Overnight hike to Petain Falls in Elk Lakes provincial park – Shoulder season backpacking
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Overnight hike to Petain Falls in Elk Lakes provincial park – Shoulder season backpacking

You went hiking to an abandoned
campground in the middle of winter? Nobody does that. All right, here we are. Evan’s getting loaded. Good morning. So I
got about 34 pounds you got about? 36. 36, give or take. It’s not the kind of
weather look around there’s… I’ll show you real quick. it is a shoulder season so it can get
cold actually yesterday when I did that livestream I was sitting in my back yard
and then almost within 20 minutes after the livestream a snowstorm just passed
right through hit the hit McMahon Stadium the Stampeders and the who were
they playing last night god I watch the game anyways they got
the snow on the field but then it just blew away so
our first break we are now entering British Columbia homeland yeah
so that’s Elk Lakes Provincial Park so we we started in Peter Lougheed and then
we walked in so we’re just on the northern boundary of the park in fact if
you look over our shoulder there that says Alberta and then these are we’re
heading to actually we’re going to operate Elk Lake so we’re gonna go that
way I think we’re not going there we’re going there huh the cameras
working again this is Fox Lake I’m not gonna be fishing here today No look at
the view the way there’s a reason there’s a no camping sign there there’s
just no all right so there’s a trail here but no footsteps so anybody that
went in on this trail yesterday or the day before there was snow overnight and
I expect we’ll encounter people coming out something extremely peaceful about
taking at this time of year it’s it’s a little more quiet I think the snow has a
dampening effect on the noises but there’s also less noise as you the
creeks are starting to freeze so you don’t hear the creeks you certainly
don’t hear the wildlife you know I don’t hear the squirrels constantly chirping
or the birds things are just they’ll come out it’s it’s 11 o’clock but it’s
certainly quieter than in the summer there’s no rustling of leaves
they’re all gone peaceful but beautiful we just left snow and then dramatic we
are now I would say where we’re not going over a pass per se that we kind of
are I think went through it but we’re now kind of on the side of a mountain
skirting around it you can see the slope you know it’s good 30 degrees but but
this is very forum this is very south-facing and there’s no snow that
could be intimidating in the winter oh you know what I wonder is that a way
down from now I don’t see a trail anywhere is that a way down from that
Lake what was that other lake called catches up back there but look at this
folks look at this we got our first glimpse of the lake over there it’s the
shoulder season a little bit prepared actually I gotta say here’s here’s
something I’ve often said it’s along the lines of my definition of happiness so
it’s not my definition but it’s something that resonates with me
somebody once told me that happiness is when your expectations are met it’s not
is that simple and one of the reasons I like hiking is because by default when
I’m coming out here I have to lower my expectations I just don’t have a choice
I can’t bring all the comforts from home so I have to bring
less gear less food a great example you know I I usually tone down the food
bring less gear and I and I have to expect a little bit of misery and when I
come out and I have a day like today when I started out this morning my
expectation was here because I thought it’s gonna be cold we might get snow but
now I got beautiful weather amazing friend with me and scenery to die for so
now my expectation is far exceeded so if you exceed your so if you exceed your
expectations you’re happy well guess what I’m happy that’s like it’s a Marten
or a mink or something like that Martens and minks weasels are I don’t
know exactly what biological family they are but they’re voracious little killers
for their size they’ll go after preys that are bigger than them you know a
weasel will go after a rabbit and they say that you know at the more extreme
end of that or otters and Wolverines they say that if Wolverines were the
size of like any bigger we’d be in danger so thank God weasels are small
slope landslides look at the trunks just snapped now Park Service’s have been
here and cleared it but you’ve seen many of these kinds of videos before folks
