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Hello Polynesians, how are you? We already woke up but it’s a bit late But I got up at 6:30 in the morning. Can you imagine Polynesians? Klear is here waiting for us and today we are going to the camp! ’cause Lesslie organized the camp I don’t even know where we are going or what is like. She only gave us a list of what we had to take. Yes, she just told me some things that we had to take because I had no idea You already knew! No, I didn’t! I sent a statement to the community that was going to go with us telling them what to bring. I put my little camping boots to see if it’s a mountain, I don’t know if it’s a mountain or a lake, whatever. Polynesians, we are also going to carry some water pistols, in fact we are waiting for Brian because he forgot his. So, we will show you what Brian left abandoned here: another skabeche! As always, our adventures can not start with something bad like an accident Ohhh! It’s true. He hurt his little fingers. Well, I covered one. Tell them what they did to you. We were about to check the car to see if everything was fine. I opened it but since I had an apple in my hand Brian was going to lift the hood. He raised it but then he dropped it falling on my two fingers. So it crushed your fingers. It crushed my fingers. And he’s the babysitter. I’m super sad because we won’t be able to take them. It’s of pure friends the place we’re going! They are going to stay! Polynesians, we arrived. We got to where we were supposed to. Eddie already has an adventure partner. Hi, how are you Polynesians? Why did you smash Eddie (‘s fingers)? No, it was unintentionally. I mean, we were in the gas station and he put his hand and suddenly I closed. He told us a different story. Yes, he said you dropped it (car’s hood).True story. Polynesians what we are going to do today is to set up our tents because we’re going to camp here. There is a hotel here and everything, but we said.. No, we are camping. It’s the first time we do it by ourselves. Yes, we’ve never done this before and it’s like… God! I remember doing it once but I mean my mom and dad took care of everything. But this is the first time I do this, I don’t know what to expect, I don’t know how to do things. What we’re going to do now is a competition to figure out who can set up the tent faster. All right? Scabeches Vs Polynesians We’ll win! But they have one more member. Ok, we’re going to be two against two. Some of us is going to be left out and be the one who is going to record everything. Ok, let’s go. What we are going to do is an “Disparejo”. The first one to lose is out. Rafa, put your little hand. Ready? “Dis-pa-re-jo”! “Dis-pa-re-jo”! “Dis-pa-re-jo”! I’m out. I didn’t want to set up the tent anyway, well We are going to set it out. Since a few days ago the international woman’s day was celebrated we have to be tough We can win them all. Come on sister! Let’s start! Polynesians, we are ready! Let’s see who will do it first. Have you set up a tent before? No, I think haven’t… Have you? Yes, I have. Perfect! Have you set up a tent before? No, I haven’t ever done it. Oh, we are all even This is what they have and these yellow sticks. But I don’t know how to… There! Here we see progress because it’s almost ready, I think. Is it wrong? No, because you don’t have to do it like that. God! I don’t know what’s going on here Does it (tent) come with instructions? No, it doesn’t. And if it did, we’ve thrown them away at some point. Ok, while Karen and Lesslie are already going with a super big advance, the Skabechos are going super slow. They haven’t even started. Let’s see, Skabechos. How are you doing? They haven’t even put those rods. You don’t know how to appreciate Renaissance style! Ok, this is a breakthrough… against this! Ok, here you can appreciate the progress. Already!! Wow We won! Oh, God! and where is the entrance of this (tent)? We can set up not only another one or but many until they are over with theirs. Polynesians, as you can see behind me, are the Skabechos who asked for help then they cheated and they are disqualified by me, the judge. I’m the judge and you are disqualified. The judge?! You are not the judge! I established that I was the judge. I have to say that we got a good kick in the butt. From mistakes we learn. You know that if you fall down, you get up. I’m going to get into the one that is here and it’s like it lacks something. This is super empty! This is for a single person, right? It’s not for two. Oh, it’s for two! We have already set up two tents while the Skabeches have set up only one. Oh! Here it is! Here’s one and here’s the second one. Great Job Polynesians! We’ve beaten them up! Check who is helping them! The Staff Personnel! They (Skabechos) brought the staff to help them because they didn’t make it. I’m going to put the diaper on Rafa! No, Lesslie! It’s your competition short Oh, it’s ugly! It’s like for cooking, for cooking the meat. I want