energy 300 Wayne turnberg.>>On behalf of sparks energy and race fans
everywhere, start your engines!>>It’s one of the most anticipated days of
the year for the NASCAR XFINITY series. On the high banks at talladega. It’s race day
in Alabama. We’re live on fox next. [ Screaming ] Rate suckers!
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>>It’s never over until it’s over. That’s what talladega is all about.
>>Talladega.>>What a win.
♪♪ unless you wanted to ♪♪ ♪♪ king of the world ♪♪ [3:11:25 PM]>>This afternoon the NASCAR XFINITY series
makes their 25th trip to talladega, Alabama. We were here one year ago it was Joey Logano
that got the checkered flag. He starts eighth today. Let’s go from the driver’s seat.
>>Joey, Denny Hamlin here, got me?>>Rolling.
>>Got you guys.>>So I know you’ve had a lot of success here
the at talladega but that 22 car has not had the success this year that it has in years
past. With your track record is this a track you feel you can get that track to victory
lane?>>For sure. I felt like, you know, in daytona
we had a really fast car, same car back again. These speedways have worked out good for us
in the past. Pretty excited to see what we got today. It’s a good track for us to get
back on track.>>Joey, Michael Waltrip. A lot of times we
see guys lay back. I have an idea after talking to you last week you’re thinking charge from
the word go. Are you going to try to lead every lap and go for it?
>>Michael, I don’t know how to lay back. I got one speed and it’s just go fast. That’s
it. So looking for this car to move towards the front. I feel that’s the safest place.
These XFINITY races. The closer you stay to the front the better. Towards the end of it
it turns into a track position race. We will try to keep ourselves up there and race hard
to the end and be fun.>>All right. Go for it, wide open. I love
everything you’re saying at talladega. Have fun. Check in with you later, friend.
>>Have fun up there, guys.>>For Joey Logano, average finish, 1.8. All
you need to know in a minute. Headlines, ladies first. To Jamie.
>>Adam, Joe Gibbs racing has been the team to beat all season. Today Kyle Busch is out,
Matt tift is in the 18. That brings the three car team to 20 years old. Two of the trifrz
have never won. We’re in talladega. This is the perfect place to get a first race win.
Chris Neville?>>Jamie, talladega is about high speed and
high risk but it’s good to have momentum on your side. [3:13:26 PM] Chase Elliot captured the pole for the daytona
500 and won for the first time in the XFINITY series. Today he has to have that same speedway
swagger. He’s coming from the back. His crew chief says we’ve got to be a little more patient.
Matt Yokum.>>Quite often the story lines on Saturday
center around sprint cup drivers running XFINITY trying to get an edge on a new trend or pick
up trends for Sunday. Today the advantage is about here in the pit box. Sprint cup teams
utilizing their Sunday crews with the new five on, five off, lugnut rule trying to put
those guys in pressure packed situations for Sunday.
>>And Matt, no doubt about it, even though it is a restrictor plate race, pit road is
an important part of the equation because you got to be at the front at the end and
if have one bad pit stop it could mean the difference between being in victory lane and
going home disappointed.[ engine starting ]
[ Tire screech ] [ Car engines roar ]
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>>>Fox NASCAR presented by can-am is sponsored by XFINITY. Change the way you experience
TV with XFINITY X 1.>>I think the biggest thing about talladega
it has a lot of history, lot of great drivers have won here. Anything can happen at the
end.>>If you win here at talladega that would
drastically change your career. All can happen. You’re on fox, great interviews.
>>Probably a little emotional growing up watching guys like senior and junior won all
the races they’ve won here. To be able to pull into victory lane and share it with two
guys like that would be great and our sport would be pretty awesome.
>>So cool to win here at talladega speedway. We’re just two hours away from a trip to victory
lane. Aerial come provided by Goodyear, superior performing tires to face challenging conditions
on the track and road. Goodyear, the official tire of NASCAR.
>>Last week at Richmond we felt those tires fall off. [3:17:43 PM] We saw how much we slowed down. Here won’t
be the case. Strategy.>>Tires won’t mean much but will mean something,
especially with these drivers bump drafting. They can’t push draft. Tires will become an
issue late in the field run.>>On board with Brandon Mcreynolds starting
21st, his second career start in the XFINITY series.
>>Real decisivive with me, clear down or shoot the middle or something like that. I
ain’t scared to get up to the top either. Kind of prefer that actually.
>>Talk about communication at a place like talladega. Going to be huge today. Crew chief
to driver and, of course, the spotter plays a huge role at this wide open facility. Tomorrow
premier boxing champions brings you the long-awaited rematch for 209s 11 fight of the year, Victor
Ortiz and Andre verdo add another chapter to one of the most intense fights of the decade,
tonight 8:00 eastern on fox or watch it live at Fox Sports go. Vicious Victor Ortiz against
the beast tonight on fox.>>I will take the guy named vicious.
>>I think that’s a good call.>>All right. Nows the numbers, 85 degrees.
We talked about how slick this place is going to be. Track temp closing in on 130, fellas.
>>Yeah. It’s going to be a big dealp especially once the cars get two and three wide it’s
not necessarily about what you do, but the cars around you and they’re pulling air off
of you on the side. So I can tell you this is going to be hairy for a while. It depends
on what is the mindset of the field early. Do they want to set until, try to get to halfway,
three quarter mark, or are they going to do like Joey Logano said go to the front right
away and push.>>A couple guys, Bobby Gerhart and chase
Elliot going to the back they have to make ground to get up to the lead packp we saw
the grip level on the race analysis there. It’s 4. That’s when somebody doesn’t have
you pushed off the ground. You get bump draft here that can send the cars out of control
and make your grip level a 0. [3:19:47 PM] Interesting to see as the race progresses
how the aggression picks up and the bump drafts get more aggressive.
>>Had a big Arca crash last night. Had to clean the track. We will have a competition
caution at lap 20. As a driver does that change your mindset in the early laps?
>>It doesn’t change the driver’s mindset a whole lot. What it really changes is the
crew chief’s mindset. They’re thinking what strategy play to do we want to play early,
two tires, fuel only or four tires. Check out the first and see where tires are at.
Hamlin.>>We’re competitive guys, who do you think
wins this race?>>I tell you I like the guy who has to go
to the back, chase Elliot. We saw the great moves he made at the end of the daytona race
to win it. I think any of these drivers that have gone to the cup series and come back
to the XFINITY series it’s made them better and going to make chase Elliot a winner this
afternoon.>>I’m going to go with the birthday boy,
I think Elliott Sadler drives his car to victory lane for his one main group. If he wins he’s
in the playoffs.>>He is that. Front row, Matt Tifft, Daniel
Suarez, teammates at Joe Gibbs racing. Tifft won the pole, chooses the inside lane. It’s
a great afternoon in talladega, Alabama. Sit back and enjoy 300 miles for the NASCAR XFINITY
series.>>Michael, we talked about this earlier are
the Gibbs car going to play the game of letting each other in early. I said no and it appears
that’s the case. Usually in the cup series you saw at the daytona 500 all the Toyota
cars working together on the restarts, letting each other in. It appears these guys just
want to get settled in and want to go two wide and figure out who will be up front later.
>>There’s not a lot of experience in those XFINITY drivers for Gibbs. They’re highly
talented and very good race car drivers but what you did at daytona isn’t a given. You
can’t just say I will let you over but you have to get rolling so the field doesn’t come
after you. Maybe they decided it was a safer play to see how it shakes out.
>>That’s probably what the case is. The crew chiefs have told the drivers they know they’r
inexperienced and let’s just play this safe and not try to bottle the field up early. [3:21:49 PM]>>First 15 rows side by side here as they
come through the tri-oval for the first time. Matt Tifft, glued to the yellow line.
>>This is a big moment for Matt Tifft. I know he reached out to me a lot about his
XFINITY debut last week at Richmond asking information, wanting to, you know, what are
the inns and outs of the racetrack. I can tell you his mind is full of information right
now. He has all these cars behind him and I’m sure he’s excited leading the first lap.
>>I’m proud of that kid. He passed every test he needed to pass at Richmond, started
up front, stayed in the top five and now starting on the pole at talladega. You’re right, Denny,
his brain is spinning right now trying to figure out exactly what he needs to do. He
knows he needs to follow the yellow line but a push coming from behind from Austin Dillon
and also thinks there’s going to be side drafting that will affect that car. Look at the cars
bouncing off each other. We’re only two laps into this baby.
>>We saw Erik Jones have a huge run and push the 19 down the back straightaway. He cannot
lock bumpers. That’s important. Don’t want to get a black flag. He’s found himself in
a hole lots of races this season.>>What about the guy that started on pole,
Matt Tifft.>>Denny, he gave you a lot of credit as well
as Kyle Busch for helping him over the last couple weeks and also told me the game plan
for this race is to work with his teammates, the 19 and 20 on the outside, as much as possible.
They want to stay together and they want to stay up front.
>>Yeah. Adam, we can already see they’re three wide. These drivers are not in the sit
and wait mode right now. These guys are all trying to get up front because they know up
front, leading the race, that’s the safest place you can be on the racetrack.
>>But getting there might not be the safest place to be because these guys, if you’re
watching at home you’re thinking why are they in such a hurry only a couple laps in, we
heard Joey Logano say I’m going to the front. He makes it three wide in the tri-oval.
>>Across the start/finish line, Matt Tifft LED that lap first time he’s LED ever in XFINITY
series competition. First two circuits went to Suarez in the outside lane, we were four
wide into turn one. [3:23:52 PM] I don’t like that at all.
>>By the way, there’s 113 laps to go.>>Doing good.
>>Yeah. Larry, what’s the trend on the big one, because it may come earlier this time.
>>Yeah. Normally it’s in the second half of the race, but I would like to see these
guys settle down a little bit. We have a competition caution in 17 laps, so —
>>Hey.>>Just settle down a little bit.
>>Larry, don’t remind us. You need to remind them. I can’t believe the action that we’re
seeing so early in the race. Look at that pack all glued together at 190 miles an hour.
>>And Tifft has lost his help. His teammates aren’t up there. He has rcr guys behind him.
Ryan reed running fourth for Richard Childress racing and fifth right now, your guy, the
birthday boy, Elliott Sadler having a good start.
>>Love Elliott Sadler, love his passion for this sport. Sponsor one main, they are so
immersed in their sport. Fun to see him up front.
>>I think we have a first breakaway of six cars now. We see the Daniel Suarez car followed
by Joey Logano. They’ll catch back up fairly Easley as far as you stay on the line you
can typically catch back up to a single file group. It’s the pack behind them stays two
and three wide they could fall away from the lead pack pretty easily.
>>You know when they will get this sorted out, about the —
>>Coming to the checker.>>About lap 19 for the competition caution
they will have it worked out and we will stack them all up again.
>>Brendan Gaughan, in the first car in the outside lane. Black and yellow, 62. Never
finished a race here in the NASCAR XFINITY series. Always wrong place wrong time. He’s
got Aric almirola, cup veteran behind him. Almirola top ten last couple years, behind
them the unsung hero Benny Gordon driving for tristar motor sports.
>>We’ve seen Benny emerge in the top ten. He knows how to get it done here.
>>The balance of patience and aggression. [3:25:53 PM] Right now it’s leading toward aggression,
I think, here at talladega. We’re five laps in. Matt Tifft, the race leader. [3:28:05 PM] .
>>>In this cauldron of fiery wills and competition, rivalries heat up quicker, everyone title
over one finish line there’s never enough glory to go around.
>>Today at talladega it’s the NASCAR XFINITY series. Tomorrow sprint cup teams. This week
on fs 1 garbage time with Katie Nolan is back, making her season premier. I said it yesterday,
Michael, a different outlook on sports because we’re over here in this NASCAR world all the
time. So does Katie Nolan. Check out the season premier of “Garbage time” Wednesday evening
at midnight.>>It’s honest an enlightening and a fun show
to watch.>>Almost halfway to the competition caution.
Aric almirola down pit road. He and Brendan Gaughan penalized by NASCAR, locking bumpers
that’s a no-no in the XFINITY series. What do you see?
>>That he’s on them. That’s the biggest thing, I think they’re setting a precedence early.
There was some questions at the end of the daytona race, was that locking bumpers for
too long. Setting the precedence.>>Nobody in front.
>>To the drifrsz we’re not going to put up with it today. Bump and get off the person.
>>I see that as locking bumpers. Brendan Gaughan has not come to pit road. He needs
to get out of the pack and to pit road to serve his penalty.
>>He’s in a position to do it now, but he’s not going to make the move. So it appears
he’s going to wait as long as possible hoping for a caution.
>>He expressed over the radio he did not believe —
>>Brake set. Do not speed.>>He did not believe that’s what had happened
but it’s obvious it was. You have to serve the penalty. Remember Matt Kenseth when he
didn’t come to the pit road in Atlanta they took his scorecard away. That could happen
to Gaughan.>>Wayne Naughton told us this morning, this
is not something that we’re going to police. If you’re locked for a period of time. If
you lock bummers we will penalize here. We’re going to get this competition caution, they
should be able to stay on the lead lap here.>>It will save them. That’s one thing that
Brendan Gaughan is always thinking about staying on the racetrack as long as possible. [3:30:08 PM] That’s less time he’s going to be away from
the pack and less likely he’s going to go a lap down.
>>All right. So we know when it comes to plate racing, Richard Childress racing always
seem to be at the front. What about the Dillon brothers 11 laps in?
>>Man. What the hell?>>Yeah. 10-4 you were getting pushed here.
I just talked with Billy here.>>Trying to wreck me?
>>Calm down. We’ll be fine here. Be smooth. They’re talking to him.
>>Come on, it’s all in the family.>>Be patient. Caution on 20.
>>That’s refreshing somebody wants to take a break until lap 20. I could use one snifl
seemed like the spotter was more relaxed than the driver there.
>>You need that. What about Saurez. Got kicked out of the second lane and look at him to
drop to the back in the Orange 18.>>Here’s why.
>>Half a car. Right with the 3.>>Wow.
>>Half.>>Look at all that movement in the wheel.
Watch Daniel Suarez work the wheel. As Joey Logano works the rear bumper.
>>This what is I talked about at the beginning of the show, where you think handling may
not be an issue. Now that the tire is wearing it out you can’t do it as hard.
