New House, Who Dis? 🏑 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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New House, Who Dis? 🏑 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

What’s up everyone? Welcome to my Jersey
Shore house, come on in. Hello?
Welcome to my mansion. Mansions, cud. Mansions, cud. As you can see,
this one is a bit upgraded. And look, there’s a cheetah
and there’s a cheetah. Vinny Guadagnino,
still cheating out here. Oh, look what we have,
some guidos and guidettes right up in here. We got J-Wow’s in
the building, Deena, the meatball’s
having a meatball, my boyfriend
Vinny [Guadagneeners], Angelina the Staten Island Dump and Mike “The Situation”
living his best life. I’m going to take you to Mike’s
favorite place, the kitchen. This is where it goes down. I’m hoping to stay on the diet. So then what are we going to do
with all these? Oh, he can cheat though. One cheat day, one cheat day. You do not miss
Sunday dinner in this house. …of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours almighty father
forever and ever. Let’s eat. Ding. We’re in New Jersey.
Look at that pool. We got water slides,
we have a grill downstairs and then we have a grill
before the grill. Wow. We got a jacuzzi, AKA
the crime scene, you’ll see why. Angelina, give him a kiss. Finally, they gave us
the respect we deserve and put us in a big house. I give it a ten. We love this house. Now we have the confessional
where we confess our sins. What’s up, it’s your boy
DJ Pauly D, we out here in New Jersey. We in Manalapan this time,
we in the big house, and we’re back together
doing it again, this family vacation style. Yeah buddy.
Cabs are here. I do all my catch phrases
up in here. Sometimes we sit here,
talk about what we want to do for the night or who DTF
or who’s not, you feel me? This is Mike and Ronnie’s room. Mike slept there,
Ronnie slept there. You already know me
and Vinny got to share a room because we basically call it
the smush room. This was my bed,
this was my boyfriend’s bed, but most of the time,
to be honest, we share the bed because we’re bromitted now.
You know what I’m saying? Let’s check out the girl’s room. They probably got
the best room in the house. Damn, even Angelina room
with the girls. [Angeliner].
What? Come here.
Leave me alone. Vin! This was for the meatball. “Meatball on board.”
She gets her own room. We love our little meatball
and the meatball in side. We got some gym, tanning,
laundry to do, you already know, so do me a favor
and get out of here. See you next time.
Yeah, buddy.


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