Our daily camping routine.
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Our daily camping routine.

So now we finally found a camping spot. We asked a local farmer’s house, and they
are very friendly, they said “OK, no problem, you can camp in the garden.” And here is a very good wind shelter, because
the house totally covers the wind. Not totally 100%, but it’s good enough. And Stephan is building the tent. And what am I doing? I’m doing nothing! Again! Yay. Now it’s dinner time, and I am cooking my favourite food, noodle soup. And because outside it’s windy, so we are
staying in the tent. Let’s try the soup. Mhm, good. And this time we even have meatballs! It’s just 1 GBP, very cheap. This stove is very special. Let’s take a look at it in the light! This is a beer can stove! We did not find any gas… … and did not know where to find some, so we watched online videos… … how to build a stove out of a beer can, so Stephan built one. In here… … is a 90% alcohol. I show you. Cooking nicely. Very economical, ecological and efficient That’s the alcohol. We found it in the supermarket for 1.39 euros. The beer cans can be found on the street. And of course, if you do not drink beer, Coke cans do the same. Most importantly an aluminum can. Then alcohol is very affordable, so it’s all very cheap. Do you want to say anything? Works great! We are packing today. We are ready to go. Going home. Are you excited? Yes. We are ready. Trash. We clean all the trash we have made. Except organic trash. You see the garlic, the cabbage, the carrot
peel, they are nutrition.

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