#OVERLANDING • Myths, Misconceptions & Realities!
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#OVERLANDING • Myths, Misconceptions & Realities!

Hello from Las Vegas, Nevada! My name is
Ben of His and Hers Vlogs and welcome to… “Myths, Misconceptions, and Realities of
Overlanding!” Social media and hashtags really have made a mess out of things!
Then Madison Avenue utilizes a cool sounding word to sell gears and
accessory… But we hope to enlighten you as to what overlanding really is in
this video!… Before I get started, let me introduce ourselves… We are Ben and
Rebecca of His and Hers Vlogs… We have a home base in Alaska. But essentially we
have been full-time traveling for the better part of five years now! Originally,
in a Class aA Motorhome and now we have a 4×4 Expedition Vehicle that helps us
reach amazing off-grid destinations! I also have to do a plug for our website…
hisandhershub.com. A central location for increased engagement with us! Ask us
questions, check out our courses, watch the videos on our amazing player, find
merchandise… It’s all over there on the hub! What is Overlanding?… Well, let’s
start off with a very well-written definition from the publication Overland
Journal… Overlanding is self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations
where the journey is the primary goal! Typically but not exclusively
accommodated by mechanized off-highway capable transport where the principal
form of lodging is camping… Often lasting for extended lengths of time spanning
international borders! Overlanding sees the journey as the purpose! It goes on
more to talk about global travels but in the modern world, overlanding is nothing
but a trendy hashtag and… Very, very few people actually do live up to this
definition!… Jumping right in with number one; Overlanding does not mean a
four-wheel-drive vehicle! Overlanding is about travel and the journey! Yes, that
the modern interpretation involves a lot of dirt roads and off-the-beaten-path
adventures… But you can still have a lot of those if not 90% of those
in a two-wheel-drive vehicle!… Number two; Overlanding does not only take place on
dirt roads and it is not rock crawling! Although an overland journey may include
some of those components, they are definitely not required for overlanding!
Even though we do love our dirt road adventures very much!… Number three is a
sign of the times! Apparently, if you put a rooftop tent on your truck or SUV and
go out camping on weekends… That is now called overlanding! Granted you can have
some really cool adventures on a weekends… But back in the day, my boys and
I used to just call that truck camping! On the other side of the coin for number
four; Overlanding does not mean a full time travel like we do! It can be short
journeys but there definitely has to be a respectable distance and journey
involved!… Number five; Oddly there is a lot of animosity towards our viewers in
the overlanding community! I don’t quite understand because we’re all travelers…
We’re all out there having fun! Technically, I’m recreating in this
vehicle, somebody in their Tacoma is recreating in that vehicle… So shouldn’t
we all just get along? Number six is a big reality playing off
the last one… But overlanding is a lot easier in a smaller vehicle! Because the
journey is a little bit more on the adventurous side, you are always moving!
Sometimes it involves going into cities because it is not all about dirt roads…
Travel is about culture and you find that in the cities! So keep that in mind
when you’re shopping for vehicles… Smaller is better!… Number 7; Overlanding
is about the spirit of travel! How far you go, how long you’re out, what route
you choose to get there… That’s all left up to interpretation and personal
decision! But travel and journey and experiences are the common theme in overlanding!… Number 8; Despite what Madison Avenue would have you think, it’s
not about the gear or the accessories or even how much you spend on the rig!! Use what you have… Get out there, go camping, pitch a tent on
the ground if you need to… But remember it’s not about the vehicle, it’s about
your journey!… Number 9; Social media and online platforms like
forums can be a hive for people behaving badly! There’s a certain element of
security when you’re behind the screen on your phone or the safety of your
keyboard… People say horrible things! But once you get out there on the road, you
will find that there are real people and there are good people out there in the
community! Number 10 kind of relates to us! But
just because you have a 4×4 Off-Road Camper does not mean when you’re
traveling full-time you are always going to be in remote off-grid destinations!
Real-life like this instance now… I’m sitting at a campground in Las Vegas
because Rebecca flew out to visit her friend… And in a few days, my boys are coming
into town… And we’re heading out to the desert camping! So yes, I am in an RV Park right now!… Number 11; People say they never see these Unimogs and FUSOs and
LMTVs and MAN… And all the big Expedition Vehicles doing hardcore
off-roading! You know what? I got some thoughts on this because… If you are
thousands of miles from home in a vehicle that is… We’ll call it expensive!
Because they can go anywhere from fifty to $1.5M… Are
you really gonna take unnecessary chances by climbing up this staircase
trail?… But on the other hand, if you are out adventuring… And there’s an obstacle
between you and your destination, you do take on those challenges! But just
because you have a 4×4 camper like this does not mean you hardcore off-road! That
can get very expensive!… Number twelve is a harsh reality but National Parks are a
pain in the rear to visit! They are heavily visited which means the parks
need to be protected from the people! And this creates a lot of rules! So much so
that it’s not always a pleasurable experience! We have heard there’s a
couple really good places for example Canyonlands…
That has some dirt road exploration or even Big Bend! But also, be prepared for
regulations like; “No ground campfires!” That’s just the reality of visiting
National Parks! Number 13; If you’re on the road overlanding long enough, you’re
gonna have to come to terms with this one at least in the United States… The
reservation system, it sucks!! It actually kills the spirit of travel when they
mismanage it! I do respect the reservation system but… Call it quits, it
maybe 80 percent reservation leave 20 percent for the spirit of travel!… Number
14; It is a whole new world and there are people full-time overlanding and full
time RVing with an emphasis on overlanding! The Internet has made this
amazing age where people like us will say in the prime of our lives… Instead of
going to a physical location to work, we can work from the road and that allows
us to travel! For example; I think traveling in like a rooftop tent
full-time would be a grand adventure… But not sustainable for every single day
travel, which is why we opted for more of a self-contained unit ourselves!
But the group that I think has it really figured out would be… The full-time RVers that tow a Jeep or even a Ford with a rooftop tent… That right there is
the best of both worlds! You can go out on off-grid adventures, but yet for
day-to-day life, come back to a base camp and have all the comforts of a Motorhome!
Last but not least, number 15 and it is a good one! Once you are out there overlanding and traveling… You will meet the most amazing people from all around the
world! And some of our most cherished friendships have come from people we
have met on the road! Well, that’s a wrap! I hope I helped clarify things when it
comes to overlanding… I might have left a few of you a little more confused… But
ultimately, what does it matter? Why do you have to put a label on things? Why
can’t I just be Ben and well she’s not here… But Rebecca who love to travel and
camp! Alright guys, thanks for watching! Make sure you hit that SUBSCRIBE button!
If you have any questions, put them in the comments below… But we’ll see you on the road!


