New Camping Equipment 2015
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New Camping Equipment 2015

(gun shots echoing) (bright, upbeat music) – Hello there. Today, just wanted to
make a quick simple video to share with you some
of the new gear ideas that we’ve come up with this year. So, just to review on
some of our new equipment. This is something I’ve
had in previous videos. It’s simply my torch. But what I’ve noticed, a
problem with a lot of torches particularly this one, actually, the LED Lenser P5, is it seems to stop working once the temperature’s below five degrees. So I took two pieces of EVA foam. Had to put this together in the field on a recent trip in the snow. So that just goes over the torch and then there’s another
piece for the top there and I’ve noticed that since
I started using this system the batteries seem to last a lot longer. So I’ll just put that back down there. Something I picked up recently from a small business in
Queensland in Australia is a KYDEX sheath for my machete. So KYDEX is a plastic that’s
imported from America. Very strong, very durable, easily shaped. So the name of the company who made this is Blade Safe Sheaths in
Queensland, Australia. So a couple of the new pieces of equipment that I’ve come up with for the purpose of saving weight. So up until now I’ve been
using four millimeter rope that’s four meters of
four millimeter rope, but I decided that if i drop down to two or three millimeter rope, I can carry twice as much length. So that’s about six and
a half meters, I think. So I’m carrying more thinner rope and much longer lengths. So not only am I reducing weight, but also I get to carry more rope. And I personally, I
wouldn’t go any thinner than three millimeters, ’cause it just becomes too difficult to actually manage it. Another really nice piece of gear. These can be hard to find, actually. It’s called a line cleat. I believe the trademark is Line-Lok. So it’s a very good quality line cleat for guy lines on a tent. So if you look up online
you can find these and a lot of companies make line cleats, but they’re nowhere near
as good as that brand. From what I’ve seen, anyway. So, new roll of Gorilla tape. Cause on the recent trip
where I was doing this DIY work on my torch,
I ran out of duct tape. So what else have we got here? Recently, we’ve started
carrying a power bank. So that’s so you can charge
up your electrical devices while you’re on the move, and I also decided that
we’re just carrying too many electrical cords. So these are the four cables that we use to charge our devices. As you can see we’ve got these tiny little miniature versions. That’s a iPhone 5 charger,
only 10 centimeters, weighs only six grams. Then you’ve got the old
iPhone 30-pin charger for the old iPhone 3s and iPhone 4s. This is the charger for my GoPro, again it’s only about 12 centimeters long. And would you believe it? That’s actually the charger
for my Suunto watch. So this miniaturized, ultralight cable charger system and just swing the camera over here. This is what the whole
cable setup would look like if I hadn’t have miniaturized it. And the most annoying of all is this massive cable
for the Suunto watch, there’s my watch. So by miniaturizing all my cables, I’ve actually managed to
knock about 80 grams off the whole kit. So you can find these online actually, these just teensy weeny, little cables for your iPhones and other phones I hope. So, what’s here? So we mentioned this on a previous video, what we have here is five, five different woolen
jumpers that we picked up at op shops in Australia. So op shop is short for opportunity shop, I believe in America you
call them thrift stores. So you really can get some
great quality woolen jumpers, lightweight, and that
one there’s merino wool. You can find them
secondhand at thrift stores. And nowadays we carry a
heap of woolen blankets also from thrift stores,
we carry them in the car. So after a couple of days
of hiking in the mountains we might be back to the car, and it might be all cold
and snowing and real wet. So we want to immediately wrap ourselves in woolen blankets. So we actually keep about five
woolen blankets in the car and each one we only paid
probably eight dollars for each blanket. But believe it or not,
