Oakland Tent City Homeless Encampment in VR180
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Oakland Tent City Homeless Encampment in VR180


  • Invisible People

    Your voice can help end homelessness. If we do not fix the affordable housing crisis, homelessness will continue to get worse. Click here [https://invisiblepeople.tv/getinvolved] to tweet, email, call, or Facebook your federal and state legislators to tell them ending homelessness and creating more affordable housing is a priority to you.

  • weiyang88

    1:40 His father passed away and then the court took his father's home to pay for the medical bills of his deceased father a year+ later? How fucked up is this bullshit?! Are we living in a god damn 3rd world country?! Homelessness is a pretty big issue but medical insurance coverage or the lack thereof in America is a much bigger issue. Can you imagine becoming homeless or completely broke because you had some major health issue that forced you out of the workforce through no fault of your own? This is infuriating to me somehow.


    Love what this man is doing! Love what these people are doing! A man that is actually doing something! Don't ever give up!

  • VegAnimal Brasil

    we need to end with the capitalism or capitalism destroy us ..Trump fascista, take yours hands off Brazil and Venezuela and Latino America!!

  • Nostalgic Life

    History repeats itself. We will have another recession, we will have banks going bankrupt. They can't take away what you don't deposit

  • Janet Joiner

    I was homeless too but now live in a little apartment. Thank you for telling the stories. America needs to hear them! ANYONE can become homeless! Can you guys vote? We need affordable housing!!!! God bless all of you!

  • Yellow Train

    I’m confused…..how does a financial institution going into bankruptcy affect your assets? Aren’t your assets separate from the balance sheet of the financial institution? So to be clear….assume I held mutual funds with E*TRADE and E*TRADE files bankruptcy, how does this affect my mutual fund holdings and it’s value??? I never heard of this.

  • USA handyman and contractor

    Explain this to me how come a bunch of illegal aliens come to the United States only what their shirt on their back end up getting in the house getting a $45 job an hour getting credit buying new cars and not once and up in the streets like these Americans can anybody see anything wrong with this picture

  • Mar Snyder

    It's heartbreaking. The US gives away trillions of dollars of aid to other countries but can not help our own homeless Americans. Why ?? 😢

  • Breeze Incognito

    I will vote for this guy. Besides food, people's most basic needs are shelters. Politicians need to put housing solution on top priority.

  • Richard Daniels

    Sorry i just dont buy what this guy is selling. First off Asians are very intelligent business people, i cant believe he stuck every dime of his $3 million fortune inside one single financial institution. Second his father lost his home to the Government because of medical bills? Come on, Asians are smarter than that Dad would have placed the home in Sonny Boy's name in a trust to protect it from creditors, the ONLY way he would have lost it is if he used the property as security for loans. This story is BULLSHIT.

  • Robert Clark

    The fact that courts can take your home for dying at an old age due to health care is the most disheartening part of this. This guy is a great person, but "true" healthcare reform in the states is necessary in-order to have any sort of stability for the general public

  • fetals

    Theres something reason behind why is this happened to you, from rich down to homeless,,Sooner you will rise up again and stand up for the poor homeless people,,God bless you sir Dirrek,,

  • why soserious

    You know, it's one thing to have a financial mishap whether large or small and fall on hard times….but having to go bankrupt or sell everything you own or inherit including a roof over your head to pay off medical bills ?

    No other industrialized country with a single payer or medical services plan for its citizens would ever need to seek bankruptcy nor worry about a hospital bill…

    The host Derrick Soo would have had a place to live if the courts didn't take the proceeds from his deceased dads home to pay for past due medical expenses…


  • BigDoob420

    Open air slums and they pretend its an improvement. What nonsense, tear it down and send these squatters back to their home states. Most of them arent even from here!

  • Danny Stranahan

    With everybody in that small community working having jobs and most jobs in the Bay area pay very well. They should pool their money together get an attorney buy some land and then they could purchase mobile homes manufactured homes and they would all be able to have a home and some property all with their own money by being able to save living rent free in the tents. Putting their money away while they work in the Bay area

  • Moon Turns The Tides

    Don’t you love our country. They give 0 fucks about us. When he said the court took his house to pay for medical bills It triggered me. That’s bullshit.

  • Andrew Yang

    Why illegal immigrants have more free housing than these homeless people and the mayor, governor and democratics party do nothing about it and the people in California still doesn't approve for the walls? Don't complain about it if you vote for Democrats. You get what you voted for.

