Need outdoor gear this Autumn? Check out Sportsman’s Guide’s new shipping policy.
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Need outdoor gear this Autumn? Check out Sportsman’s Guide’s new shipping policy.

Howdy, guys and gals! Welcome to the
Social Regressive. Please excuse the evil eye it’s not anything personal it’s just
that I had something fall in my eye from this light up here a couple of days ago
and it’s still healing up but I just wanted to throw out a quick announcement
to everybody I have used sportsman’s guide for a while now to purchase like
camping and survival gear they have a lot of military surplus items like this
isn’t one of the actual military surplus sleep systems this is one of the
reproduction ones but I have loved this I’ve had this for about six years and
when I made my purchase a while back through sportsman’s guide shipping was you
know it was probably a pretty good chunk of whatever I bought but sportsman’s guide
has just recently changed their shipping policy so now if you purchase anything
over $49 then you get your shipping for free so lucky you, guys. I’m still happy
with my purchases like you know my mess kit and my base layer and some of the
other things that I’ve bought in the past, but yeah; you guys get it a little
bit better they do have all kinds of things not just in the you know military
surplus they have all kinds of modern Footwear they have optics, range
accessories, all kinds of stuff. I recommend you go check out their catalog
because they have a lot of very interesting items and if you go through
their buyers club I think you pay it’s like $30.00 a year and then they knock
down the prices of pretty much everything in their catalog at a pretty
significant rate so if you do have to really kind of bulk up like maybe get a
whole bunch of camping gear at once or you’re really interested in a whole
bunch of military surplus things all at the same time, then getting that that
discount that you go through the buyers club can really be well worth it it was
for me so yeah make sure you go check them out I’ll see you guys around in the
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  • Gibson Fender

    I bought a lot of great winter weather wear from them back when they use to have great sales on all kinds of stuff. Somewhere along the line, they decided to limit free shipping on certain items, and I let my membership lapse. I stocked up well on winter weather gear when they had those great sales, so I'm good to go for several more winters. Glad to see they're bringing back free shipping, that is a good incentive.

  • Jerry Guerra

    Yep. Light bulb, right? So mamma didn't catch you looking at Sportsgirls Guide? Are you sure? Just joking. Don't blow up my frig.

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