>>That’s when the grip level goes way down when somebody is pushing on your bumper.
>>Joey Logano has worked with a lot of different drivers on track appears he has options with
the 22.>>Go back to daytona, Joey Logano was second
in this very race car. It had a drive line vibration that they could never diagnose.
Brought it here, similar drive line vibration but they’re not that concerned. Advantage
for Logano he’s been very quiet on the radio. While there are teammates like with the Dillon
brothers and Gibbs cars, Logano is the lone ranger. He can pick and choose who he wants
to draft off and with.>>You mentioned he was second at daytona. [3:32:09 PM] Second to chase Elliot. Started at the back
after missing driver intros, the driver has worked his way to 19th. What do you see with
Joey Logano?>>We’re seeing him bump, bump, with Ty Dillon
and we know Aric almirola here in the 98, Brendan Gaughan, in the 62, got penalized
for locking bumpers. Wayne Naughton told us they went back and looked at the last lap
at daytona and looked at it very closely and the best they could conclude that Joey Logano
is a master at not locking, but just continuing to do the bump bump bump to try to keep moving
ahead.>>The two guys that were penalized today,
Brendan Gaughan, Aric almirola, both have made their pit stops, back on track and for
almirola, the draft is coming quick, guys.>>Yeah. This is what I talked about. This
is the strategy.>>We’re on the lead lap.
>>Yeah. The 62 played the strategy waiting as long as possible staying in that lead draft.
He’s not going to go a lap down because he’s back with help. Almirola on the other hand
is probably going to go a lap down because he pitted early, he doesn’t have any help
and now they’re all in the same straightaway with the leaders.
>>He will get the free pass when we get the caution. What’s Gaughan thinking?
>>I mean, I — shot me off like three times so I didn’t lock bumpers intentionally.
>>That’s a tough part about it. He’s the guy up front. Was it his fault? Probably not.
But he’s the innocent bystander and part of the push.
>>Frustration, talladega, part of the game, right. Both drivers have paid their debt and
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>>>Fox NASCAR is presented by can-am off road vehicles. The ride says it all.
>>Back live at talladega speedway. Ninth race of the year for the NASCAR XFINITY series.
18 laps complete. We take a look at our Ford performance track facts. Joey Logano, has
won two of the last four talladega races. 2012, 2015, getting the captain to victory
lane last year. And the Ford is not too bad today. Ryan reed hanging tough, good qualifying
effort he’s third. Jeb Burton in the sixth position and Joey Logano inside the top 12
and in that lead draft,. And there’s chase Elliot. Looking back at Aric almirola. These
guys are lapping cars. Right now almirola is the lucky dog and he needs a big push from
chase Elliot because they’re closing in on Brendan Gaughan to put him a lap down.
>>This is going to be really close. I think they’re going to pass him, probably getting
in probably middle of turn three and four. Brendon appears he’s going to go a lap down
and steal that lucky dog away from Aric almirola.>>The question would become, can Aric get
up and get by him to steal it back. It’s going to be tight here.
>>I don’t think he has enough time. I think Brendon has a decent enough cushion as well,
he’s going to link on to the back of the pack as well.
>>How about that, three seconds a lap what is that draft means to you. Watch them guys
go by, Brendan Gaughan, in a car that can win things race, the won on the right, the
62 can win if he gets back in the draft.>>Gaughan has gone a lap down, one lap to
the competition caution. The early stages of this race have worked really good for chase
Elliot.>>Should be the competition caution.
>>Wow. One lap, darn it, for Brendan Gaughan.>>There’s the competition caution. And I
was just saying, chase Elliot, really moving to the field, Chris, definitely moving off
plan from what the crew chief was telling me. We would be patient for the first 20 laps. [3:38:19 PM] Chase Elliot already moving halfway through
the pack so that 88 car really fast. Happy with the car here this afternoon.
>>This team trying to go back-to-back, Dale Jr. Victory at Richmond. We mentioned earlier
in the show that chase Elliot won the season opener in that 88 car down at daytona international
speedway. And Joey Logano, looking for his first win of the year. 11th at lap 20.
>>It’s a little tight here on the exits of the corner. Can’t find any car worth working
with yet.>>He’s looking for a partner. He’s looking
for somebody that will get his car up front. He doesn’t have teammates in this race. It’s
a little different than what it is in the cup series. Essentially he’s going to look
for anybody that’s going to be able to move him forward.
>>Denny, you made an interesting point at the start how the tires will go off. He’s
already starting to complain a little bit about the handling of his car not wanting
to turn coming off the corners. We’ll come to pit road here and get tires make an adjustment.
That’s a great thing to look forward to. What these crew chiefs decide to do for tires and
strategy, as the laps wind down.>>Joey Logano, good today. You would think
he will be good here tomorrow. Last time we came to talladega with the sprint cup series,
it was Joey, that got the checkered flag. He’ll be on track tomorrow afternoon 12:30
eastern time. Our coverage begins on your local fox stations. Always watch on Fox Sports
go. It’s the Geico 500 round ten for NASCAR’s top shelf. And my two partners here going
to be running tomorrow, Denny, you had a good qualifying effort and Michael, congratulations
you’re in the show.>>I’m ready to freeze. I got my peak antifreeze
Toyota ready. I get to mix it with my heros. I love NASCAR and I’m glad I’m going to be
out there with the boys.>>To pay it off, Brendan Gaughan was the
first car one lap down. It’s official from NASCAR. He gets the free pass. Matt Tifft,
Austin Dillon, Ryan reed, Elliott Sadler, Erik Jones, the top five as we get set to
come down pit road.>>By the way, I’m one for 59 here. That’s
quite a record.>>I tell you here, what I’m interested to
see is what are these krcrew chiefs going to do. [3:40:23 PM] I can guarantee some of the drivers like Joey
Logano are saying, I need four tires. If I’m going to maneuver around and get up front
I need tires.>>Larry?
>>What makes me nervous, we’re probably going to see 33 drivers on pit road at one time.
And if you have these mixed strategies that’s when cars start pulling out on other cars
and when the spotter really has to be on top of his game. What’s happening on pit road.
>>It is good to make a pit stop here under caution, under green. It’s a little bit challenging.
>>Absolutely. I would much rather pit under the green conditions. You have a better chance
to have an opening in, opening out. Here especially with pit road being so fast it’s going to
get crowded.>>Here they are.
>>Elliott Sadler strong run in the top four. Says he’s got a fast race car, overall happy
with the car but wondering where his teammates are. He wants to see Justin Allgaier and chase
Elliot closer to the front with him and running in the lower lane to the tri-oval a Littles.
>>Right side tires for the 16 of Ryan reed. They were talking about having to take six
seconds of fuel. Service already complete. Jamie?
>>Austin Dillon right sides only. Happy with the car. The 18, and Matt Tifft right sides
as well. He maintains the lead.>>Right side tires the name of the game.
Erik Jones picks up a couple spots. That number one pit stall good for Matt Tifft. Holding
serve there. 22 laps in at talladega. We’ll reset when we come back. It’s time for the
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.>>>We’re monster truck here at talladega
with Mcreynolds in the number 24 car. [3:44:28 PM] We put in a brand new record called “Sitting
heavy” and putting our logo on the hood and excited to be sponsoring his car in the race
today. Play any instruments growing up?>>I played trombone, wasn’t good at it. I
thought it sounded like a race car. I will stick to driving the 24 Toyota Camry with
you on the hood.>>Enjoy the race, folks.
>>Hey, it’s been a good afternoon for Brandon Mcreynolds. 13th right now and jgl the team
he’s driving for has had a car in the top ten the last couple years. He should be confident
making his second career start. Denny, how important is it for a kid like Brandon who
hasn’t been in a car in a while to get through the first run. He saw it all three and four
wide, hung tough, stayed in there, got to get the jitters out of his system so he can
buckle down and win the race.>>He’s doing all the right things, watching
this competition, staying in line, holding the wheel and staying inside the top 15. He’s
giving himself a shot to stick around at end of the day which what is his dad told him
to do.>>I love golf.
>>Lot of NASCAR right now on fox, but we’re going to shift gears.
>>Oh.>>U.S. Open championship comes your way.
It’s June, the greatest golfers in the world converging on the historic oak month country
club for the 116th U.S. Open live coverage begins Thursday, June 16th on fs 1, continues
through the final round on Sunday, June 19th, on fox. We’re looking forward to that. You’ve
been to oak month? Played at oak month?>>I have.
>>I haven’t. Only thing that’s similar to my golf game to those guys is I can dress.
>>What’s going on with the 22? The car didn’t take off the start like we thought it would?
>>They’re adding duct tape to the left front corner of the 22. Keep in mind as you can
see them put the bond on the corner with slight contact, be the 22 of Logano, and also the
3 of Dillon, by coming back down pit road and taking it for Logano it was right side
tires for Dillon and that means from here on out pit strategy wise they can two tire
and save a lot of time on pit road. [3:46:40 PM]>>Everybody playing the strategy game and
when you talk to the crew chiefs in the garage yesterday, most of them said, a lot of right
side tires. So we’ll keep an eye on that as the afternoon continues. Couple other things,
Richard Childress had equipment out of the box and drops to the tail for this restart.
He will be 24th. Brendan Gaughan got the free pass. He restarts 30th here. And Aric almirola,
first car, one lap down. And we will see if we can get a quick caution and put the 98
on the lead lap. You would think restart here, guys feeling confident we will get another
caution. That’s what Aric almirola needs.>>I don’t see how we didn’t get a caution
in the first 15, 20 laps. Those guys were four wide and looked like there was so much
movement in the cars. See them bouncing around and rolling through the tri-oval. I just think
we’re going to have to deal with that all day long, Adam.
>>This, the crew chiefs have had a chance to adjust on their race cars so, you know,
these conditions is not what they practice in. The packs were smaller. If the packs were
larger, temperatures hotter, the driver is complaining a lot about the way his car was
handling the first run and now the crew chief has to fix it and see if it’s right.
>>Joey Logano, too many men over the wall drops to the rear. Back in the air as we complete
lap 25. Matt Tifft, Austin Dillon, here we go once again at talladega.
>>Tifft with a strong jump there. You know whos like seeing that strong start Erik Jones.
He will pull up on the inside of Austin Dillon and hopefully get the inside line and the
advantage. As we run through the first green flag run, the bottom line prevail. That’s
where the fast cars wound up. Interesting to see if the top line can take over this
time.>>Denny, I have a question, how much do you
think it is just the car in the certain line?>>It makes a difference for sure. We’ve seen
the Joe Gibbs racing cars in the XFINITY series and cup series once they get lined up and
in the line, it’s hard for the competition to get around them. I like seeing the Gibbs
cars at the bottom usually with the lower horse power XFINITY cars you want to be on
the bottom. [3:48:45 PM]>>I like when the big guns have to go to
the back. Chase Elliot, went to the rear to start this thing worked his way to 14. On
board with Joey Logano after the penalty, he told us, guys, he’s going to get aggressive
and go to the front. Didn’t waste any time once the green flag went back in the air.
>>Oh, look at this.>>Keep on going. Keep on going. See the line
up here. Good.>>Wow.
>>High.>>That’s a running start, isn’t it?
>>He was on pit road making a late top. They had a penalty.
>>Got the momentum to get around him. There you go.
>>Do you think there’s any chance that his sponsor there said, you know, you’re touching
him a little too quick, might want to start going now.
>>Think about it he was on the outside three wide and now down on the bottom and he’s halfway
through the field already.>>We saw what happened, let’s hear what the
plan was before it was executed.>>We wanted to take a look at it there. Feel
like it’s still structural. You can still draft with it. I don’t think it happens because
you were too aggressive or anything like that. Still bolted together.
>>Just go be aggressive with it?>>Still be aggressive with it.
>>Sounds like some duct work — what did you hear there? Maybe he thought he hurt the
duct work by bump drafting.>>We saw him getting aggressive pushing the
cars in front of him the entire race. There must be an instance where we didn’t see that
he got into the car in front of him a little harder than what he thought and I think the
crew chief was giving him some affirmation hey, just keep doing what you’re doing. The
car will handle it.>>We’re talking about the Ford of Joey Logano
he’s good here but what about the Ford of Ryan reed. Fast in practice, good in qualifying,
leading this thing, guys, looking for his second career win.
>>What about the first career win. It was a career day. He won at daytona on a last
lap pass. That’s one of the most special things to do in all of NASCAR.
>>Yeah. If Ryan reed finishes he hasn’t finished worse than 15th but hasn’t finished many top
tens either. [3:50:48 PM] He’s been very consistent. I guarantee he
looked at the schedule and saw talladega and was like I’m going to get my second career
win right there.>>I looked at the outside lane, Michael,
who is that pulling that group around. Jeremy clements. Out of Spartanburg, south Carolina.
This team has not had a lot of good things happen to them early in 2016 but the draft
is the great equalizer and the underdog driving to the front.
>>Look at the cars he has pushing him, Ty Dillon, championship contender, cup winner
Aric almirola. I mean that outside line has a bunch of good heavy hitters in it. Look
how fast the inside lane goes by.>>This is the key, though. When you can’t
push draft, you get that middle lane going you can see Ryan’s speed going through the
middle. The middle lane can make up a lot of ground. As long as they get the air just
right there. So you see some inside — oh! Wow. That was nearly big.
>>Whoa.>>The body language in the booth changed
between you two.>>My left foot hit the brake. It’s hard for
me to realize I can’t control what’s going on when I’m up here.
>>I thought I was going to get taken out for a minute myself.
>>That was almost the big one and it was going to include the booth.
>>Just a tight, tight hole that the 42 tried to get into there and decided at the last
second maybe that wasn’t a good idea. Watch these guys back up on him and did all he could
do to miss the car ahead of him.>>The field just checked up so much in front
of him didn’t want to pound into the car in front of him so decided to take the least
resistance to go to the snooins that was a great move. That move kept from having a big
crash. Great move by Justin. Now Joey Logano, continues to drive back to the front. 14th
already, Matt.>>Left front corner structurally sound and
they have repaired it with –>>Big one.
>>Oh, my goodness.>>The 25 hit hard. That’s Chris Cockrum.
