• Byron Anderson

    I guess you 'all need to either pray and give them a hug & a bible or you need to start defending your communities from cops. Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

  • Candy the Amàzon bka Mrs. Terrell

    They making way to many "accidents" the only question I have is why since her door was open they not call and identify themselves or steeping right in the door and call out all of the lights were and you would be able to see her as well as her see you?

  • Oma Cool

    Bet no ones ever seen or heard of that gun before. Funny how strange GUNS always show up around excessive force cases. Hmmm.

  • HaiHiung Lo

    America is in dire needs of a separate and independent police complaints and misconduct commission to held the police accountable.

  • H00dN3rdz

    This cop was a HORRIBLE COP
    1) He did not announce his presence at the FRONT DOOR in a WELLNESS CHECK
    2) He Trespass into the victims backyard by OPENING the CLOSED gate without announcing his presence at the front door
    3) He did not take into account Auditory Exclusion when giving orders
    4) He did not apply Time Distance and Cover when Observing the situation
    No More Kumbaya, A LIFE FOR A LIFE! anything less than 45 years is not Justice.

  • H00dN3rdz

    Notice how the WHITE owned media NBC removed the parts with the pastors outrage and left the part of the black man asking for god to hear his cries and save us black people…. This has been the ploy of the white man since slaves were brought over here, use the bible as a weapon against us.
    NO MORE KUMBAYA! A LIFE FOR A LIFE! anything less than 45 years in prison is a statement that our black lives mean nothing to WHITE PEOPLE.

  • mike narayan

    What is a homeowner to do if someone is snooping around the back yard without announcing. This is why you do not call these hookers for help

  • triodesrbetter

    Wft is he doing?! F you shooting for?! Have your gun drawn at a welfare check and shoot anything that moves like it's the predator (hunters from another galaxy)? Give that cop a lifetime sentence for murder.

  • Motmaach Akway

    The police is most likely gonna be set free because the law works in favor of white folks or he may receive a very short sentence like 5-10 years behind bars. Doubt It? See Amber Guyger’s case!!!!

  • Chuck McMicheal

    Moral of the strory… if a cop knocks, dnt make a noise or move
    Dont even swallow. Dial 911 so many u have had a chance to get out alive? What gives?

  • Emily Averkiades

    That cop wasted no time fireing bullets its cops like these that give civilians trust issues some one needs to be checking on these cops and making sure they are fully aware of the law and not being reckless

  • xpradaGx

    They won’t even release the officer’s name, so he could have time to delete all the racist posts off all of his social media. Why is nobody talking about this??

  • Suicidal Vet

    "They" purposefully hire individuals who don't have much ability to exercise reasonable judgement.
    "They" purposefully hire individuals who demonstrate psychologically that they will just follow orders.
    Who gets what I'm saying?

  • Engelbert Vincent

    I believe the PICTURE of the gun the police is releasing was planted to support a cover up. If the policeman was called to the surburbs would have approached the situation differently. Let's not forget Mark Furman who PLANTED evidence in Simpson trail. f'ing cumbags

  • ITryALotABit

    It's night time and someone is on her porch and in front of her window with a flash light. Why did the police not say "hello, police department. Police, its the police. Is everyone alright" If i see someone outside my window at night looking in with a flash light, I will absolutely be pointing my gun at them.

  • Promise You

    The cops need to be retrained because they are always so afraid these days 🤦🏽‍♀️ what happens to bravery he lurks in the backyard 🤷🏽‍♀️like a criminal instead of being professional and a reasonable person knock on the door! 🤭they must be hiring nut cases not good people cops should be given a moral test first.

  • Richard Desousa

    Sad, so sad. Feel awful for FAMILY. Throw the sovereign citizen in jail. Everyone knows that nothing will come of this

  • Jeremy Miller

    This is obviously a negligent discharge resulting in death. It is obscene for the media to frame this as a cop killing this woman because she is black. Should the officer be charged and go to jail? Yes. They never announced that they are police officers and she was probably defending her home. But the framing on this is just absolute garbage. Shame on you NBC.