some of these blankets, particularly that one at the back there, I think is a queen-sized blanket. Could cost about 250 or 300 dollars if it was brand new in the store. So again we just chuck them straight into the washing machine when once we get home. And sometimes wash them
twice before we use them. And this here, this is the chemical for washing wool. You can wash in a
modern-day washing machine. Eucalyptus Wool & Delicates. So just a special chemical that you use for washing wool. Now recently I decided
that I’m gonna stop using my old Ecrin Roc helmet. It’s just, it’s quite a bit heavy, and it sits very high on the head. So I’ve now upgraded to this Italian-made Grivel helmet, that is about 100 grams lighter than an Ecrin Roc, and it gives better side protection, so expect to see me
wearing a new helmet now in all my videos. So yeah, just time to put the Ecrin Roc in the cupboard, actually. And now all I have to do is just get a new GoPro helmet mount for the new Italian-made climbing helmet. So what you’re looking at here is part of my old cookset
that is in other videos. Snow Peak cookset. That’s one piece of it. So it’s nothing new, but
what we do find online, is a guy in America
called Four Dog Stoves, that’s what he calls himself, Four Dog. And he actually makes titanium lids, aftermarket titanium lids
for the Snow Peak range. That fits inside there. And that lid will go on top. Great little innovative items. They’re probably only 10 dollars each I think he charges, plus a
small amount for shipping. So a few ultralight food ideas that we’ve come up with this year. I have mentioned this before, they are sun-dried bananas. So you’ll hear us talking about that in other videos, actually. And even nicer, actually, even sweeter, Depending on your taste in fruit, they are muscatel dried grapes. So sun-dried grapes, I
think they’re a lot heathier than eating sultanas actually. They’re more natural,
more like a real grape. And they actually have seeds inside. Oh my God, they taste so nice! Also lately we’ve been carrying a bit of dried apple on trips. So there’s just a few
ultralight food ideas we’ve come up with recently. Let’s just take the cookset apart for this next little demonstration. This is a new type of
pasta we’ve been buying, it’s called spelt. So it’s not durum wheat, it’s made of a whole different ingredient to regular pasta. (pasta rattles)
So let’s tip it out so you can see it. Just see how small those pieces are. They’re tiny, tiny little pieces. Seems to cook faster than durum wheat pasta and apparently it’s healthier. Only problem is it is quite expensive, it’s about 20 dollars a kilo. Spelt. So the best thing about tiny little pieces of pasta like that is with only a 900ml titanium cup, I can actually fit, let’s have a look. That’s almost half a kilo of spelt pasta can fit into a 900ml titanium cup. So that’s the best thing
about small pieces of pasta is they’re extremely compact, so you can cook a lot of it in your small, miniature camping cookware. So just recently i also
had to buy a new saw. So this is my wood saw
for cutting up wood. And just one thing that really annoys me that I’d like to mention,
about modern saws is, these days saws are
made of a hardened steel that apparently cannot be sharpened. So if your saw goes blunt, you have to go out and buy a new one. It applies to all saws that I can see in the hardware stores, even the popular Bahco Laplander, used by bushwalkers across the world. You cannot sharpen a Bahco Laplander. It’s just made from a new hardened steel that cannot be sharpened. That really annoys the hell out of me. Let’s just step back a bit. Just see that we’ve covered everything. Oh and by the way, during the video, everything is also laid out
on another woolen blanket so this is another of the woolen blankets that we carry on our trips in the car. So we don’t backpack with
heavy woolen blankets we just keep them in the car as emergency. So I like to think that
even if the temperature dropped to minus 20, and we were stranded
in the bush in the car, we could simply jump
underneath all our blankets, you know, five or six
different woolen blankets to keep ourselves warm
while we come up with Plan B. (upbeat music)