you wouldn’t want to get caught in an avalanche like this I have a feeling we’re having according
to the map that I looked at whoo-hooo has a nice look out haha oh man is it
just a creek I wonder why they don’t want us going down there or apparently
this is a dead end but I’m thinking otherwise we’re gonna go look we didn’t
come this far to be easily discouraged I think that’s the patan glacier we’re
heading up there okay we’re gonna stop somewhere here and get our bearings and
figure out there’s a reason they want us to go around I think it might just be
this Creek and I don’t feel like crossing a creek right now but I don’t
know about you but I’m game to go across what do you got there
oh my god are you kidding me no so when I was in shaman II I found us a nice
block of flaw in a tin Wow for lunch on on crackers crackers yeah and I’m gonna
boil a little bit of water I don’t know if you got a soup I got a cup of soup so
perfect this isn’t like caviar where you’re
supposed to eat with a popsicle stick or wooden stick Wow Wow incredible
look at the prettiness of this scene between the solar anyone buddy I think it follows the shore yeah there’s the main trail yeah there’s a
reason well look at the view from here you know somebody went through a lot of
effort to helicopter in tables here now you got alright on a good pace on a
summer day with kids how long would you take to hike here what did it take us
three hours if you’re thinking or so alright well I’ll share a secret if
you’re thinking of a nice place to day hike and come have a killer view upper
Elk Lake is the way to do it yeah you got this picnic table here no no fire
but you could certainly have a gorgeous view now I never even noticed that Evan just
pointed out so look at the layers and then rub straight up Wow a lot of force
there yeah that’s where we want to go to the basin kudos to Parks BC man you guys
did a great job no shortage of signs look there’s a trail on this side oh man moose whoo oh yeah we came from over
there and walked all along the shore this Lake we’re heading that way oh look
there’s a bench right there is that a bridge or a bench yeah all right
coral pasture out is rugged and difficult to follow involves
bushwhacking through slide pass and route finding through rock bands for
experienced hikers equipped with map and compass but this confirms that a lot of
people said the campground past the lake was washed out in 2013 just shows the
power of these floods they’ve got that hit the whole province but now it’s I’ll clean that water is man if this was
somewhere warm or if that was a hot spring whoop we just come from there and
then what is that would have been self registration really some cleaning
utensils whoo hi there we need your cooperation please burn and/or pack out
your garbage I’m okay with burning there must have been yeah so maybe later after
we set up camp 238 we’re doing we’re golden somebody walk down here there’s even tent pads or what I would
set there is 10 pads here’s a tent pad there I’m guessing there’s a handful of
tent pads where’s the fire pit oh look at the trail through here that’s fine
close to the water well there’s a PIN pad right there actually let’s be smart
about this whoo big Moose Tracks I’m so distracted looking at the tent pads I
forgot Wow so the waterfall is just in there
somewhere whoo amazing high five bud another one the shitter will be all the
wood wood here Wow Wow
there’s even a food locker this is a better choice than Lillian lake this is
this is Oh we’ll fix this up a little bit water over there a little bit the ground is so hard so I
just added a piece of paracord there loop and use a couple of rocks pad has
an anchor point there one tied to the tree so we’re solid we’re good one thing
I don’t like 3-inch therm rests but I also have a blue old-fashioned foam
mattress I’m going to put the foam underneath the therm rest and the foam
insulates the ground a bit and then hopefully it keep it keeps the bottom of
the therm rest a little bit warmer blue foamy therm rest outdoor vitals zero
degrees Celsius bag and then the shoulder baffles tonight are gonna get
used and then my pillow and I’ll probably sleep with fleece on anyways I
got lots of warm clothes I’m not worried and an old trick that you might see us
do tonight is you warm up a bottle of you warm up some water on the fire and
then you throw your 1 liter Nalgene bottle in the bag holy Christ look at
the size of that thing second time using it yeah he’s got his
