One essential piece of kit when wild camping / backpacking ? Exped 9 LW
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One essential piece of kit when wild camping / backpacking ? Exped 9 LW

right wheres this comment yeah so as you
know I’m doing these short videos just trying to answer some of the comments
that I get in the YouTube videos I’m finding it harder and harder to reply to
every comment taping I owe you so I thought I’d do some videos so they may
be a bit more informative than they spending ages and I’m terrible probably
the world’s worst for typos and typing bad typosr should know the keys
and a press saying before I proofread these responses specially if I’ve got lots
and lots of comments to go through so I thought I’d do these their videos and
another question that I got asked and this was back on the video where I was
asked about what temp I use when I go sonic camping and somebody mr. Owen p1
asked me was wondering what your choice of room art to sleep or need be and I
think this is an excellent question thank you for asking it and I actually
read this the room art I use as a most important piece of kit that I take with
me when I go wild camping whether it be winter summer spring autumn so I thought
you’ll be video on the role map that I use now to give you a bit of context
back in the day I used to have the read don’t we call them with the pole of
styling really lightweight robots which were great in terms of their weight you
know they didn’t weigh anything if you held them up and in the wind it blew
away but the only issue I had with those was they weren’t very comfortable and
unless you got a completely flat piece around which let me tell you it’s harder
than you may think to fade at the top of a mountain I think I’ve only had one
word it’s been really flat the raw maps really important because with these old
ones I had as the rose any bumps lumps stones which there are a lot of time you
can kiss goodnight to have a negative H sleep kiss goodbye having a good night’s
sleep so I invested yes and what this is if I got to the
camera I don’t have you’ll see it it’s a rumor it’s made by a company I think
it’s a expiry that will ther on the race there’s lots
of different companies that do rule marks this is just the one that I use so
I want to talk about this I don’t have any experience with any of the other
ones so I want to talk about the experts at all Matt this is I this is actually
my second it’s big robot and I’ll come on to why it’s my second one and also
while so the one that I use is the day Matt name LW nothing LW stands for extra
wings and with some dope or shakes food sob I was going to
I’m not going to scrimp on this as I said it’s the most important piece of
kit for me I’m not a wait wait I’m part of you’re looking for ultra wait wait
wait there tips and maybe I hate someone else anybody than which is my vlogs and
all the news that I am not I do not carry out the practice of late tweet
camping or lately anything in 12 my knees are probably enacted the size of
this is it’s 197 by 65 by Maine centimeters our file you eat and we 1220
kilograms so it’s no I’m sure those later ones I know you can get certain
marks which a freak water length in fact I used to have a I think it was a bangle
that be rate of angle one day it was only bit that faking it blow up from a
PR most mouthpiece and it was a freak water length what an I just I just think
people are some people are Fame of those by I need I need something comfortable
or sleep on or it’s comfy I can faint so I bought this one it’s down fold and the
main reason that I went for this back and a fresh bought maybe six or seven
years ago because it was painful than it gives you good insulation from the
ground especially in winter and that’s that’s really important it’s also quite
fake so I think it said it was named same for me to chose its name say to me
I mean essentially it’s a whale of an expansive way loss
and then I’m away things it costs about the same as what a whale would cost so
it’s filled with those it’s really good it’s really comfortable and as oh that’s
my son all right well this how you doing sir so
there yeah just interrupted by my my son asking me to meet someone shouldn’t be
done I don’t want to finish this see this is where was I hear it’s quite
thick that’s quite important because it even though the themes I’ve no I can go
into a summit camp and I can feign bits which are relatively far back a flat but
I knew if I had a thin rule man wouldn’t I remember this I am Joe rocks and lumps
and bumps are feeling under the teens that’s the main thing the first one I
had was exactly the same as the only difference was you pump them you don’t
use your mouth you don’t blow into this because of the think the reason behind
that is the moisture in your breath and if the moisture gets in there it can
affect the doing so you have a system to pump up and this one has like a handheld
system you pump up but sounds good yeah I don’t like it I I much preferred the
old system which had a bag it’s a bit like these inflatable pack rafts you get
and you have like an inflating bagging you fold up follow up with ear connected
to this and push down and the air goes in it that was a lot quicker and I
thought a lot easier than this new system but this it just takes a bit
longer to pump up using this new system so I had that original one and I did a
video and I wish I’d put it in the video but I didn’t I was a wee up in a anelia
called the wet are you forest in the northwest Highland and I’ve had a few
big days in the hole and I was coming back then the final day and I was gonna
camp and my base camp and then head out the next day and I knew the way that was
was ruling in that evening and I got back to the tent and I had think was
drawn batteries actually I didn’t realize they were underneath the pump
top rule marked and I sat though with all my weight on this to take my shoes
off and the next minute I was walking beam was on the next next minute it
fairly felt like I was in a snow globe and somebody throwed me up say then
there was down everywhere and that was stuck to me
and everything and he didn’t say I wish that video would have been quite funny
to look at I was I was loved it and it was a big long tear I mean I must have
been a 6 or 7 same thing up here like this battery it’s quite sharp page and
it was a drooling battery it cuts to do it and it appeared kick that I had was
just for small tears and at that point I struck camp and and got here because I
didn’t I didn’t want to face it that’s really important I think this is
I didn’t want to sleep without the I don’t think I would’ve got any sleep
without the in the mat and make you still had something in it to pertain
there we bit but there have been any of that even to the wave of the grain there
and I remember my affording my wife and she very cool he picked me hotel
I think it was a last room and I got in their landing so that’s why I don’t have
the old one and I had to buy than you want oh yeah that’s the it’s big st.
Matt’s it’s quite daily so that’s a bone point on it you can get later ones for
summer I just use this all year round because yeah I’m not gonna splatter the
quite expensive I think little bit 200 and they get cheaper ones you can buy
them secondhand of you but you can get ones for the summer
some people have summer ones of them to when I used to have the one all year
round that I wouldn’t do in a wild can’t without this it’s a teeny as I said
before it’s the most important piece of carrot cake in oil camp so I really
really having a good good relax whether it’s one like this or I think mean
companies theorem away lots of different companies out there and once again if
you’re gonna buy one thing you you don’t need do some research and find it was
best for you but this is just a video about why I use personally and Harraway
kit but that’s just a fantastic piece occur I do like it it’s about being
putting up and taking it down but apart from that it’s provided me with some
good night’s sleep one last yeah one last thing I should
really mention about this when I first got a taste of pump out fuel so it was
nice and hard and I thought that was the best
I’ll get the best night’s sleep because obviously would give me the best
cushioning for me but no very pumped up I’ll wet a little bit of ero because
when you’re lying on it obvious your weight on it splits and moves the
arrow road king of the MA I’m probably not making that sound very
legible but I read it they only been that makes it so much more comfortable I
mean she can sink into I’ll be a bit more you know what you want to get the
the level of inflated miss none of us a correct word just at the rate level so
it’s not to inflate it and it’s not too flat so you’re feeling the grade and
that’s necessary getting a base nicely with them there we go they experienced
LW named doom that is the one I use hope that has been useful and thanks again
for watching if there’s anything you’d like eating over on the kit that I use
personally there and just leave a comment below and I’ll see you back in
answer that in a future video right I better go and meet my son some some
lunch right thanks for watching stay safe out there and enjoy the holes you got your good yeah I’ll get you just
don’t finish this video take me five minutes and then yeah either this right
maybe you want to come in front of the camera so everyone can see you in your
lungi like shut the door please sir I’ll give you a shame to be
menorah – okay once I finish this


