Nutty Narrows, Mighty Columbia River & Golden Gate Bridge
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Nutty Narrows, Mighty Columbia River & Golden Gate Bridge

do you knead that blanket you knead it
thank you for making biscuits this morning we’re gonna get on the road
buddy got all our supplies we need here at a Walley world I’m gonna leave the
area today and get into a new state yes before that and get some stops to make
so Jax you just get comfortable okay oh okay
he looks pretty comfortable to me and you know what else guys I may not be
using the bike every single video you see for me just like I may not be using
the drone in every single video today I’m gonna make a point of using the
drone at some point for something I just don’t know what it is yet we shall see
okay Jax be terribly concerned about my choices
today terribly concerned okay I’ll figure it out man don’t worry driving
through this little kind of wooded neighborhood residential area and every
once in a while across this Main Street there’s these
strange things going above the road and I’m gonna take a closer look at one of
them there’s another big one right down there but before we get there look at
this huge squirrel monument mr. nutty the squirrel there how you doing buddy
shooting right up into the Sun let me come over here a little bit yeah he’s
cool looking oh and I just got the connection watch this behind me they got
a steam train on display here in Longview
we’re in squirrel country guys that’s what’s going on you got all these got
all these busy roads with all this traffic and you got all these poor
squirrels that can’t make it safely across right so they build the squirrels
bridges over the road look at this can you see it up here I’ll zoom in a little
bit wait it says it’s the nutty narrows bridge and it spans over these trees
over Olympia Avenue and gives the squirrels a little nice little track to
run across kind of a play on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge I’m guessing and
hopefully not any galloping gertie going on or anything but that is pretty cool
I’m glad they put that in for the squirrels well let’s go chase the good
weather on south and continue and see how far we can get today it still feels
like I’m home in this general area oh yeah it definitely feels like home that
is the biggest no overnight parking sign I have ever seen anywhere we got it we
got it you might say hey Eric that’s a big body of water out there yeah it is
this is the mighty Columbia River on that side of the river is organ where
we’re standing right now is Washington State and it actually the river divides
the two states here in the southwest but then also it goes west to east along the
southern border of Washington and the northern border of Oregon separating
them as well I think I think the organ sides a little
better because I’ve traveled that area quite a bit I’m not gonna do it this
time but yeah but the Columbia River here and right here on the harbor there
are three huge totem poles I mean huge well excuse me three huge totem poles
right there and then this one laying down on the ground world’s largest totem
pole made out of one tree I’m not exactly sure why they took it down maybe
it fell down you can see it used to be right here it may have been too windy or
or maybe this piece of wood is not aging very well being that it’s so tall and
it’s just one piece in fact that’s probably not a good sign that it’s it’s
hollow right there but that is a really long totem pole guys I hope they’re
gonna put it back up actually but we’ll see I may have to cross the Columbia
River quite a few times down in organizer that go through Oregon also
hold on if I saw this right we’re here in Ridgefield Washington and Terry and
Scott destination open road I think I got one for you sorry I mean every
city’s got to be well-known for something Richfield happens to be the
home of u-haul apparently population of 6,000 and apparently this is where you
all started doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me there’s no
information other than that and okay cool there he go guys I have a feeling
Terry and Scott may not be visiting this city though bad memories too soon now as
a while ago my gosh I love these little roadside
gems still not quite in Oregon yeah guys that’s private property over there but I
can show you from the road somebody has built their own custom
Golden Gate Bridge leading to their house they got a little submarine out
here and they just couldn’t be normal so yes they built their own Golden Gate
Bridge to their house peak over here oh look at all the little ducks in the
water too is that cool or what nice job guys still got a few hundred
miles till we hit the Golden Gate er so turning to this rest area here that’s
free coffee and this is exit 11 we’re only 11 miles from where I’m going
to cross over into organ this is the last Washington State rest
area really bumpy and they’re doing construction ah that sign does say they
have a dump and I was thinking that might happen here there’s the dump
I didn’t gonna have to wait my turn there’s already two RVs here that’s okay
so you know then obviously this is gonna be one of those things I really miss
about this state even though they’re unfriendly to RVs in the cities the
state highways that have the free dump stations and free drinking water I’ll
start with a clean slate going into Oregon at least well we hit traffic but
that is a wonderful sight they’re seeing this bridge finally this we’re gonna
cross over the Columbia River right now officially leaving the state of
Washington and hello state of Oregon finally no sales tax so if you get the
two four five at Burger King you hand them a five dollar bill
there’s the entering Oregon sign and yeah that’s how easy it is and we’ll
actually see this this piece of land right off to our right here that’s not
quite the mainland that that is an island that is hayden island and you can
probably see it right there we are welcomed by a cracker barrel
so essentially welcome all RVs yes you can overnight park here okay and we can
get some really good food let’s do that I t’s Washington State a lot but now I
really do like organ a lot better it’s just it doesn’t matter because next time
I come back to the northwest the entire dynamic of the entire Coast could have
changed everything could have turned into a Lacey Washington by then okay I
shouldn’t even bring that up again it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter you
just turn the key and go again thank you Cracker Barrel for allowing some some
overnight parking in your parking lot you got good food and I’m gonna wait an
hour here and then I’ll go in there and get an early dinner and like a like a
four o’clock before it gets too busy seems to work really well and who knows
made and grab breakfast there in the morning – keeping it cool in here
running the fans not quite meeting like air conditioning yet but yes even into
September it can be 90 degrees in some parts of California so if I really am
thinking about continuing on straight south it could actually warm up for me
as we get into autumn fall it’s true so I’m just getting an extended summer I
like it oh and here at Cracker Barrel I’m gonna live without the slides I mean
they’re probably almost never gonna use that slide anymore but this one it’s
perfectly fine to just I can still recline and watch TV just
fine of course alright I’m hangry I’m so angry Chex man
I’ll get some food okay you take care of the fort all right
we’ve seen in about a half hour I’m gonna bring you back something good all
right man all right man be good mmm smell home cooking in here you’re not too busy hit that fried
chicken special today definitely I get that with mashed potatoes and mac and
cheese look at all this chicken in my mouth well I see you didn’t get too far
good morning you slept the whole half-hour away I brought you some
chicken back you want some chicken yeah I just tell you how good it was oh it
was so good you want some chicken oh me oh my it is cooling down a little bit we
hit 84 degrees to me that that’s warm warm for this time of year at least get
used to it Eric it’s gonna keep getting warmer you guys see I put this in I
think I showed this in my last video business cards people are always asking
for info and sometimes they knock and I’m not I’m not here so now you can grab
a business card in here and get some information case you’re curious alright
guys we’re gonna go explore a little bit more up Oregon in my next few videos and
we’re gonna keep it fresh and do all new stuff so you’re looking for fun stay
tuned to this channel subscribe give me a thumbs up on the video and Jackson
I’ll see you in a few days bye guys


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