quilt and therm-a-rest what’s this thing a blanket no yeah exactly we’re all good let me just show you the view from my tent can you think of a
better place to wake up I can’t wow what a good choice I’m glad
we made this choice I’m just shocked that there’s nobody here I mean the
waterfalls are gorgeous and I thought for sure people would still make the day
hike but it is a long day I guess it’s almost 15 kilometers so it’s 30 returned
just to go see them and nobody’s out here we’ll go see the waterfalls
tomorrow morning because there’s a bit of snow that’s cloudy it’s almost 4
o’clock so sunset goes down pretty early here 6:30 we lose daylight and we still
have to get firewood and get organized so why stress ourselves you know if we
go see the waterfall and we come back and it’s dark we you know we wouldn’t be
enjoyable so we’re here because we want to cook and Evan wants to cook and I
want to eat so let’s do that two weeks later we’ll be frozen oh yeah little bit ice and everything oh yeah
she’s cold yeah battery number two is in you take long to get a fire going did it
nope you know this is probably you know in the good old days you can get away
with no tools if you get trees like that you know you find I used to do this here
I’ll show people I mean people say how do you break a branch well you can find
a way to manage to break smaller branches and make it manageable but why
make life hard you know all you ultra-light guys out there there’s some
things that are make life a lot easier this is one of them all right so fires
going we got a bit of a wall you can feel it in here there’s heat wait till
Evan comes back and he’ll tell us the secret but those are big turkey legs or
what are they turkey turkey leg so far well we cut
them off we brined them brine them and then rub them sous-vide them so they’re
95% cooked so now we’re just gonna warm them up next to the fire slowly while we
sit around a chop yep and then we’ll give a nice crisp of them right at the
finish actually I just made the comment it by my standards by our standards this
is civilized because we we have a bench of thrown
you know BC parks provides a food locker and things like that it these are small
creature comfort make no mistake we are what did you say we walk yeah so we’re
thirteen point nine kilometers away from the trailhead on a cold day there’s a
snow sort of just falling so it is remote it’s remote but it’s
I don’t know what the word is I’m gonna call it civilized compared to say and I
was pleasantly surprised I mean it’s not a place where you’re sitting on the dirt
and which there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s also a very nice pleasant
surprise to have a nice setup like this yeah yeah a little bit of creature
comforts not not good we’re not gonna what’d you find
wait a plate dinner we got the washes clean it a little bit I mean if you like food why’d you become a chef is it because
you like food or those are another challenge – it kind of started there and
then after high school is like what do you want to do and I fell in love with
kitchen life kind of like pirate I just had one but tell our viewers
they’re from broxbourne farms there’s some of the best beans there is a Dutch
farmer named Paul and left bridge as a farm for Oxford farms and this winter I
was talking to him in a Food Show and I was like Paul those beans you have that
you sell the public are so good can I get him at my restaurant he hummed and
hawed and three months later he sent me some beans to the restaurant and now I’m
the only chef in Calgary who gets them but what do you do in winter in winter I
just don’t serve the yeah yes you can’t but they’re so good Paul
so what are you gonna do with those then well blanch them in the water there yep
and then I’ll throw them on the grill while we make our mashed potatoes and
gravy so that’s another trick then so you’ve blanched a couple of things out
here so blanching is just just partially cooking partially cooking you you cook
it about 75% and then you know finish it some other way well tonight we’re gonna
grill them next to our turkey legs and yeah it’s just a way to to cook ahead of
time so everything speeds frozen yeah the good things in life are worth
waiting for yeah I got nothing else to do
nope sit by the fire tell stories and yeah tomorrow is election day in Canada
and not to get fully political but I probably most of you know by now I’m I’m
a conservative and I’m kind of hoping that Justin Trudeau doesn’t get
reelected not kind of hoping really hoping demanding and I made a I posted a