to see. I don’t think that will happen. He will surely disappear by the time we will all be cooking. Exactly! No, no, I can cook! I have never gone camping. I must say that this is my first time in everything, for real. Ok, let’s see. I was explaining that for a campfire to last a long time you have to do a structure that will not fall when the fire is burning Wow, the engineer! No, it’s not because I’m an engineer. This is what I was taught in elementary school. You haven’t learned to camp so people actually do it like this. But it’s a is super sunny day, why do you want to make a campfire right now? No, no, the campfire is going to be set and we’ll light it up later at the night. I want you to come. This tent is meant for food storage. This is full of pure water, milk, and cans just in case we run out of food. The thing I like least: cereal. Cookies, chocolates for the night. All the food we’re going to need, right? snacks and here’s “the refrigerator” (LOL) Why is that the refrigerator? Because it is a cooler. Here are our tents, This one. Here we have another one. This is the grill. It’s weird, you just have to put a little bit of coal and that’s it. Perfect! We’ve finished the campfire. Here it is, wow! what we did then was to put all this stuff (the sticks) so that it does not fall, this is super nice! Karen did it. I didn’t. The Skabeches claimed Karen’s achievement. Polynesians, we were touring this place where we came to stay, and look what we found Wow! This river is super nice. Look, this is fish live. Lesslie is going to fill a few water guns and Karen grabbing her so that she doesn’t fall. Lesslie! Lesslie! Don’t! Don’t! Don’t! Oh, no!!! Look! There is a lot fish. There are many. They can be seen. They can be seen. We’re going to continue exploring to see what we find. OMG! I almost fall because of that tree. I’m going to tell you why the Skabeches were filling their water pistols. Like this? Oh my God! Oh, you wetted my whole back! Oh, they wetted me. Here he comes! Here he comes! We continue exploring and see what we’ve found! DO NOT JUMP ON THE BRIDGE (the sign reads) and Lesslie comes in and that is the first thing she does. You must have something to be able to jump out of the hanging bridge, something to jump into the lake, look! Imagine! Woow! Oh so delicious, it’s super nice! Like a small springboard to jump off, so you can jump. Hey, rafts are been put into the lake. That’s nice! Polynesians, Look what we just found. This place is super nice, we didn’t know that there were all these things, and it’s like very big and like it has hiding places, you have to walk around to discover things because they’re not visible at first sight. Look! Bridges, games, yes, this is the children area and this is super nice! But it is empty. That’s cool because it is like a handrail with rings in the water. We didn’t think that it had all this. We thought it was a place only for camping. I have the camera! oh! This is really good! You cover yourself like this. Karen! Karen! Karen No! Ahh! Ahh no!! Polynesians, look what we just saw. These little guys who are on their floating chairs and I want to have one of those! That’s so cool! Imagine going just like that! rowing! We are leaving the island, the promised island and we are going to the land of humans. Polynesians! So much sun has affected you already are you asking for help? Obviously not Polynesians I’m going to throw myself into water! 1,2,3 Oh it’s sad that we haven’t come prepared for this. This is all super cool! I did come prepared but I prefer to enjoy it with all of you my brothers! Have you seen my submachine gun? It’s just in case there are zombies around. We came back from our journey and now, as every BBQ we do, we are going to start the fire and we are going halfway but it is like… our method is infallible. It’s super cool but we’ve been for like an hour but it’s good anyway. We’ve been an hour and we are starving to death but well, here we are. Look, You have to do like a velociraptor! I blow like a dragon! Ok! Ok! Faster! faster! Oh God, my Polynesians are burning! It’s like you get dizzy. It’s like I see everything blurred right now Rafa is like fainting haha, a lot of smoke rose and with this fire we are going to cook very well. This happens while Lesslie puts repellent on Rafa. We are putting repellent on Lesslie. oh, it smells horrible Rafael! No, it smells good, this is to avoid mosquitoes bite us because they are coming and they are very aggressive. Let me put some on your little feet. And now on my little hands! What is this? Why did it burn? Because I had a wound. Where? LOL This is how our barbacue is going. If I’m cold in my feet for example, I place them near the grill. Polynesians we are already here finishing eating. We are super well fed!
Super fed but very cold!
Rafa what are you doing there? Oh, I’m putting some wood together because we’re going to light the campfire right now, and we need everything to be super good.