  • Rich Schwartz

    Topmanbo is the channel name and the title of the video is how to sharpen a pruning saw. I sure hope this will help with your dull saw blades. I know it has saved me from buying new saws. Best of luck. Don't worry it's easy. With those wool blankets body heat and your sleeping bags you guys will be fine if you happen to get stuck somewhere in the truck. They are a fantastic insulator. God bless and stay safe.

  • ce4130

    The Four Dog Stoves videos are classics. I love it when old mate goes into the history and intricacies of pots! I've been meaning to get one of their bush cookers for ages.

  • ce4130

    I too have a couple woolen blankets in the car. My eyes lit up when the missus's rello's were wanting to offload them. The other thing they would be good for is in the unlikely event of being overrun by bushfire you can increase your chance of survival a little by wrapping yourself up in them.

  • Erated78

    That is one tough looking sheath, very nice and safe! A great tip for those wool blankets. I always learn something from your videos, thank you!

  • Patrick's Bushcraft๐ŸŒต

    I know what you mean about the saw blades. I've got the fiskars bow saw, with large teeth. I can sharpen that particular blade with a triangular rat-tail file.
    Here's a pic of the blade…

  • Wild Camper

    Wow that's a nice gear, make sure to check our camping websiteย 

  • Daniel Kemnitz

    Good update, just saw it now, but I definitely have to look into shorter cables. I must be carrying at least a ton in oversize wiring ๐Ÿ˜€

    Good stuff as always, cheers

  • Bush Channel

    @Dennis Mathias. Welcome to Bush Channel. Strangely the problem isn't actually the battery, annoyingly it's the switch. That model of Led Lenser torch is known for having a dodgy button switch. The on/off button won't function below about 5 degrees Celsius; there's even another Youtuber who's proved it in a video he made… It's simply a matter of warming up the switch and it works again.ย If you're interested check out the following video from a guy who diagnosed this bug in the P5 and P5.2"Cold Switch issue of the Led Lenser P5.2"

  • Live2 Walk

    fiskar offers an unconditional replacement warranty for items that no longer work. Example- I personally witnessed a guy bring in a shovel that he backed over with his truck and the store gave him a new one , FREE : )

  • Darkain

    who told you that you cant sharpen them saw's ?? i use both a fiskers and bocho and i have sharpened them several times its time consuming yes but it can be done

  • born68

    I stopped eating cheetoz for a month just so I could carry an extra candy bar on the trail in my pack. I then gave myself home enemas for two months so I could carry a bic lighter and 6 extra bullets in alaska in bear country. Can I just ask what the FUUUUUUUUUUUCK is wrong with you people……..omg 2 grams and this weights 1 ounce, this is made out of air so the weight is negligible. look, I'm an ex us military infantry soldier let me give you small minded people a little insight on how to survive and thrive when out and about. you guys arent carrying fucking twinkies in your packs ok. you must have gear……stufffff goooooooood. searching around for edible berries baaaaaaaaaaad. yeah yeah I know ya gotta use a bit of common sense but jesus wtf. I mean if your worried about the god damn weight of a power cord that chargeeeeeeeees things you might want to go seek a head shrink. another phenom I see are people like oh gee wiz all my stuff juuuuust fits in this pack………you want a larger pack maybe double the size so you can puuuuuuuut things in it and carry them. as far as your pack goes it get milligrams by milligrams lighter every step and every day you go. do you honestly think that for thousands of years man has been walking this planet and climbing it's mountains they were like oh my this weights 2.7 grams……… idiots. there are women who gave birth to 10 pound babies and carried them around on trails allllll over you pussies. add that to your pack

  • bcomfy

    Bush Channel, thank you for the interesting insight. I've invented a new innovative comfort device, that I think you should have a look at. Add-A-Rest Car Comfort & Travel Pillow is innovative in that it is mainly for your automobile, but can also be brought on your next flight, or camping trip. While it can pack in it's own hood and tightly toggled. It does weigh about 4oz. We are a brand new company, so we would like your honest opinion. The ergonomic, contour design transports the user to an extraordinarily comfortable commute. After all you do drive to your adventure site. Soccer Mom, road warrior Trucker, or besieged frequent flyer, all can benefit from this pillows multi- position use. Please contact [email protected]m if you have interest in reviewing our product.
    Thank you!

  • Paul Ashley

    Thanks for the great tips. if you are looking for a saw with replaceable blades, I have recently bought a Silky Big Boy. The names a bit dodgy, but the Silky range of arborist saws are excellent. They are foldable and come in lots of sizes. I got mine from Drifta Camping, NSW. Cheers.

  • MrStropparo

    Agawa canyon boreal 21 saw. Great saw foldable blade can be sharpened. Ingenious design. Check it out on YouTube. Uses standard 21" blades.

  • IamNemoN01

    Try Kevlar rope. It's far stronger than even the 750 Paracord, yet far lighter. The only down side is that it doesn't melt with heat, so you can't burn the ends to keep it from fraying. But if that's not a problem, then you can actually increase strength while cutting weight.

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