>>Gosh, that’s a hard hit. [3:52:49 PM]>>Scary, scary moment coming off of turn
two. Appeared to be the 52 of Jeff Gordon.>>Also got a piece of it. Damage sitting
inside.>>That’s a great sign.
>>Unbelievable.>>Oh, yeah. Killed it. Oey Gase.
>>You can see movement there too, mikele.>>Running in the top 20. When they drop the
window and tells the safety workers he’s okay. I know he’s shaken up. That was a terrible
crash.>>Both these drivers have to go to the infield
care center and get checked out. The fact that there was movement inside the 52 of Joey
Gase and the window net is down from the 25 of Chris Cockrum, really good sign because
that was a big-time hit over on the back straightaway.>>He’s feeling it at this point.
>>Oh. Just gingerly getting out of the car.>>Cockrum, a 29-year-old out of Conyers,
Georgia. Great to see him out of the race car.
>>I guarantee you, Adam, he’s never hit anything that hard before. Right there he is. In the
25. See Garrett smithley behind him giving him a bump draft behind Joey Logano.
>>I can almost tell you the zero turns into the 25. Joey Gase is just an innocent bystander
here.>>Barely clipped the wall that jets out there
and sent the car spinning like a top. Look at all the debris scattering.
>>Smithley was trying to help and I think it pushed the 25 out a little bit. When he
tried to tuck back in line it spun him around.>>Something as a driver you have to be careful
of coming off the corners here where the banking falls away, the back of these cars get really,
really light so if you’re — sometimes you don’t have to touch the driver in front of
you, but if there’s any contact at all you’re going to see a result like we just saw. [3:54:59 PM]>>Such a tough break for Joey Gase. Last
year top five here at talladega.>>Does such a great job and Joey Gase a chance
to prove his talent. Riding along, nothing he can do about that, winds up in the outside
wall.>>One more angle of the crash. Just made
the swing off turn two.>>Look how close.
>>Thank the lord for safer barriers. That was a tough angle. I tell you, that’s one
of the hardest hits you’ll find in racing right there.
>>Watch this.>>This will show it.
>>Watch the 3400 pound race car pitched around.>>See what it did to the right front tire.
About ripped it off.>>It’s a testament to NASCAR for their safety
that he was able to get out of that car like he did. Going to be sore tomorrow but at least
he’s able to get out under his own power.>>You mentioned Garrett smithley behind him
on track. Let’s get team audio there.>>I was out of the gas when he came around.
>>I see that. That’s all right.>>Yeah. J.J. Gave me a shot into the 62 going
up in one then he backed off a little bit. They’re pretty aggressive.
>>That’s what I talked about. You don’t have to touch the person. I thought he got into
him. I could be wrong. When the banking falls away off turn two and four you to give yourself
a little more room for error there.>>I try to explain to people all the time
at talladega, how much air can move a car around. I mean you have to correct your car.
Have to drive it to the right. Just because someone gets right up on you. I think that’s
what people don’t understand. You’re trying to drive your car and someone else at times
is driving it for you.>>It’s our second caution of the day. The
first came out at lap 20, a competition caution. NASCAR had to clean up the track last night
after an Arca event here at talladega super speedway. I’m thinking given the number of
sets of tires and pitted ten laps ago, probably everybody stays out here. [3:57:04 PM]>>Staying out here for sure. Maybe the guys
in the back come in and get fuel to give themselves a little more of a barrier there for a fuel
window, but I don’t see the front cars coming in at all.
>>Adam, if you’re one of the guys thinking about laying back and playing that strategy
this is a great time to come to pit road.>>Absolutely.
>>The last thing I want to do is put my driver back in the eye of the storm. When they pitted,
guys, that was with 91 laps to go. With enough cautions, you can make it on one more stop
and looks like to me we have a number of them that’s probably just going to fill it up with
fuel to make sure it’s only one more stop.>>That’s exactly what they’re doing, examining
to pit road and they’re probably not going to put tires on. Probably a quick splash and
go.>>Leader stayed out but everybody else on
pit road.>>Phil told his driver Ryan reed we’ll be
fine, hang in there. Everyone else pitting to top off especially the 48 of Brennan Poole.
Jamie?>>Erik Jones happy with it, splash and go
for him. Austin Dillon same thing. Matt Tifft told them get closer to the wall this time
and help us out, he did and maintains and stays out front.
>>Plus one for Matt Tifft, plus one for his teammate Erik Jones. The Gibbs guys doing
their job on the pit lane. Free pass, Aric almirola, the first car one lap down. Second
caution of the day. Chris Cockrum and Joey Gase hard hit on the back straightaway.for
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Kahn.>>>Fox NASCAR presented by can-am sponsored
by Kentucky fried chicken. Colonel quality guaranteed. By Ford, we go further so you
can. [4:01:07 PM] And by credit one bank. The official credit
card of NASCAR.>>>Under caution for the second time today
here at talladega. Ryan reed, Joey Logano, stay out. They lead this race. Matt Tifft,
Erik Jones, Austin Dillon, the top five. One of the drivers involved in this our second
caution of the afternoon, Joey Gase. Chris?>>Joey Gase had a strong finish here last
year but problems early on. Did you see anything developing there or wrong place wrong time?
>>I saw the 25 up there causing a lot of problem and maybe the 0, so then I went to
the inside to try to get by them because I knew something was going to examine. Then
sounds like the 0 making rookie mistakes pushing for no reasons and threw him into me. I couldn’t
see anything.>>Good to see you’re okay.
>>All right. Thanks, Chris. Here’s the replay. One more time. Joey Gase, wrong place, wrong
time. I think the fact that Cockrum went up and then tried to come back down and I can’t
argue with Joey Gase, looked like the 0 was into the back of the 25 and just a combination
of two guys doing two different things caused him to spin around. But man, when you race
this close at talladega, what do you expect.>>We established two guys are ready for golf,
the U.S. Open. The summertime, some of the biggest names in soccer, converge on the United
States for the 100th anniversary of one of the world’s biggest tournaments, coverage
of the Copa America sentnareo begins across the networks of fox Sports. Ryan reed stayed
out and so did Joey Logano. Good track position here but they’ve been fighting that today,
Matt.>>Brian Wilson, talking about the damage
to the nose and what is it and are you confident you’re fine?
>>We looked at the video and the pictures we have, we feel like it’s structurally sound.
Still bolted together on the backside. The front side split apart a little bit. Felt
that was our chance to take the time and clean everything up and I’m sure Joey will fight
back and get plenty of track position. [4:03:11 PM]>>The manufacturers take position of the
noses of race cars on the track during practice and during the race, where they found it.
Ryan flores the tire changer when they took the left front off poked his head, he has
a camera on his helmet poked inside the wheel well and looked around so they could play
that back to make sure nothing else was broken inside that left front.
>>Good report, Matt. For Joey Logano, the experiment tps. Still trying to find a good
drafting partner.>>He may not need much if he gets in front.
I know for a fact Joey is one of the best in the series of playing the line game, getting
out front, and when the lines start coming using the high line or low line he uses his
spotters and mirrors to make sure he stays up front.
>>Every lap the they can, these drivers are saving fuel. That’s what you heard Logano
doing, shutting his engine down and coasting. Never know when you will need a little gas
and any gas you save on the track is less time you spend on pit road.
>>And I’m willing to bet he’s not only doing that to save gas but to cool his engine. You
can get a lot of temperature out of the motors shutting the engine off. It’s also the temperature.
>>Ryan reed the control cars choosing the inside lane. Logano has not LED at all. Green
flag as we complete 36. Tifft find the Ford duo.
>>Great restart from the line. Joey may have an opportunity to get down. He’s going to
clear behind.>>Push away, you’re clear bottom and top.
16 advantage. 20 is going to have advantage. He’s got the 1 knocking him. 20 advantage.
20 advantage.>>How do you like that description. Knocking
him. That’s what we’re going to see here as these laps wind down. They’re going to really
push and shove to gain an advantage and look at the guy in the third position on the outside.
That’s our birthday boy, Elliott Sadler. We know he’s going to be tough today. He’s put
himself in position to do that. [4:05:13 PM]>>Look at the guy that was leading on the
restart, Ryan reed got pushed to the middle and went in the wrong direction in a hurry.
>>Wrong line, you’re going backwards. Unfortunately for Ryan, he’s still got plenty of time to
get that back but I tell you it’s hard to beat these cup guys when it comes to restarts.
They know where to put themselves. The spotters that help them get cleared. It’s just a game
changer.>>Logano back where he’s very comfortable
at talladega. In the lead.>>Let’s go back and see what happened to
Ryan reed here. He is. Had lost the top spot on the restart.
>>You need to play defense here and maybe block off Matt Tifft on the bottom of the
racetrack. He decided to side draft off Jones and that was a bad decision.
>>I tell you what I see here it’s all about formation. Restarts on super speedways is
about which line forms up best and that line will always prevail. It was the outside that
time.>>He’s fallen back inside. Just outside the
top ten, giving a big push to — oh, man that’s so risky. Giving that push to Brennan Poole.
See the 48 up on the outside of Brandon Mcreynolds. Mcreynolds has been in the top ten, 12, all
day long. What an impressive run for the youngster.>>Lot of inexperience right here. John Wes
Townley. Brennan Poole on board with him. He’s a rookie, Brandon Jones in front of him.
Ryan reed hasn’t spent a lot of time in this series.
>>They’re stacked up too.>>That’s what’s so hard when —
>>Four, three. Top two now.>>When the momentum comes, that’s when things
seem to happen because it just gets so tight when they push up on each other.
>>Good news after the last caution, Chris Cockrum has come from the infield care center.
That is great.>>He has. Looks like he’s in pretty good
shape. Chris, very scary contact out there. When you got swais what did you see?
>>It was still early in the race. We were biding our time riding. [4:07:14 PM] We were just in a good spot to stay in the
main draft and we come through one and two and I guess I got a bump from behind exiting
the corners and the car got light and spun around. Unfortunately I don’t know who I hit
and took with me as I was spinning but I’m sorry, guys. Just braced for impact. When
I hit it knocked the air out of me but with all the saies implemented I’m able to walk
away and feel fine. I’m sure in a day or two I will feel it. I can’t thank my guys enough.
They work their tails off and to get taken out around lap 30. We don’t run that many
races. It’s our fourth race this season. I feel bad for our guys.
>>Testament to the safety of the cars and safer barrier.>>Ed their caution of the day.
>>Come to a stop when you can.>>Smoker. Bj Mcleod. Was 27th in the running
order on the lead lap.>>What a tough deal for Chris Cockrum and
that whole team. Like he talked about an underfunded team. Come here with high hopes. This is an
opportunity for them to be a Cinderella story. Look at the top ten finishing positions at
talladega in the XFINITY series look at the great run that guy had. They wanted that to
be them today and ended early.>>Plenty more stories like Garrett smithley
and Benny Gordon and Ross Chastain and they will keep chasing that dream.
>>Under caution and while we were talking to Chris Cockrum, Brandon Jones took over
the race lead. As he, Joey Logano, Erik Jones, Ryan reed, Elliott Sadler the top five. [4:10:07 PM] Hi, guys! If you’re looking for new ways to
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see what you could save. .>>>41 of 113 laps complete for the XFINITY
series at talladega. Aerial coverage today provided by Goodyear. Superior performing
tires to face challenging conditions on the track and on the road. Goodyear, the official
tire of NASCAR. Brandon Jones out front. Good to see the youngster doing good. Runner-up
last fall when we came to talladega and the camping world truck series. We talked is the
inside line the preferred line and thought maybe just whatever cars are there. You can
see Logano clearly had the lead and was getting a great push by Erik Jones from behind but
the outside, just drove around him. A big push by Ryan reed. That 16 car is fast and
Jones took advantage of it. Watch how tight they are but look on the outside.
>>Yeah. I mean what this tells me maybe there’s more to that damage that meets the eye. All
it takes is a small hairline crack in the front bump and the drag on this car could
go up dramatically. [4:12:12 PM] It would be interesting to see if there’s
more to it. But what I saw with that, is that the 16 got shoveled out, got back about 15th
and drove back to the front. Like you said he has a very fast Ford.
>>He won at daytona last year and has LED eight laps today.
>>Sorry, guys, I just totally messed up trying to follow the 22’s draft and left the bottom
open. So I cost us that position.>>We got plenty of time.
>>I love that. We’re learning, make a mistake, learn from it, don’t let it happen again.
>>Little miscue, no confidence lost.>>Ryan reed right where he needs to be but
it’s Brandon Jones, the rookie, from Atlanta, Georgia, leading at talladega. Ok, so the
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same refreshing Bud Light. With a new look.>>>Fox NASCAR presented by can-am sponsored
by bud light. Raise one right now. Getting ready for the restart at talladega for the
NASCAR XFINITY series. Running 18th is Brandon Mcreynolds. And he got a little pep talk from
his father, fox’s only Larry Mcreynolds in our race day earlier today from here at talladega.
>>All right. Brandon, I know you can probably repeat all this in your sleep because we’ve
been going over it all week long. I’m going to give it to you one more time. My last opportunity.
Focus on the things you can control, never let your guard down, your best friend is your
spotter Roman pemberton and also the double yellow line. No mistakes on pit road but my
number one thing to tell you, buddy, have fun. I’m proud of you. I love you, buddy.
>>Love you too. Going to try to mix it up, make you proud, dad, and we’ll see you here
in a little bit.>>A great moment. Brandon doing a great job
in his first XFINITY start here inside the top 20, Chris.
>>Very strong run here inside the top 20, calm and cool on the radio. He has said that
the car a little bit tight in the draft and the back end gets a little nervous and edgy
on him. Only taken fuel on the stops here. Next stop they will put tires on the car to
settle the car down a little bit for the second half of the race. [4:16:17 PM]>>We’ll keep an eye on the 4 car when we
go — 24 car when we go back green. Tonight premier boxing champions the rematch of the
2011 fight of the year, Victor Ortiz and Andre berto another chapter to one of the most intense
fights of the decade, starts tonight at 8:00 eastern only on fox. Watch it live at Fox
Sports go. It’s Andre the beast berto against vicious Victor Ortiz. Set the DVR. Okay.
>>I’ll do it.>>This is your first time up here. You’re
a rookie. But as you know, we like to have you guys up here and then in turn, give back
to your foundation. What do you guys have going on right now?
