OLD RAP VS NEW RAP (Ft Maskey, Jhon Rachid, Mister V, Freddy Gladieux, Aaram Anis)
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OLD RAP VS NEW RAP (Ft Maskey, Jhon Rachid, Mister V, Freddy Gladieux, Aaram Anis)

GOLDEN RECORDSAutopsy of rap, game?
Dying of “me me”, lame! Our artistic values
Nicked by little no-names I’m pissed!
Remember when we were kids? Our rhymes snapped
Like lightning cracks Hip-hop will rise from its ashes Not get tanked by dumbasses All their rap is big bills and butts They’re off-base and we play pubs Stop looking backward, fat man! The only part that used to be better?
You not saying rap used to be better. Fat man! We’re living the vida loca
Getting strange in the hood I don’t want your life
All that “stop this, stop that” Your rap all sounds
Like public-service ads Stay in school, buckle up
Wear a hat when it’s cold Spare me the advice
I’ve already got a dad Your flow is boring
Three times, it had me snoring I want lots of Benjamins
Rented villas full of Cinnamons You’re so tired
(Big sissy) You use francs for the bus
You listen to Elvis Truth:
You’re not fit to wipe our boots You’re really annoying
Smarmy and cloying It’s all about sincerity
Rapping, rapping every day I flow and elbow
In all sincerity Your flow is wack
Like a big’ ole smack Simon says: get back!
I’m on the attack! Bang goes my big piece
And my soul Take us back to real men
Like Vader and Saruman! There’s no use Saying words I make moolah, moolah, moolah…
Without saying a word Like: Look what they’ve done
They stomped on our rap Stomped to death! Street art
Ended up in a smoke bar Talking hash, vag, butts and corners They’re lovesick nerds
But act all hard But I’d just fuck’em
And chuck’em Nebuchadnezzar How many of them know the streets? In Fresh Prince
I’m Will, they’re Hilary I’m Will, they’re Hilary When you rap,
You blow, blow, blow, nigga! You get no club play, play, play,
nigga! Your Mom and I’ll bang, bang, bang,
nigga! I’ll smash her puss, puss, puss,
nigga! Believe! Stop calling us fake, you Wanna fuck my big-ass vixens But you’re 60 and can’t get hard! I’ve sold so many CDs,
I’ve lost count Tick tick,
Your mom on my dick On a picnic
It’ll be her Big Mac! – Unbelievable, Dimitri!
– Mom? How could you insult moms? That’s just the music… I don’t care about that! – Respect mothers!
Quiet around mom? Speechless? Loser. – Romuald?
– Mom? Are you laughing at people
who respect mothers? – No, it’s just…
– Be quiet, Romuald. Respecting mothers is very important. I know.
I don’t know what came over me. When you put it like that,
it may be what we have in common. – Yeah.
– Respecting mothers is important. Your mom…
You only get one And for her
I’d even go to the moon You have to respect her
When she sends you out for bread Don’t you grumble, now


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