Oztent Malamoo Teepee 9 Tent – How to setup & pack away
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Oztent Malamoo Teepee 9 Tent – How to setup & pack away

– Set up behind me here is the Malamoo Teepee 9 from Oztent. A classic looking tent, that’s gonna turn heads at the campsite. I’m gonna show you how to set it up and how to pack it away again. So, let’s get rolling. (hip hop music) Ben from Snowys here folks Down in the Brownhill Creek
Tourist Park in Adelaide on a beautiful sunny day. And I’m showing you today the Oztent Malamoo Teepee 9 tent. And this is a unique teepee style tent with a really simple setup pole structure. It’s quite sturdy when it’s done and it’s gonna make you
stand out at the campsite. This is how it comes when you get it. Now Oztent claims about
seven and a half kilos. I measured it actually more to around about 10 kilos. But it does measurement at
80 centimetres in length. 20 centimetres in height. 20 centimetres in depth, this is a nice compact tent for something that’s can
sleep up to about nine people. I’ll go into more detail on that later. They are showing you how to set this up and pack it away today. So in the bag, you get the main portion of the tent. You get a bag of pegs and you get all the poles
you need to put it up. The first thing we need to do is spread the main portion
of the tent to here to single skin tent at all in one, then we put the height pegs in around the base. I’ve laid the base of the tent out here and I’ve got the orientation such that my doors, just this one door, is facing this way here. As I peg this an octagonal shape, So go ahead and put the pegs in. Just put a little bit of
tension on them as you go. You might find you need to go back and adjust one or two just to make sure the floor
is nice and flat afterwards. Now I’m just gonna adjust the first peg I put in. Just to make sure the floor is flat. And I need to get back in there, revise some of my high
school math apparently cause there’s actually
six pegs around the base making it a hexagon
rather than an octagon. Now there’s two Pole sections that come with your Teepee 9. One of them’s got this
wide section on the base and both of them have
an adjustable portion at the bottom of the pole. They quite long. Wanna leave that adjustable
section shortened to style until we get the pole place. And then we’ll lengthen it out afterwards. Now we do need to join these together. Now it could be handy to
have a mate help you here but this section locks
into the other side of the Y section here with a little push-pin. So we push that into it locks into place. We’ve now got a TP or a triangle top shape that’s going to create
the structure of the tent. Now if you follow the video that I looked at on how to set this up, it shows that you could put this pole structure in there
with it joined like this. But I actually found that really awkward. So I’m gonna go out on a limb here and I’m gonna do it my own way. I’m gonna start with it separated. So the first thing I’m gonna do is grab the section without the Y piece. And just insert it underneath the tent or on the inside there. I’m then gonna grab this section with the white piece. I’ll also insert this
underneath on the opposite side. Just being careful not
to damage any fabrics. And the first thing I wanna do is go up to this, find the centre of the tent here. And this black fabric here and go in underneath. Now at the very peak or the very tip of the tent there, is this little pocket on the inside. And what I wanna do, is put that pocket, over the top of the Y piece, of the pole here. So I’ve got that plastic cap over the top I’ve put that over there. Pull the fabric over the top of the pole. Make sure that it sits
right up at the peak. Now before we push this up into place, we’ll bend down and grab our second pole and we’ll step inside the tank. It’ll certainly be easier if you had a second set of hands here cause what I’m doing is holding one pole on one hand and the other pole and the other. So bearing the second part, I’m gonna join them at the top here now. that’s fairly easy, I guess height but if you’re vertically challenged you may find it hard. But I’ve now been able to locate those poles at the top there, with them in two pieces. Then going down into the
corners of the tents, we can tell where the corners are cause it follows this seme and also these velcro tabs. That we need to do up around the poles. And the last thing we
need to do on each side is lengthen these poles out, so that it creates a nice
tight pinch on the tent. Now this also is a tad awkward cause you gotta reach
right down into the corner. We’ll is pull them out. It’s a twist-lock pole. Make sure that sits in the corner there. And it’s nice to tall on this side. We do the same thing on the other side. Now that’s the main structure
of the tent set out. We just need to around and put all the other pegs in place. Now there is a peg in the
centre of the doorway here to stop it being a trip hazard. Now this will go around to the outside of the tent here. There’s a little skirt that sits over top of where the floor joins the inner. We put all these pegs in places. So six more of those. And there’s also six guy
ropes to put in place and 12 more pegs in total. And it’s got to make a
nice steady structure. And that is pretty much all there is, to setting up the Malamoo
Teepee 9 from Oztent. Not many of a set of options, but you can adjust these
windows as you prefer. At the moment they rolled up. You can roll them
completely closed as well. If you like for full weather protection or there is a second set of tabs here, that you can, allows you to roll in just sort of half open. And if you do it halfway, you can just see the
PVC panel on the bottom. And it gives protection from rain with a mesh that’s above that. So, got a couple of setup
options on the windows. And then there’s three of those so you can set them up however you like. And that is pretty much all there is to setting up the Malamoo
Teepee 9 from Oztent. I’d say it’ll be a little handy if you had a second set of hands particularly to get that pole in place. But I did it pretty easily by myself. And with all the pegs, there’s 18 pegs in total, it actually creates a
reasonably steady structure. The pole wobbles a little bit, but there’s so many pegs around the base holding it holding it in place. Which is probably going to put up with a fair bit of wind and rain. Pack-out is just as easy. Probably easier actually, cause you don’t have to worry about the height of the poles. First thing I do is
take the guy ropes out. And that first layer of pegs on that’s scattered at the bottom. So I’ve just got the six pegs in the very floor of the tent now just to hold it in place. Also a good idea to leave a few in place if it is windy so the
tent doesn’t take off. The next thing I’m going to do is Take the poles out So, I’m gonna do this in two seconds in the same way I put it up. First step is to lower the sides down. Then I’ll release the side pole from the Y section, lower them down and pull ’em out. It’s a probably one thing I’d recommend as you’re pulling the poles out, especially when you split them in half, is to just watch the side of the pole on the side of the tent. You don’t want it to catch or anything. So just gently lower them down, so they come at the doors and you’re not putting any holes in the side of the tent. I can clump these poles. Collapse these pols up, put them back in the bag and pull the last six pegs out now. And before we take the last pegs out, it’s probably good just
to take a few seconds to let’s try and flatten some of this fabric out a little bit. It’s gonna make that last bit where you’re trying to squeeze it back in the bag just a little bit easier if you’d taken a few seconds to flatten the fabric it’s
gonna roll up tighter. I’ll now, take the last six pegs out. I’ll grab the bag and put it at the end here. it’s a bit of a guide as to how wide I need the package to be. Then I’ll just fold the sides in. I’ll roll it from the
back towards the door so the air escapes easily. And I should get back in
the bag nice and easily. That, is how you set up and pack away the Malamoo
Teepee 9 from Oztent. Slightly tight going back in the bag, I think I made it a little bit long when I rode it out and could make it a bit tighter but, certainly not a struggle. I reckon this are a great
family camping tent. You can grab them online at snowys.com.au at our lowest prices everyday. Got any questions? Let us know down in the comments below. Subscribe to my channel for other videos and greatest info. Or I’ll try is some
other Oztent tent videos like this one down here. (upbeat music)

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