comment yesterday saying we won’t be here we’re in the bush today and
tomorrow tomorrow’s Election Day so we’re gonna we can’t vote tomorrow but I
think we’ll be out on time and we’ll you know we’ll get home and see the election
but if we’re not and the Liberals win can somebody please come out here and
tell me because I’m gonna stay I’m not going back out if the Liberals win did
you di did you make a gravy and then dehydrated it no no no no these are just
uh I tried I tried I actually butchered a whole turkey last week it was
Thanksgiving so Richard old Turkey and I made a gravy and I dehydrated it but it
literally turned into turkey jerky it was like chewing gum but it didn’t work
out as good as I thought it would so this is just purchase gravy for us
tonight but it’ll do the trick the mashed potatoes on the other hand is
been dehydrated properly chives in it ends after lunch
Marty and I Marty came up with a great idea we’re going to use the leftover wah
grah pate Wow yeah you know just fold it right into the mashed potatoes the
reality it is 6:50 so I didn’t look but I’m guessing 7 o’clock
is full sunset probably but it feels a little bit darker now because we have
cloud cover so we’re losing light very very fast that’s okay we have headlamps so because I love French food and well
Marty is French we’re gonna make turn these green beans into green bean
Almondine oh wow so we’ve some shallots in here some
smoked almonds now we did the restaurant and butter and we’re just some salt as
well some chives and we’ll just let that melt over top of these beans while we
wait on our mashed potatoes that’s the mashed potatoes rehydrating yes you
might be a little bit yeah a little too much water boys Maldon salt always always it comes in
literally that small of a container yeah yeah this is what they call finishing
salt in the kitchen okay mine or yours first yeah do yours okay let’s start
with these uh mashed potatoes that didn’t quite turn out the way we wanted
a little moist but that’s okay just treat it like a sauce palm to puree no green bean Almondine nice turkey leg and some cranberry gastrique a little
candy for for the plate it’s a variation on just cranberries right peppercorn
gravy or yes yeah grab that camera and take some pictures of that there that turned out pretty darn good
actually there you go well you’re forgetting the
gravy don’t make me beg perfect that’s good Wow nice creation alright so what
do we call that Thanksgiving up north Thanksgiving up north yes do it as as
telling Evan I didn’t have a Thanksgiving dinner all the kids are
gone from the house we had a Thanksgiving lunch so this is my
Thanksgiving dinner on October a completely civilized meal clean the
wilderness we’re a little uncivilized the way we’re eating it but don’t open
you guys have no idea what you’re missing have to save the weight no
utensils my whole business coming out on film I’m sure he captures the moment wasn’t a hard day don’t kind of wish it
had been a harder day because if you had a harder day and you eat like this at
the end of a hard day oh wow yeah I suddenly feel warmer nothing feels good just talk briefly about the gastrique so
what was that cranberries I’ve been cranberries boiled in vinegar and sugar
one to one and then star nice clothes just add some depth to it and then it’s
basically it’s a refined simple syrup so simple syrups just water and sugar with
vinegar it kind of elevates everything in it
I had to tang but a sweetness it’s I’m not a sweets person but that’s a that’s
candy I can get by yeah think about turkey dinner that drives me bananas
growing up everybody buys a turkey for their Valley you have a large family a
lot of people come but I bet you get the 22 pound turkey and you have turkey
leftover every time yeah they never it bought it boggles my mind
how everybody does that every time like go get a turkey brass or get some turkey
legs and make it so I like on the trail we practice no trace in the kitchen I
like to practice no weights no weight so I’ll break down the turkey into the legs
into the wings we ate wings to the staff meal the other day
the brass site would serve two customers you know the bones you make a gravy with
you you go all the way through it and I broke it down before I cooked it instead
of cooking it all in an oven that’s why that’s what gets me is would you walk a
cow into an oven and cook it completely well I mean you could give me a big
enough oven I might have you break it down individually and cook it yeah yeah
