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Not A Vacation | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– I got three beds for
Angelina, myself and Nicole. And then I got a cabin by
itself, since she’s pregnant, Dina said she’d like to be alone. Ta da! – You got it?
– It’s actually really cute here. – [Dina] Oh, it is cute. – [Nicole] Oh, I might
be pregnant. (laughs) – [Man] Yo, I’m rooming with Mike. – Oh, shit.
– Aight, aight. – [Man] Keep tradition going. – Big Daddy Sitch came out here to relax. I’m trying to live my best life while I still have my freedoms. – (laughs) You look
like a 90s drug dealer. – Well that’s because I was. (laughs) I’m so excited to have a chill, drama-free, peaceful
getaway with my best friends after one of the biggest
events of my life. – [Nicole] This reminds
me of my house in Seaside. – I mean, I like it, I just am
nervous I’m gonna be scared. – [Nicole] I’m gonna sleep alone. – Jenni was super sweet
and got me my own cabin, but I thought it was going to be like, I would be with everyone in a house, but I would have my own
room, like in Manalapan. – Just sleep with us. – [Nicole] She shouldn’t stay here, it’s in the middle of nowhere. – [Jenni] Well, okay, so do
you wanna make Angelina (bleep) sleep on the couch? What are we doing? – I don’t understand how
this is working right now, this is so annoying. – If we gotta pull-out,
would you take a pull-out? – I’m not gonna, my back is killing me. – Yeah, she has a bad back. – I’m not (bleep) around. – Why am I the only one that
has to sleep on the floor? Why is it that Jenni doesn’t offer? Or Nicole doesn’t offer? I mean, I’m gonna be honest with you, pull-out is hard as (bleep),
I’m not doing it, I can’t. (lullaby music) – This Tempurpedic? – Ooh, these are nice! (laughs) – [Angelina] I don’t wanna
argue about beds all night. – It’s fine, I’ll just stay here. – [Nicole] No, no, no,
you’re staying with us and we’ll figure it out. – [Angelina] I don’t feel
comfortable not having a bed, it’s not cool. – What if we take in the mattress? – What do you mean, on the floor? – Yeah. – [Angelina] I’m not doing it. – Oh my God, it’s like I asked Angelina to sleep on the dirt floor outside. A double mattress? – [Angelina] I can’t. – And I’m like are you
(bleep) kidding me, dude? You know what, move it! I’m out! – [Angelina] You’re gonna
break your back. (bleep) – Angelina, I’m giving
you my bed, have at it. – [Angelina] I’m the one
that’s gotta deal with this right now. – I just want to go (bleep)
home at this point, I’m pissed. (upbeat techno music) – [Nicole] So go home then. – I carried a (bleep) bed over here just in case this doesn’t work. Gonna borrow this one
from (bleep) Dina’s room. Just let me carry it right over. Can’t (bleep) see where I’m going. Not a big deal, bigger
problems in this world, our (bleep) friend’s going
to jail for eight months. – This is just something
I don’t need right now. 12, almost 13, hours in a car. – All of us, Angelina, it’s just not you. – No, I know, but I’m the one that has to deal with
the mattress situation. – No you’re not, we were
all trying to discuss who was gonna use the mattress. – [Woman] It’s literally
not the end of the world. – It wasn’t just you. – [Angelina] How are we in the woods and I’m (bleep) out of a bed? – Listen, I am over the bed situation. No one’s telling Angelina she has to sleep on the floor on the
mattress or on the couch and she’s just going on about herself. – I literally am (bleep) out of a bed. – I (bleep) can’t. – Like, how does this happen to me? – You got a (bleep) bed!
– It’s not only about you! – It’s not about me but
this is a (bleep) bed I have to sleep on. – Oh my God.
– It is about me. – No one is saying you have
to sleep on that (bleep) bed! – Thank God, thank God! – Alright, so I don’t know why you keep complaining.
– I don’t wanna sleep on it. I don’t wanna sleep on there. – Alright, no one is saying you have to! – [Angelina] Yes you guys are. You’re like pulling it in here– – No one said, Angelina– – You’re stressing the pregnant woman out. – You’re sleeping on that (bleep) bed! I get it!
– You’re stressing her out. – Shut up, you got the Goddamn
bed, she’s turning red. – This is not a vacation,
I’m stressed as (bleep).


