New 2018 Rockwood Geo Pro 12RK Camper Light Weight RV Colorado Dealer
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New 2018 Rockwood Geo Pro 12RK Camper Light Weight RV Colorado Dealer

hey guys welcome to the great outdoors
RV my name is mate and today we are checking out the Rockwood geo pro 12 RK
this is actually about 11 foot 2 inches from tongue to end overall length it
weighs just under 2,000 pounds fully-loaded
about twelve hundred and fifty pounds for the dry weight way back here this is a great unit for
being able to stay outside and and hanging out here while you’re getting
all your stuff done you do have a sink this has a six gallon gray water tank
attached to it as well as a water heater and a twenty gallon freshwater tank you
also have a fridge right here as well as an inverter that runs off the battery so
you can run off of 12 volt or 110 microwave built into it you also have
lights out here and then this also makes for a nice little awning to you also
have a two burner stove and a cooktop right here and two ways to get inside
the unit you also have a plug in if you wanted to go with a portable solar panel
and then just to show you the room inside here there’s plenty of room I’m
just under six foot and as you can see I have all the room in here that I need to
lay down and hang out you also have built-in air conditioning stereo system
this does come with a TV we just have taken it off already out so it doesn’t
walk away and then Inside lights stereo speakers LED lights you name it this one
has a lot of stuff for a 11-foot camper so that is the Geo Pro from Rockwood
the 12 RK if you have any questions feel free to reach out you can reach us at
our web address calm or [email protected]
if you want to reach us via email phone is 970.313.4337 or feel free to comment below and that can we
can reach you that way too also if you like the video hit the like
button that helps me out a lot thank you very much have a great day


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