what’s a crazy dish that people do what’s it called um
that’s our ducting that’s the one I think that’s being pushed to some new
limits to it I heard somebody stuffed a pig with a turkey with a frittata so
maybe maybe the cow idea is not far off the cow know if chica was here can chica
eat the turkey bones or is that something that’s a myth you know people say that
you shouldn’t feed your dog whatever I get on when this goes on video you guys
are gonna criticize me but chicas is a dog she’s a wolf I mean I’ve seen wolves
eat a whole animal people did the bones are gonna hurt him
let’s sing TK pork chops bones rib bones chicken bones well the best test would be to ask her
if she was here tika do you want to eat this you know she’s not gonna know when
I come home with a moose and they give tika a big leg bone just to see it she’s
still fundamentally a small dog and they see tika with this big giant bone yes
Wow happy Thanksgiving a hope that everybody enjoyed that I know I sure did
and then and with I mean that’s not the end of this trip tomorrow we’re gonna go
look at the waterfalls and we have a breakfast and we’re gonna explore a
little bit go check out the lake God we got a lot of things to do so cheers
everyone Cheers Wow look at how dark it gets when you turn off the light and
then there’s our fire over there now we sit around and we make this fire nice
and warm we have no shortage of wood we’ll keep a little pile for tomorrow
morning so we can start it quickly but I’m not worried about that either all right so midnight and I’m just
getting ready to go to bed let me show you a couple of things here so little
trick this is a mine al gene bottle and he did some water by the fire or in the
fire and filled Nalgene bottle with hot water and I’m gonna slip that inside my
sleeping bag so it helps with the early part of the evening I’ll have some heat
in the bottom of the sleeping bag so makes a big difference and then look for
it I’m big into photography right I got a
document the trip so all the batteries I sleep with the batteries they go in the
bag I got my slippers so if I wake up in the middle of the night and I gotta go
take a pee I can walk outside so great night 1210 fantastic meal set by the
fire a great conversation I’m as I’m a bug in a rug I’m gonna zip up tight I
use the mummy to its full effect I’m gonna zip it up and actually close the
shoulder baffles zip him around my neck which traps all the heat in the lower
part of the bag doesn’t escape through my head I’m wearing a tube to bed and I
think I’m gonna sleep like a charm so good night everyone
and we’ll see in the morning cool is now 708 and actually it snowed all night I
can tell you can hear the snow falling off the tent I could hear it falling
onto the tent and off the tent but the good news is I slept remarkably well I
fell asleep right away I woke up at 2:40 so the first three hours when I was
taping and I had to stop and change batteries there’s a lot of new
challenges when you’re camping in the in in shoulder season or in the cold or in
the winter you know batteries don’t last very long so I mean I had all the
batteries in my sleeping bag with me things to get fogged up but I had to
change batteries because batteries tend to not last very long especially if you
don’t keep them warm so I had to change batteries but anyways I’m gonna get up
now put on some extra layers get outside go survey the area I’m gonna start a
fire and get things going it’s 708 Suns gonna get up at about 7 o’clock we’ll
make the fire have breakfast look at this okay
I’m the gay boy organized it’s actually not too bad just let me
show you something real quick yeah water didn’t freeze 7:21 that’s not bad just give us snow on
everything nice shit I forgot my I’ve got my water how’d you sleep bud great I wouldn’t say
I was hot 7:39 fires already going and there’s
some sort of little surprise wrapped in aluminum foil there but one of the first
things I like to do in the morning is make it coffee so we’ll get going on
boiling some water we had some of those beauties last night
but we’re gonna and we’re gonna have the second half for breakfast these are the
same wings that Evan I’m guessing yeah same same rub same wings that he made
that carnival lake and when he came to visit at the house yesterday he brought
a little what do you call it a vacuum sealed bag of wings and gave him to
Raymond as a little gift and as he was giving them to Raymond and we’re about
