Oh How Campy Too | Barbie LIVE! In the Dreamhouse | Barbie

life in the dreamhouse. Oh yeah! Life in the dreamhouse. Barbie! Life in the dreamhouse! [MUSIC PLAYING] Roughing it is really fun. Well, this isn’t exactly
roughing it, Chelsea. I wonder how Stacie’s
doing out there. And finally, tighten
with a Schnagen wrench. Where is the Schnagen wrench? Ugh, they always
forget something! I’m earning my camping badge. There are three
things I have to do– build a fire, find food,
and spend a night in a tent by myself. Maybe it’ll work anyway? Yo, Stacie. We’re all getting mani-pedis
in the camper salon. Sure you don’t want to join us? I need to do real camping! Hey, we’re really camping! After this, we’re going to
watch a movie about the woods on the big screen. My idea of roughing it? A hotel without high-speed WiFi. [PHONE RINGING] Ugh! How am I supposed to make
a fire with plastic sticks? Ooh, sorry Mr. Squirrel. Ow! Nuts and berries
for dinner, yummy. What? [SQUIRREL SNICKERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [SHIVERING] So hungry. So cold. Wow, Stacie. You’re so brave to spend
the night in the wilderness all by yourself. Are you kidding? I love it out here. Couldn’t be more comfy. You go, Stacie. Such a trooper. I know that I– [SQUEALING] Cherries
jubilee for dessert! Yup. Nothing like sleeping
under the stars. On a nice clear night. Barbie, I need to
do this on my– [SQUEALING] Bear! The Schnagen wrench. [GROANING] I’m a Grizzly Scout. I’m trying to earn a
badge for helping humans. Or is it eating them? [MUSIC PLAYING] [OWL HOOING] [SNORING] Bacon and eggs! Stacie, you did it. You earned your camping badge. So, Stacie, how’d you manage to
camp out there all by yourself? Well, I did have a little
help from a friendly bear. Yeah, right. A bear? [ENGINE TURNING OVER] Wait a sec. Who’s driving the camper? She says she’s

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