Ozark Trails 3 Room Cabin Tent Review – Dry Review
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Ozark Trails 3 Room Cabin Tent Review – Dry Review

Hey, guys. This is Andrew Esquivel here back
with another review. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Ozark Trails 3 Room Cabin
Tent. Now I got this cabin tent at Walmart for about $250. It supposedly can fit about
12 people. And I’m going to show you all around and we’re going to go over some details;
there’s a lot to go over, and this thing is big. You’re going to need at least two
people to set this thing up, preferably more because although it’s not complicated to set
up, there’s a lot of parts to put together. The more, the merrier, let’s put it. So
I’ll show you the skeletal structure that’s underneath the tarp, but first let’s actually
go around the structure itself. There’s two points of entry. There is the
left side which can be opened up so that it’s just a bug net, and the bug net can be opened
up. And then there is a main door that has a bug net that goes half way down. As you
can see, we’ve got drawstrings to hold the tarp down, and the normal drawstrings come
with little anchoring points or stakes that are pieces of metal like that. I recommend
getting better, bigger, heavier stakes for those days when it is windy, just in case.
So let’s go around the tent. I got to navigate my way through a number of different things.
And I apologize for the noise, I do live on a busy street. So we’re coming around and
if you notice right there, that is an intake for where you would put your air conditioning
system. So that can be used as just for bringing in air from the outside or from an AC unit
if you happen to have one. Let’s continue going around. And you’ll notice that we’ve
got all these panels. These square panels on the inside you can bring down the rain
fly and the inner part portion, so you can have a nice, good, easy breeze coming through
and have a nice, clear view without any bugs getting in your way. What I have down here
is what I was talking about, upgraded stakes, these are big, heavy duty, yellow plastic
ones; much harder to get in but also much harder to get out. So now that we’re coming
back around, I could go over some more intricate details here. [sneezes] Excuse me. So one
thing that’s not on right now, there is a little welcome mat that you can put right
here, so that — for whatever reason you have that. But let’s start with the — actually,
this down here, power pocket; allows you to safely put your power cord inside the tent
for electricity.And we’re going to bring it back over here to the rain fly tent which
I’m bringing up, rain fly tent, but here’s a bug preventative tent which does have Velcro
points along the lines to make it easier to get in and out, if you’re coming in and
out more frequently. And this first layer opens up to expose the bug net. So now that
we got all that open, you’ll find that the bug net can open up just up and down, making
kind of just a vertical access or it can be opened up completely on both sides, allowing
easy access to the inside; and the inside is very roomy. So if we go through here, we’ll
see that each of the three parts of the cabin tent can be sectioned off. There is storage
and up here we can see the skeletal frame of the tent. Everything is color-coded and
just simply pops and locks into place. And it’s nearly impossible to lose the pieces
because there’s the elastic piece of string on the inside of the tubes that hold them
all together, so you can fold them up and pack them away nice and neatly when you’re
going on your trips and what not. Let’s open up one of these tents – sorry, one
of these windows. It’s kind of hard to do it with one hand. There we go. Going down,
going down. Voilà. You now have a bug-free window that let’s air in. And you’ve got
these all over the tent. Now this right here is the bag that everything came in. And I
warn you right now, once you get it out, it’s just not going to all go back in the same
bag. Whoever folded it in there must be a master of folding because folding it up to
get back in is nearly impossible after you’ve taken it out. Continuing over, there is that
air vent I was talking about. It’s also got a net so you can prevent bugs from getting
in. You would unzip that net to put your AC system in. And over here we have the third
and final room, which, coming here, this is where the power cord that we were looking
at from outside comes in. This particular door only allows the netting to come down
halfway but still pretty good. And let’s see, is there anything else? I mean, there’s
plenty of storage, there’s a few hooks where you can hang stuff at the top of the tent
and there’s just a lot and lot of room. Everything feels really sturdy. But be forewarned,
it’s a good idea to use seam sealer all throughout the tent, and this is a huge tent,
so you’re going to need a lot of seam sealer. And that being said, it could not hurt to
use silicon water-proofing agents on the entirety of the tent as well. You’re going to need
a decent bit of that stuff, too. I have not tested this in the rain. I’m going to be
doing a second review of this in the rain. So I’ll have a full synopsis for you guys
after — tomorrow it’s supposed to rain, so we’re going to see how that works out.
All in all, it’s a fantastic tent for just $250 at Walmart. It’s very, very roomy.
I’ve been sleeping in it for the past few days just to get a hold of everything and
make sure everything’s working right. I have no complaints, everything is stitched
together very well. Comes together pretty easily, disassembly is not bad either. Just
make sure you have a multiple-men team; otherwise, you’re going to be in for quite a long assembly
and disassembly. Other than that, yes, the Ozark Trails and I’ll have the specific
model and a link to it in the description, but hopefully this helps you to figure some
stuff out whether you’ll want to go for this one or not. I certainly as right now
recommend it, but, like I said, I’m going to do a rain test very soon and we’ll see
how well it pairs up against some inclement weather. So thanks for watching, guys. Hope
it helped. Don’t forget to comment, rate, subscribe and show your friends, check out
my other videos, I’ve got plenty of them. And I’ll see you next time.


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