• bibektg

    When this episode aired sound only I watched half way through before realizing that it's completely worthless watching the sound version of this episode

  • Dominique Marie

    I’m just waiting for the day when Rhett says , “hi welcome to ear biscuits, I’m link,” and totally throw off link 😂 I think they talked about this in a past episode lol

  • andrea collins

    Seriously! I didn’t need to be blinded as I just smashed my nose through my fridge door and now I’m bleeding! But I’m still watching so much love from Ireland

  • Palasha Shrestha

    I have been watching this channel since I was seven (2014) and the first video I watched was posted on my birthday I love this channel And ear biscuits help me sleep every night. 😴😊

  • Amanda Hammack

    We had an ATARI, a Nintendo, and a SEGA Genius. The ATARI was my parents. They bought it for themselves for Christmas after they were first married. We didn't have the power pad. We had to go to the neighbor's house across the road to play with the one they had with their Nintendo.

  • J Ty

    I think what Rhett is realizing is the implications of a world where artificial experience may be "better" than real experience. Right now, things like video games are no replacement for life. You don't feel in a video game, you don't smell, you don't see with your real eyes. But if some day such a thing were possible, where you can basically have similar levels of feedback in an artificial experience as with a real one? Or maybe MORE feedback? What would that mean for this world?

    If I were to guess, it would be that humanity will prefer the artificial one instead of the real one. We all share this world, and as with many cases with sharing, not everyone gets an equal amount. Lots of people don't go through this life really enjoying it as much as they could because maybe they're afraid of danger, or maybe they don't have the means, or maybe because other people got to the opportunities first, who knows? But if instead of all of us sharing this one world, every one of us could have our own world where we're basically a god? That's a very tempting proposition for many. And for someone who really enjoys this world, that can be a terrifying concept. Imagine all the people leaving for other worlds?

    But I think it's inevitable. I don't really think we can escape it. As technology presses forward, eventually we seek to replace all complicated tasks with automation, right? That's essentially the goal, make everything more efficient, and consistent, take it out of the hands of the humans who are fragile and prone to error. Once that happens, many people who derive their purpose from what they do in this world will feel they're not needed anymore, and might prefer to look for another world. Maybe one day if space exploration were a thing, people would seek to leave Earth and find purpose in the stars. But before space exploration exists, I think there will already be virtual worlds to explore and experience in, and I don't know if that's a bad thing. As long as you can experience it with other real human beings, that could be fun, right?

    Right now, we could be living in one of those said virtual worlds. Perhaps we are the product of a being who was bored with their existence, and so created this one.

  • Jerid Beaty

    So my gf bought us tickets to the Winston Salem show and we’re curious when do we receive these books? Is it like an Oprah thing where they’re under our seats when we arrive? The novel doesnt come out til 2 days before the show. BYMB

  • lauralanthalasa7

    One time I dropped my sunglasses into mediterranean sea, went out to cry about it and went back and then I found them. The power of belief is true Link!

  • BotoCorDeRosa

    I knew immediately that it would’ve been Rhett using the VR and Link out camping.

    A few weeks ago I had my Mama trying to land the lunar module! 😂 She loved it!

  • Kira G

    My house is usually set at 63-65 degrees Fahrenheit. So the fact that link would wear multiple long sleeved clothing items makes me concerned

  • DoogelCraft

    damn, i was playing with the thought to get me a quest since a while but i was holding out for the next best thing… the nintendo analagy did it for me, i remember that nintendo feeling as i am the same age as you!

  • Guy Incognito

    All of the postulations about VR eventually lead to the Singularity. It's our destiny and I'm excited. I don't think it'll happen in my lifetime, but the concept of it dazzles me. I want to see where humanity goes with this. Or, if we wipe ourselves out, that's that. If that really is the ultimate fate of our species, I'm ready for it.

    Also, you guys missed a great opportunity to say "VRginity."

  • LoneWolf67544

    If anyone is genuinely fascinated by all this VR stuff, James Dashner (author of the Maze Runner) wrote a trilogy called the Mortality Doctrine and it explores all of the stuff Rhett and Link talk about in this video relating to VR. It's very interesting, and I highly recommend it!

  • underLockandKey

    Every time I do coursework I listen to ear biscuits on Spotify…. but when I heard the chaos going on, I immediately switched to the video and that coursework will have to be done another day…

  • Robert Rustenbeck

    I love how EarBiscuits is actually a good, deep conversation. Not just the fun BS during the week. Keep up the great work, team!

  • Saroyan Dynamite

    I totally agree that tech is replacing those things. But if you really want to tackle that issue, you need to ask why that's happening. What causes the shift of using the tech as entertainment to using it as a lifestyle? In the evolving society (look at Japan) it is so difficult to take time away from work and school that you don't really have time for developing fulfilling relationships. They don't have time to raise their own children (they are fairly independent by age 7). There is shame associated with not over-achieving at school and work. You start to see that in the USA too. You have to make $$$, you have to get a degree, you gotta get married and have kids, you gotta raise the kids but you're less of a person if you stop working to raise them… There are societal issues that are causing people to search for a reason to live beyond these stressors. I can go on and I know other people my age are experiencing this too

  • de vintage

    I like the helmet idea but you are to paranoid about technology in general robots ai vr we as people don't need these things there fun distractions and such yeah people will always take it to the extreme but this isn't the Terminator or like total recall or something humans are smert and I think we will get to a balanced point if the earth doesn't kill us first with weather and what not that's something to be paranoid about and no its not global warming that's not broad enough the Earth is getting more than just warm

  • Anna B

    Aw, when Link got up to put on the VR headset, he said, "now you aren't gonna get mad at me, are you?". Like a little brother talking to his big brother. Sweet.

  • Do The Do

    The small screenshots make it seem more violent (bloody) than it really is, since really they just shatter but it looks more like blood on that tiny screenshot.

  • Do The Do

    Hey guys (if you read comments), companies have actually used VR to train people like supervisors and other bosses to be ready to fire someone professionally in the best way possible.

  • Do The Do

    Just as they're finishing the video I realized that I read the title as RV weekend instead. They started talking VR and I was still thinking that it would a virtual reality RV trip, but after like another minute or two I forgot about it until the end of the video lmao

  • Sarah C. M

    Re: 1:01:27 – Its like that episode of Star Trek TNG, where they all get addicted to that game… watch out people! lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3ih-sm6hxA

  • Laurie Owen

    I dislike being cold so fall and winter are my least favorite seasons. I have started with the multiple layers already.Ahead of the trend Link!!!

  • Janelle H

    Link, you nerd, you were in NYC and you ate at Eataly?! No! My son is a classic Italian chef trained in Italy+NYC, and recently worked at Eataly for a bit. If you want actual good Italian in NYC (the best, per my kid – his former employer and still his fave restaurant) at a fair price, and without being disturbed for your celebrity, go to I-Sodi. Beyonce and JayZ go there for low profile, and James Difranco and Nick Offerman are neighborhood regulars. The food is delish and atmosphere is welcoming. In the same neighborhood is L'Artuzi, 2nd best. Nick Offerman hangout, I believe

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