Nos 15 conseils pour voyager au Maroc en camping-car | Episode 14
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Nos 15 conseils pour voyager au Maroc en camping-car | Episode 14

It is the return of the winter of the first rain fell on our camp-sites and cars from the month of November are many to take the path of Morocco to join the sun and follow the swallows! We did the opposite we are going this summer those who subscribe to our channel know it these are the videos that are currently going through today we will address those who are departing who may have never been to Morocco and we as we went this summer and we’ve put together 15 tips that could be useful during your trip Tip number 1 the paths how to go to Morocco there are several ways to go to Morocco by camper, you can leave from the port of Sète you can leave from the port of Barcelona you can leave from Algeciras where you can leave from Tarifa. If, like us, you choose to leave by Algeciras, we recommend stop in the desert of Tabernas at fort bravo it’s an original stopover that will change the campervan areas and you will keep a good memory besides we put you the link which will allow you to give yourself a little idea. Tip number 2 how much is the crossing if we made the choice to leave by Algeciras is good because there is an agency that for years makes tariffs rather canon for the motorhomes camping called the agency Guttierrez which is located in Algeciras at exit number 112 of the motorway, count for one vehicle like ours ie a 7 meter fifty with four people, count 250 euros round trip. You can leave by Tarifa it was also a good tip because you will spend less time in the formalities of boarding and disembarking just that will cost you 100 euros more that is to say 350 to 400 euros A / R passages. The solution we have not mentioned at all is that of leaving by seven or Barcelona I did a simulation on the internet and the cost of the tickets is quite exorbitant since to leave from Sète count two days at sea and you have for 1950 euros boat tickets for 4 people with a vehicle of this size, I do not even tell you if you have a trailer to pass prices are flying. Tip number 3 vaccination needs a particular vaccination to go to Morocco and well no there are no particular diseases tenacious as you can find them in the tropics which requires you to vaccinate against yellow fever or against the palud etc … none of that at Morocco from which you can leave quiet you must still be up to date with your vaccinations obviously. Tip number 4 the gas: Remember to have gas bottles with you you will tell me it’s obvious we both take with us however be careful when you go from France if you have planned to refuel gas in Spain hoping to find cheaper gas is a total mistake, you do not will not be able to refill your gas cylinders Spain you will not be able to exchange them you will need a special regulator and you will find yourself quickly blocked unlike Morocco where you can actually found some gas bottles they’ll be at ridiculous prices that is to say around 4 € 50 the bottle unlike what we pay here in France we pay around 35 euros, however if you left without gas and you have a bottle of lpg we could refuel in all Spanish resorts without any problem Tip number 5 where to fill up water and good for Morocco you doubt it’s still not something of always easy so plan a multitude of connections as many fittings that you can also plan to take with you pipes and pipe pieces of sizes and and of different diameters because you will always have a moment or another the confrontation with a somewhat rebellious pipe that will never correspond at the tips or that you have also plan the inner tube that’s a little bit of the tip of the day the inner tube for what and because all the pipes all the fittings all outputs with a screw thread on which you will be able to screw and a nozzle with the tube you will be able to taped or in any case Make the seal between your hose and the tap So what’s going on? So here in Dakhla, There are not 36 solutions to put water And fill the tanks of campers since there is no campsite open in low season (in July / August) So you have to stock up directly at the water tower and fend for yourself as you can with the means of the edge. The means of the board is what then? So the means of the edge is an inner tube A pipe since obviously we never have the right fitting to branch the water pipe, the air chamber his clogging work we managed to tie our pipe Our rigid pipe Obviously you can fill up the water in most campsites with water that will be generally quite clean but always think about how much white vinegar you put in your water to wash your fruits and vegetables it will eliminate a good part of the bacteria Tip number 6 the diesel and well as you generally know diesel is cheaper in Spain and even cheaper in Morocco on Spain was 10 cents less than in France in general and in some resorts the camper in law to a further reduction these are the stations “red tortuga” if I do not say nonsense that offers you 4 cents per liter every time you make a full home generally we make our first plan to the jonquera where you have a station “red tortuga” which is located behind the “mercadonia” you will find it is a little isolated we do not find it necessarily easily but in any case this is where you will find the best price to do your full about the price of diesel in Morocco do not expect big differences like fifteen years ago back where we pay the diesel three francs six sous here today prices Moroccan gas oil have risen well if you go down to the south note that from Tarfaya diesel and zero-rated and therefore when you pay it around 1 € 20 or € 30 in northern Morocco it is paid around 85 centimes in southern Morocco it’s something to consider if you plan to go south Tip # 7 Electricity, you can connect to most campsites but again, however be vigilant at the level of your connection first because the standards are not the French standards then because you will sometimes find yourself in campsites where you will have to find extensions that will make between 30, 40 or even 50 meters to go recover the electric terminal according to the number of camping because you will have in the campsite think about the tightness bring with you always American Scotch bring with it seal off your fittings and cross