  • Candy Girl

    What is really going on? The cop didn't see a gun or he would've said, "Drop the weapon!" Wow! Pray for our brothas and sistas in Texas y'all. They're not safe in their own homes.

  • baba duke

    Another made for TV ,racial divide story. Did anyone be me not see that Mason triangle around the "pastors" neck. Stop being so gullible, learn the codes and free yourselves.

  • Jorge Stolfi

    Why did police say "there was a weapon in the house"? They are clearly trying to protect that trigger-happy cop. And themselves, from their failure at training him…

  • Gina G

    The cops threw that gun on the floor, so it would look like she was a threat. I dont trust the media, or any racist as police officers, no matter the color. They all blueblood

  • Confederate Rooster

    I am a staunch supporter of law enforcement. I never like to side against the police officers. However, in this case I have no other choice. This is murder. He did not announce himself. He did not even know who or what he was shooting at. This points to the poor quality of training today's law enforcement officers are receiving.

  • Pansy Blackwell

    The guy, her neighbor called the police, has a "quart low on intelligence." Why didn't he go over there and check out her place for himself. Was he too scared himself. It's all the neighbor's fault. You don't call police, unless it's too dangerous, or a last resort.

  • RUMrs Wright

    What is it gonna take for black people to realize we are behind enemy lines? Keep trying to assimilate all you want but this way of life was not meant for us. Come out from among them my people

  • Gary Bunch

    The police executed an innocent Vietnam veteran standing in his home here in Colorado a while back. They will carefully craft a story and make this go away quietly like always. Everyone will forget about until the next time. People, unless no other option available do not EVER call the mobile execution squad on your neighbor.

  • Gwen Robinson

    Becky's and Brad's have gone from killing US on the streets to killing US in our homes. Black folks you need to wake up and stop sleeping.

  • Oct agon

    I wonder if this would happen in a different neighborhood?
    I thought so..
    I also wonder why there isn't more African American police officers?
    I wonder how much they will have to pay for the lawsuit?
    That cop should put one his balls to pay up to start!

  • THGraham

    The Fort Worth whole command needs to be fired and charged with accessory. This has become common place, and this is their trend. This is the definition of tyranny. Disgusting.

  • Grimm_Kitsune

    It’s gunna get to were no one is ever gunna call the cops for anything because of the risk of getting shot. What’s the point of have police if they aren’t going to protect us.

  • Baraborn

    Weak Old people get Young people killed.

    If you see something strange in your neighborhood have the courage to check it out yourself OR MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. #MYOB

    It is the old man's fault, through ignorance or cowardice. He's either ignorant of the "gang in blue" or too cowardly and lazy to check out her home himself. #Stopsnitching

  • Tyri Wormley

    How is this under investigation? He didn’t use any training in this non violent call. Didn’t knock on the 🚪 or say he was even there. And why release her name and not his? Something fishy going on.

  • Valli Weidemann

    Cause they're trained to shoot first, don't worry about the questions. $1000 says some shitbag racist somewhere is gonna say she should have listened to the cop.

  • Pan Africanist

    The officer or officers who released the still photo of the gun should be fired too…the were trying to start the smear campaign on her


    This happens time and time again and the media will do the same reporting and it's to get the emotion out of you because until there is change you will be stuck in the same emotional way of thinking about it!

  • Maurice Watson

    Only parallel is genocide of black people dad's no punishment coming I can do a college Act and don't get charged for it and even when I do get charged the punishment is nothing I burn the house down Mom Dad don't worry sign we going to go out to get some ice cream no TV for 2 days

  • Maurice Watson

    , these are they treated the cop in Minnesota let's bet that he don't get the same treatment I'll bet you a box of bananas and other news bad I got your car wrapped around a tree don't worry sign I'll buy you a bike I'll get a new car there's no punishment at all it will not stop

  • Pa P

    The government programming is strong, if they can do this and get away with it.
    Then I honestly have to say citizens need to call for a government reform.
    The fact that the officer shot someone in the home and no accountability is a big sign that we need a change in laws.
    The system favors more on protecting official and individuals who can pay for lesser sentencing or no conviction. This organized business has to change. The system has green eyes, it's gotten greedy on the amount of money it can make from the misfortunes of others.

