New 2018 Toy Hauler FOREST RIVER STEALTH FS2413 Travel Trailer Camper RV Colorado
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New 2018 Toy Hauler FOREST RIVER STEALTH FS2413 Travel Trailer Camper RV Colorado

welcome to the great outdoors RV company
my name is Ryan Spect today we’re going to be taking a look at the all-new
stealth 24:13 now one of the most important
things to consider when buying a travel trailer is weights this guy comes in dry
weight 6251 pounds with a gross weight of 9999 that essentially is telling you
that you got just under 4000 pounds of cargo capacity on this unit which even
for a toy hauler that’s a ton of cargo capacity another thing to keep in mind
is tank sizes so you got 86 gallons for your freshwater tank both gray and black
are 40 gallons apiece time to go over some of the exterior features on the
brand new stealth 2413 so one thing I’d like to point out here is we’re at the
back ramp door so this will serve as a ramp it’ll hold 3,000 pounds as a ramp
for you I really like the way – if you look here stealth has got a radius on
the corner of their doors just so you don’t have to worry about if you happen
to catch the tire on that corner it penetrating anything another really nice
feature we bring the stealth in with the collapsible ladder here on the side so
you can get up check your seals do some maintenance and it’s not like a lot of
the other brands out there where you have to find a place inside to stow that
ladder when you’re not using it now this is the stealth sport model so I do bring
it in with a fuel station but this is a 20 gallon fuel station you have your
meter here to tell you how fool your your tank is and you’ve also got the
pump right here for your own little fuel pump to refill your toys and stuff real
nice convenient it all just loads up right there and its own little box and
as we continue along one of the things that stealth has started doing over the
last year so a lot of makes they’ll just have the exhaust on the outside of your
camper so if you have to do any maintenance or anything to that furnace
it can be quite Taron cupboards apart and everything to
get to it this guy you just undo four screws and you can access all the
circuitry for that entire furnace just right there
fresh tank fill as well as your city water connection easily located right
here above the axles right behind me we did bring this guy in with the six
gallon direct spark ignition hot water eater this is going to recover at about
16 gallons an hour for you and again direct spark ignition so no pilot light
to light or anything inlet for satellite or cable it’s just a coax piped into
where your TV’s hooked up at out in the inside and then you do have a 25-foot 30
amp cord that comes with it and as we continue towards the front I really like
the location of the dump valves on the stove a lot of guys have these back
behind the axle where they contend a you know if you’re going through some some
divots and stuff they can get torn off this this location forum is great and
then you’ve also got your low point drains right here and another thing I
really like that Stealth does instead of a small low point drain on your fresh
tank you’ve actually got a big dump gate valve just like your gray pipe would
have so it’ll really help evacuate that 86 gallon freshwater tank of water real
quick at the end of your camping trip right up here on the front of the
Stealth you’ve also got a couple really cool features pre-wired for solar panels
so it becomes a plug-and-play system when it comes to solar you also got a
battery disconnect the nice thing about that at the end of your trip you flip it
into the off position and it’s gonna keep any other power being drained from
your battery from your smoke detector your LP detector things of that nature
that I have a constant drain we also do bring this in with the nice hard plastic
cover now the cover set up for the 230 pound tanks in case you want to upgrade
but from the factory we will bring it in with the 220 pound tanks a little bit
more convenient with the 20s you can just go to any old 7-eleven or King
Soopers and swap them right out now we’ve got a few things to talk about on
the passenger side before we head inside this stealth large pass-through storage
area so this entire storage compartment can be accessed from either side of the
coach or by simply lifting up the bed in the master bedroom
and as I slide back you’ll notice you do have a power awning full strip of LED
lights that runs the entire length of the awning gets nice and bright but it
doesn’t get hot so it’s not going to attract bugs another really nice feature
say you’re outside and it’s starting to rain
having that water waterfall off of the end of the awning you can actually
project it to where it all all aim off of one certain side another really nice
feature about the tilt that you can get is if your say you got the Sun going
down to the passenger side of the coach you can tilt both sides give you a
little bit more shade and enjoy that awning a little bit more into the
evening as we slide back here you also notice that we’ve got the outdoor
speakers so those will play off of the interior sound system it’s a stereo it’s
the CD player it’s a DVD player we’ll go over some more of those details once we
get inside come on inside the stealth 2413 we’ll go over some of the interior