your fingers so that everything goes well usually we can have surprises Tip number 8: the papers! apart from the usual papers that you will have to have with you ie gray card vehicle insurance your passports all the usual paperwork remember to take police cards with you, why? Well, because you will see that in Morocco there are many check points usually at the entrance and exit of cities, that you can be stopped and that we will ask you, not systematically, but we will ask you quite often police cards, the police file is something that you fill when you return to Morocco well we advise you to make a series that you will photocopy that you will take with you why because it will save you a lot of time during identity checks. We put you in link in the comment block a small link to a card that you can download at the limit and that you can use for your own account Tip number 9: the campsites! Morocco is a country very open to tourism in a motorhome they will be able to find structures of reception almost everywhere in Morocco then you will have very big structures that can accommodate up to 500 or even 1000 1500 motorhomes in Agadir and you’re going to have much smaller structures in small towns but you’ll find anyway everywhere you’ll always have places where you can get host where you can connect where you can go redo water except, when you go down for those who go down very far if you go down to Darkhla, for example, there is just when you has just one area (after check point) area called the pk 25 on which you can park again for free but this will be the only stopping point you will have and there is absolutely no service that is who is proposed there Tip number 10: the state of the roads! The motorway network almost new to go to major cities and airports so there is no need to worry about being able to drive in a campsite because we do not recommend very strongly to ride at night why and well because the night you will be able to come face to face with a herd of goats a flock of sheep with people who are driving on the highway and so a tip stop driving before night you can stop sleeping at petrol stations, moreover, it’s something that’s done relatively take this option instead of driving at night. On the secondary network however if the roads are relatively good you will have to be very vigilant vis-à-vis the transport of goods and vis-à-vis the buses that really rolls with open tomb. Tip number 11: Gifts when you are in Morocco in remote places we are sometimes dealing with populations who are in need and it is always interesting to be able to Leave them things that we do not serve you anymore like children’s clothes that have become too small we have the memory when we were in the class having crossed shepherds one of whom had a small child in his arms and then we were very happy to be able to give them something that she can put to this child when when winter comes it’s not a big deal anyway we used it more and so it’s always important to have things like that you can exchange or just give just for fun. Tip number 12: purchases! We are all obviously tempted to go for a walk in the cities to go to the medina to go shopping and bring back memories is obvious there he will have to learn the country and to learn the country you have to know that everything is trading all the time that is when you are going to buy something you will want to bring back a tajine a djellaba anything we will tell you generally three to four times the price at which they sell it to the Moroccan while telling you that it is a Moroccan price so know it you will have to negotiate hard sometimes but in any case when you are offered an object you can do it go down at least half if not if it is three quarters of its price take your trouble in patience do not get upset and then stay courteous these people are adorable and once the deal is done you are still the best friends in the world. If some people can get upset know that it is practiced in a lot of countries it’s part of the culture it’s part of their ritual things are only sold by bargaining. Tip number 13: eat in Morocco! if you are looking for the authentic obviously run away from the beach and go (except to Oualidia) take refuge in the alleys, this is where you will be able to talk with people, that’s where you will be able to do really know the country, that’s where you’ll be able to eat the same way as Moroccans, and that’s really where you will feast. How to bring back beautiful pictures of Morocco you are going to want to bring back obviously beautiful pictures of Morocco and you may have thought to put in your luggage a drone, know that the aviation regulations in Morocco is quite strict and you have no right to bring a drone to Morocco besides we who travel a lot and who cross have many borders we make it a point of honor to respect these aviation regulations and we did not bring back any images of Morocco in any case no aerial image is a story of respect also with with the authorities and with the way of life of Moroccans Tip number 15: for those who still hesitate! the last advice we we will give you is that Morocco is still the best way to be totally out of place it’s a few hours drive to some kilometers of sea and when you go there you will come across people who are kind Obviously the coast is easier but remove yourself to the Atlas, go lose yourself on the side of the Dades Gorge will lose you in the high atlas you will find sumptuous landscapes you will be able to bring back images and memories that will be without common measure with what you used to do so far and most importantly you’re going to want to go back there every year like thousands of other people who each year take the road to the sun. I hope you enjoyed this video and that these 15 tips will help you to have a pleasant stay in Morocco do not forget to put a note in the comments if you have things to report to us or if you have any questions you would like us to answer. In the next video we will make the presentation of our new motorhome so who is the 367 GA from challenger do not forget to subscribe to put a little thumbs up if the videos you like it, do not forget that you can follow our blog but also follow us on the networks like facebook or instagram! stay connected and travel with us!


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