  • alex smith

    Hi Murray, That is the same mat that I use but I purchased a small rechargeable air pump to blow it up and fully deflate it. Works like magic and dos,nt weigh much or take up a lot of room in your rucksack.

  • oerglwoergl

    A question for you: when you camp in winter how do you deal with the condensation of moisture inside the sleeping bag? Do you use a vapor barrier liner? Dry the sleeping bag in the sun? Anything else?

  • Samuel Ramsay

    Your mat has a very hefty price tag m8t and huge weight penalty for me, I prefer to use the exped sinmat ul7 it packs very small weighs nothing and cost about £ 90 and that includes the pump sack that doubles up as a great compression stuff sack for storing your sleeping bag also keeping it nice and dry and then in winter I use a foil mat underneath for the extra insulation from the cold ground ,I'd definitely say investing our money in a good sleep system is the way to go though can't be any worse after a long hard day hiking up mountains when your cold wet and very tired not having something decent to sleep on,I've been watching your videos for a month or so now great stuff some cracking footage thanks for sharing and keep 💪💪💪👊👊👌 cheers sammy

  • Christopher Smith

    Hi murray Nice bit of kit that mate I am like you dont do light weight kit i would sooner have something more robust i think light weight kit dont last as long thats just my opinion Thanks for that murray atvb chris

  • jeg569

    Love my Synmat 7 LW for motorbike and car tent nights, my Thermarest Neo Air is much lighter for wild camps. Thanks for the video.

  • Lawrence Jack

    Great mat, bought it for the gf, I personally use the thermorest neoair xtherm as it’s much smaller pack size and has that sack to fill it with air 🙌🏻😜. The cost never comes into it for a great night comfortable sleep 😴. Atb Lawrence

  • David Blair

    I have the exact same pad Murray. Agree about the pump but once up it’s great. Does weigh a ton tho. I’ve just got myself a lighter 3 season set up consisting of an Alpkit PipeDream 400 bag and an Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite. Yet to try them out tho.

  • Garry Blackburn

    The Exped Downmat is available with the inflation bag both the TT and UL have it. Link to exped website

  • Alan Hunter

    Hi Murray I swithered on it and inthe end i bought the x therm large. It is lighter and packs smaller. I use it all 4 seasons and would not be without it.

  • Donald Goldney

    A great addition is to carry a foils emergency blanket I lay it on ground first for insulation then my mat on top cheers Don

  • wholly spokes

    My Exped down mat exploded in a cloud of feathers after my ruck sack waist strap pinched it…climbing in tent.
    Not good nearly got chicken pluckers lung ,lol

  • Kevin Swanson

    I have the same mat, and love it when I’m not on a long distance, multi-day backpack. For a single night, or short distances, this 9LW is *amazing*! Luxury! Planning to lounge upon it in Scotland over the next two weeks – filling it with the yellow stuff sack! When lightweight is the goal, the neo-air xlite is my mat of choice.

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