Our Carnival Cruise Vacation Adventure Pt 1 – Carnival Inspiration
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Our Carnival Cruise Vacation Adventure Pt 1 – Carnival Inspiration

– What’s happenin’ guys? It’s yours truly, Xavier Smith. AKA Mr. XL Smith. AKA Nutri-Coach X and this is Annette Martin Smith. AKA – Mighty Mouse. – Mighty Mouse. So, I just want to get
in front of the camera because I promised you today that I was going
to give you a little chronicle of our ventures at sea. Right? So babe, tell us. Did you have fun? – Yeah. Great time. – Great time. So, where did we end up going? – Catalina and Ensenada. – Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico? – Yes. – So, tell us about the first place. Our first destination which was Catalina Island. How was that? – Pretty. – Pretty.
– Blue water. Small little town. – Yup. – Very quaint. – And it’s part of LA county right? And so in future videos, I’m going to show you our adventures on the Segway. You remember that? That was pretty freakin’ awesome. And it was just a trip. And our tour guide actually was born or raised there. And he had some amazing stories. And we had a good time just traveling around and
eating some good food. The ship that we were on
was called The Inspiration. Go figure right? Inspiration. I like that. And we had to take a
little ferry from the boat to shore because the boat was way too big. – To dock. – To dock. So we had fun there. And then we got back on the ship. and man, we had some
serious stairs to climb. And I’m going to tell you now, that I went there with intention of getting off my normal food plan. So, yes. I did have burgers. Yes I did have fries. And yes, it was delicious. Just for the record to let you know that I’m human. Not a robot. Human. Okay? So let’s get that established. – Climbed lots of stairs
and didn’t take the elevator but three times. The rest of the time, up and down stairs. Up and down stairs.
– Right? So we only took the
elevator three times and man, it was just awesome. I did get my dance on. So much to the point that I was sore. That’s one of the times
we took the elevator. Because I was like whoo, man I can’t do this anymore. – Old football injury. – She says an old football injury. Yeah I may or may not
have played football. But, anyway, it was fun. We climbed a lot of stairs. I did measurements before I left and measurements when I got back. And my numbers were actually better when I got back. More on that later. Then we went to what was our next destination? – Ensenada
– Ensenada. That was Mexico. The water wasn’t as pretty. But let’s talk about the
ship a little bit more. The ship was fun. We spent a whole day at sea one time. And it was a lot of dancin’ a lot of deejayin’. – Comedy clubs. – Comedy clubs. – Game shows. – I’ll be sharing a little bit more about. – Auctions. – Yeah, we did an art auction. That was pretty cool. Never done an art auction
on a cruise ship before. Or hell, I’ve never been on a cruise ship before! So, there you have it. So that was fun. We actually, one of the grand
kids got a piece of art. So that was pretty cool. What else? I did karaoke. ♫ Celebrate good times come on ♫ Let’s celebrate And then she hooked me up. She signed me up for Pharrell song. You know, Happy? And I totally bombed. Just to let you know. So again, – And he knows this song, man. – She thinks I know the song because we sang it – Because you played it – A gazillion times
– Everyday for a year in your car. – Be that as it may, it was different when the music is on and people looking at you. So, I didn’t appreciate that. Anyway, moving right along, and we talked about the day at sea. I’ll be sharing videos of that. I don’t know if I got a video or she I think you did get a video of me doing my karaoke. Ugh ugh. So I may or may not share that with you. What else? Can you think of anything else? – We ate a lot. – We ate a lot. I told you I had burgers right? I usually don’t eat meat. – And we had cheesecake. – And we had cheesecake. – And we had chocolate cake. – And I had chocolate cake, yeah. – And we had pizza. One day. – I did? – Yeah. – Oh yeah, I did have pizza. It was a vegetarian. It had a lot of cheese on it. So not proud of that. But I had green tea every single night. One time, I had to wait 30 minutes for it because there was none left. – Because you drank it all. – It wasn’t me. ♫ It wasn’t me (scatting) ♫ It wasn’t me anyway, we’re coming up on five minutes. Coming up on six minutes actually. And she’s got to get ready for her her busy day tomorrow. But just wanted to let you know that as promised, I wanted to get in front of the camera and let you know of our adventures. And now, I’m going to
be sharing some pictures and videos of what we just talked about. How about that? Alright. I’ll be seeing you later. We’re almost out of time. Bye!

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