Nordic Skiing, Pulking, and Hammock Camping in the Carson National Forest
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Nordic Skiing, Pulking, and Hammock Camping in the Carson National Forest

Hey it’s Whistle Norvell and today we’re going to do some hammock camping and some Nordic skiing here in the Carson National Forest So I found a pretty good place to camp here Found a couple of good nice Piney trees a little bit of snow coming down It’s not too cold, but it’s cool enough And I love the spot. It’s beautiful right on the edge of a beautiful view With the mountains, so I guess it’s time to get the hammock set up for a good night’s sleep tonight All right, I got the basics for the hammock up Kind of interesting with the guylines in the snow, but sure many people have had fun with that too Now it’s time to get the underquilt and the top quilt on. hey now, I’ve got the top quilt and the underquilt on. I just need to get my tarp on now because it’s snowing don’t want anything to get wet. All right Got everything set up Got the tarp up Everything is staked down Beautiful view Supposed to get down to minus 12 tonight Celsius, so we’ll see all my stuff is rated for below that so should be good should be warm and toasty I’ll see what Actually happens maybe up here in the mountains at 9,500 feet Might actually get colder so we’ll see. well, it’s 7:30 p.m And it’s totally dark and cold and time for bed. So I am turning in my Thermometer says that it’s -7 Celsius already. So that is That is good. You know, it’s going to continue to get colder and I’m feeling really warm and my down though. It feels really good Well, good morning. It’s about 7:30 in the morning. And it’s pretty cold out. I’m Gonna have to make a little breakfast. Time to get some warmth in me It snowed all night, pretty much. I had to kind of tap the Tap the tarp a little bit to get some of the snow to To you know slide off So let’s take a look at the thermometer So looks like the minimum temperature last night was minus ten point seven Celsius Thanks again for watching and we’ll see you next time You


  • Daniel Williams

    Thank you for the great product presentation and no nonsense demonstration. I see that nature cooperated fantastically as well.
    I know that you must truly enjoy what you're doing and it shows so effortlessly.
    PS- please keep the vids coming. I have learned some very valuable insight and instructions from your videos.😁

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