  • Neil H.G.

    The police never release a bodycam, this fast, unless they felt the officer involved did nothing wrong. When a cop is wrong it takes months sometimes years before it's released. That should tell you no charges will be filed against the officer and he will receive a medal from the mayor as well as a raise…with promotion

  • slinkiegirl2001

    WHY IS THat murdering cop not being named when mohammed noor the moslem cop in minniapolis shot that white lady momments later his name was everywhere why is that white cop not being named

  • belle mcellis

    Cop said, quote " PUT YOUR HANDS UP, SHOW ME YOUR HANDS" I didn't hear him say he was the "POLICE" How do you give commands, show me your hands with the BLINDS AND WINDOW WAS CLOSED. HOW COULD HE SEE HER HANDS WITH THE BLINDS CLOSED.

  • Rory Jimmy34

    Do not let this officer taint the image of the police. He did not identify himself ,He had bad gun safety skills and a negligent discharge of a single fatal round, forever wrecking the family.

  • Bernice Ahmed

    When will this stop??? Enough already……..Justice PLEASE APPEAR…….This reminds me of the elderly lady in Atlanta Georgia some years back. Atlanta police raided her home and murdered her…..Enough!!!!! I am a veteran and I am not a cop hater but this needs to end………The law can’t and shouldn’t be used in a way for law enforcement to hide behind their badge and commit murder. Justice needs to be swift in this case.

  • Kolobanov

    Americans you are to blame for all this! Such situations will be repeated! Doesn't it bother you that your cops don't know if they'll come home from work alive? The free sale of weapons has led to the fact that anyone can be with a gun! Put yourself in the shoes of a police officer, he has no time to think or look closely, he protects his life, how many police officers die in the US in a year? You want them to slow down and try to figure out "am I really being threatened with a gun"? Then multiply the statistics of dead police officers by 2 or more, that's exactly what will happen. You have created a powerful gun lobby, gunsmiths are making billions of dollars selling weapons and you do not want to change anything. Yes, no one will give you because your democracy is a lie. Greetings from Russia!

  • Андрюха Вячеславович

    The police bullet was consecrated by american "democracy" and "freedom", so everything is fine. Human rights activists should not worry.

  • rogerindelectnew


  • Danny Watson

    She had a handgun and pointed at the window. Why aren't you reporting this? Ahh fake news to cause civil unrest from the uneducated ignorant trash.

  • Boo Boo Boo

    The latest police shooting of a 28-yr. old woman is a tragedy.  However, the woman had her door open at 2:30am in a sketchy neighborhood playing video games with an 8 yr. old minor.  So, a good intentioned black neighbor noticing the door open calls in for a welfare check and the police did what was natural despite what you may think.  Unfortunately, the 28 yr. old women living there was alerted by the men in her back yard (not knowing it was the police) and grabbed her gun.  I only wished the officer who confronted her would have announced himself as a police officer.  Both parties did not know what was really going on and this is how people get killed.  This is not racism like some people would love you to believe, it is just a tragedy of mis-understanding.

  • Lakesha James

    Legalizated lynching😷😈It's time for the African Union to stand up for blacks in America because the U.S government refuse to protect us as citizens of a foreign country😤The Klan cops has to go😈We need to keep blacks in charge to gain more power & get rid of racist pale face heathen monster cops like Amber Guyers&Aaron Dean 😈Power 2 all African people✊We demand reparations now because we're still being oppressed😤

  • Mark Collins


  • David Jones

    Oct 20,2019 11-month-old baby shot three times & 2 yr old murdered in the "City of Brotherly Love" In the Hood, the important news is, while singing a rap song, Gina Rodriguez uses the "N" word & is forced to apologize. Hypocrites, they only get angry & feel unsafe when a cop is the shooter. All hypocrites

  • Tori The Tordle

    Who Trains These Thug Azz Racist Cops???🤬🤬🤬


  • TerrySees 2019

    I know many even myself that have taken precautions in our homes for something like this might happen for for our safety .

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