Nerför Klarälven på timmerflotte och på dressin till Hagfors  – Gone Camping i Värmland
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Nerför Klarälven på timmerflotte och på dressin till Hagfors – Gone Camping i Värmland

Welcome to ‘Gone Camping’. Today’s
theme is ‘under your own steam’. We’ll travel by draisine to Hagfors- -and build ourselves a raft and float
along the river Klarälven. Join us!I’m at the Klarälven campsite.With the help of an instructor,
I’m going to build a timber raft--which will take me safely
along the river Klarälven.The secret to a durable construction
is choosing your logs carefully--tying proper knots
and listening to your instructor.The first layer is done,
but the raft isn’t. We need around 40-50 logs
before we can sail off.Holidaying on a self-built raft--is a popular and exotic activity
for tourists from abroad.Among the guests I can hear
German, Dutch and Norwegian.I also meet the Swedish Norman family.We live in Sunne, here in Värmland,
and want to discover our own area. We’re hoping for a nice and quiet trip- -with sunshine, good food
and some peace and quiet. What was most difficult
about building the raft? Remembering all the stages
of tying everything together. -Are you good at tying knots?
-No. But I will be, after this. Who’s to blame if it all comes apart
in the middle of the river? My husband.Renting a raft includes ropes,
paddles and life jackets.Tents, sleeping bags and cooking
equipment can be hired on site.We’re getting ready to sail off.
The tent is in place. It may look small, but it’s bigger
than you think. Come and take a look. There’s room for 20 or 30 people
to sit and eat- -and there’s a fireplace,
so I should be all right.There’s no rudder,
you just go with the flowing water--at around 2 kilometres per hour.You choose how long you want to travel
on the river – from 1 day to 7 days.When gliding along the river Klarälven
on a raft, you’re part of history.Timber rafting has taken place here
since the 17th century.If you’re after an activity
that allows you to relax and do nothing--this could be the perfect choice.I’m at the end of my trip.
It’s time to head back to the campsite.But first, join me at the Caravan Salon
in Düsseldorf.If you like a lot of glass and light,
you’ll love Bürstner’s new model. The Grand Panorama
is available in three models. The big windscreen at the front
allows you to see all this.Using a projector and a screen, visitors
are given a taste of what it’s like--to have such a large windscreen
as on the Grand Panorama.The windscreen goes from the dashboard
and then upwards and backwards--curving over the cabin
like on a sight-seeing bus.Bürstner have done this partly to meet
customer requests to get more light--and partly to prove that they could.The interior is just as innovative
with a creative floor plan--and luxury materials.Considering how much
Swedes love the sun--this is sure to become a dream car
for a lot of people.The barbecue is hot, and I’ve got
some chopped vegetables here. I’m not barbecuing meat.
Instead, I’m making a vegetarian meal: Barbecued vegetables,
halloumi and couscous. I’m just going to put the vegetables
on the barbecue with some oil. My couscous is done.
It’s cooked for about 4 or 5 minutes. I’ll mix it with the vegetables. It’s time to ask your guests
to take a seat. The halloumi should only be done
for about 30 seconds- -and if you don’t eat it straight away,
it goes chewy. Pour on some olive oil.The dish is finished of with a sauce
made from yoghurt, garlic and oregano.After that, the other guests and I enjoy
the peace and quiet of the campsite.The Rådastrand campsite is right in
the forest. Everything oozes wilderness.The grounds, scattered with trees, sit
on a lake with a beautiful sandy beach.I’ve never tried a draisine before,
but this is my chance. Not far from here,
there is 6 kilometres of railway track.We start at the old railway station
of Stjärnsfors Kvarn.Once there, I bump into
world champion Anders Olsson--who is inaugurating
a specially-built draisine.Anders, tell me about
this unique machine. Well, it’s a draisine
that you operate using your arms. I don’t know if it’s the first one ever,
but it’s great nonetheless. You’ve set a bunch of world records. Are you planning to set a new one here? I don’t know… But it’s nice to have a
time that people can compare theirs to. People always like to say,
‘His time was so and so.’ I’ll try it, and we’ll see. Give us a short summary
of you sporting career. Well, I’m a swimmer. I’ve beaten 59 swimming world records
since 2002. I’ve got three Paralympic gold medals
and three bronze medals. Plus world championships
and other stuff. So I’ve done all right. -And draisine championships to come.
-Yes, we’ll see what this leads to.The railway was built in the late 1800s--to provide the iron and forest
industries with raw materials.Back then, draisines were used
by lengthmen to inspect the railway.The railway runs through
beautiful, green surroundings--with plenty of spots to enjoy a picnic.On the way, I pass
a piece of Swedish space history.This house used to be
home to the Aldrin family.Name not familiar? They migrated
to the US in the 19th century.The name
is pronounced differently there.Their grandson was called Buzz.
You probably know who I’m talking about.After 35 minutes of pedalling,
I reach the Railway Museum in Hagfors.WELCOME TO
THE RAILWAY MUSEUMThe museum has lots of nice things: old
steam engines, well-preserved railbuses--and elegant restaurant cars.This is quite fun. This locomotive was
the first one on the track we cycled on. It was bought in 1874 for 12,000
Swedish crowns – a small fortune.Across the yard is the old roundhouse
which has been turned into a museum.Nothing has been moved
in this time capsule--since the workers put down their tools
on the day the roundhouse was closed.Our tour is over
and I’m heading back to Stjärnsfors. The programme has come to an end,
but I’ll see you in the next episode- -or out on the roads.The rafting trip was organised
by Vildmark i Värmland.Stjärnsfors Kulturnöje
arranges draisine tours.The draisine tour went to the Industry
and Railway Museum in Hagfors.We stayed at the Rådastrand campsite.

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