Noah’s Ark & Cascade Mountain Incline River Camping

well good morning from the cascade loop
everybody as you can tell by the moisture on the ground it has been
moist the last couple days and because I’m in no rush I decided to just kind of
take it easy I actually spend an extra night at the
Thousand Trails there in La Conner but today I think we’re gonna get back on
the road going to dry up we’re gonna get some sunshine and we should be good for
this trip yes we got a lot of rain but do we really need to rebuild the arc
look look at this two of every kind two giraffes two elephants complete with a
palm tree here in Washington okay two lambs to luck that’s not a lot one
of them is a lion no what is that another land lambs don’t get along with
lions guys I mean look at the detail here look at this big huge huge wooden
door wow it is a church school plate place cool thing I guess lots of palm
trees oh and a colorful rainbow to remind us it’s different I’ll give you
that all right so gave it a couple hours had lunch and as you can see the roads
are now dry or drying drier I guess you’d say
are you done Jax okay Jax wants to go underneath instead so we’re gonna leave
Burlington oh wait Burlington Coat Factory in Burlington Washington that’s
pretty funny I almost didn’t catch that but back on the Cascade highway here
also called highway 20 and what is it just 15 miles east of here is actually a
DNR campground that I want to look at real quick thank you so we’ll go check out this
campground down the road and here we are in sedro-woolley would have put a funny
name for a city right sedro woolley I really like that home of the log
logger.log rodeo the log rodeo okay and they got a steam locomotive out here in
front part of the Puget Sound and Baker River Railroad there uh-huh
okay who’s this guy I don’t know there’s a random dude here pointing to these big
logs but there’s no information anywhere so you’re left to just guess it kind of
looks like a young Bob Ross kinda those are some big logs as real they have to
be yeah those are real logs on there and then the caboose is the Information
Center but they must had to make some budget cuts in sedro-woolley because in
the hardest summer they’re all closed up oh well that’s pretty cool though sedro
woolley when was the last time I got a magnet it’s been a while man I’ve got
all these RVs everywhere yeah I got a turn up here we’re gonna we’re
going to get off of the Cascades highway here and go up into the mountains over
there already it is definitely starting to feel like
we are not in the big city anymore like almost instantly it is starting to get a
little more remote you might say so when are we gonna hit dirt roads probably
pretty soon this would sign says cowboy campsite cascade camp one point four
miles partner partner okay let’s go check it out
we’re gonna be climbing way up here it’s still paid that’s kind of nice but cell
phone service it’s been tricky I’ll be honest with ya I actually plugged in
when I had Wi-Fi at McDonald’s the route if I didn’t have service AT&T or Verizon
and if I have to I’ll use paper maps if I absolutely have to we are climbing Wow whoo look at the way that the clouds and
the mist are over the mountains that’s creepy don’t back uphill here we go come on Miranda you can do it Miranda
come on girl I named the ebike finally guys I did
name the ebike the electric ebike that I have is named Carmen yes
Carmen electric actually all this climate maybe I maybe I’ll just might
get service up here I miss my booster I need to get another
cell phone booster ok something’s going on here Harry Osborn State Forest that
sign says let me get some information and find out where I’m supposed to park
and everything I’m checking out Jack’s alright let’s go check it out go see
what there is here ok yeah buddy I have pretty much changed my mind after
arriving here I have decided to stay here for at least one night because this
place is deserted and beautiful and perfect and I can’t think of any other
better spot to be right now than at Harry Osborn
State Forest free seven-day camping a fire pit but well if we walk to the
other side of my RV holy crap no literally there’s literally horse crap
everywhere yummy you might be able to hear the sound of running water down
there let’s go check it out hey mr. Magoo I know you don’t like water so I’m
gonna go down there alone ok yeah you got to go back in the RV for a couple
minutes ok I’m gonna come back outside you don’t need to eat grass Jex you’re
you’re not famished buddy look at all this green cedar trees blackberry bushes
lots of mossy rocks and a creek a creek I feel better now
it looks like the State Forest only owns this half of this Creek it looks like
people have gone through but there is a somebody put up a posted no trespassing
sign on that side of the road for the creek so and look at these dangling
mossy branches I feel like I want to just transplant my my hometown to
sedro-woolley this this National Forest in State Forest instead of Olympia
Thurston County tonight can I do that is that I do that yeah cuz this is pretty
sweet and I mean again the Discover Pass the $35 one-time annual Discover Pass
gets you 7 days free here so I’m definitely staying at night here we may
even be in a rain forest again more cedar trees and Western sword
ferns look all the green moss hanging from every single branch no sunshine
gets here ever year-round that’s why these are so mossy up close it basically
just feels like cotton it’s a super super soft fine material and wet well it
rained earlier this morning so it’s gonna take a couple days to dry this
area out that’s also why I kind of want to stay here I’m on firm ground so I’m
not gonna get stuck anywhere and let’s just let’s just wait for this whole
thing to pass over and enjoy this pork dad hooman what took so long you were
gone forever I counted it was forever dad yeah no we’re not in the city
anymore horse mule parking for restroom use to park your mule okay they got
restrooms here then anything else but they have restrooms for your seven-day
camping experience and it is mainly geared towards horse campers but normal
campers are welcome to be here I’d much rather be at a horse campground than an
ATV campground if I’m not partaking if I had a horse or if I had an ATV yeah I
wouldn’t I would love to be in those areas so they have a big communal fire
pit here too there are some warnings like you may encounter recreational
target shooting even though recreational target shooting
is not allowed okay they listed some quiet time hours and there’s your seven
days and a thirty day period that is different actually that may not be
because Capitol State Forest they changed it to seven days out of the
whole year this one says you can camp here seven days every 30 days which is
like I said different good morning everybody
what a beautiful night here at Harry Osborn State Forest slept so good it was
so peaceful and beautiful all night Jax and I actually did finish the stranger
things third season you’ve watched the last three episodes last night back to
back to back to finish the season and no spoilers for me guys but I was not
prepared for that particular ending and I don’t know how I’m gonna feel about a
season 4 yeah I just I won’t say anything that’s a really good show one
of my favorite TV shows of all time now and one of my favorite top 10 free
campgrounds in the country here Harry Osborne it probably gets busy on the
weekends oh man I just love this place so I want to spend a second night here
but I do want to put all my video and all my clips and everything together so
I can edit it and get it ready to be uploaded when I do have service which is
probably gonna be tomorrow go to a coffee shop or somewhere that advertises
free Wi-Fi that’s another thing is the de loop knows where the dead spots are
so they’ll advertise outside their businesses free Wi-Fi can come in and
check your mail or for me upload a video do it my best guys really excited about
continuing on the Cascade loop so y’all have a good day Jax and I will see you
back from this loop here in a few days I guess

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