Oztent RS1 Swag Setup, Features & Specifications Review
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Oztent RS1 Swag Setup, Features & Specifications Review

– Hi, I’m Tiarn from Tentworld Townsville and I am here today to show
you the Oztent RS1 Swag. The RS1 Swag is the newest
edition to the thirty second setup collection by Oztent. Featuring the same, super
easy design of the RV series series making it a necessity
for your next camping trip. It comes with a convenient carry bag to make transport of the swag a breeze. Let’s see how it sets up. The RS1 bag can also
double as a ground sheet. Just helping to add that
extra layer of protection from the bottom. Setup of the RS1 is just
as simple as setting up any of the RVs as I am about to show you. You just pull both legs
out on the easy tabs. And out it folds. To set this swag up, you
simply grab onto the bar and pull. To lock each side in, all
have to do is pull it up and it’s locked in. The Oztent also has a
comfortable foldable mattress, making sure that you have
a great sleep every time. As you can see, the RS1
is a free standing swag, meaning that you can camp outside and tie the guy ropes
down for added support or you can camp on
surfaces such as concrete, where you don’t need to tie the swag down. The RS1 also has pockets for the guy ropes so that they’re not going
to get tangled in transit. It also has a specific
pocket so that you can put your power stuff through
it and not have to worry about putting it inside with you. The RS1 features an
incredibly durable awning for extra weather proofing
during wet weather. The awning also has a reflective underside and can be flipped over to act as a fly to keep your swag cool during the day. So, you can sleep close
to fire to keep warm and not have to worry about
your swag catching alight. It also has no-see-um mesh flyscreens, keeping you protected from any bugs that might be coming your way. Drop into your local Tentworld store or visit tentworld.com.au
to get yours today.

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