>>So excited about it. Very a lot of events that go on each year. Lot that Michael plays
in, the pro am jam down in Charlton, South Carolina, in October. But good that Denny
Hamlin and donate. Cystic fibrosis is the main benefactor of our foundation.
My cousin has cystic fibrosis. It’s directly affects our family. And they’re so close to
a cure. So close to a cure. And we donate to that research. So beyond that we go to
the victory junction camp and give some to them. The St. Jude children’s hospital. There’s
a lot of kids that really benefit from our foundation.
>>And in turn he donates to the Waltrip brothers foundation as well and we’ve benefit mro,
feed the children, a bunch of great causes and the drivers all try to help each other’s
charities out. It’s important to give and Denny does a great job. We had a short track
race we ran a few years with him and that was fun and now the golf tournament is a great
cause and raises a lot of money for the cystic fibrosis research.
>>Shocks me that the two of you use golf to raise money, you know.
>>Shocking.>>Bj Mcleod, the reason for our third caution.
He did go to the infield care center, mandatory if you can’t drive the car back to the garage.
He is fine. [4:18:17 PM] And we’re 44 laps in of the 113 that make
up today’s 300 miler. It’s fox NASCAR from talladega presented by can-am. Brandon Jones
leads, Joey Logano second, Erik Jones, Ryan reed, Elliott Sadler the top five. Going back
through the top ten, Justin Allgaier is sixth, haven’t said his name a lot today, pole sitter
Matt Tifft, seventh, Mario Gosselin inside the top ten is eighth and then the Dillon
brothers Austin and Ty, ninth and tenth respectively.>>Mario Gosselin, one of the greatest short
track racers I’ve ever seen. He’s been on the circuit for many, many years and I’ve
been watching. He’s been in the top ten more laps than he hasn’t. He’s done a great job
on a great wheel and great to see him have a great finish.
>>You talked about it earlier Denny, with enwe see the Cinderella stories jump up into
the top ten and we see them a lot at talladega and it’s fun to talk about it.
>>Pit road is open. Not many takers. Although Mario Gosselin taking advantage of the opportunity
to come and get service at lap 44. I think we should’ve taken a left at the river. Tarzan
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>>Toyota, let’s go places.>>>Fox NASCAR presented by can-am sponsored
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insurance.>>>We’ve cleaned up our third caution of
the day about to go green once again. We remind you of this may is mental health month. Fox
Sports supports is proud to team up with the national alliance on mental illness and commitment
to improving families and those affected by mental health conditions. Learn more how to
be stigma free and visit foxsports, Joey Logano going to restart up inside the
top five. On the front row. But he saw something interesting in that last run.
>>Have NASCAR with the 33 and 16, whatever they were doing, what does it look like?
>>They didn’t say a word but it sure was aggressive in my book, but I didn’t hear them
say anything. [4:22:19 PM] Did you down there, guys?
>>No. I didn’t hear anything about that.>>Okay.
>>And remember, while the 16 and the 33 were doing something aggressive, Logano was getting
a great bump push. Look at Erik Jones working over that back bumper able to bounce off of
him but the outside duo went around him. That’s what Logano was wondering how they were able
to pull that off.>>Logano is one of the best at it, though.
You know, he should know what’s good and bad.>>What I actually saw, it looked like they
locked but for a brief moment. A little bit of an air gap there, little more than Joey
probably saw for sure.>>Joey Logano, this is talladega, right.
It’s the front, at the back. He’s going to go back again. Going to be another blip on
the radar for Logano before the day is done, I guess. Today it’s 300 miles. Tomorrow 500.
The Geico 500, 12:30 eastern time. Your local fox station. You can stream Michael, your
60, 6-0, start here at Alabama.>>Yeah. I can’t wait. It’s going to be my
favorite one of them all because I got a car that I think I can run up in the front with
and have a fun time. I’m so thankful I get a chance to race with these boys. The best
drivers in the world and I’m came off turn four, battling three and four to the line.
You got the best of me that day. Michael can still get it done for sure.
>>Getting ready for the restart. On the other side of the spectrum, Brandon Jones, 19 years
old from Atlanta, Georgia, is leading at talladega. That’s amazing. Great racetrack, isn’t it?
>>Outside of him, Joey Logano, Erik Jones, Ryan reed, Justin Allgaier, the top five.
As we’re green once again.>>Looks like the inside line is slightly
better formed up here. They have a few more cars in it. It’s going to be close. [4:24:20 PM] I think these two are going to be side by
side for a while.>>I’m going to be it interested to see is
what Jones versus Logano could do. We wonder if Logano didn’t have the speed to pull a
line out front. The fastest car all day is the 16. The second car on the outside, Ryan
reed, can he push Logano ahead of the pack?>>You know who’s back in the game. Look about
five or six deep inside. That would be Aric almirola. Lost a lap early when he was penalized,
got the free pass and here they are, a player, don’t think the 22 has the power to stay up
there, doesn’t look like. He keeps getting shoveled back.
>>What’s the story on the 98?>>This race is turning around for Aric almirola.
Went down a lap early because of the penalty but he said, before the race, yesterday in
practice he had a strong car. It pushed well, sucked up well. He was able to pull out and
get around guys. One thing I need to look for in the race is some Ford partners. He
talked to Joey Logano and Jeb Burton.>>My advice, hook up with Ryan reed, the
16, has been by far and away the most impressive Ford today, I think.
>>He’s doing all he can to get Joey Logano pushed back up to the front. But right now
the inside line, pulling away.>>You can see the 1 car up there, Elliott
Sadler, just keep that name in mind. He’s been around the top five all day long and
knows how to get it done here at talladega. He’s in a position not only to win the race
but to punch his ticket to the chase.>>Look at Elliott Sadler’s record at this
racetrack, it may not have a bunch of wins but his stats and overall average finish is
as impressive as anyone. He knows how to get it done and this racetrack to different.
>>Must be some birthday synergy there. You’re selling him hard today.
>>I believe in him and love him. I would love to see him win on his birthday. That
would be one of the coolest celebrations ever.>>Jeb Burton 13th.
>>Brandon Jones the leader in the 33 car continues to shows so much poise. Impressive
last October, finished second in the truck race. He learned so much working with Kyle
Larson’s sprint cup spotter concerning side drafting. Today it’s Kurt Busch’s spotter. [4:26:20 PM] The issue his car works so much better out
front. It’s a better of a leader, versus sucking up.
>>He’s doing an outstanding job, Matt. The more laps he logs out front, the higher his
confidence level goes. Before long, he’s going to feel like I’m not just here to survive,
I’m here to win this thing.>>Absolutely. I mean he really has strong
runs so far this year. This is no exception. I tell you, one of the crew members on my
team, Johnny, is neighbors with Brandon Jones. I know he’s really likes that kid and obviously
has done great things with that team this year.
>>It’s just amazing how prepared, Adam, these kids are when they show up for these opportunities.
I mean, Brandon’s 19 and yet, he’s out there like a veteran. He just passed Joey Logano.
He’s leading at talladega. That’s going to be a name I think you’re going to say for
a long time to come in NASCAR. The kid’s got the talent.
>>One thing I see is that outside line is starting to form and Joey is starting to come
back up to the top. He’s right beside the fourth position. So Ryan reed and him are
starting to work well together, starting to figure out how much they can push, bump and
I wouldn’t say it ain’t going to be too long before they’re going to be up beside the 33.
>>Not too far back behind the lead group of cars, the 98 of Aric almirola. We talked
about the yo-yo day for him, but right now he’s in the ninth position.
>>Tell them to take a chill pill, man. Take a chill pill. We’re fine right here. Tell
them not to be out. He’s running into me every corner.
>>10-4, that’s coming from the car behind him that’s all up on him.
>>I wondered that. How much do you think you can blame hitting the car ahead of you
on the guy behind you? Can he truly push you into the guy ahead of you or can you control
that somewhat?>>He can but he’s going have to drag a lot
of brake to not do it and in turn, you’re probably going to end up causing a wreck.
Best to keep the domino effect going forward as long as you can keep it in control.
>>Appreciate what almirola is saying. Let’s chill right now. We’re in a good spot, don’t
be bump drafting me. [4:28:22 PM] We saw when a bump draft goes wrong, what
the results can be.>>Last year the draft tracks did not go good
for Daniel Suarez and his rookie campaign. Top ten at daytona, but watch this running
outside the top 12 right here.>>Gets really close to bubba Wallace in the
same spot Chris Cockrum and those guys had trouble. The cars get so light there. You
have to be ultracareful. The only difference there’s a little more experience in those
two cars that that’s why there wasn’t a wreck.>>John Wes Townley did a great job of avoiding
running into the 19. Look at him get on the brake.
>>Up in front, stacking up in front.>>A head’s up move. A guple of near misses
today. Could have easily had four or five cautions. Only three. What’s the story on
Suarez? 15ist right now, Jamie.>>In pre-race Daniel told me his plan was
to stay up front with his two teammates but they broke that plan on the last stop. His
crew chief Scott graves decided to take four tires. We haven’t seen that much today. He
wanted to mix up his strategy. He wants to be able to take two tires later when others
perhaps may need to take four. He restarted 29th and he’s been battling his way all by
himself.>>And he was the only Gibbs car, Jamie, that
had a chance at daytona. Remember Bobby Labonte was driving the 18, Erik Jones in the 20,
involved in that early crash taken out of the equation. Today for Suarez he’s actually
got some potential drafting help and can’t get up there to them.
>>Look at that view. I just got to wonder, wouldn’t it be better for the 16 to be out
front. It would be would be hard for them to switch positions. The 22 would go nearly
to the rear. I wonder how much damage on the nose is keeping them, that outside line from
making a run up front.>>Something is holding Joey back. It isn’t
his attitude. He said I’m going to charge from the word go. He wants to take the lead
away from Brandon Jones but he can’t get it done.
>>Looks like maybe there’s — is there just a bit of damage on that left front fender?
Something looks strange there.>>If there’s anything flared out it may be
some bond or something they have, that they pieced the nose nothing. [4:30:25 PM] If anything is flared out it’s not good. They
want to keep that as steamlined as possible. A little piece of air bond that the team has
put on. I don’t know how much it’s hurting that car but it is not helping it.
>>They’re trying to make it work in the outside lane.
>>Part of the repair job when he was on pit road earlier in the event, Joey did ask his
team, how much it was sticking out because he could feel in the car, just slightly some
of the drag.>>Look at the guy down inside of him, Ty
Dillon, haven’t talked about him a lot today. Runner-up last week at Richmond. Sat on the
pole at daytona. We know rcr loves this kind of racing. He is really doing a good job.
Seems to be finding his way here in 2016.>>We have to just put a star beside Richmond
because that’s when Ty Dillon sees turning the corner. Had a chance to win the race on
the last corner. He will have to bounce off Dale jr.’s bumper to do it and he was there
and there today.>>Brandon Jones leads Erik Jones, and then
it’s Elliott Sadler, Matt Tifft and Joey Logano. . Don’t forget about Ryan reed, Aric almirola,
Benny Gordon now in the top ten. Fox NASCAR coverage presented by can-am. This just got
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Speaking of garbage time, I thought we were going to have it here and wreck the field
and trash all these race cars because they’re getting after it here in the middle stages.
>>I tell you one thing that’s so key to getting a good restart is anticipation. This is Brandon
Jones giving Erik Jones a hand letting him know I haven’t gone yet but you need to start
creeping on my rear bumper to give me the shove. That’s why the two cars are out front
right now.>>The car making me nervous is Joey Logano.
I just think that car with the damage on the nose of Joey Logano, has hurt his speed and
Ryan reed has the fastest car in town and giving him a bunch of aggressive pushes and
causing havoc in the outside lane but starting to make some progress. [4:34:39 PM] What about it?
>>Joey Logano pinned on the outside trying to make hedgeway, trying to pull up alongside
and stall out the cars on the inside. Now we were relying on his spotter for more information.
>>Let me know where the inside car of the 16 is so he doesn’t get pulled back. I need
to suck other cars back depending on where he is.
>>Trying to help the guy behind him, that’s Ryan reed. What he wants to know is where
Ryan is in relation to the car on the inside.>>I love the communication there. And we
said it earlier –>>Braking near plane. And now you’re good
on the 98. They’re door to door behind you. Door to door.
>>I just got to wonder how much patience the 16 is going to have.
>>The 16 a little boost.>>So long before he’s going to push and realize
that look, we’re not going anywhere. I have to make a move one way or another. Seems like
they’re getting up to — up beside the fourth place car and that’s about as good as they’ve
been. So the 16 knows he has a fast car. It’s like — how long do you want to wait behind
that 22 that clearly has damage that’s hurting him.
>>We’re past halfway. 53 to go. Fox NASCAR. Let’s crank it up on a Saturday afternoon
in Alabama.>>05 who is following the 11. Settle back
and wants to draft. We’ll just keeping pushing these guys along.
>>11 fading a little bit it too.>>Advantage on the bottom. You to your dor.
>>Quarter again. [4:36:56 PM] His front bumper is on the 98’s door.
>>Quarter by quarter, next six cars in front of you, still two wide.
>>Get up.>>That makes me nervous. You can feel the
speed here at talladega.>>Feel the speed and see the intensity. How
much pushing and bumping is going on, how much the 22 of Logano with the bit of front-end
damage is haltering the progress of the outside line but Ryan reed showing a lot of patience
here, giving the push, giving the shove that he needs to, but not going too far with it.
>>I mentioned we’re past halfway. 50 to go. When does the impatience really start to give
up?>>Oh, by the looks of the 16, it’s really
starting to come. I mean, typically what my mindset is, is inside the final fuel run,
I need to be — I need to put myself in the top five or six cars that gives me the best
chance. As you can see when these two lines get lined up, you really can’t go anywhere.
The guys on the outside they really can’t go three wide high. They’ll just get hung
out and go to the back of the pack. You’re almost in a road block here where you can’t
go anywhere. So I’m just wondering when the 16 decides to jump ship and say this plan
isn’t working. I’ve got to try to maybe put the 22, three wide middle.