Hot wood! But while we were waiting for the wood to be hot, we decided to turn the television on! It is a device that existed in the 90th probably many of you do not know it but right now we are going to show you how it was like, let’s watch Sesame Street! Here we have our television. It is very big that TV we bought Now puppets with feet! Polynesians we saw that they have just hired a new actress on TV. Here she is in her music videoclip. We tuned on a retro music channel. So Polynesians we are going to light the campfire because, look over there, they are lighting a campfire, they want to compete against us. They can not compete against the great Rafa dragon! If he faints, you rescue him, Skabeche. No, I’m not going to because I’ll be next to him! The idea is that with this… Light the fire. Here is my dragon power. Right now I am going to teach them! That’s cheating, dude. Here is dragon power! What Rafa couldn’t do. Well, you place it down here and that’s how a bonfire is lighted, with solid alcohol What are you doing? I’m daddy toad! I’m daddy toad! You know ,when a girl is given too much food, she gets overactive! The smoke of the meat affected her! Polynesians I was back there, it’s like a ritual. So they were singing and so I learned their song and it was “The toad family” and so on! Omg Lesslie! Polynesians we making it and there is a great discussion because we made it. Skabecho is saying that he lighted it and that’s not true we did turn it on! Of course it was not the Polynesians, no! it’s on video, it’s on the video! No!No!No!No! lynch them at the stake the Skabeches! But fight hard, beat him down and kick him. Karen won aahhh! God, this is too hard-fought! the campfire is lit hooray! The campfire is lit thanks to Eddi. In the comments write “Thanks Eddie for being the fire creator! That’s not true. It was us, the Polynesians, Yes exactly! We can see that Karen, the engineer, has made a higher fire. It’s on already. It’s on already. #it’sonalready Polynesians now, we are going to play Jenga, but an extreme version, with fire. You go first Here we have the pieces already! Polynesians, you are crazy! Ok ready! I’ll put it on top. You’re going to batter the jenga down You will lose and you will spoil everything. Let’s see! You have to put it on top! Here we have the bonbons’ and sausages’ manager for the campfire. Oh, how beautiful! ready Lesslie? Let’s see… go! There’s my hot chocolate and my sausage What are you doing? I’m burning a sausage. What positions! I can’t, the heat suffocates me! I lost my eyelashes with the campfire Look Polynesians! my sausage and chocolates are ready! Ok! I’m going to try both of them and I will tell you which one is more tasty. Is it too much burned? Yes it is too burned Mmmm! Is it delicious? But the sausage is better. Polynesians, Karen and Lesslie I think they have already fallen asleep, we were here keeping our things and suddenly! Polynesians, Karen and Lesslie fell asleep but we come to explore right? Here is Skabeche with me. Hello, Hello! and we found a kitten here alone, how nice! No, don’t go. Polynesians we have just found a bit of civilization, here is a little coal I can keep warm, there is warm coal, we are going to get into super dark areas like this to see what’s in there! Some minutes ago, we saw a football field that surely has no lighting, oh no! let’s move on! Polynesians, we are still here in the park but we’re a little bit scared because it is very dark and we hear strange things. Look, this is what we see with light and if we remove the light, boom! nothing, there’s only a little light. Oh no, but it’s like the background Oh, God I was scared, we’re going to continue, we have to go on. OK let’s go. Polynesians, we have returned from the expedition, nothing happened but then we were scared by something that was in the water so we came back running, everyone is asleep and I’m going to stay here in the tent, so see you tomorrow Polynesians. Bye! Polynesians we are awoke already but today we are going to record a challenge because we said let’s record a challenge here because this super nice, we left Skabeche in the tent, but we brought Eddi to record this. Look Polynesians here is where we are going to record, it is super nice. Look at Karen and Lesslie they are ready, Eddi is here setting up the camera so that everything looks nice and what we liked about this place is that it had a river and it had trees and it looks super nice, doesn’t it? Polynesians what we are going to use is here already, right? it’s for the challenge. They are of different sizes! Let’s start the challenge. Come on! We finished recording the challenge. Have a look at all this mess, you can’t see it anymore Do you want to see the challenge? it is going to be uploaded on Wednesday for you to know what happened in this place. I think that we should remove the suspenders to these watermelons. Oh poor them! Aaaaah! Rafa ahhh! We return to remove the suspenders to these watermelons because we are going to eat them No, not that way! ahh! It hurt me, go away from here. Did it hurt? Yes You hurt me, the worst was that I told you not to aim there and you go there! Oh no! but I did not know that they were going to pop up Polynesians, the night came again and today we are going to leave, we will collect our things. Today we had been resting that’s the truth. And then after so much rest it’s time to pick up everything. there are three tents we have to collect so let’s go. OMG all this! Lesslie is picking up the tent. Very good! It seems that you’re saying, where are you, miss? No excuse me, sorry, no police! We caught her. But Karen, instead of picking up the tent she started juggling, well, look, I’m going to do a trick Polynesians, ok? I’m going to get into the tent God! What’s that? Taran! Karen keep it. We keep all the tents and everything is empty. Done. How tiny it is I do not know how it all fit there, when I saw it in the bag, I said no, they do not fit. We are the only ones who are here, in fact, they have to kick us out. But they haven’t, but we are leaving right now. We’re leaving now, Polynesians. Exactly! Polynesians write in the comments what was the thing you liked the most in this blog, and next to us there are some previous videos for you to watch them. Click one of these three, they are super nice. And I hope you liked ithis video a lot Polynesians, if you did, clike like so we know and See you. Bye! Bye Polynesians! I love you!


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