to leave the house I told Raymond I said don’t you eat those without us or
without me but then unknown why should have known and so Evan brought an even
bigger bag of them so we had some last night and some breakfast this is a tour
chair and I went in a turkey tortilla puff pastry puppy yeah it’s like confit
turkey and then mix it with mascarpone in some time mmm Wow good morning yeah
good morning Wow I brought food why did I bring food next time don’t this beats
oatmeal Oh you didn’t season it you can see that
even though I had a mattress and a therm arrest that heat from my body managed to
get all the way through and through the tent and melt the snow that was there
but pretty cool see the little snow ledge of all the snow sliding off anyways that’s how it’s done
summer I’m on the road by seven amazing what we carry a mattress stove gear
what’s in that jacket probably yeah camera camera electronics water bottle
nice little tent second time using the tent love it really two pounds do they
make a one man Nemo it’s ten o’clock we packed up everything and since there’s a
food locker at the campsite we put our two packs in the food locker we kept a
few bare necessities on us knife later bear spray and now we’re gonna walk the
1.5 or so kilometer to the tan fall we came this far we’re not gonna not go see
it even though I suspect it might be frozen woodpecker holes there’s a name
for old there’s a name for old dead trees are important to to the force
because a lot of animals make their homes and dead trees into the trees
couldn’t follow the creek the trail to the waterfall veers away from the creek
quite dramatically but look at this a this is what I would call not quite
old-growth here you know Evans from be seen
we were talking last night you’ve seen trees that are 3 4 feet in diameter yeah
I mean but these are still solidly hundred-year-old trees my goodness
check this out Wow actually I should have shown there was a sign right there
there’s something called a pertain Basin up there I don’t know if there’s a way
to get over this because somewhere over Wow well we’re in the seer where we’re
kind of surrounded on all sides by mountains here Wow
holy yeah exactly oh I have some favorite bands in the
world I would love to be friends with Dave Matthews Dave if you ever watch any
of my videos you’re more than welcome man I’ll haul your guitar out here
sitting around a fire with somebody like Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds and just
just chilling out Wow I shall do it up there hang on kind of
hard to tell where we even were yeah is that the one that look like a pyramid let me might be going down there and up
to there and try to get to the top of it yeah No so we were wondering why this trail
was so smooth and now we know so from the picnic table back there to this
trail head there’s about a three kilometer section that is technically
wheelchair accessible even evan has his own comfort food mac and cheese this is
a campsite at lower elk lake so very well set up looks like it went through a
major renovation 15 tent pads nice pits benches so if you can hear the wind is
howling pretty good just wanted to take this opportunity to do a follow-up on on
that outdoor vitals 30 Fahrenheit bag that I received full disclosure they
sent it to me for free and when they sent it to me in the summer I said send
me the highest temperature rating you got not the lowest because I tend to
hike in the summer and I didn’t want to you know I don’t have a lot of reasons
to bring a a cold rated sleeping bag so they send
me the 30-degree bag it’s actually turned into kind of my go-to bag I’ve
used it extensively this summer and I just used it last night and it was
absolutely fantastic so it was the first time where I got to use it with with its
full feature so I you saw I had a blue foamy my therm rest and then all I had
was that sleeping bag last night zipped it up properly
and and tied the baffles velcro the baffles around my neck and then had the
hoodie over my head and I had the outdoor vitals pillow in there and I
slept like a bug in the rug so that’s sleeping bag after season of using it
including last night where it did below the rating of the bag I have a feeling
you got to about minus five so that bags rated for zero Celsius and that bag
performed perfectly so just highly recommend that fact anybody looking for
a relatively inexpensive synthetic down sleeping bag yeah so when we we left
Peter Lougheed Park we walked along a powerline basically or parallel to the