>>Frustration may be starting to build. It’s a traffic jam at 190 miles per hour. Live
at talladega, Alabama. [4:40:56 PM]>>>Welcome back to talladega. XFINITY series
racing on fox. We are green. 46 laps to go. Some can-am strategy here, Larry Mcreynolds.
What’s the guys thinking.>>I don’t know if I’m going to call this
strategy. I look at Joey Logano and Ryan reed they have not been to pit road since lap 22
and 24. With the 14 cautions we’ve had, they’re going to be able to run north of lap 71 and
73. What makes me nervous they’re in the outside line. How are they going to get to the bottom.
Everyone else for the most part can run to about lap 80 if we stay green.
>>The outside line hasn’t been friendly, Adam, to the drivers all day today. Brandon
Jones LED more laps than anyone else and right now he’s out front.
>>28 laps out front for Brandon Jones. Next in line in that category another young gun,
Matt Tifft, who started on the pole, LED 21 laps early. Larry mentioned it and you talked
about it during the break, you have to pit. In the outside lane. This is a recipe for
a disaster. They just dodged one bullet getting around the lap traffic. This pit stop, a totally
different deal.>>Yeah. When they get inside ten laps to
go, the crew chief lets them know you’re within ten to go you need to start finding the bottom
because there’s any gap in the bottom cars, you’ll see that 22 and/or 16, fill that gap
and kind of abort the mission they’re on right now. Otherwise they will have to let that
entire outside line go, drop to the back of the pack and pit.
>>You remember, a big crash here just a year ago when guys were trying to orchestrate getting
to pit road. Not as easy to do as you think. Got to have great communication with your
spotter, coming off the corner running 180 miles an hour and try to make a left on pit
road you have to know what the cars around you are doing.
>>Because everyone has let off different. Some of the experienced cup drivers that do
this on a weekly basis know they can carry more speed on pit lane. They come off four
carrying the throttle longer and get to the brakes. Someone less experienced in front
of them, that’s where the disaster starts is they’re checking up early. [4:42:58 PM] We almost see Erik Jones get a little sideways
there. But I mean it’s just that’s inexperience is what makes for the big ones coming off
pit road.>>Most of the guys up front last pitted at
Lapp 33. For Logano and Ryan reed it was 24 and 22. They likely need to pit together so
they’ve got drafting help coming off. Green flag pit stops when we return.always extra.
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says it all. Ar presented by can-am sponsored by dodge. 40 laps to go for the NASCAR XFINITY
series. Talladega super speedway with Michael Waltrip, Denny Hamlin, I’m Adam Alexander.
Thanks for being with us on a Saturday afternoon on fox. Brandon Jones, is a rookie. He’s the
race leader. Behind him another rookie in Erik Jones.
>>What a move.>>And Logano diving down because he’s got
to get to pit road. So does Ryan reed, though, this is going to be interesting.
>>It’s a move he had to make. The trouble is, Ryan reed needs to get right behind the
98 before the hole closes up and needs to check up here. To ensure he can get down.
>>He’s not going to make it.>>Oh.
>>There he goes slowing down.>>There he goes.
>>All green.>>Look at that.
>>4600 all green do not — now.>>We know Ryan reed has split them. He needs
to get four tires. Definitely lost the right front on that entry. Here they come, Matt.
>>Telling Joey Logano not to slide his tires. They’re going to go on the crew chief chassis
adjustment on the 22. Meanwhile they planned on pigts with the 43 of Jeb Burton. Conversation
between brine Wilson and drew blickensderfer. Of those two camps. Waiting on fuel, he away.
>>All the Fords came together and now they’re trying to execute the left side tires looks
like on Ryan reed. [4:47:23 PM] He pulls away.
>>That was actually a good move by the Fords to pit together. It allowed the 16 to get
down when they didn’t have a spot there.>>There was a near miss, though, one car
dove to the bottom of the racetrack.>>Erik Jones sliding his tires there.
>>On the entrance to pit road and shot back on the track and saw Jones, looked like a
right front tire he slid there. Maybe two tires will work on that car.
>>Elliott Sadler coming to pit lane. His crew chief telling him don’t slide the tires.
A bunch of fresh ones around you. Only time they’ve taken tires today.
>>Erik Jones was going to take right only and you called it, he locked them up. So the
call is four tires taking extra time on pit road. Jones making his second top. His teammate
Matt Tifft’s first race here at talladega, left sides there as well and their teammate
Daniel Suarez too.>>That’s a tough break for 209s car. That’s
the same thing that I did in the daytona 500. I’m out front, I come in for the last pit
stop of the day and I slide them and tell my crew chief, which either the spotter Chris
lambert who is my spotter told the crew chief or Erics came on and said I slid the tires.
Make an audible and take four tires. You want to come off pit road in top five like I talked
about on the last fuel pit stop.>>More scheduled stops, Matt.
>>The 3 car locked them up, overshot his pit, trying to put it in reverse and the crew
guys are having to push his Camaro back into the pit box. So much time lost. This could
hurt him. Not teaming back up with his drafting partners. Service is already complete on Brandon
Jones. He’s pulling away.>>It looked like brjs exited the plan perfectly
getting on and off the pit lane. He was the leader when the scheduled psyching of stops
began. We’re getting a report that J.J. Yeley in the 44 too fast exiting. A host of mistakes
on this cycle of green flag pit stops. [4:49:26 PM]>>We don’t know what the repercussions of
the mistakes could be. Some guys could blow a right front tire if he slid it and the team
didn’t call the audible and get tires.>>Jeremy clements has not pitted scored as
the race leader. This is what it’s like coming down under green at talladega. Look out. That
was tight. Benny Gordon shooting through the middle.
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>>I know you guys are ready for this. June, the greatest golfers in the world converge
on the historic oak Mont country club for the 116th U.S. Open championship live coverage
begins Thursday, June 16th, on fs 1 and continues through the weekend. The final round Sunday
June 19th on fox. You can watch it at Fox Sports go. Oakmont, what a great venue.
>>Interesting to see if Jordan Spieth can overcome the major disappointment at Augusta.
>>Hey, Mike, look at my horse. Look where he’s been 20th all day and chase Elliot, here
shortly, he’s in the second spot. He must have gone on and off pit road really, really
fast. I tell you he’s just — that’s some of the cup experience getting on and off pit
road. You were talking about it before the race started. You would rather pit when pit
road is less crowded. Don’t want to come with the pack. That’s probably what they did.
>>Talking about stretching your fuel mileage that’s what Jeremy clements is doing and leading
this race. But chase Elliot is closing. There you see clements in the middle of the three-car
draft.>>Clements will have to pit in about ten
laps.>>So now, our can-am ride of the week, and
we got our money’s worth on this one. [4:53:29 PM] Guys coming down pit road, scheduled stops
getting off the banking and watch the 14 of Benny Gordon.
>>The seas parted and he cut the car to the right and didn’t run into the back of Logano.
Wow.>>He’s thinking there, hey, Fords if you
had a plan should have let me know because I was in the middle of it. Great driving by
Benny Gordon. Another one of the great short trackers that does a great job on the super
speedways.>>Should confirm, Ryan reed who did lock
up the tires and thought he might have to take four.
>>Outside of you. Watch one outside of you.>>That’s your mark. Now.
>>Ryan reed did get right side tires only. And the only thing to think about heres they
could be the last pit stops we’ll have to today. Hope all the lugnuts are on these cars.
We know the rule if they’re not you can be in big trouble post-race.
>>The 43’s day just got worse. Improper fueling I believe on his first pit road penalty. Comes
in through the pass through, too fast exiting.>>Here comes clements our leader to pit road.
Good job by that team to get laps LED at talladega. Hopefully a smooth pit stop here and he can
get back into contention for this race. So that it turns the lead over to Joey Logano.
Again. Logano just got around chase Elliot. And this snarling pack.
>>But we’ve seen, Mike, that 22 has had a tough time holding the lead. I would say he’s
probably the most vulnerable of the pack out there right now they want to see the 22 out
in front on the bottom because even though the bottom has been the most dominant lane
he’s probably got the weakest car. It would be a little easier for the competition to
make a run on him.>>This is an important part of the race.
What we see happen here. We’ve talked about Logano not having the speed to lead the pack.
Aric almirola is on the outside, leading that group. We haven’t seen a ton of speed from
Aric all day long. Can they push up and get the lead away from Logano.
>>Look at the all the big names in the front, cup regulars, Joey Logano, Austin Dillon behind
him, Aric almirola, chase Elliot is there. The guys that could very well be at the front
tomorrow out front now. [4:55:30 PM] And here we go. Ryan reed spin, fourth caution
of the afternoon.>>One car. One here. You’re good. Nothing
is coming. Get it back going.>>That’s tough. It’s one of our fasters cars
we’ve seen all day right there, Ryan reed. The guy has been up front most of the day.
Trouble here in turn one.>>Maybe the right rear tire went down. That’s
strange.>>Got a little help.
>>One zig one zag.>>Looked just like the crash off turn two.
We saw –>>He said he was sorry. Skid back over there.
>>Went low.>>And it caused an accident. Same thing here.
>>Lot of time at the front today for Ryan reed was running in the 19th position. When
he hit the wall.>>Luckily not a ton of damage on the 16 car.
Get to pit road and maybe get tires and I know he’s not going to be able to win with
the damage but he can get a finish out of it.
>>All right. So 26 cars are on the lead lap. Our fourth caution. Less than 25 laps to go.
This ought to be pretty good Larry.>>We have 26 drivers on the lead lap. With
all the green flag stops when they happened everyone should be able to make it to the
end. That does not mean that some of the drivers at the back of the lead lap cars, may not
come and get four fresh tires. And the other thing I love to do Denny and Michael, keep
a fuel load in the car that keeps the rear spoiler out of the air.
>>And there were a number of drivers that had some kind of issue on the cycle of green
flag pit stops that were back off of the lead draft. This caution going to bunch them all
back together.>>I don’t know if I can take it.
>>We already had 27 cars within a second and a half. It’s, well, add more cars to the
field. This is going to get intense.>>Ryan stalled out. [4:57:30 PM] The damage for Ryan reed. Crew going to work.
I’m looking at this, Joey Logano, Austin Dillon, chase Elliot, Daniel Suarez back up there,
Brendan Gaughan now in the top five. He was penalized early in the race. Still anybody’s
guess what’s going to happen.>>They had trouble early. You want to have
your trouble early on the racetrack. They battled back and now two twice. Brandon he’s
had a tough time finishing the races. Let’s get to the checkered flag no other great stories
in the top 10 or 15, Ryan Sieg, what a driver he is, Chastain. So many more stories to be
told before the checkered flies at talladega.>>Don’t forget about Brennan Poole. Scored
in the seventh position. Matt Tifft, 19 years old running eighth. Going to get good running
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>>>Fox NASCAR presented by can-am sponsored by Toyota, let’s go places.
>>My vatgy for winning this race is to be leading on the last lap. [5:01:37 PM] I want to lead the pack and control and try
to block all the other guys passing me to win this race.
>>On the last lap as long as you’re in the thick of it you have a chance.
>>It depends on who’s behind me and where I’m at on where I want to be. Talladega, so
like it’s absolutely wild. I don’t think you can commit to one spot.
>>Last lap plan ever really work here at talladega?
>>You got to be fluid with your plans and change them as you see necessary.
>>This guy is leading, won this race last year, Joey Logano. Problem with the roof rail.
NASCAR has called him to pit road. He’s been posted. He will not be the race leader when
we go back green. There you see it, fellas. It broke.
>>We’ll get the restart when we return to talladega super speedway on fox. People know
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by credit one bank. The official credit card of NASCAR. And by Kentucky fried chicken.
Colonel quality guaranteed.>>>This summer some of the biggest names
in soccer converge on the United States for the 100th anniversary of one of the world’s
biggest tournaments. Coverage of the Copa America begins June 3rd across the networks
of Fox Sports. Told you going to break about the problems for Joey Logano. He has made
his pit stop. Scored in the 25th position. [5:05:41 PM]>>Lot of hard work going on down there, Matt.
>>NASCAR notified the 22 team of the left side rail coming loose. You can see Brent
Wentz and Ryan flores trying to put that piece back in. Joey Logano said while we’re here,
let’s go ahead and do four and let me rip. That’s what they did. Logano will restart
at the back of the field.>>He’s going on a ripper coming from the
back and rip through this field. That’s his plan. He’s had a car we’ve seen drive toward
the front. That might be able to get there and stay though.
>>They executed the plan well, Larry.>>Quickly. Guys, what does the roof rail
do. It’s a package. The two roof rails, the shark fin down the left side of the back window
across the decklid, right side window and the roof flap all is a package to keep these
cars on the ground should they spin.>>With him making that pit stop, Austin Dillon
now in the race lead. The control car here, for this restart will get with 24 to go. Chooses
the inside lane. Outside of him chase Elliot who started at the back today, missed driver
intros because he had obligations with the media after winning the pole for tomorrow.
Behind him Brendan Gaughan penalized earlier because he connected bumpers with Aric almirola
in the draft. The 98 going to row start fifth. How about the guys coming back today.
>>A lec of a day at sea, sir. Coming and going. So many moving pieces. That’s why talladega
is so much fun. Chase Elliot on the front row. I just love how we’ve — the complexion
of the racing changes every lap.>>Green once again, but I’m not sure how
long we’re going to keep it that way.>>Getting down to it, Adam. 25 to go. We’ve
seen bump drafting and going to see it get more and more aggressive.
>>What I’m interested to see what line is going to line up the best. Right now their
pretty even. I can tell you however gets cleared first is going to have a huge advantage to
try to win this race.>>Let me ask you a question, Denny. When
the leader and you get pushed ahead on the outside by Brendan Gaughan, how long do you
stay out there and wait for Brendan to clear too and what’s your decision make aing do
I get to the bottom and think that’s the best line to win the race. [5:07:52 PM]>>I’m not waiting on Brendan. I’m trying
to clear myself. Especially not a teammate. You’re wanting to win the race and appears
here that the chase Elliot is going to clear him. He’s going to have the option to go to
the bottom. He has to play the mirror and spotter game. The spotter is in his ear right
now telling him, Austin Dillon has the push from the 19, and you’ve got to force these
lines back and forth high and low.>>Chase Elliot was listening to you, as soon
as he cleared him he took the lead.>>Austin Dillon is second behind him Daniel
Suarez.>>19. The secret to the whole deal is not
to just blast the back bumper off. Ease to it and it pushes you. If you hit it it’s just
going to knock him back farther.>>Good coaching there.
