Oztent Malamoo 2-Hub Beach Shelter – Features
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Oztent Malamoo 2-Hub Beach Shelter – Features

– This nifty little shelter is the Malamoo 2-Hub
Beach Shelter by Oztent. It is a really easy shelter to set up, really easy to pack away, and is really steady in the wind too, and I’m gonna take you for a walk through. so let’s check it out. ♪ Hit it ♪ (upbeat music) Ben from Snowys here
folks, on a warm sunny day at the Brownhill Creek
Tourist Park in Adelaide. I’m showing you some beach shelters today despite being at the park,
I’m showing you beach shelters and this is the Malamoo 2-Hub
Beach Shelter by Oztent. Really easy to set up,
really easy to pack away, but what I’m showing you
now are the features. We start with the fabric, so this is a 190T, a 190
thread count polyester. It’s got a UPF50+ sun rating so it’s gonna give you good
protection from the sun. And it’s the same material
throughout the floor so these are 190T polyester. The frame in the hubs on the side here, we can see the poles
that are crossing here. This is an eight and a half
millimetre fibreglass pole and the hubs in the middle
here are all metal components so it’s really well made. Before I step inside the tent, we’ll just take a bit of
a look on the outside. So we’ve got just the one entrance, the door on the front there. As you come around to the side here, you can see we’ve got a guy rope. there’s actually six points where the shelter’s
anchored to the ground, one on each corner and
a guy rope on each side. Underneath this centre
point of the guy rope, we’ve got a mesh panel
here for ventilation, once again mirrored on the
opposite side of the tent so we’ve got cross ventilation
through the shelter. Then coming around to the rear here, you can see we’ve got a solid panel that comes most of the way down which is gonna give us
that sun protection. And then this mesh panel at
the base here for ventilation and that’s actually joined to
the floor on this side here. And then across the other side here, mirrored exactly the same as
what we saw at the other end, we got another mesh panel,
we’ve got a guy rope, and obviously sun protection
across the top here. And before I jump in the tent, I just wanna talk about the sandbags and how you might be able to use them. Now you can loop these around
the corner points here, if you like, just by the
extra fabric on there. I’ll show you how you might be able to use it on the guy rope though, and I’d recommend putting these on before you actually filled them with sand. So just loop this through
the guy rope like this, then tighten that up, loop
the bag through on itself so it’s attached to
the guy rope like this. You could attach two of them if you like. From that point, you
can fill that with sand, you could probably just
leave these attached, fill it with sand and then
you can just put the sandbag out like this, or better
yet, dig a hole in the sand, bury these sandbags in the hole and it’s gonna give you
a nice secure anchor on both sides of the tent. That’s probably gonna
be enough on most days that aren’t overly windy
without having to worry about the four corner pegs. Let’s jump inside the
shelter, check it out. So I mention the floor as I get in here, now this is actually,
it’s a sewn in floor, you can’t remove this
so it’s sewn in around at the three sides here so
it’s always gonna be here. Gives you a bit of protection
from the sand underneath. While we’re at floor level, you might be wondering what
this little panel is here. It’s just there for the
longevity of the tent, there’s a reinforced
patch on the other side, make sure that the poles
when they’re folded, aren’t wearing through the fabric. In terms of space inside the tent, the dimensions I get are
a little bit different than what Oztent measured. I get slightly more than
200 centimetres in length, about 140 centimetres in width out to the edge of the floor here, and about 110 centimetres in height to where the roof kind of
dips down in the middle, so, I’ve got plenty of
room to sit up in here, I’m 185 centimetres so I’m
gonna be able to lie down very comfortably in here. ‘Cause the sides of the tent are reasonably upright so plenty of space. And you could fit two people in here, that’s roughly about the width of a standard double bed
but not a lot of space but hey, it’s a good amount of space for maybe a parent and a
couple of children to sit because you can sit right over
next to the side of the tent. Few other features inside, firstly little storage
pocket in the corner here, just to keep your accessories
or your necessities up and out of the sand. Obviously you can see the mesh panels around me here for ventilation. Just want to mention a few of the durable manufacturing
features in the tent here. It’s reinforced in behind the hub here, where the metal sits against the fabric so that’s not rubbing. Also where the poles come up
into the actual fabric here, they are reinforced so
extra durable sleeves that the poles sit into. So you’re not gonna get any problems with poles wearing through
fabrics and destroying your tent. This is a really lightweight, easy to set up, and sturdy shelter for say a single parent to
head out with their kids for the day at the beach. Get a nice ventilation and get
some protection from the sun. You can grab them online at snowys.com.au at our lowest prices everyday. If you’ve got any questions through, let us know down in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel, receiving all of our latest
and greatest information or check out a few other beach shelters like this one down here. (upbeat music)

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