powerline and then we crossed over into B C and once we crossed over into BC we
had two choices we took the trail that took us direct almost directly to the
Upper Elk Lake which is that way it skirted along the side of the hill
went by Fox Lake and then came down almost at one end of
upper lake upper Elk Lake now we’re at L’Oreal quake and rather than go back
exactly the same way we’re gonna loop down almost to the trailhead of this
park so the trailhead is at the end of the elf furred forestry road so we’re
gonna loop out there go see the cabin or the shelter and then and then head back
and the trail will rejoin the powerline in Alberta at the border but this will
allow us to see a well it allowed us to come here and see this campsite this
lower Elk Lake campsite which is absolutely fantastic yeah what a gem
nice tent pads with padded with wood chips which is what kind of chips
probably cedar wood chips or whatever there’s firewood there’s great there’s
benches there’s even a big axe hanging on one of the trees and the park here
provides firewood somewhere I’m not sure where but apparently there’s some
firewood provided so a great opportunity but the other advantage by going back
the way we’re going is I think we’re gonna be a little bit lower on the side
of the hill and so we won’t have the same elevation gain because coming
coming here yesterday we we climb gradually in the name we had a really
steep descent so now we’re gonna avoid that steep climb and do a more gradual
yeah a loop it’s always fun I mean going in and out is okay cuz I’ve often said
it when you go in on the way out you see things differently but we also have an
option that’s do a mini loop here and see something completely new so let’s go
that’s our plan let’s get out of this wind man like
doesn’t look like much but there’s snow coming there’s the cabin and now we’re
technically backtracking the trailhead is behind us and then this is where
we’re going now we’re going to go up this way – which way we’re going this
one we’re going to elk pass 4.2 kilometers so an hour to the border this tree fell down this one is huge you
know what did that a beaver now Bigfoot only a Bigfoot can do this don’t want to fall down there I just looked at my GPS and according to
the GPS the Alberta BC border is only about a hundred yards away but I don’t
need my GPS to tell me when I cross the border how I actually don’t even need a
demarcation or a line I have sort of this internal compass working for me
right now and right now I feel very socialist and environmental and woke and
in a few minutes I’m probably gonna feel like a redneck again I’ll let you know
you tell me if you see the difference whoa look at that my lord my internal
compass was working very good look at that well I’m going to enjoy these last
few moments of being very social conscious and now I’m gonna cross into
the border and just like that I’m a redneck boys and girls it snowed yeah
that’s yeah cuz it had to settle
that’s quite a business no just this is the last three kilometers which is the
same as the first three kilometers we’re backtracking and I’m I’ll have to look
in the video from yesterday at the beginning but this looks like way more
snow so is a good thump of snow here on the Alberta side yesterday back to the
old powerline oh my god no thank you working Lauda’s about 500 yards away pretty awesome day we’re we’re
calculating that we probably did about 29 kilometres in two days which is not
bad considering that you’re kind of slipping and sliding and you’re not
getting perfect traction recommended a recommendation word of advice mental
note beyond this kind of peer you know
starting now for from from here on in end of October November December until
you get into real snowshoe or cross-country make sure you bring micro
spikes or something on your shoes really helps on the traction on the ice after a
few and then by the time the December January comes around she’s full-blown
snowshoe cross-country weather and the big reveal Wow only one vehicle in the
parking lot nice work nice work crazy
we’re headed to ourselves the whole park not the whole park they’re gonna this shirt and change into
this I always leave some spare clothes in the car or or somewhere just reduce the stink a wee bit my favorite
part of the trip is when we get back in the vehicles and we get some heat going
on we are not hypothermic we’re just cold when I got out of the chopper with
LA we were borderline hypothermic but this we’re just cold well warm up you


