NEW ZEALAND PACKING TIPS: Essentials for your Campervan
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NEW ZEALAND PACKING TIPS: Essentials for your Campervan

Number 1: the most important thing that you’ll
need for your campervan trip is an international drivers license. You can’t get a car without it. If you are in the states, stop by your local
AAA and get your $15 international drivers license. Number 2: the most essential thing that we
always needed was small change. The DOC campsites charge $6 NZD/person so
for us that meant $12 NZD and we always had bills around but here in New Zealand you have
coins for $2 NZD and for $1 NZD. Always make sure to have change with you. Number 3: When you get here, first thing you’re
going to want to do is download the CamperMate App. It’s a great little app that works offline. It’s going to show you: all the campgrounds,
all the paid campgrounds; all the free campgrounds; things to do; things to do that you didn’t
know about; where gas stations are; where pottys are; groceries; where wifi is; which
brings us to another good point. Number 4 on the list: as soon as you touch
down in New Zealand (and this is only available at airports apparently) go get your Vodafone
Sim Card. For $50 NZD you can get 3GB of data, 200 minutes
of talk and 200 texts. That is a swinging deal, especially when you
consider the fact that internet is gold in New Zealand. And by gold he means, like, exotic gold that
you can’t find anywhere. Finding internet here is like finding the
holy grail. Number 5 on the list is a rain jacket. Expect rain. Whether changes frequently in the mountains
and you will need a rain jacket. You can buy one here and match everyone else
who also shopped at KMart or bring one of your own from home. Number 6 on the list are waterproof shoes. You’re going to be stepping out of the car
into the muddy grass with the morning dew every morning. So waterproof shoes are essential. Number 7: this headlamp that you’ve been lugging
around to every other country and not needing it, you’re going to need it in New Zealand. You’re going to need it washing the dishes,
running to the toilet, or just if you’re scared of the dark. You’re going to be out in the middle of nowhere
at unpowered campsites, bring you headlamp. Number 8: A car inverter. If you’ve got an inverter in your car, you’re
not going to be like those other tourists who are always looking for a plug somewhere. Look at all this stuff we can charge at the
same time. Look at all this. This is crazy. Everybody else is maybe charging an iPhone;
we are charging a studio. Number 9 and 10 kinda go together on the list
so we can talk about them together. We’re talking about water! There’s lots of fun tools out there to treat
your water at different camping supply stores; but just have extra water jugs so when you
do have fresh drinking water available to you, you can fill it up and throw it in your
car. We just picked up big water jugs in the grocery
store, drank the paid water out of it and have just been filling them up. So no need to bring anything extra just make
sure to grab some in the store on one of your first trips. Second thing talking about water and especially
boiling water is to make sure you have a proper pot that is a closed top so that you can boil
your water faster with wind and other elements fighting against you. Here’s everything you need hot water for:
coffee, tea, coffee in the morning, coffee in the afternoon, rice, instant mashed potatoes,
cup of noodle, ramen noodle, packaged meals- you just add water; and when you run out of
fresh water to drink and you have to boil it to drink it. So those are 10 things that are going to make
your life much easier. Like, it’s hard living in a van for a month. These are little luxuries that make it nice!


  • danielle hensman

    Sweet video guys. My husband and I are getting a camper van for the first time ever (we are from the South Island) and travelling round the North Island for our honeymoon. Even being from here, this is useful for us 🙂

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  • Rosie Conaghan

    you can buy sim cards a lot of places! any mall has vodafone/spark/2degrees all pre pay sim cards. also supermarket/the warehouse. .. not just the airport 😃

  • avalon success

    Ecocide in New Zealand, Government has poisoned nature, waterways and animals with the pesticide 1080, highly toxic and forbidden in most countries.

  • Mike Cooney

    Hi Tim and Fin…great a kiwi myself….well done…shared your vid on my travel site cheers Mike

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