Overnight Hiking in Heavy Rain | Off-Season Olympic Camping Trip
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Overnight Hiking in Heavy Rain | Off-Season Olympic Camping Trip

Alright guys, right here in the Quinault. We already walked about two miles, with light rain, and we’re heading to the Chalet for three days. I’m here with my buddy Dave. Howdy, hi. It ain’t raining too bad now, but tomorrow we’re supposed to get soaked, so we’ll see. *Sound of the river* *Sound of creek* So yeah hey, we got about an hour left with daylight, and we have five miles left, but we’ll headlamp the rest and make basecamp in the dark, and if we go check in, we’ll see you tomorrow, if not. Alright guys, we made it to camp and had dinner, and we beat the rain, and got our shelters pitched. So we’ll see how it is in the morning. *Sound of rain on tent* *Sound of waterfall* *Sound of rain on water* Alright guys, we’re in here just below Mount Anderson, as you can see it’s been raining all day on us. We’re gonna go up and see how far we can get before the main snowpack. So Dave, this is your first time in the interior of the Park. What do you think so far? Love the weather! Yeah, it’s great isn’t it! *Sound of creek* *Sound of River* *Sound of Waterfall* Alright guys, as you can hear, it is slightly raining out here in the Quinault. It really has not let up all day, actually has intensified for the last two hours or so. Had a really enjoyable evening, watching about 50 elk graze as we are eating, so that was nice. Thanks to the umbrella, we are – me and my hiking partner, both actually pretty dry, for these conditions. I’m pretty happy about that. Gonna put some earplugs in and try to get some sleep tonight. Probably see you in the morning. Alright, good morning, as you hear, it is still slightly raining, but not too bad. About 30 minutes ago, a heavy rain just passed through this area, and kinda woke me up. That’s ok. It’s about 6 am, so it’s time to get up anyways. Got 14 miles to get out of here. Probably see a lot of game, like we did on the way in, but that’s cool. We’ll see how much I shoot video, depending on weather on the way out. Sounds like it started raining again here. This is a good lesson, to anybody that wants to come into the Quinault in spring or winter. Got to be prepared to handle this type of rain. Poncho’s and umbrella is about the only thing that will withstand, this much saturation here. a day there is Hey Dave, “Dave!?” Are you awake? It’s not supposed to rain today! It’s not? No! It’s never supposed to rain here. Welcome to the Quinault Rain Forest. *Sound of river* *Sound of creek* *Sound of creek*


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