New 2018 ROCKWOOD 232ESP Pop Up Toy Hauler Camper RV Colorado Dealer
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New 2018 ROCKWOOD 232ESP Pop Up Toy Hauler Camper RV Colorado Dealer

welcome to the great outdoors RV company
my name is Ryan spec today we’re going to be taking a look at the rock would
pop up 2:32 ESP so really really cool features on this
pop-up toy hauler first we’ll talk weights under 3000 pounds as a dry
weight about 3,800 pounds fully loaded that gives you about a thousand pounds
of cargo capacity you got a four foot deck on the front that’s over seven feet
wide so that allows you to put a four wheeler on there and take it up to the
hills with you right behind me another really cool feature you’ve got the the
outdoor shower first for rinsing yourself and the kiddos off but then
you’ve also got like a sprayer there’s more of a power washer from rinsing off
your four-wheeler after you go out and get a little bit dirty right below that
you’ve got the connection for your city water so if you’re at a park or
something that offers a water hookup and then this is the gray water drain out
since you don’t have a gray tank your grey water simply drains out but you
can’t hook a hose on there and draw it drain it into a portable grey tank or
just further away from your campsite we do bring it in pre-wired and prep for an
air conditioner so this is where the power cord for that would go you’ve also
got your 30 amp service cord 2 25 foot power cord that simply screws on there
another really cool thing right behind we’ve got your dinette on a manual
slide-out so it simply pulls out expands the interior feel of the coach by quite
a bit and then here you’ve got your 6 gallon hot water heater you’ve got a
freshwater capacity of 26 gallons counting the 6 that you could put in
your hot water heater here this thing will recover at over 16.2 gallons an
hour as well and then this is on one of the sides of the dinette that we’ll see
on the inside you’ve got a door to access the storage under it inside as
well as outside so one of the nicest things about the Rockwood line of
pop-ups is the way you set up your bed so most makes these poles are actually
attached to the bottom of the bed so you pull it out you’re kind of holding it up
with your back as you try to put the poles in with Rockwood these are
independent a frames that you set up and then pull the bed out on to makes it a
lot easier to set your coach up you also notice you’ve got actual
plywood under here this isn’t an OSB type chipboard underneath the bed on
both the front in the back and another really cool thing you see you got the
little 1/2 door here I’ll explain why that’s important as we move further down
the camping side of your coach right here we’ve got the little prep table
hooked on this coach also comes with a barbecue that will hook on there you got
a quick connect to your propane right here so you’ve got a little bit of an
outdoor kitchen kitchen I should say set up on your rock wood as we continue
along you’ll see we’ve got the spot to fill your freshwater tank and an
outdoor speaker that will play off your interior sound system above me you’ve
got the nice bag awning simply rolls out the arms to support it come back down
and tie into the coach right here and there’s another spot on the other side
gives you a nice kind of shaded area to hang out on the exterior or coach one of
the things that I wanted to bring up though that little half door that’s in
the back most makes out there have another half door that goes on top of it
and it’s never really fits right and it never gives you a proper seal with rock
wood this is one solid door that once you pop your coach up you simply slide
it off of the roof there you see the couple of rails where it’ll stow and
then it pins into place gives you a nice solid entry door on your coach another
really nice thing on the toy hauler version of the Rockwood because this is
an ESP which is an extreme sports package you get a roof rack system on
the roof for bikes and canoes and stuff you also get the lifted big off-road
type Baja tires these are 15 inch tires you still have that really nice torsion
flex axle which gives you independent suspension on each wheel one of the
things I also like about this one you get the bathroom but you don’t have to
worry about finding a dump station for a black tank because it simply uses what’s
called the cassette toilet so this guy will simply slide right out this is
actually your black tank have some wheels on it and a nice pullout handle
simply take it to any rest stop or any porta potti and go ahead and dump that
thing out it’s a lot easier than having to find an actual dump station let’s go
ahead and head inside the 232 ESP Rockwood and check out some of the
really cool interior features first thing you’ll notice as you walk in
you’ve got the dinette on the slide-out right across from that you’ve got your
cassette toilet this is one of the better setups for the toilet and a
pop-up that I’ve seen a lot of times you find that toilet right across from the
cooking area which to me just doesn’t make a lot of sense so I really like the
way they do it here in the 232 right behind me you’ll notice you’ve got your
whole entire kitchen area a three burner cooktop you’ve got a really nice think
there’s actually a water pump too so you’re not hand pumping to get your
water up below that you’ve got your three way refrigerator so this will run
on gas electricity or auric or on DC power so you can run off your 12-volt
battery system in here you’ll also notice these coaches just this season
have started to come with what’s called a Wi-Fi Ranger
technicians will install this on top of the coach and it’ll pick up wireless
signals and broadcast it back to your individual campsite to make it stronger
a pretty good amount of storage here you’ve got a nice little pullout area
for silverware cooking utensils and stuff some storage here as well this
goes back under that sink area and then down below that is where your fuse panel
and your LP detector are located and simply an on/off switch for your water
pump right there as well start now here on the dinette a few things I’d like to
point out to you of course it is on the slide-out really makes it a lot more
open in the coach but it also makes for a bigger dinette another thing I really
like this is a freestanding table so if you need it for prep by your three
burner cooktop or even outside by your grill you could take that sucker with
you and then if you want it to you simply fold this guy up sits down on
these lips here and you make this into the third bed for the coach because you
do have a queen bed but behind me a king bed on the front and both of the
mattresses on those tent ends are heated as well a really cool feature that
Rockwood offers as we continue back we’ve got the furnace that’s located
down below me again continuing with that pretty good storage that goes all the
way back side of the shelf got a storage drawer on this side another good spot
for silverware and utensils some storage below that and then again that cassette
toilet cool thing about this this isn’t just a toilet it’s actually your shower
as well there’s a curtain that goes above it and keeps all the moisture in
there and then there’s a secondary curtain that kind of gives you a little
changing area that goes up right in front of it and we still bring it in
with that maxxair fan so this sucker will exhaust over 90 or excuse me 900
feet of air a minute on its highest setting you open up all these tent sides
it’s really gonna pull that air through a cool the coach off thanks for taking
the time with me today here at the great outdoors RV company in Evans Colorado to
take a look at the Rockwood pop-up toy hauler 232 ESP if you have any questions
post them right there in the comment section or send me an email
Ryan at the great outdoors RV com Stock # R1296 Vin# 304955


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