Oztent Malamoo Teepee 9 Tent – Features
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Oztent Malamoo Teepee 9 Tent – Features

– The Oztent Malamoo Teepee
9 is setup behind me here. It is a classic, simple teepee style tent and I’m gonna take you
for a walk through it. Let’s check it out.
– [Man] Hit it! (upbeat music) – Hey folks, Ben from Snowy’s here today. We’re down at the Brownhill
Creek Tourist Park, in Adelaide today, beautiful sunny day and I’ve got the Oztent Malamoo Teepee 9 setup behind me here. And I wanna take you for a walk through. Benefits of this tent
is that it only weighs about 10 kilo’s, all packed up and it only measures about
80 centimetres in length, by 20 centimetres, by 20 centimetres. So it’s gonna fit in
just about any vehicle. Easy to handle, easy to setup and it does sleep up to
nine, pretty squeezy, but it’s a great family camping option. I shall tell you about all the features. Before I jump inside, I wanna
have a walk around the outside and show you all the windows. So coming round this way first, we come to the first of three windows. Now this one is opened
at the top completely, this storm flap is rolled
up and secured at the top. You see there’s a mesh panel here, and there’s a PVC panel underneath. Now we can set this window
up slightly differently, if we keep moving round
the back of the tent here, we’ve got a plain wall
and a second window here, which I’ve got setup in this
sort of half rolled up section. So there is still a mesh
panel at the top here, same as the other window, but there are tabs halfway up this door that will allow us to secure it here, so the rain doesn’t get
in this PVC panel here, we’re letting light in,
keeping the rain out. And lastly, you can
close it up completely, if we keep moving around,
got another solid wall here, and then we’ve got our third window here, which I’ve got secured completely closed, with the storm flap. There’s a Velcro tab at the bottom here, to stop the weather getting in. Nice feature on the outside, are the vents that I
show you at the top here. From the side you’re on there, you can see two vents, one on each side. You can’t close them, they stay open, it’s too tall to reach ’em anyway. And there’s another vent at
the rear of that as well. They stay open, so you’ve
got ventilation all the time. And the last feature on the outside, which will lead us to
the inside, is the door. Now we’ve got a single
zip that runs up here, it’s a T-style door.
(zip hissing) So if we zip this open, now this is, given the design of this tent, it is hard to reach the
top of the zip here. You kind of need to unzip the inner and step inside to get
that undone all the way. Before I do that, I just wanna show you the fabrics on the tent here now. This material is 190T polyester, it’s 100% waterproof and
it’s seam sealed throughout. At the base of the tent,
is a polyethylene floor, a tarp style floor. This gives plenty of durability and lots of waterproof properties, or is a completely waterproof barrier and the doors and those
little panels in the windows, are this insect-proof mesh here. Now just touch on the design
of the tent a little bit, it is a single skin tent, this door section here is the only points at where there’s two layers of tent, with a mesh panel on the inside and a fabric panel on the outside. It comes down to a skirt that
runs over the top of the join, at the floor here, to protect or to make sure the
water runs over and away from this joint, so you
don’t get any seepage. But being a single skin
tent, it is really important that you use as much
ventilation as you can, so you don’t get condensation inside. The benefits are, that it
packs up nice and small, and sets up really easily.
(zip hissing) Let’s undo these doors,
we’ll step inside the tent. (zip hissing) And these doors, as we step inside, we’ll unzip this right
to the very top here. Now these can be rolled
away to the side here, there are tabs to roll them, either both together or
independently, if we like. So we’ve got a tab in the middle here, to secure the outer door,
and another tab inside here, so we can also roll back the mesh door. And now this can be done on both sides of the tent to create a
nice big opening here, to allow plenty of access
or unimpeded access, inside the tent. So I can actually roll this
one up together, if I like, for a nice quick way to
get the door out the way. Now as we step inside the tent and the first thing I wanna
show you are the poles. Now the poles run up the side here, so there’s no two cent, no
centre pole in this tent here. Now this is a 25 millimetre steel pole, that finishes at the
top to support the tent. Most of the way up the pole here, you’ve got a little metal loop here, that also features on the opposite side. You can use that to hang a lantern from, or even just string a small clothes line in between if you like. Otherwise it goes up to
a peak at the top there, where there’s a pocket that pole sits in, you can see the three vents around there. At the very peak there, is
280 centimetres in height, so there’s plenty of
head space in the middle. I’m 185 centimetres, if
I move to the side here, I’m probably roughly
just less than halfway between the centre and the
very side of the tent there, and my head is just touching the side, but certainly lots of room to
stand up in the middle here. As I move down the tent, you can see we’ve got the three windows, that we looked at from the outside there, on opposite corners of the tent. So we’ve got lots of cross ventilation and we’ve also got a couple
of storage options here. There’s three points at
where there’s storage pockets divided in two’s, so
there’s a mesh pocket here, one on the opposite side and
also one back at the rear here. In terms of floor space
inside the tent here now, Oztent’s dimensions say 440
centimetres by 440 centimetres. Now I’m pretty sure they must be talking point to point for that,
because I measured about 420 from flat side to, well
from this back end here to that front end there. Depends how you measure
it being a hexagon, you could get various measurements. So to give you a good idea of how you might be able to use the space, ’cause to fit nine people in
here, is gonna be squeezy. It’s probably more realistic
that you might fit, say a family of four,
but I’ve got some airbeds that I’m gonna throw in. See how I might be able to configure ’em, so you can see how you can use the space. Now this is really cool, I’ve shuffled these around a little bit, so I’m a find what might
be the best format so, I’ve got a double high queen here, bed at the rear here, this is
about 200 centimetres long, 150 centimetres in width
and two XL single airbeds in here as well, and they’re
about 190 centimetres in length and about a metre in width. Now how good is this? So my kids would love this setup, because you’ve got this central area here, the kids can sleep each side
here, mum and dad at the rear. The people who are at the sides, they’re gonna be close to the walls, but it’s a really communal
too, sort of a setup. You’re not walking over each other’s beds to get in and out the tent. I reckon it’s a great, fun setup. Now Oztent do say it sleeps up to nine, I guess you could sleep
nine people in here. You probably gonna have to be small mats and it’s gonna be a little
bit of top and tail, and no sort of real
structure, a bit too squeezy, but I reckon for a family
camping tent, of four, this is an awesome setup. I reckon this is the perfect,
fun family camping tent. It’s compact to fit in your
car, reasonably easy to setup. There’s not much that’s gonna break on it. It’s sturdy once it’s all pitched and it’s just got that great, fun, communal area inside there. I reckon it’s great! You can grab these online at snowys.com.au at our lowest prices, everyday. Got any questions, let us know
down in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel, you’ll get all of our latest information. Or if you wanna check out
some other Oztent products, try this video down here. (upbeat music) (keyboard typing)


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