  • Bill Randall

    small rooms in lawton rent for $125 a week. 8 rooms is 1000 a week income, 52k per year. 30k in your pocket, and all you have to do is guard your home, basically. Furthermore, since you live there, another 5k of your expenses become part of the house expensives (ie, take out of your tax liability

  • Bill Randall

    They dont have to just let their garbage blow in the wind, ya know. They can pee in a jar (women use a funnel) and use a kitty litter pan, dump liquids down a storm drain and solid wastes into a dumpster, or garbage drum. It doen'st have to be complete squalor. Those that DO live in squalor ought to be helped all right, helped off of this planet, the lazy pos's.

  • P B

    We need Medicare for all and UBI (Universal Basic Income) to help all these struggling people. Check out Andrew Yang running for 2020 President. #YangGang

  • c3p O

    abolish the federal reserve, the IRS, and the federal income tax. These are the reasons homelessness exist. Do you research.

  • Dawn Chavon

    I'm really inspired by this guy. A true leader in my book and these are his people and this is his story. I really need a documentary on this man when he becomes Mayor

  • 23macca23

    Been to Oakland, twice. Last year to an A’s game, was pickpocketed $300 outside. This year on a tour of the PCH, went to see a concert at The Fox Theatre, came back to my hire car and they’d smashed the rear window in, and took almost everything I had. The Police said they have 50-75 of these car break ins, downtown every day. Downtown at night. is awful.

  • Love or hate me It's up 2 you

    Beautiful video , I hope and pray that you all get into housing and off the street , I know how it feels to be a homeless person cause I too am homeless !!! Good luck on becoming Oakland's 2022 next Mayor !!!

  • Pale Feather Valdez

    Those in big gov., need to take a cut in pay, cut their luxuary vacations, jets, etc., those up on the Hill in DC , need to start taking care of this issue ASAP! Stop the greedy apartment, housing owners from jacking up the rents so high people can't afford to live anymore!

  • Espian Mashias

    It's so sad that we the hard working people are being taken advantage of. This has got to stop. We all need to wake up. Something is not right!!!

  • Schabo1234

    Derrick…what a man ! They can take away everything from you.But not your knowlegde and experience to get things starting again ! He is a real leader !

  • Gamer K

    Sick of hearing men with Colon and Prostate cancers.
    All these men need to stop eating meat! Main cause of this horrible disease

  • Diamond Cutter

    I heard that today they wiped out Derricks tent and the shower he shows in this video.
    Here's the video: https://www.facebook.com/sooderricks/videos/1716013095200822/

  • Deborra Strom

    I can't stop sharing this and watching Invisible people! My son was homeless for a few year's off and on. Now I am wanting to help change this epidemic with Him….blessings making me cry.

  • Deborra Strom

    Derrick watched the Emerald Tiny Housing Project! Yes we need to keep pressure on the government by presenting this as affordable solutions to homelessness in a nation that actually has enough land & money & and intellectual economy to do this. America should never have homelessness. There is enough land and inner drive for all the homeless, to have their own places.

  • Toothless Bull Dog 2.0

    City Sanction homeless encampments so this is what the Democrats idea is of progress? this is what they want for the rest of us? meanwhile they fill their pockets with money?
    (SLUM LORDS) vote them OUT.

  • Luke Morrison

    In response to the statement at the end, its not allowed because if you give everyone free housing whats the point of working? get back to work slaves

  • Kazuma Sato

    To end homelessness, vote for Elizabeth Warren.  She can solve the problem.She is the only one to fix the extreme gap between the rich and the poor.

  • Johann Pascual

    Wow! That guy lost 3m dollars, his dad to cancer, and he himself had cancer… and he's now helping other people like he has no problem of his own. This man is a living hero.

  • Exist N Nature Media

    Wow! They really did a great job putting this community together. Hopefully it will get much better for these people.

  • Lori

    The ruling elite are the DEVIL. They used me in their demonic mind control. I told them every way they could end the hardened torture of living things and they refused. That includes homelessness which is by the way hardened torture.

  • Fake Religions

    The only reason we have homelessness in our society is because of those rabbis and preachers who are stealing the money which was supposed to go to homelessness yet, they raped the heart and soul of the people and asked them to pay the 10%  of their net income to their churches and synagogues instead of going to homeless people. Isn't the job of a journalists to search for the truth?

  • Sally Clay

    They need to enforce laws in Cali. It's turning into a sewer. The homeless crisis, is spreading disease all over the sts. Only in Cali, do they allow the bums to live anywhere they want. The liberal politians, r sinking that state. It's becoming like Detroit.

  • Ni Made Widalyathi

    My pray for you and your peoples you will have community built in Love and Care best of luck on your election believe in miracle and ask when you pray I’m sending you compassionate love may Lady Kwan In look down on to you all 🌼

  • Jewsus Christ

    What the fuck. It's like the frontier time when people lived on their covered wagons without possessing any housing. America seem to be having fun by reliving their youth! hahahaha!

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