Oscar Scherer Florida State Park – Tour & Camping
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Oscar Scherer Florida State Park – Tour & Camping

– Hi, this is Tiffany from
Noordinaryhomestead.com. And today’s video is about a trip that we just took to
Oscar Scherer State Park, which is in Florida, near Sarasota. And basically, we just
needed a place to get way to. We’re looking for a,
just a nice time to relax and turns out that this is a
really nice state camp ground, very family friendly. There’s lots of things to do, especially if you’re
into outdoor activities. So, enjoy our trip and the view. Have you ever taken a
spontaneous camping trip to a nearby destination? You should. Especially, if you find out the weather will be perfect for it. We had never heard of
Oscar Scherer State Park, near sunny Venice, Florida,
but we love Florida state parks and our trusty Reserve America app said there was a dog friendly spot available. Oscar Scherer State Park is
1,381 acres of mostly scrubby Flatwoods and is home to
a very famous inhabitant, the Florida scrub jay. It’s a pretty dull drive along
the highway, most of the way, but you might have a few fun sights, like Harley drivers with pink
streamers, or the Death Star. (soft upbeat music) Just like most Florida state parks, checking in for camping was a breeze. Online reservations
are a convenient option and we prepaid before we arrived. The fee for the night
was a reasonable $26, which included the use of
electricity at the campsite. The friendly ranger drew us a map, and pointed us towards our
plot, and sent us on our way. Even though this park is
less than 100 miles north of our home base in Naples, Florida, the plant life here looks and
feels a lot less tropical. We picked campsite number 17, the first of four plots tucked away in the back of the camp ground. In the future, we
recommend sites 18 to 20, if you prefer a little more privacy. Our spot was a nice size,
backing up to a little river. But unfortunately, it was somewhat less
private than we had hoped. The campsite was in good shape, overall, with sandy ground and featured
all the standard amenities such as picnic table, fire
ring, and electric hook-up. (upbeat instrumental music) One of our personal camping
traditions is to celebrate getting our camp set up
by having a hearty snack. We usually take a baguette, a few different kinds of cheeses, and an array of meats
like bacon and salami. It’s simple, easy, and we love to enjoy the
different flavors as a reward for our hard work of
driving and setting up camp. With our bellies full from lunch, we set out across this picturesque bridge right behind our campsite to explore all that Oscar Scherer
State Park has to offer. While many seem to enjoy
fishing in the creek, there were also many
other things to do such as hiking on one of the several
nature trails or geocaching. Another cool feature is
the park swimming lake, complete with sandy beach. Just make sure you watch
out for the gators. Right next to the lake is
one of the park’s bathhouses. Just like the others scattered
around the campgrounds, this bathhouse is complete
with running water, toilets, and showers. While not luxurious, by any means, this is a state park
campground bathroom, after all. Facilities were extremely clean and well maintained in this bathhouse. One of Mackenzie’s favorite
features were the playgrounds. (upbeat music) The screened-in patio at the
Classroom Center offers wifi and electrical outlets for your enjoyment. But please, do not dare
enter with sandy feet. We love campsite cooking, but rather than relying on
the romantic glow of campfire, we opt for the easily managed
cooking power of coals. We like to prepare as much as possible, ahead of time at home, especially
for short camping trips. For this trip, we dry
rubbed beef tenderloins and wrapped them in aluminum foil. Corn on the cob was prepped
with a bit of butter, herbs, and salt, then neatly packaged in foil for a delicious campfire side dish. But the highlight of this meal
were the campfire potatoes. This sliced potato is rubbed
in oil, salt, and rosemary, and wrapped in, you
guessed it, aluminum foil. Bake them in the hot coals
for about 45 minutes. The outside may be black and tough, but the inside is soft as butter. In the end, no matter what you cook, campfire meals among your loved ones somehow just taste a little
bit better than any other meal. (upbeat music) Rise and shine, it’s time to
stretch out those achy bones after a night of air mattress sleeping. A French press coupled with
a small gas power cooker makes for an excellent coffee supply, while waiting for the more rugged campfire to start cooking our
hearty campfire breakfast. (upbeat music) Even if some of the
leftover slices of bread got a little bit toasty, our simple pre-prepared cowboy breakfasts are always a hit with both
young and old when camping. (upbeat instrumental music) Following breakfast, we
made our obligatory march over to the bathhouse for dish duty. (music continues) While here, we stopped in for a closer
look at the other bathhouse, which was actually closer to our site and also extremely clean. Before jumping in the car to head home, we had to put in a quick stop to give the second
playground of the park a try. (upbeat instrumental music) Mack really enjoyed this playground, although she might be getting
to big for most of the toys. Just like the other playground,
this one was very clean and in excellent shape. While Oscar Scherer State Park probably isn’t an essential
part of anyone’s bucket list, it’s a beautiful, natural park
with nice areas to explore, and we loved our visit. We were looking for a short escape that would allow us to get
a maximum of nature, family, and leisure time in a
minimum amount of time. On all those fronts Oscar
Scherer State Park delivered. (upbeat instrumental music)


  • Laurel Perry

    Loved your review – we are planning a visit to the area and based on your video this sealed the deal to this park! Thanks!

  • Marcus Hammer

    As others have said, great work! We have been to this park before. I almost rode my bike into a bobcat! Scary but cool! Anyways, keep up the awesome directing, editing, etc .

  • Suzanne Ramoundos

    You did a great job on this video for us. Exactly what we needed to see, thanks. Did you wifi signal in the campsite area at all..we need to work on the computer securely (that cancels the free wifi in the building) while away 🙁 and wondered how far we would have to go to pick up a decent signal for our mobile hot spot. Do you think we could use our mobile hotspot in the same building where wifi is offered.

  • Miss Primrose

    The deadly naegleria fowleri amoeba lurks in the fresh water lake. I still would not swim there. alligators do live in these lakes as well. I wouldn't take the chance.

  • B’s Outdoor Adventures

    We loved the park itself two years ago and have been RVing for over 15 years! Never experienced such rude non friendly staff.will not go back.

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