  • Martyupnorth

    Who the heck doesn't like this video? What's the reason? Do I just have a "hater" out there. I noticed that every time I post a new video, someone quickly gives it a thumbs down.

  • Martyupnorth

    Evan and I are aware that the cooking is not entirely practical for multi day trips. We're still very much experimenting with this idea. Any suggestions from viewers would be greatly appreciated. Does the idea of a backcountry cooking series have merit? Do you like seeing fancy foods or more common? Cooking on the fire, or stoves. Lightweight ideas. Fresh food vs dehydrated. Please share your thoughts.

  • Bruce Wallace

    Weather doesn't really matter if you have a nice wee fire to warm your bones. Sleep better if your warm when you hit the sack.

  • MrXMrP

    Hi Marty, fine cooking for the backcountry is an interesting subject. Make it practical with items that you are more likely to carry or find on the trail. Leverage Evan's strength. What foods make sense to carry that can be turned into an amazing meal. What can you bring that can last a multi-day hike and still be prepared and taste amazing. Thanks for doing this, taping the knowledge of others and integrating it into your videos is taking it to another level.

  • Troy of the Wild

    Great video Marty. Really enjoying this series with Chef Evan. I say yes, keep it going! As a "kitchen pirate" myself of 26 years and a backcountry hiker for just as many, I love the combo. The thing about backcountry hiking in the Rockies, success and survival rely on appropriate gear of course, good navigational skills, a hell a lot of common sense, and most importantly, the ability to adapt, adjust and overcome situations beyond your control, i.e. weather, high water, lack of trail, etc, etc. Cooking in a restaurant is kinda the same in many aspects, especially the common sense and the ability to adapt to situations beyond your control part. ( I'm sure Chef Evan would agree with me there lol ) I think the two combined makes a great series personally. I also enjoyed the après dinner fireside chat. It's such an integral part of the backcountry experience and also, as far as this series goes, it's the perfect opportunity to share some of the cooking details in more depth. You two share good chemistry on the trail and in camp. It's been really great seeing all the collaborations that happened within this small community on youtube over the summer, especially the last one to Lake of the falls, what a great crew! This series is definitely one worth continuing in my opinion. Overnighters are great for the luxury aspect, you can bring that bit more weight, including fresh food and whatnot. When getting into food creativity on multi-day trips like the North Boundary for example, creativity can come from making your own dehydrated meals. My dehydrator kicked out a long time ago, I use the warm dial on my oven ( no higher than 100 degrees ) leave the door open a crack to allow for some convection and some heat to escape. So far it's worked perfectly. The best part about diy dehydrated meals you can make it how you like it, portion it to your liking and it's a hell of a lot cheaper than the meals from the stores. same goes for Jerky. Dry goods like flour and sugar can get heavy on a multiday trip, but a small bag of flour, a little sugar, baking powder, some dry herbs can make some nice bannock over a fire every second or third night as a treat to compliment a dehydrated homemade chili or stew…lot's of options, I say keep 'er goin!

  • Montreal Artlive

    26:30 Welcoming and heartwarming. Love your vids ! shrug the haters, they're the loosers, you're the winner for all your hiking, most wouldn't even do a tenth of what you accomplish !

  • Garth Train

    Great hike guys .. good thing it wasn’t this weekend .. I was wondering if those hot shot hand warmers in a bag with your batteries would work or is that overkill

  • Nick Van Houten

    First of all great videos. What kind of pants are you wearing? Do they seem to work great for the cooler temps and snow?

  • KatWoman

    Dynamite video. Love the new food idea, Marty. However, I would like to see you more involved in preparation and/or creation aspect. I know you have it in you! Maybe you may even get some fish sometime, hmmm. Bring any food you can into the bush. I like to say that we can't suffer, can we?

  • Monish Kumar

    Truly Awesome!, I totally liked it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you might like 🙂

  • Geoff C

    Hi Marty! Just wanted to shoot you a thanks! As a fellow Albertan/Calgarian your vids had helped me off my ass and out to our back yard mountains more often. Not to mention I can easily access and try out the trails that you’ve covered on your channel.
    I documented my last hike on YouTube for the first time mainly for friends and fam..it’s odd chatting to a GoPro but fun nonetheless. Have a look if you’d like as I’m sure you’ve done the South Buller Trail already.
    Otherwise keep the vids coming and thanks for the inspiration! Your Rock Wall hike was one of my faves!

  • Coleman Outdoors

    You know I'm partial to bison sausages and trout breakfasts, but that looked dern tasty! Did you lose any weight on this one or gain?
    Loved the jab at your neighbors at the end. Lots of laughs when you're not solo.👍

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