>>The spotters have such an interesting viewpoint from above. They can see what works and what
doesn’t and so that’s just advice that he’s trying to give.
>>Benny Gordon a pass through penalty. He changed lanes before we got to the start/finish
line on the restart. The guys running one/two, chase Elliot and Austin Dillon, they qualified
one/two for tomorrow’s sprint cup race.>>What about the run by Brendan Gaughan.
He was dropped back to the fourth or fifth car on the outside when chase Elliot dove
to the bottom but he’s been able to drive back up with a push from rookie Brennan Poole.
>>Yeah. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with the outside line. Joey,
he wasn’t able to stay up but next to the fourth or fifth place car on the bottom. Now
that we have a car that’s not injured up top leading the top lane, it will be interesting
to see whether the 62 can make a run and get beside the 88.
>>He’s got a good run down the back stretch.>>Here comes a big run.
>>His teammate, Austin Dillon, second in line down low, Jamie.
>>He’s getting a little impatient. You heard the radio, he was talking about the 19 of
Daniel Suarez behind him and after the restart he said I told you he pushed him too hard.
Suarez backed up. Austin Dillon wants to win this race worse than anybody. [5:09:54 PM] Why? Rcr has never won an XFINITY race here.
12 times in cup, never in this series. He’s trying to hook up with his teammate in the
62. Chris?>>What a day for chase Elliot. Most of the
race he’s been outside the top 15. Ran in the front. Michael Waltrip were you talking
about the track position to pit lane. Had a strong run into pit lane. The biggest contributory
the track position, keeping the fuel tank full. They only took 7 seconds, everybody
else 12.>>The 48 of Brennan Poole hung out the 62.
They had a great run going. Brendan almost cleared, almost cleared, the leader right
there, and he could have got down but didn’t. Now he’s going to go backwards.
>>Look who’s working with Poole on the outside lane. Here comes Joey Logano again.
>>Look at Brendan Gaughan.>>Inside.
>>He is dropping like crazy to the back.>>Yeah.
>>He was going for the lead in the race, one lap ago, he’s going to come back outside
the top 20.>>If I’m the 48 there, I just got to believe
that you want to stay behind the 62. You almost had him cleared for the lead and you got to
think that’s going to happen for you as well. I think right there, you need to just stay
in line, stay the course, you got plenty of time. 20 to go. Your line was moving. When
— as soon as you get the outside line shoveled the bottom will go away.
>>Watch this mess. This is crazy racing. Everybody trying to position themselves for
the best shot to win the race. Watch how close Brendan Gaughan was to having chase Elliot
cleared for the lead of the race. Not quite there. And Brendan Poole decides to go up
high. Justin Allgaier said I don’t think that’s going to work, buddy. He pushed Brendan Gaughan
back toward the front. So much going on here.>>I think it’s a little bit of impie shens
from the 48 there. I think if they would have stuck together for a little while longer they
still would find themselves up front battling for the lead right now.
>>19 laps to go and these guys on track at their best right now. It’s all on the line. [5:11:55 PM] Nothing easy down the stretch here at talladega.
>>And Brendan Gaughan is probably going to ask his spotter in what in the heck happened
to me. I thought I was going to be leading this race and look at this mess I find myself
in.>>One of the best shoves we had seen in the
outside lane all day long.>>Here’s the 48 giving the 22 a shv now.
Clearly the 48 is one of the best pushers or bumpers as you like to say in the field
right now. So the trouble with this, though, is the 22 is taking a long way around. Unless
they get the whole field lined up with them in the third lane, they’re only going to get
so far I believe. The 22 at this point I think he’s looking at where can I get now to the
second lane to the top. I don’t think he wants to be he outside. He doesn’t have enough help.
>>In the middle the red 01 of Ryan Preece. He’s a modified champion. He’s only time in
the draft is at New Hampshire. Ryan Preece doing an outsiding job.
>>Garrett smithley up in the middle of the mess. We see Ross Chastain pushing in there.
Ryan Sieg into the top five in that black 39 car on the bottom. What a great run by
Sieg.>>Sieg, a couple years ago at daytona, top
ten in both races. In fact his career best finish, when he pushed Kasey kahne to victory
a couple Summers ago at daytona international speedway.
>>Brennan Poole is trying to rally back on the high side with Joey Logano but not making
much progress up there. Like Denny said it’s too far to go and when you get that far behind,
it’s hard to find help.>>The 22 just got a break so the car that
he was three wide outside with decided to go to the bottom. That puts Joey Logano on
the second lane on the outside, now him and the 48 can make a run.
>>It will be interesting to watch the 48. He’s a rookie. Doesn’t have a lot of experience.
He will want to get aggressive here and bump draft Logano maybe locking and engaging and
starting to push him. As the laps wind down that’s going to be the desire that these guys
are going to want to — the move they will want to make. [5:13:59 PM] It will be hard to fight that desire.
>>Outside lane belongs to Richard Childress racing teammates. Talked a lot about Brendan
Gaughan. He’s pushing Austin Dillon. They’re making some hay. Logano an Poole behind them
now.>>The outside line is getting tighter as
they get tighter they will start to make a run on the bottom line? We’ve talked how good
Logano is at pushing. He doesn’t have the horse today to be pushed but he can make ground
by pushing.>>16 laps to go. When we cross the start/finish
line that last time.>>Michael, I’m getting so excited. I can
tell you from the driver’s seat this is where guys are saying, oh, Elliott Sadler, oh, backed
off there. Great move by him there. That was an experienced move. The outside lane making
a huge run.>>Richard Childress racing teammates are
making it work with Joey Logano behind them. All the way up beside chase Elliot.
>>This is what the start is going to look like tomorrow. Those two will be on the front
row together. Chase Elliot, Austin Dillon, and here they come through the tri-oval. Who
will lead this lap? By a bumper Austin Dillon with the outside lane.
>>Safe to say the future of NASCAR is pretty bright.
>>Great talent. You look at the job a bunch of these kids are doing. Remember Brandon
Jones was dominating this race earlier and now finds himself in 24th because there’s
so much talent pushed to the front.>>The inside lane now we’re starting to fight
each other in the outside lane, yeah the 2 and the 62 are going to have an opportunity
to clear here.>>I tell you it’s just all about formation.
You know, if you go right here if Joey were to pull to the outside of 6 2 it would destroy
the outside lane. They would go backwards. It’s about who can form up keep the line tight
and you’re going to go forward every time.>>Now decision by the 2 and 62. We’re going
to bail out on Joey Logano looks like. [5:15:59 PM] They’re going to get to the bottom and protect
that yellow line. Use that yellow line to keep anyone from getting to the inside of
them.>>I want to see this duo on the outside lane.
You said it one of the best at pushing so far today is Brennan Poole especially this
run and we know how good Logano is in the outside lane. And here they come. Making their
move trying to get to the outside around Austin Dillon.
>>The 22 could not stay next to the leaders before so is he able to do it now with the
48 behind him. We saw him get a huge push from Brennan Poole earlier. Is he the key
to Logano winning the race on the outside.>>And you saw there, Logano knows he’s challenged
up on the high side. He did a side draft move on Brendan Gaughan. Tried to pull over and
slow Gaughan’s momentum. I think it’s working. Looks like a big run on the outside by Logano.
>>Logano gets to the quarter package of Austin Dillon that will drag his car back. A huge
run here and probably lead this lap.>>They restarted 25th after they repaired
the roof rail. And here he is trying to get the checkered flag. At talladega once again.
>>Off of him, he bounced out of the path. The 2 is out. Dead even with a half gap behind.
48 is going to be headed towards you. He’s getting drug back by the 62. Both of you dead
even. 62 pushing the 2 a little better. Even out now. Everybody even.
>>I tell you what is going to happen here. Logano will get more aggressive with the side
draft. He’s not going to let the inside line just pull away with ease. In the corners he’s
going to hold that 2 car very, very close to that line and that’s going to keep him
pulled back.>>In the first half of the race you don’t
see a lot of that side drafting by the veterans because it’s risky, but now that we’re closing
it down you’re going to do whatever you can to get yourself in the front and that’s where
Joey Logano has surfaced.>>Look at him. He’s able it to clear the
front which is something we did not see before. Clearly that 48 behind that 22 is a potent
pair.>>88 of chase Elliot has fallen back to seventh.
51 of Jeremy clements has worked his way inside the top ten. [5:18:01 PM] And Ryan Preece in the 001 running fourth
for jd motor sports doing an up believable job this afternoon. In his debut at talladega.
>>You said he’s a modified racer. Those things don’t have fenders on them.
>>Metal to the point the first car up there stay up there give them the bottom but if
you’re faster up top that will give us a better chance.
>>Oh.>>Chase has to be very careful. He backed
out. He saw that he was going to end up getting beside Brendan Gaughan so he backed out.
>>The double yellow line is out of bounds. You go beyond that and advance your position
they will show you the black flag. It will be an unbelievable finish.
>>You a can go under the yellow line if you get crowded but can’t pass anyone. We saw
chase Elliot go down there. I don’t think I would have made that move if I was Preece.
We saw how that worked for the 48 car of Brennan Poole. The same thing is going to happen to
Preece. Such a good run. Should have stuck behind the car he was pushing. Brennan Poole.
Instead elected to go high and is falling.>>That’s that impatience. I’ve been there.
I’ve done this so many times and not been successful doing the same thing. I can tell
you, man, I tell you, we have about five laps before something big is going to happen. I
feel it.>>Something big is happening now but somehow
are keeping it going straight. These guys are all over each other.
>>300 miles of this today. 500 tomorrow. And keep this in mind. Joey Logano leads this
race. That’s Austin Dillon behind him. But in that outside lane Brennan Poole if he wins
he’s in the playoffs as a rookie. So much on the line.
>>Look who’s pushing him, the birthday boy, Elliott Sadler. We know Sadler is experienced
and how good he is at talladega. They’re going to the lead. And here comes Jeremy clements
with him. What an underdog victory that would be.
>>Jeremy is so good on restrictor plate tracks. I’ve been watching him since I came into the
series.>>Caution. Debris. [5:20:02 PM] Debris. Ruling on where you’re at.
>>I have to tell you I’m glad for the caution. I can’t breathe. I need a break. Time for
a caution.>>I guess I’m glad for it but that means
we get a restart. Going to have to have five or six laps to go and it’s going to be a real
shoot-out.>>See it right there right past the start/finish
line. A huge piece, looks like a crush panel from one of the cars. So one of those damaged
cars here left some debris and we have a caution. A bunch these guys up again if they needed
that.>>Remember when Joey Logano came to pit road
to repair his roof flap they put four tires on the 22 car. You talked the tires would
become important late in the going. Seems like maybe they are for Logano paying off
being able to gain all that ground and stick on the bottom of the track.
>>It gives you the ability to maneuver. As a driver you need that confidence and you’ve
got a car that’s going to stick when you have to make an abrupt move to the middle or the
bottom or whatever you got to do. When on old tires and they’re hot and slick you don’t
have that confidence and can’t make the moves you need to get up front like Joey did.
>>You talked at the gypping of the race that could be a difference maker and that’s why
it is. Maybe that’s why Logano was able to take E lead.
>>Free pass to Benny Gordon. 26 cars on the lead lap for the restart. Listen in on Joey
Logano.>>The 48 is a leader.
>>Of course they did. Of course they did. On my side today. Getting the feeling they
don’t want us to win.>>He’s done everything in the world as a
driver to do to win. A damaged car, went to pit road to make repairs and he has fought
his way to thront of the field.>>Did you say something at the break about
the 22 can’t win?>>Too much damage.
>>He won’t win.>>I think he said it three times.
>>I don’t think he will win. And this is a set back here. You had the control of the
race and now he’s going to be on the outside. Brennan Poole, car has been very fast all
day and the experienced Elliott Sadler behind him giving him a push. [5:22:05 PM]>>Danielle, get us a reset as we wind up
at talladega.>>Oh, my goodness. If you’re at home, pull
those belt straps tight. We have a shoot-out coming at talladega.
>>It’s only probably going to be about three, four at most five laps.
>>We had 113 on the docket. Chase Elliot to the rear after missing driver intros. Early
penalties last seven.>>Brendan Gaughan in the 62, Aric almirola
in the 98, locking bumpers. You cannot do that. Had to do a pass through and went one
lap down right there.>>One of the most vicious hits you will see
at talladega, Chris Cockrum taking a hard hit. Joey Gase an innocent bystander.
>>Safer barrier.>>Thank goodness. Both released from the
infield care center and pit road chaos Benny Gordon will squeeze by. What about the 43.
>>Jeb Burton. Improper fueling. You can’t have two men over the box before the car gets
to the fuel box.>>Ty Dillon had to come back through. 29
laps go. Ryan reed spin in turn one. He was a strong car until that point.
>>Danielle, with this restart we’re going to have about 25, 26 drivers on the lead lap
and trust me, your only friend is whoever can help you.
>>Denny Hamlin has friends upstairs, Adam Alexander and Michael Waltrip who will help
him call this to the finish. Joey Logano, he’s blowing my mind. What work horse with
a damaged race car all day.>>I would say this, Danielle. I know it’s
not easy ever to win a race at talladega, talk about Joey Logano, he gets to victory
lane today he will have earned this in every way. He’s going to restart up front with Brennan
Poole, the rookie, has the race lead for the late restart.
>>Here what’s I need you do, keep working on fuel and when I get closes I need you to
get as much fuel on the cup. We’re going to get low on fuel. Keep the rpms up and the
fuel line okay? [5:24:08 PM]>>10-4.
>>That’s all we need. We’re a rookie out here at talladega. Trying to win a race and
now I got to worry about whether or not I have enough gas.
>>One extra thing he could do is run on the apron in the corners to keep the fuel picked
up there. So he doesn’t have to necessarily run on the banking. That does make the fuel
flow out of that pick-up. That’s something that his spotter or his crew chief should
mention to him.>>And this guy, Joey Logano, given us a restrictor
plate driving lesson, an amazing job of taking a car maybe that isn’t at its best and getting
it to the front with a chance to win this race.