features first thing you’ll notice as you walk in it has got a great appts
really nice fit and finish throughout the coach happy jack system with the
queen bed in the back lots of features we’re gonna go over here but let’s start
right here CD player DVD player this is your sound system it’s also got a USB
port on it and an auxilary input so you can hook up other devices to it and you
actually have two separate zones so you can have a separate sound going inside
that you have going outside so one person could be in here watching a DVD
while someone else is outside listening to the stereo all your other controls
are right here so you’ve got your gas or electric hot water heater you’ve also
got the water pump and some interior light controls awning controls the happy
jack bed system all right here really centrally located and as you look back
here when I talk about happy jack bed system what that is is it’s an electric
lift system here for the queen bed comes down just above the windows so you can
get up out of the way when you want to load the toys in here but when it’s time
for everyone to crash you got a nice queen bed there I always bring it in to
with a couple captains chairs you can get it with two couches facing each
other just seems a little more functionable with the two captains
chairs they have a table that sets up in between them table that sets up right in
front of this couch then when it’s time to load your toys in here most folks
will take the table tops and poles slide them under the mattress on the happy
jack bed the couch pins up to the wall and you just simply slide the chairs up
out of the way as we continue around you’ll notice a really good sized
kitchen here tons of counter space throughout the kitchen in the Stealth a
really nice sink too so a lot of guys are doing a
double basin sink that you can’t really put a big pot or pan in one big single
basin though with a really nice high rise faucet on this is actually nicer
than my house faucet I think I’m gonna need to upgrade a little bit after see
in this great cabinetry in here too look at all the storage that you’ve got in
the Stealth’s kitchen so tons of storage right there behind me
nice pullout drawers fuse panels in a great location as well and then you’ll
also notice we bring it in with the stainless steel gas electric
refrigerator pretty good size gas electric fridge too so those are some of
the features in the living room and the kitchen I’ll meet you back in the
bathroom we’ll check out some of those features welcome to the bathroom on the
Stealth so you see you’ve got a really nice glass enclosure here on the shower
and it does magnet shut so you don’t got to worry about that water getting out
and getting on the floor pretty good sized sink area too lots of storage down
below and they actually give you a medicine cabinet here so that’s not just
a mirror hanging on the wall it’s an actual functional medicine cabinet and
right at your entry door you’ve got pretty good linen storage as well so a
great spot for you to put you know some of your washcloths things of that nature
and then you’ve got the sideways or an angled I should say toilet so your stool
is actually in a spot where your feet aren’t up on the sink or in the shower
if you’re needing to use it so as you head into the bedroom I want to point
out we do bring it in with the digital Dometic thermostat so this is gonna
control your AC and your Heat right there in an easy location on the wall
when you head into the bedroom you’ll walk in I really like in the last year
so they’ve actually extended your wardrobe closet so these are actually
something you can really put clothes in that hang a lot of times they’re short
so you could have a little end table at the end of the bed you can’t really hang
clothes in there they’ve also started doing a laundry chute and they’ve got it
located here on the driver’s side and you just simply put a laundry basket in
the pasture storage area below and boom get all your dirty clothes out of the
way you’ll also notice they do a good job of giving you a 110 outlet on each
side of the bed but the driver’s side here also has a 12 volt USB ports as
well as like a car lighter style plug in another really nice feature is the under
bed store so this is accessible again from the
outside on either side or from in here by simply tipping up the bed and you do
have these little props here that’ll help hold it up out of the way and they
give you a little nook at the end of the bed to kind of kick your shoes off when
you first come in right above me you’ll notice you do have a vent in the bedroom
and on the wall right next to that vent you’ve got the hookups for the bedroom
television so one of them is hooked up to your TV antenna and of course you got
your 110 power there as well really nice appointments also you’ve got the really
nice pleated shades on the windows here in the master bedroom well thanks for
stopping by today and taking a look at the new stealth 24 13 Sport Series this
guy is at the right price point lots of cargo room for all your toys plenty of
sleeping room for the whole family if you have any questions feel free to give
us a call at 970.313.4337 or email me
[email protected] just stop on by 3511 west service road in
evans colorado


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