Outdoor Gear Repair On The Go- Camping Hunting Hiking Prepping Must Have Gear
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Outdoor Gear Repair On The Go- Camping Hunting Hiking Prepping Must Have Gear

outdoor gear repair kits repair kits for backpacking and camping Gear Aid Complete Outdoor Equipment Camping Repair Patch Seal Tape Replace Kit outdoor gear repair on the go Gear Aid repair kit hi it’s AlaskaGranny I am backpacking with my son now you have all these straps buckle zippers that can break gear can tear you have all
kinds of things that could go wrong on a camp out why would you bring a first aid kit for
yourself and not bring a first aid kit for your gear your gear is going to punctured by sharp things things are going to break so you want to be prepared a kit that we have always
carry on the trail or a camp out is this GEAR AID – EXPLORER FIELD REPAIR KIT repair kit and its by GEAR AID – EXPLORER FIELD REPAIR KIT the Gear Aid repair kit comes in this super lightweight pouch
everything fits in here very nicely it comes with good direction so
you know how to use everything in here just in case you didn’t think
you could repair something this gives you wonderful tips so there’s
the fabric duct tape there’s little patches and
there’s all kinds even for the screen on your tent repair patches there are extra items to repair straps zip ties there’s Kevlar thread
and there’s even some buttons needles you that needle pins in this container so they
don’t get lost there is glue in a small tube kisses him in handy for many many
purposes there are extra buckles and there’s self-stick patches GEAR AID – EXPLORER FIELD REPAIR KITs patches are the greatest you
peel off a part and you just stick it on and your gear is repaired GEAR AID – EXPLORER FIELD REPAIR KIT is really handy plus it comes with alcohol prep pads so you can prepare your gear before you stick on a patch all this comes in this little pouch it can go right in your gear it doesn’t
weigh anything it can really save your gear in an emergency so if there’s anything particular that
you take with you when you go out on a camping or Bug Out situation tell me about it in the comments what
you find is vital to keep your gear in good repair and if
you like my videos I hope you are subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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