>>Stats never lie and the stats say he is the overwhelming favorite going into this
race. His record here is impeccable. He’s just showing and he did it on his own nearly
going from the back of the pack with 20 something to go, to putting himself here with another
chance to win.>>22 has earned their way to the front today,
Matt.>>And those stats, six of the last seven
races here at XFINITY at talladega, top three finish. Impressive team effort. Two different
repair jobs. And what a great drive by Joey Logano. He said tell Dillon to stay up tight
to me. Let’s work a little bit before he tries to dump me that way we don’t mess up each
other.>>You’re always trying to help someone else
work with your agenda. That’s the difference. You want them to help what you need to do
but look at a guy like Elliott Sadler who will be all over the back of Brennan Poole.
He knows how to win here. Up and down today, but solid all day.
>>Whoever wins this race, is going to have to have the help from whoever is behind them.
We talked about it so many times today. Whatever line forms up the best and whoever gets that
best push is going to end up probably winning this race.
>>We talk about the Cinderella stories. Brendan Gaughan has never finished a race here. Jeremy
clements just ahead of him in the top five. One of our underdog stories we love so much.
Blake Koch in the top ten, Justin Allgaier, so solid all day long. Chase Elliot started
in the back and went to the back after a pit stop. [5:26:09 PM] He’s had an up and down day. They’re all charged
into a position where they can win this race.>>I like Jeremy clements. He’s in fifth,
third car on the bottom on this restart and has great cars we saw push themselves up to
the front. He’s got a great chance to get a great finish if not a win here.
>>When we went to the chase format, it was guys like Jeremy clements, Ryan Sieg we thought
about. If you can go to a place like talladega, pull the upset, steal a win, you got a chance
to run for the championship and here’s another driver to get his first career win, Bloch
at daytona. What day it’s been.>>Three wide. Three wide. Got one inside.
One inside. Five on all day boys.>>Can’t find any car worth working with here
yet no stay in front of him.>>I knew it was coming.
>>You can’t ever get up to somebody and push if you don’t know if they want to be pushed.
>>Any time I’m behind a Chevrolet I can’t get to him.
>>Get the trophy.>>We get 500 tomorrow. Geico 500 for sprint
cup teams. Your local fox station the place to be 12:30 eastern time. The front row, chase
Elliot, Austin Dillon, both in the hunt here late. On a Saturday afternoon in central Alabama.
Going to get the restart with five laps to go. And how about this, in nine of the 24
races here, a last lap pass for the lead including six of the last seven.
>>I’m thinking we’re going to go seven for eight. This race has been so unpredictable
all day long. Guys that have fought their way into contention we never saw it coming
and look at the cat that’s leading this here late.
>>Only 18 lead changes today. Not a huge numbers at talladega. 12 different guys have
been out front. We’ve wrapped up our fifth caution.
>>Poole elected to take the outside. [5:28:10 PM] That’s a move I didn’t see coming.
>>That’s — I don’t know. I think I would have chose the bottom there simply because
the way I figure these — the end of these races if I have an option to pick the bottom
or top on the last restart, we hope it’s the last restart for this talladega, that the
yellow line is my friend. I know there’s nobody that can go below. I choose the bottom knowing
that I’ve got the best chance for cars to stay lined up when they’re behind me. If you’re
on the high side here, there’s more of a chance for the cars to jump three wide high, three
wide middle and that just messes up your line. That goes back to the line conversation. So
I personally like choosing the bottom here. It will be interesting to see how it plays
out.>>Brendan Gaughan restarts sixth shoe we’re
running out of gas. Watch out.>>Watch out. That’s all he can say. He’s
going to stay out to try to finish the race. A lot of our other top competitors will be
low on fuel too.>>They’re all pushing it.
>>Green flag. Five laps at talladega. They’re all pushing it because it’s worth it. You’ve
got to go for it now. Every move is in play. They’re going to bump and push. They hope
they don’t lock together. Elliott Sadler bounce off the 22 car.
>>Yeah. It’s just if anybody in that top line jumps out, it’s really going to hurt
those guys.>>Austin Dillon big shove for Brennan Poole.
Outside lane. Might pay dividends for the rookie out of Texas.
>>Just not going to quite clear. This is about the third car. Those two — those four
cars right there, they would stay side by side, all the side draft going on, but this
is about the third car and now the third car is on that inside line going to make sure
that inside line goes forward.>>Can’t get too big a lead here, if you’re
Joey Logano.>>He can’t. Now the outside line starts to
form back up. Brennan Poole will have a huge run here. What will he do with it.
>>Here comes Sadler on the inside. Four laps to go.
>>Oh, he tries to make the inside move but Joey shuts him down and blocks the move. [5:30:13 PM] Good move on gey’s part.
>>Great move by Poole. Had to get to the bottom. He did that. He has a shot at putting
the sling shot on Logano.>>Back with you, perfect, the 2 has no help
yet.>>Four to go coming to three to go. 48. You’re
clear. They are double wide.>>26 cars on the lead lap. And I’m not sure
all of them have a chance to win it but there’s a good 15 or 16 that right now believe they
can do what it takes in the final three laps to get these checkered flag.
>>How hungry is Joey Logano. He won this race before, record perfect, and he’s leading
it late.>>Oh, we got trouble.
>>Jeb Burton out of the pack. Caution. Great save by Burton.
>>You know what that means. Three laps to go, by the time we reset everything, we’re
going to overtime for the second straight week in the XFINITY series.
>>What happens in the pack? They were three, four wide?
>>Just too big of a push there.>>He got into the side of Erik Jones. I wonder
if Jones might have a tire rub. Significant contact. Great driving by Jeb Burton to save
the car.>>Three to go.
>>Watch them bump into the side of Jones.>>Yeah. Looked like the 43 actually got —
>>Save the gas.>>Behind you, caution is out.
>>The 43 starting to get a little loose and next thing you know he was right there on
him and turned him around when he got into him.
>>I wonder if Jones will come to pit road. Looked like good damage to the right front
of the 20 car. Oh, the left front tire blew out. There’s the damage to Jones’ car.
>>Larry, how are we going to do on fuel snils how many green/white checkers can they withstand? [5:32:18 PM]>>Only thing they going for them is the number
of cautions. But the problem is, remember, they don’t have those electronic fuel pumps
in the fuel cells of these cars. We don’t run electronic fuel injection. Under caution
is where you stand the issue of running out of fuel because the fuel is running away from
the pick-up that’s in the right rear corner. Once you get up to speed it’s okay but these
caution laps that’s where you stand a chance of running out of fuel. I think we have enough
cautions, remember, one overtime hopefully we can get there.
>>And the guys that are in the best position when you talk about their last pit stop. Joey
Logano. Came down to lap 87. Jeremy clements lap 83. Everybody else lap 75 or 76, including
Brendan Gaughan. Chris?>>Well, Adam, right before we went back to
green we heard Brendan Gaughan say he thought the car was out of fuel. I checked with his
crew chief Shane Wilson. He said they did see the fuel pressure drop off but once they
got up to speed seemed like everything was flying. Right now Brendan Gaughan trying to
figure if he will have to come to pit lane. Shane telling him we think we have five gallons
of fuel in the car, but if it is stumbling get it to pit lane.
>>Let’s hear from Jamie little.>>Danny stockman calling the shots for the
2 of Austin Dillon. You waited extra time on pit road to pack it fuel. That was good
for one overtime. Are you concerned at this point?
>>We’re definitely good on fuel. Enough fuel in the car. It’s just with as much banking
as talladega has and the front stretch being banked, you get to around six gallons of fuel
in the car and it wants to run to the left side. So you got to be aware of that. And
then it doesn’t want to pick up fuel and you get wrecked from behind. It’s been an okay
day. I think we have a shot at it here with looks like it’s going to be a green/white
checkered. Give it all we got and get the win.
>>We’ll call that overtime but good luck to you.
>>Today’s race has had a little bit of everything. Only fitting we’re going to overtime at talladega. [5:34:19 PM]>>You had to see it coming. Racing like it
was overtime since they threw the green flag this afternoon. The stories have been incredible
of guys falling to the back and fighting their way to the front. Think about Joey Logano,
his team had to repair his roof rail. I if they can bring a car live like that by working
on the roof they’re special.>>Not only is Joey a great talent behind
the wheel but more fuel and fresher tires than anybody he’s racing against. More than
likely I S him picking the bottom lane like we talked about. Looking at the bottom cars
in that lane he’s going to have a huge advantage. I like Joey’s chances here.
>>We talked about the underdog. We have one in the top five, Jeremy clements is in there
fighting for the win of this race. It’s given us everything we hoped for.
>>You said the stats don’t lie. Joey Logano, six trips to talladega in the XFINITY series.
Average finish 1.8, two victories, he’s got a chance.
>>So next weekend, is an off weekend for the NASCAR XFINITY series. In two weeks we’re
at the monster mile.>>After a week off the XFINITY series returns
as we head to the monster mile of Dover international raceway. The third dash for cash race of the
season. Can Erik Jones or Ty Dillon collect another payday or will another driver capitalize.
Find out Saturday may 14th on fox.>>Another dash for cash race. That means
we’ll be giving away $100,000. We take a look here at the overtime line. Things a little
different in NASCAR in 2016. It’s a two-lap shoot-out, take the green flag. If the caution
comes out, before the leader gets to the overtime line on the first lap of overtime, we reset
them and do it again. We can do it as many times as we immediate to. But once the green
flag goes in the air and the leader gets past the overtime line, caution comes out then,
we freeze the field and where you are is where you will finish if you can get back to the
checkered flag at a reasonable speed.>>Gives us a chance to get a clean restart. [5:36:21 PM] Clean restart, we get on to the back straightaway,
get to the restart line. They’ve had a chance to race for it and then the race is official
if the caution flag falls.>>Elliott Sadler going to restart third here,
Chris.>>His crew chief Kevin meanderring trying
to come up with a plan. You have your teammate Justin Allgaier behind you there. Able to
work together here on this final restart?>>Yeah. I think so. Elliott has done a great
job all day keeping the onemain financial Chevy up front. We — it’s going to be a shoot-out
with the green/white. Happy to have Justin behind us. Thank everyone at junior motor
sports for giving us such a great car.>>Elliott Sadler saying he’s going to drive
the wheels off of it.>>Going green next time around. It’s overtime
at talladega. Aerial coverage provided by Goodyear superior performing tires to face
challenging conditions on the track and on the road. Goodyear, the official tire of NASCAR.
How much anxiety in the 22 camp?>>Well when you talk about the work they
have done all coming to fruition here for a shoot-out. And he chose the bottom preferring
to work with Elliott Sadler.>>He’s always enjoyed working with Elliott.
They work well together. It’s been pretty amazing to watch Joey get back up to the front
here after everything we’ve fought through. So at this point I’m just a spectator trying
to enjoy the show.>>Logano said look for hand signals here
on the restart.>>Logano has plenty of experience. Behind
him Elliott Sadler plenty of experience. In the outside, Brennan Poole, Jeremy clements,
they are not accustomed to being in this position very often.
>>Look at the second, third, fourth, fifth, all guys that can lock themselves into the
new XFINITY chase by getting a win today. Short of Joey Logano not whipping we have
a chance to lock our guy in.>>I love the fact that a couple guys we knew
would be factors are right there fighting for it and then you have the underdogs that
are there as well. And Adam, so much can happen on this overtime. You can come from tenth
place and win this race. Guys get to pushing and shoving and get out of control. [5:38:24 PM]>>How long does it take the cars to get up
to speed here?>>It will take a full lap for sure. I would
say probably coming off turn four right here is when they’re — after they take the green
is when they will be wound up full. But I tell you this is shaping up to be pretty exciting.
I have never been so nervous not to be driving a race car.
>>You say Logano.>>I like Logano.
>>Mike until.>>I’m going with Elliott Sadler. I think
he pushes him and sweeps around him and wins the race.
>>Time for overtime at talladega sponsored by credit one bank. Logano and Poole on the
front row.>>I tell you if Brennan Poole just gets — ever
gets a chance to get down in front of the 22 he’s got to take it.
>>He’s getting a great push by Jeremy clements. Every one of these drivers know a our chase
is up for grabs.>>You can’t lock bumpers.
>>NASCAR will have to make that call. You can see the outside. Here comes Jeremy clements.
>>You got a word from NASCAR. Restart is under review.
>>Go low.>>Oh.
>>Those are teammates down there. The 1 of Elliott Sadler, the black 7 of Justin Allgaier.
Restart is good according to so good at anticipating when he needs to move to the high line. He’s
got the lead.>>Past the overtime line. If the caution
comes out now, this race would, in fact, be over. We would freeze the field.
>>I’m telling you we haven’t seen the last of the outside line they will make a run.
Here we are coming to the white.>>One lap to go. Logano out in front.
>>Elliott Sadler was right there trying to win at daytona, finds himself in that position
here at talladega as well.>>Here comes Brennan Poole. Going to have
a huge run to the outside of the 1 of Elliott Sadler. Is he going to get the push from the
51. Is the 1 –>>Oh.
>>This is going hurt the 22. Here comes the 48.
>>Sadler down below the line. Slides back up in front of his teammate Justin Allgaier. [5:40:24 PM]>>Get out of there. He got out there. Stay
with the 1. It’s okay.>>The 48 has to stay close.
>>Tight to the 22 to have a chance.>>Bounce you out.
>>You’re clear. Stay in line. The 1.>>How did Elliott Sadler get back on the
road and not lose ground. He will have a chance to win this race.
>>If he pulls high.>>Joey Logano gets turned. Elliott Sadler
drives through. Big time at the line.>>Brennan Poole, first career win at talladega!
>>How about that from Brennan Poole. Knowing the big hit from Blake. Huge crash. Joey Logano
with damage, the same for Blake Koch. Wow.>>What a finish.
>>That’s the 22, just went to block the 1 a little too much. Lost control. What a great
win for Brennan Poole.>>0.0026.
>>I think I might have puked.>>You’re not the only one.
>>That’s so great. That’s how much emotion these drivers have.
>>Unbelievable.>>He’s works his whole life for this moment
to win on the main stage of NASCAR in the XFINITY series. What a great feeling for this
kid.>>We can officially call this race.
