New 2019 WILDWOOD FSX 187RB Queen Murphy Bed Light Weight Travel Trailer RV Camper Colorado Dealer
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New 2019 WILDWOOD FSX 187RB Queen Murphy Bed Light Weight Travel Trailer RV Camper Colorado Dealer

hello folks and welcome to the great
outdoors RV company my name is Tom today we’re gonna be going over the Wildwood
fsx 187 RB okay so let’s go over some weights
really quick just to make sure that you can pull this camper so the dry weight
on this coach is 3000 161 pounds with the GVWR of three thousand nine hundred
and ten pounds so you can definitely pull this with some SUVs and some very
light trucks your fresh tank is gonna hold 38 gallons and both your grain your
black are gonna both be 30 I really think you’re gonna like the Wildwood 187
Arby’s especially with the new colors they make them out of a factory select
factory in Indiana so this is really cool color pattern they’re doing now
notice you’ll have the whites with the blended tans and the and the dark Browns
and blacks at the bottom so I like the exterior I like the changes that Wilde
was been doing with this product and again the 187 RB it’s gonna give you a
great little color tone inside as well we’ll get to that here in a second but
let’s talk about some things on the outside of the camper on the on the
passenger side this one’s got the adjustable elbows on here you can pull
this guy down to help shoo away the rainwater or keep the Sun out of your
eyes one of the other cool features you’re also going to have two marine
grade outside speakers on the exterior of the camper as well you’re gonna have
the premium wheels I didn’t have those last year on these campers this is a
great upgrade also you’ll notice the three the two step up into the camper
with a large grab handle and then these are really neat too because you can fold
these stairs right up into the camper I’ll get to that in a minute because I
do have this awning out right now so I want to be showing you all this but I’ll
show you that here in a second you’re also gonna have a large pass-through
storage to put her Neath you’ll all have access to it on the other side you also
have a solar on the side as well it’s a plug-and-play adapter you can plug that
in bring that out away from the camper to help you charge those batteries great
little thing to have on a camper like this you’ve probably heard me mention a
few times that I’m not a big big fan of putting solar panels on the roof just
because it’s extra screwing you have to glue some stuff on there and when we go
camping anyway if we want to park underneath a shade tree so you having
maximum maximizing that system on there on top of the roof may not be a 100% for
you so having solar on the side you can bring it around adjust it throughout the
course of the day you beneficial upgrade in my opinion power
tongue jack you also have a docking light on here you’re gonna have a
propane tank as well your batteries going to sit right back here let’s check
some things out on the driver side okay going down the driver’s side this will
be your access panels to your refrigerator this will be your 30 amp
service plug in your potable water is gonna be located right here your city
water connection and then your you have a six gallon water heater on here which
is a gas only and then you also have your cable and your satellite hookups as
well and then your dump valves are gonna be located right here one of the things
we’re gonna know is also on the new Wildwood FS exes is that you’re gonna
have a pretty wire for backup camera and it’s also gonna have this cargo rack
down here this is kind of cool actually this is this is brand new we didn’t have
this last year so you can leave it even up like it is now bring it down and then
you can go extra coolers a generator possibly a great little addition to this
camper so before we go inside I want to show you how these stairs work really
quick because this is this is new for everybody this year it’s two including
us so this just pulls right up into the camper walks right into place here and
then when you close the door this is what the camper will look like as you’re
going down the road so no more you have the stairs hanging down getting all the
road grime the dust and all that stuff on there just open this up dropping the stairs and you’re good to
go okay come on inside and let’s check out some features in here okay so
welcome inside the 1a 7rb you’re gonna notice right away the color design that
Wildwood has changed up in these campers they’ve also dressed up and made them
simple these pull down shades on the windows not a whole lot of flair going
on just simple very practical I’m glad they did a change like this because I
think it just looks a little more classy a little bit more modern in here one of
the things that you’re gonna notice that this camper has a Murphy bed and this
couch is mayhem has wild we’ve done a great job changing up their their
couches and their fabric and everything this is actually very very comfortable
to sit down on notice that you’ll have some hanging space on each side of the
camper no let’s not forget the little armrest that you get let’s tuck in right
there but I’m gonna bring down the Murphy bed so I’m gonna put back in
there and then the Murphy bed one of the things that users gonna blow you away
folks cuz I know it has me just by looking at this camper look at this
Denver mattress on here man look how thick and plush this mattress is this is
super comfortable a Denver mattress this is a huge upgrade
for a camper like this very very comfortable man you could definitely
sleep all night long in a camper like this
Denver mattress folks that’s huge let’s talk about some things in the kitchen
this is your refrigerator your control panel for this both gas and electric on
here you’ll notice the white countertops look at the cabinetry in here isn’t that
beautiful got a lot of space in here you can
remove these shelves if you need to you get the stainless steel okay let’s
switch Auk got the stainless steel appliance package is what they call us
is got the microwave you got the two burner stove get the bowl sink right
here here’s your heater right here your propane we’ve got some pullout drawers
here got some regular cabinets down here check out the use of the dinette in here
you’re gonna love sitting down on this so they upgraded their tables they went
with this white Formica type of a look which i think is a huge improvement
really brings a lot of class to the inside of this camper this is also your
second bed area so if you wanted to drop this table down you can definitely do
that so you could probably sleep two three maybe four people in here
depending on the side of folks definitely two kids in the in the in the
dinette area for sure so I’ve got some pantry space storage storage storage
folks look at all that for a camper this size it has a ton of storage so very very nice also one of the things
that Wildwood has done on the fs exes is they actually come with a teepee folks
that’s oh that’s crazy right och is that crazy
yeah that’s crazy because we have these before in the FS exes so they’ve
improved the floorplan they are offering a TV with this model
as well got the air conditioner in here so this has also got a heat pump on here
LED lights throughout the entire camper and you can just adjust these turn them
on and off to your liking which is really nice all of your hookups for your
TV are gonna be located right here let’s go on the bathroom check out some
features in here because you’re gonna love this I’ve never seen a camper like
this actually Aki so I’m gonna sit down in here I want to point out some things
was this just for pictures or do this kind of like this this came like this
Hawk okay so check this out you actually have a couple storage bins that you can
utilize Tara didn’t forget these right that’s what you you actually get this
wow that’s impressive look at this space up underneath here look at this cabinet
talk about a big bathroom which is what the 187 RB is for rear rear bath I get
plenty of plenty of space to sit down use a toilet you have to the sink here
you’re also gonna have a shower and I’m gonna step in here so much room I have
in here off copy oh all right shower curtain got plenty of room in here it’s
kind of nice got some shelving here so you could put
some small items here hot and cold water features on here as well so man you
gotta come and check this camper out okay so thanks for joining me on the 187
RB this is the factory select plus from Wildwood
do you have any questions on this camper please give me a call my phone number
here is 9 7 0 3 1 3 4 3 3 7 or if you’d prefer email no worries I
got one of those too that’s Tom at the grout doors RV calm and hopefully I’ll
be seeing you on my lot very soon Stock# WW280 Vin# 92312


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