  • T. N. Schumacher

    When I got out of the military in 1972 I bought a sailboat and spent 2 years hopping around the Caribbean. By 1976 I had switched to a BMW R75 motorcycle and landed in Guatemala. By the end of 1978 I was married and had put down roots in Arkansas with a job on the Missouri pacific railroad. I Long sense retired and single so I have hit the road again. Kids are all grown and gone, wife died of cancer in 2002. My rig is a 1992 Airstream motorhome and I pull 1989 VW van camper 4×4. The motorhome has a 5.9 cummins diesel. The VW has a 1.9 vw diesel lifted 3” & has 2 fuel tanks. On the Front of the motorhome I carry a BMW R80 GSPD motorcycle and on the back of the van I have a Mountain bike.

    I just left Quartzsite Arizona on Friday making my way north to Idaho to see my Son. I just found this YouTube thing in January at quartzite. I think of myself as a old hippie/ wanderlust, gypsy. I have no pets or girlfriends, just a steering wheel and a guitar.

  • Benny Greatorex

    Well put Ben. Labels are a pain in the vocabulary. I agree, get out and enjoy it! Use what you have.
    Thanks for your work!
    Safe travels!

  • carmas54

    who cares what you call it… and is there an overloading police out there checking what people call what they are doing or calling themselves? What a waste of time.

  • Living The RV Loca Life

    sooo wanna meetup one day hope you all will be in Alaska in September hopefully we can meet one day you all are so humbling and look like a fun couple to learn from so love your channel thank you oh and I feel you about how people dont get along we drove cross country to meet new people but there was some truly unwelcoming people in Arizona lol

  • Laurie Berg

    Sometimes I’m in my 4×4 truck n camper overlanding sometimes I’m using my 1 wheel drive motorsickle. Ben you are right the smaller the vehicle the more people you meet…

  • Charles Krause

    Found your channel planning a trip to Tuktoyaktuk later this year. Love the practical tips and anti-hype approach. I didn't know what I loved doing was "overlanding", but it's good to know I'm not the only one out there 🙂 Got the wife onboard on an 8 day / 4,300 Km camping trip loop through British Columbia last August. We're already planning to head to the coast again – the north coast this time ( 12 days & 8,500Km! ) – truck camping the whole way by throwing a shell/platform on the back of our Nissan Frontier, and seeing if we can't hopscotch "wild camping" sites on iOverlander ( being very careful not to trespass on private lands! ). Tuk will be our "dry run" for a 2021 plan to circumnavigate the coastline of Iceland by campervan.

    Thanks again for the channel 🙂

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