  • Miss Kaya

    Honestly, they keep Angelina on the show because noone really likes her! Lol. She doesnt fit in but the drama that comes off it adds to great tv. She is annoying af tho. When she has camera time, I just fast forward or go for a cigarette break.

  • Glass Slippr

    Did y’all not catch Jenni say “so what are we gonna do, have Angelina sleep on the couch?” After D expressed her concerns. They obvi can’t be in the same room together so jenni had to have her girls minus Angelina w her

  • Bung Chew

    Angelina: "Why am I the only one who has to sleep on the floor?!"…

    Because… NOBODY at the cabin wants you there, and NOBODY watching this mind numbing stupidity wants to watch you either…

  • Inspirational B3auty

    I’m sorry but Angelina should of ever be brought back on, I feel like she realized how famous and popular the show has gotten and she regrets not being part of it smh and now she wants to re join and expect to be treated like everyone else NEWS FLASH go the f back home you don’t belong and it’s super awkward watching this show with her in it🤦‍♀️

  • Fiana Heidari

    Basic psychology, it wasn't about the bed! Jenny said "do you want to make angelina sleep on the couch?" And then she did a bit of back paddling which didn't work! Angelina felt like considering she's not really liked by the group, they dont care about her needs so she raised her voice and wouldn't shut up about the bed situation. She doesn't feel secure in this group dynamic. It's weird that the fans of the show are just as immature and caty as the cast.

  • Drea Medina

    Idk why angelina is bitching about sleeping on a double matress dont hamsters live in cages i mean come on she should be used to this! Why they allowed her to come back who knows!

  • Lusero Medina

    I’m mean there picking Angelina like she’s the last Resort Fr Now I can see why Angelina acts the way she does but either way the girls have a point too so you guys have to cooperate with each other and yes Angelina also had a point that Jenny or Nicole should have offered tho and Literally just stop looking down on Angelina whatever past mistakes she’s done as in the past like get over it like we have to move on and grow up And just except the fact that she has changed now and she’s trying to make a right obviously and obvious That you keep looking down on Angelina and that’s why she feels the way she does Are you guys have to understand that everyone is different and that you guys have to think not just in your own mind and put yourself in your own shoes but in her shoes to and Angelina same for you with them so you all of your how to cooperate with And listen to each other’s perspective

  • Stephanie Lieber

    I agree with Angelina that it’s not fair that they only ask her to take the couch or sleep on the mattress. However I think she tends to have really poor delivery. If she just pulled Jenni aside and said “look, I really want to help Deena but I’m feeling kind of hurt that everyone volunteered me to sleep on the couch and no one else offered and now I look like the bad guy even though I can’t do it”, then maybe they could have avoided all of the yelling. But instead she turns the whole situation into a personal attack when it’s possible no one even meant it that way. Sometimes people do things that aren’t nice without even realizing it. And if she just called it out without yelling and focusing the whole situation on her then it could have been dealt with without a fight. She just made Deena feel uncomfortable and guilty but it was really Jenni that was making her feel bad.

  • Tina Reed

    I like angelina now n she was right kwow said for her to yeah why cant jenn or nicole 🤷js they didnt jump to say they would for there preg friend

  • THABOMB98126

    1. Why didn’t Angelina just stay in Dina’s pad? 2. Why did Snooki not offer to sleep on the pullout mattress when she was the one so attement about Dina not sleeping alone? 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • April Li

    No one else gave up their bed or said anything when JWoww suggested Angelina to give up her bed therefore Angelina felt forced to. Then Angelina feels like no one is being considerate for her and feels upset yet everyone is upset at her for feeling that way? Messed up. I'm on your side Angelina!

  • kassyjohn1

    They did make it pretty clear she was getting the mattress on the floor… these girls are so mean to Angelina I swear 🤬😭… Snooki and jenni are something else I CANT STAND THEM

  • Deena West

    Ok but why make Angelina do it? Jenni pisses me off. If you really wanted to be nice you would offer up your own bed not someone elses🙄

  • Ria Hill

    I mean why would Jenni even offer Deena Angelina's bed in the first place? If you wanted Deena to sleep with you guys so badly then YOU should be the first to offer YOUR bed, don't take something away to give when its not yours in the first place.

  • Caroline Limone

    why is angalina asked to sleep on a pull out ? is jenny the bed queen ? shes right. why dont snookie sleep on the floor ? why am
    ngelina ? u all pick on her and when she sticks up for herself u attack..

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