Off-Trail Mountain Camping and Lake Hike (Olympic National Park)
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Off-Trail Mountain Camping and Lake Hike (Olympic National Park)

Here we are, day one of our Bailey Range trip. So far, there is a light breeze, so that feels good, but it’s pretty hot so we are dehydrated, we are going to take a break here, to drink a bunch of water, before continue the next four hours of the traverse. Here’s a view of peak 6,100′ and a little bit of Mount Appleton. Here we are at the mighty Swimming Bear Lake, looking for the swimming bears, but there is
none, all I can find here is mosquitoes Alright, sitting here below our camp this evening dinner and you can see three beers grazing together. Let’s see, there is one, two, three in that bush. it’s hard to get good view, because they’re grazing. Nom, nums! Now getting all tucked in for the night if the mosquitoes don’t drive us nuts first,
just sitting here waiting for sunset. Here we are, just finished going across the
Catwalk, we are now at Boston Charlie Camp, getting a view of the Strait of Juan De Fuca and Canada, way out there, we are drinking water, now it’s time to climb a thousand or so feet, up to the summit of Mount Carrie. Alright, we are on the shoulder of Mount Carrie and we are looking down at the Hoh River, on the right side of the screen, all the
way out to the ocean. Pretty nice view! On the far left snow, is actually a glacier and that’s White Glacier of Mount Tom. Pretty sweet! So, we ended up going with a plan B route.
The route that we did plan on doing on, little bit too steep for me, so we decided
to stay low here on a south slope of the Bailey’s. Here we are in camp on a
very hot day lotsa of walking, through steep gullies around Mount Carrie, but
that’s okay. Views… of Mount Olympus and Mount Tom, and the White Glacier, on the right of the
screen. Well, the sun’s going down here at camp, bugs are out with a vengeance, and we get a view of Mount Olympus at sunset. There is a view from camp, looking into the interior of the Bailey Range. Then here is looking west, up the Hoh river, down towards the middle of the screen and then the Pacific Ocean, way out there in the red. Alright, we are here above Stephen Lake, and is mid afternoon, and we are trying to decide, on what route to exit, to continue on to the rest of our trip, that is the fun part. It’s a beautiful lake here, surrounded
by millions of Lupin, so it’s a shame not get to stay the night
here, but we might just have to come back next time, after we are more familiar with
the route. Alright, it’s evening here in camp. clearly
very long day in the Sun pretty tired. We started at 8 am and it is now almost 6:30 straight of hiking. Umm in front of us you see
Stephen peak the traverse that we did today is on the
North Slope um around to the southeast and then down the slope that you see in the video. Very, very
steep and it was very hot today gonna sleep good tonight for sure. We’re here. It’s dinner time at Camp and we’re going on evening four. It was super hot the last
two days very buggy, but we made it out of the Bailey Range. We visited a little traveled area called Stephen Basin. This morning as we woke up, there was passing thunderstorms and scattered showers, so it was pretty cool to be in the Bailey Range, and have lightning striking around the nearby mountains, so, that was exciting. Alright here’s a up close and personal view of yesterdays traverse in the heat, we exited Stephen Basin, then traversed around Stephen Peak, which is viewed the center the screen,
with snow on it, we traversed across all that steep
scree, and then up on of the little glaciers there on the bottom left of the screen or the mountain and then ran the ridge on the
left to the screen all around dropped into the other side so that was a pretty adventurous day. Waking up day 5, and it rained all night really hard.


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