Origins of the word picnic
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Origins of the word picnic

This is Words. Picnic
Have you heard that the word picnic originally meant a family day out to watch the lynching
of an African American person? Supposedly a white family would pack their
lunch, head along and pick a black person to hang. Back when chain emails were a thing, the story
was spread that way. It’s not true. Picnic comes from the French ‘pique-nique’. In French, Piquer means to pick or peck. Nique seems to have been used only because
it rhymed – it meant nothing. For its first hundred years or so, picnic
referred to the plate that a guest was expected to bring to a party. Gradually, its meaning shifted to mean an
informal outdoor meal. It never had anything to do with a lynching. But that didn’t stop people being offended
by it. At the State University of New York, they
wanted to honour one of their baseball legends with a picnic, but the university’s equity
office was opposed to the word being used, due to its racist history. One of the university’s English lecturers
told them it had nothing to do with lynchings, but the equity office insisted, saying “the
point is — the word offends.” So the university decided to call it an “outing.” Then, gay students took objection to that,
and so, the university decided to publicise the event without using any noun to describe
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  • A-10 Warthog BOOYAH BIG BABBY Big Kahuna

    This video is a deliberate attempt to mislead people with false information and miseducation. Just like they tell us the reason that so-called black people were considered 3/5 human is in regards to voting is a complete lie. The truth is so-called black people were considered 3/5 human long before they were ever considering voting. So-called black people were considered to be no different from hogs or a mules to rationalize working them, raping them or eating them. They had no right so whites could do whatever they wanted to do to them. Hence the hanging of so-called blacks to bleed them out like stuck pigs or hogs in preparation for eating them. White people visiting from Europe took pictures astonished by their counterparts Behavior European settlers definitely cannibalized so-called black people and since they controlled and still control the narrative by burning books and rewriting history they tried to hide it because their were and still are embarrassed by their past. My elders informed me of the truth. They were hardly ever any so-called black funerals or massed Graves site. The Ice Cream Song is misleading its a racist song also know as n-words love a watermelon. They sold the unhealthiest unusable worst parts of ingredients to make ice cream to so-called black people and call it N word ice cream. I thank God for my elders for without them I would have to depend on my oppressors for information into my own history there is no such thing as black history, black history begin with slavery before we were given the title of black we were Native American or African. My elders use to say "white people will never give reparations to their food". A 90 year old white man i use to take care of in a nursing home confirmed everything that I'm saying and hinted that there are somethings we should never share. He also said that racism will be around for at least three more Generations…

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