Outdoor Connection Premier Aluminium 3x3m Gazebo Review + Setup Demo
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Outdoor Connection Premier Aluminium 3x3m Gazebo Review + Setup Demo

– Hi there, everybody. This is Nick and Jarrod
from Tentworld, Townsville. We’re here today to show you the Outdoor Connection
Premier Aluminium Gazebo. What we’re gonna do is gonna
give you a set-up video just to show you how it all goes together, tell you about a few of the features. (upbeat music) When you’re fitting the
canopy to the frame, use the Velcro here in the
corners and press down firmly. Once you’ve pressed down all four corners, press your frame up
’til it locks into place and repeat in the other three corners. And then the final piece you need to do is fixing these straps around the frame. And of course repeat on the other sides. And while we’re here, we’ll show you a few
things about this gazebo. Now the frame is a 29 millimetre square, aluminium, powder-coated frame. So that makes it really, really
resistant to the elements. So if it gets rained on you don’t have to be fear of any kind of rusting. But this also makes it of course really light weight, as well. So these gazebos are
about seven kilos lighter than the equivalent other
deluxe models you can purchase. Another key difference
that this gazebo has compared to other models, is
the adjustability in the legs. So you’ve actually got
five adjustability settings for the legs, that are
making it really great to set-up evenly if
you’ve got uneven ground, or if you just want to
select a customised height. The complete setup weight of
the gazebo is only 17 kilos. That’s some seven kilos lighter than other equivalent models on
the market with a steel frame. The canopy is a heavy-duty, 230GSM solar-protect coated polyester. So it keeps you protected
from the UV rays of the sun, and it also has 1000
millimetre waterhead rating to keep you dry if it does rain. Now to secure your guy ropes in here, there’s also two eyelets that you feed your guy rope through, which we’ll show you in a second. To fix your guy ropes to the gazebo, what you need to do is feed your guy rope through the eyelet, around
the pole on the inside, and then back out through the eyelet. Now you need to tie a knot here
to secure it back to itself. And one of the best knots
you can use is a bowline. They’re very easy actually to tie. One of the easiest ways you can tie it, just make a loop, grab your
tailing end of the rope, feed it through, stick the other end of your rope through, and then pull that loop
back through itself. And that’s the simplest way
you’re ever gonna tie a bowline. Now grab a peg. And peg it out gently. – Well now that we’ve got that set up, we can enjoy our nice shade and a bit of a cooler atmosphere. Now this gazebo provides us with nice three by three metre shade. You can do many different activities, such as sharing a cold
drink with your friends. – Cooking a meal for your family. – Watching sports. – Yeah! – So lastly what we’re
going to do is show you the pack down process of the
Outdoor Connection gazebo. For the sake of time we removed the guy ropes and the pegs already. (upbeat music) Now while we’re doing this, don’t forget to undo those
Velcro straps on the inside, because otherwise the canopy won’t be able to fold up properly. (upbeat music) Now with plenty of space in
the bag, it’s as easy as that. If you want to find out more information about the Outdoor Connection
Premier Aluminium Gazebo, jump online at our website
at tentworld.com.au, or pop in to one of our
wonderful 13 locations.


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