Outdoor Connection Fortis Slate Compact Camp Table by www.outdoorconnection.com.au
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Outdoor Connection Fortis Slate Compact Camp Table by www.outdoorconnection.com.au

G’day I’m sandy from Outdoor Connection
this is our Fortis Slat Table We call it Fortis because that’s Latin for
strong and stable and that describes this table down to a tee. I’m going to
show you how to set it up it’s very easily. First we take the frame out and we
carefully open up the legs to about there bang frames done. Let’s go on one
end like that there’s a little pin here that just opens and goes into a little
hole there one on the other side roll it out and one up the other end and you’re
done table measures 107 long by 70 centimeters wide and 70 high it’s a
great size table for people can actually sit at it comfortably and there’s enough
room to get your legs underneath these struts the thing I like about it is the
stability of the table it’s a very sturdy and stable table. It’s got a steel
frame and the slates on top are aluminium. The tabletop itself
has a 30kg weight limit, so you can put a fair bit of gear on it. One of
the many uses of this table when we go camping is we use it to do the dishes on
you’ve done a draining rack already here it’s a matter of take your plates out
and if you want, you can pop them down in between the slats. Away you go! So, pack-up is almost as easy as putting it up simply unclip one end fold over three
slates at a time, simply unclip the other end and that goes straight down
into the carry bag carry bag has two compartments ones larger than the other
put the slats in the larger compartment Next we fold up the frame. Now you’ll
see there’s two L plates here. One is shorter than the other
the short one goes in first. So let’s tip it up this way, push through
the red buttons slide it forward just a do the other end, push the red buttons in and slide it forward first one the narrow L
goes in first other slides in on top that goes into the bag and the other pocket dead easy I love this table it’s a great
addition to your camping equipment check out our website for all our Outdoor
Connection products and until next time Happy Camping!

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