Oman Road Trip (Part Two)
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Oman Road Trip (Part Two)

Hey! Hey, welcome to Part Two of our Oman Road Trip In Part One we went scuba diving we camped at some amazing mountain and beach locations and we explored Musandam in the far north of the country If you haven’t seen it, go check it out now. We’ll wait for you in this beautiful wadi. For the next two weeks we’re gonna be in the south of the country, first around Salalah and then we’re gonna be heading up the east coast all the way back to Muscat So, stick around and see what we get up to there Standard breakfast for us every morning Del makes round one of coffee using our filter coffee dripper, very handy Then, muesli, powdered milk if we don’t have fresh yoghurt usually we have some bananas in it, but we’ve run out of bananas today so no bananas today and we have it all in our collapsible bowls. Look at that, magic! That’s us all stocked up Eh, if this is what Salalah’s main city beach looks like I am super excited for the rest of them down this coast. This is amazing! It was a very tough decision, on which beach to camp? There are so many beautiful ones around here Seriously, we had to go check all of them out and in the end we went with this one, I’m still not sure if we made the right decision You know, grass is always greener and all that but this one has a very nice rock and it had a whole bunch of camels who were literally roaming around in the spot where we’re gonna put our tent So I think that swung it in the end We had some grand plans for today We were gonna go on a mountain road trip over to the west of the country near the border with Yemen but do you know what? It’s really nice here and there’s multiple beaches, so instead we decided just to beach hop for the day chill out a bit Yeah, when there’s so many beaches that you can’t choose between them, you may as well just spend a bit longer and go to every one of them We camped at Salalah public beach last night and we had a little mid-cooking dinner stove incident so Del had to do an emergency run to the supermarket to buy a new one. So we’re onto our third stove of the trip, but that’s fine Yeah, that was fun. Anyway, today we’ve started our journey north and we’ve come up the east coast not far from Salalah to a place called Khor Rouri I think that’s how you say it Anyway, as you can see it’s absolutely beautiful It’s where the waters from Wadi Darbat flow into the sea and we thought there was gonna be some flamingoes here, but no such luck only camels, the ubiquitous camel I am utterly gobsmacked This is insanely beautiful Oman just never ceases to amaze us Every day you’re like, ‘What? What?! How is this real??’ It’s a good one We hunted out the top of that waterfall that we were so enamoured with yesterday and it was really cool up there you could just look straight down it and nobody else there, probably because it’s a little bit dangerous And then we went to the largest sinkhole in the world, according to our guidebook Now we’ve headed back down to the coast This beach looked great from Google satellite view, and it wasn’t wrong Yeah We got down here, had a nice picnic and the water is perfectly calm and good for a swim so we’re finally gonna get in the water after, I don’t want to think about how many days without a shower Wow, so we just pulled up here This place someone has marked on Maps Me as a ‘Sweet As Oasis’ And they’re damn right We had to drag ourselves away from that wadi this morning It was so so nice and there wasn’t a soul in sight. We couldn’t even hear any cars from the road, I don’t think there were any It was amazing the stars last night, really really nice we just left the fly off the tent and we were just lying there with this show above us it was great. Now we’re driving up the east coast and I mean, just look at it. It’s incredible. That water is just divine We’ve stopped for lunch before we head up into the Sugar Dunes Kim’s favourite, hot soup on a hot day I’m letting the pressure out the tyres because we’re gonna drive on the sand dunes I am just caked in sand after that comedy fall in the dunes I need to get in the water just to clean myself off We’ve landed on Masirah Island and we’re gonna spend the next couple of days here. It’s very windy, which is probably why the place is famous for kite surfing Yeah, we’re just gonna drive a little bit further down the coast and try to find a good place to camp for the night Today it’s like 40KPH winds and this is actually our third camp spot of the day and it’s now 5.30pm, and today was a day we wanted to stop by 3.30pm and just chill out and it’s not quite happened… We’re heading back to the port on Masirah Island now We are hoping that the ferry back to the mainland is running because the weather is still crazy, it’s 40KPH winds So, we went to the National Ferries Company and there’s no ferries today, probably not tomorrow and possibly not even the next day but thankfully you have these private ferries that just run anyway so we’ve come over to the dock and managed to get on this one It’s gonna be a bit of a hairy ride The ferry over there’s not going now, the one that we were on Apparently they’re a bit worried about the weather so we’ve been told to come off We’re now waiting to get on the next one I think they’re a bit more brave. Or foolish. So we’re on a boat but we’re still in port, we’ve not left yet hopefully this one actually goes but even if it does go this is gonna be a really rough crossing, I’m not really looking forward to it We’re packed up, pretty early for us we’re just heading down to Wadi Bani Khalid now, try to beat the crowds It is possibly the busiest of all Oman’s wadis yeah, but we’re here mid-week, and the thing is it’s a bit cold up here so I actually don’t even want to go swimming It definitely paid off coming early, we had the whole place to ourselves and I needn’t have worried, the water was like a warm bath, it was delightful We’re packed up, the daily goat gang has just been through our camp rampaging through, and now we’re heading off to the Bimmah Sinkhole and then inland to some more wadis today It’s our second last day and I’m really sad, I’m gonna miss these goats We’re sad to say it’s our very last night in Oman, last night camping and for once we have arrived at our camp spot before it’s dark This is why we love Oman so much, one minute you’re driving on the main road, the next you’re like, ‘Oh, I think we can get to where we’re going if we just take this other road’ and suddenly, you’re wadi bashing We’ve come full circle, we’re back here at Yiti Beach our first camp spot way way way back at the start of the month we’ve got a couple of hours to kill before we go to the airport so we’re spending those hours here and watching the sun go down Yeah, we’ve just been reflecting on our month long road trip here and I think it’s safe to say we’re gonna be back in Oman for a third time sometime in the future we have absolutely loved it here, even more so than the first time It’s just such an incredible country if you love the outdoors you know, you’ve got everything from mountains to beaches, wadis, deserts, everything and camping is the perfect way to experience it we’re really quite sad to be leaving Absolutely. So, head on over to Going The Whole Hogg to check out all the blog posts we have on Oman and to help you plan your road trip around this amazing country You can check out the links in the description below And if you’ve enjoyed this video, do give us a like You can leave us a comment below if you’ve got any questions And, don’t forget to subscribe for all our latest videos And last but not least… Dont forget the bell! Very important to get those notifications And we’ll see you next time. See you next time! Bye


  • Mohammad Elayan

    Hi guys, this is an incredible video, thank you for this effort. Can you please tell me the name/coordinates of the place which starts at min 5:30 of this video until about min 7:00 I think, is it all one place? It’s rare to see a green riverbank in this region. Can you also mention the name of the wadi which you start showing in minute 8:50 of the video. Much appreciated!

  • Johan Roggeveen

    Thanks for posting this amazing video. Oman is gobsmackingly stunning. We are planning a trip in October. Your tips on your blog are so helpful!!

  • Kayla Sedgwick

    Thank you so much for this beautiful video as I am going to Oman in a few months. This is very helpful and I loved the footage, you guys rock!

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