>>Awesome job.>>Oh. Man that’s just —
>>Heck of a job on the car.>>We’re on the top.
>>So glad to see Joey is okay. That’s a big hit.
>>What an amazing finish. I mean you think Elliott Sadler down the back straightaway,
he gets squirrely, has to go below the line, check up.
>>I thought he was done.>>But that inside line, prevailed. He got
hooked on to the 22. He pulled out of the 22, went to block and man, chaos ensued.
>>Saw Blake Koch out of his car. That’s a great scene. Hard hit across the start/finish
line as well. Let’s go back and see how it all unfolded coming back to the checkered
flag.>>There it is. Just about a nose. [5:42:25 PM] Heck, that’s a big margin of victory. Right
Denny Hamlin. You won by two inches in daytona.>>It is. Look at this. I mean just chaos
coming to the start/finish line.>>The move Elliott Sadler makes. He does
everything perfectly, fake high, where Logano goes. He loses control of his car.
>>Yeah. You cannot blame that on Elliott Sadler. No doubt he went to go high. The 22
blocks. He changes and says I’m going to go low. And it just pulled the air off the 22
right there. The 22 wrecked.>>Third first-time winner we’ve had in the
history of talladega super speedway. In the NASCAR XFINITY series. What a great job by
Elliott Sadler. Crashed on the back straightaway but yet vying for the win on the front gets
pushed low and can’t keep his momentum to win the race.
>>How about Jeremy clements with a third place finish. Great run for that team. Justin
Allgaier, so close to victory last week at Richmond and then again this Saturday afternoon
in Alabama.>>Such a shame for Blake Koch. He was in
a position nowhere for him to go.>>See Allgaier. It looked like he was dirt
tracking sliding up the racetrack into Poole.>>Stay with the middle, stay with the 1.
Don’t let him to push with the outside. Trail up, trail up.
>>Lights out.>>Only thing he can do is wreck you.
>>Are you okay?>>Any time push drafting going on when you
are up front you are so vulnerable to being pushed around by the person behind you and
that’s what happened.>>Watch Elliott, great move to the outside,
block you there, got to go low. Elliott Sadler did everything he had to do to win this race.
>>Stay top.>>Coming to the checkered.
>>We’ll see the review but should have got it right there. Nice work.
>>Yeah, baby! [5:44:28 PM]>>We’ll get the official review. Hang tight.
>>As did Joey Logano he was trying to win that race. Both those guys were just racing.
>>NASCAR is still reviewing the finish and they will have all of our angles at their
disposal to confirm it was the 48 at the start/finish line. Unofficially we had the margin of victory
at 0.0026. Think about Brennan Poole out of woodlands, Texas. Spent a lot of time on the
short tracks out west.>>Yeah.
>>Ran in Arca and when he didn’t have a ride going to the track, working at the shop, anything
he could do to stay around the sport. Got the opportunity, brought over a sponsor, DC
solar and appears he’s in victory lane for the first time in his career.
>>They won’t give him the checkered flag. He sat down at the start/finish line. Can
I just have it. I know I won the race.>>Let’s see what the video shows here.
>>What would you anticipate they’re looking at. I never saw the caution lights come on.
And the only thing I can think of is that NASCAR would have deemed the caution lights
came on before they got to the start/finish line and Poole was not leading at the time
of caution.>>That’s possible.
>>I didn’t see the lights come on. Logano’s okay. He gave it his all, everything he had.
He did what he had to do to win the race but came up short.
>>The other thing it’s obvious here that Brennan Poole beats him. But the only thing
I would say is, are they looking at all the video of the last couple laps to see if anybody
was locking bumpers in that scenario.>>We saw a lot going on. We saw it happen
at daytona. The end of the race, it was, you know, very borderline the pushing that was
going on. But gosh, I think the whole field was doing it the last few laps.
>>So the wait, lasts longer for Brennan Poole. [5:46:29 PM]>>Going to make the moment so much special.
>>Right after, right as they were saying put it out we were ahead of them for, you
know –>>10-4. Seemed like I had half a car on him.
>>We see the 1 sitting at the start/finish line as well. Maybe he thinks he has a shot.
It is, you know, I would like to see a shot of when that caution came out or lights came
on and kind of sync that with what car was out front.
>>There’s no way to explain what Brennan Poole is feeling like right now waiting for
what he was sure was a victory here at talladega.>>Here’s Elliott Sadler team radio.
>>The yellow was out we were the leader.>>We won, right.
>>They’ve not told us, not made a decision. You were the leader at the restart zone I
can tell you that.>>But I never saw in any of our replays a
definitive look at the lights coming on. Did you see it? I didn’t notice it.
>>I didn’t either. That’s Brett griffin, Elliott Sadler’s spotter and he has a big
view of the speedway. We’re here in the booth and can see what’s on the screen and did not
see the yellow flag fly. Brett griff fin was sure he did. Interesting to hear what NASCAR
said.>>I wasn’t looking for it. I was so amazed
by the finish I was seeing.>>Yeah.
>>I didn’t know. I mean the caution for sure came out. Just when was it.
>>And what you would do, on a final lap, caution comes out, you freeze the field and
whoever is out front.>>Yeah. They make it very clear in our drivers
meeting they use every piece of evidence they go off of data, off of video and everything.
They have a lot that’s going to transpire here.
>>Watch.>>There’s the caution. Here’s Elliott Sadler.
Watch for the caution line to come on.>>Elliott Sadler.
>>Elliott Sadler wins it at talladega.>>Unbelievable.
>>How about that.>>The birthday boy.
>>That is so special.>>You love it for him. [5:48:30 PM] You hate it for Brennan Poole.
>>Wow. That’s harsh.>>A great job by NASCAR. They said they use
every piece of evidence they could find to determine the winner on the last lap. Elliott
Sadler was clearly ahead when the caution happened.
>>I’m so happy for Elliott. I mean he scratches and claws in this series to you know continue
to make championship runs. Every single year. His consistency unmatched by anyone else.
I tell you what, a victory for him here, I guarantee he will say it’s up there on his
list.>>For the second straight week, we went to
overtime in the NASCAR XFINITY series. And what a thriller it was here at Alabama. Let’s
take you through it.>>Good jump out front for Logano. Sadler
hung right with him. What’s amazing is on that final lap he got shot down below the
double yellow line and I thought it was over for him.
>>When I looked up and he was coming trying to fight for the win. I was shocked. I thought
he was out of the race on the back straightaway. These cars are together. Everybody pushing
for everything they can get. Justin Allgaier, turns Sadler sideways right here. Watch this
move he makes. How does he hang on to the car and still stay in contention.
>>There he goes. Here he comes.>>And all the while look at that outside
lane. Brennan Poole hanging tight and gegtsds help from Jeremy clements who got his career
best finish here today unofficially. Here they are to the white flag. And this is when
business really picked up because as you said, Denny, now these guys are at full song. They’re
back to full speed here.>>Absolutely. And the push drafting and the
bump drafting at a max. Everyone, you know, I really like, you know, how the outside line
there stuck together. [5:50:35 PM] You know, the 51 didn’t, you know, he didn’t
shoot to the outside or the inside of the 48 HP he he stuck with him. That gave hem
a chance to win the race.>>Everything Logano is doing right there,
Adam, is what he did to the tri-oval, moved to the high side, the bottom, blocking, doing
what he needed to do to win the race and when they broke free coming to the tri-oval that’s
what he continued to do. Block Elliott Sadler. He knows Elliott Sadler is going high. He
goes there. And he tries to go low. And loses control.
>>An amazing job by Sadler. Just hang on to that car. He wrecked twice in overtime
and won the race.>>If you look back to daytona this is not
much different. The only difference is the front two didn’t crash. What Joey was doing
what he had to do to win the race. Tried to block the 1. Didn’t work out for him.
>>By that much, Elliott Sadler a winner over Brennan Poole at talladega. What a day it
was. And the birthday boy has the checkered flag. [5:52:36 PM] Know you’re budgeted for the expected, and
the unexpected. Know that at least the process of buying a new home can be clear and simple.
Know your investments can make retirement closer than you think Know. The one word behind
all the guidance we provide, tools we create, and services we offer. Because when you have
insight, you know.>>>It’s all over at talladega super speedway.
For the NASCAR XFINITY series, Elliott Sadler, a winner and he’s in victory lane. Jamie little?
>>So, the wait is over. [5:54:39 PM] The drop is over. It has been two years. Elliott
Sadler on a new team, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., your boss man, standing here waiting to talk
to you. What does the moment mean for you?>>People don’t know how hard it is to win
these races and very emotional. Dale Jr. Gave me a great opportunity. I have one heck of
a race team. So many people here today from one main. Longest runner sponsor in this series,
XFINITY series. They stay behind us through thick and thin. Man we’re enjoying it today.
I’m happy. Great birthday gift to me. Beats anything is my wife and kids are here with
me. So we needed this win. And I told everybody this morning we got the car to win it with
and things went our way had a little luck and able it to make it at the end.
>>Seeing how emotional you are, what were the last moments like from the nudge to Joey
Logano to waiting to know if this was yours?>>Well, I had my plan kind of made up what
I was going to do. Thigh to get outside of Joey. Made a great block, went to the Indianapolis
and held it straight and I’ve had races I’ve done good driving and some bad, but I feel
it’s one of the best days to keep it straight. Just can’t believe we have so many people
here from one main to enjoy it with us. Stood behind us. For us to make it to victory lane.
They get one of the stickers to put on the car, we always want, we’re in the chase this
year. Proud of Kevin and everybody and Dale and Kelley, everybody thank you so much for
giving me this beast. I’m having so much fun this year, great.
>>Happy 41st birthday. Celebrate with your kids they’re waiting to give daddy a big hug
and kiss. Chris?>>For a moment there, Brennan Poole thought
he was the winner of the race and a minute later taken away. What were the emotions,
thought you won and then hear that Elliott Sadler gets the win.
>>Just really cool to be able to have an opportunity to win. I thought we were away
to the good. Just how it is. Congrats to Elliott. A former late model stock guy like myself.
Cool to see him win. Yeah, we just little short. The car was great all day. We were
right there. [5:56:39 PM] Lot of fun racing with Joey and Elliott and
all the guys. Thanks for clementss pushing me to give me the chance to win.
>>Still a great finish.>>It took a photo finish but Justin Allgaier
walk me through the final lap.>>It was crazy. You know, it never fails
at talladega. Always comes down to the last stretch coming to the checkered. Great job
by everybody at the shop, jrm, to have Elliott win and us finish second the Hendrick engine
department we had strong engines in the chassis shop. Just a good race. Our briars ice cream
Chevy was good. We bided our time. My spotter was trying to push me through the field. We
had a shot at the end there but it’s a matter of wanting to push but not being able to technically
hook bumpers and push. I wanted that one bad, but all in all, huge day for us at junior
motor sports. Cap thank XFINITY Comcast for all they do, all our partners, tax player,
hellmanns, bryers everybody a part of the program. After last week this is good redemption.
>>Thank you, Justin.>>Talked a lot in 2016 about the strength
of Joe Gibbs racing and rightfully so you have been strong but junior motor sports three
wins in nine races, they’ve gone back to back and one two today.
>>We saw this Elliott Sadler victory coming. He has been very strong week in and week out.
Know how good he is at talladega. Saw it coming all the way up until the checkered flag when
we thought that Brennan Poole was our Victor but when you heard the words from the spotter,
heard from Brett gri brief fin at the moment of caution we were the leaders of the race
and should be the winner.>>Brett was on it. We weren’t on it as much
as Brett. I was too — you know, looking at the finish I was like amazed how crazy it
was, but you know what a pro Brennan Poole was as well in his interview. Congratulating
Elliott on his win. Brennan will get his win. We feel lightninlike it in the XFINITY series.
Great win for Elliott on his birthday. [5:58:41 PM] You got a shot to do that tomorrow.
>>I got it tomorrow. I will give it a try.>>What I love about Poole a classy interview.
He could have been soured grapes about having the victory, he understood. The main thing
he knows a win is coming. That team is doing well. He’s a fast driver. It could be a story
here before too much longer.>>Great having you here today, Denny. Help
this guy in the draft tomorrow. You guys –>>Yeah.
>>All right. I can do it.>>12:30 on fox. What a fun, fun day here
at talladega, Danielle.>>Adam, before Mike straps in a birthday
celebration with Elliott Sadler. It’s all good for both birthday boys here on fox. Larry,
some foreshadowing in the pre-race show we heard Elliott talking about the high and highs
and lows of lows you can experience at talladega.>>We talked about one high he wanted to leave
here with and that’s ending that 65 race winless streak and now as he said, I get to put that
sticker on my car. He joins Erik Jones as a part of the chase.
>>Junior motor sports they douse their crew chief Monday at the shop. Kevin, get ready.
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good. Kfc, It’s Finger Lickin’ Good! It ends under caution.
>>You can see blocking was going on, say shoving but the biggest thing going on is
the checkered flag was waving for these drivers. [6:03:30 PM] See Logano moved up got pushed right there
and right about here is going to be the moment of caution. You see the yellow light. I’m
not going to say that’s right or wrong I question why we didn’t let them race it to the end
right there.>>NASCAR reviewing every angle they had ending
under caution give the win to Elliott Sadler. To Chris standing by with Jeremy clements.
>>Jeremy clements with his best finish ever in the XFINITY series. What a wild last lap.
Talk us through that.>>Pretty exciting. I sat here watching the
replay. I know I was pushing the 48, made a deal with them. I was going to push him
until we got here and try to pass him. We got a good run and we kept coming and man
we finished third. I have to thank Kevin Chevrolet, hope everybody checks out the race on XFINITY
X 1 sports app and thanks for all they do.>>Congratulations. Great run.
>>Thanks.>>Impressive top five finish for Brendan
Gaughan. Could you put yourself in any better position at the end.
>>We put the south point Chevy in as good a spot to get a good finish and end with a
top five. Great job by acr and rcr. I love Richard and me and Elliott Sadler saved each
other. He saved me from going to the outside wall and I saved him from going to the inside
wall. He ends up in victory lane and I end with a top five. I call that fair and head
to the next one.
>>Fifth place finish for Brendan Gaughan.>>Yeah. Couple dnfs for Gaughan coming into
the day. All in all a good afternoon.


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