OZtrail 1800 Powergrid Rechargeable Camp Light | Compact, Bright & Handy!

– Hey everyone. Tentworld Browns Plains back here with another product review, of the OZtrail 1800 Powergrid Tent Light. Okay so let’s get into
some of the features on this OZtrail light. So we got a light that’s
nice, small and compact. Fit into the palm of
your hand quite easily. It measures about 7cm across and about 5cm thick. I like this. I like this hanging hook, look at that. You’ll be able to hang that off a gazebo, or on top of your tent, you don’t have to worry about
the kids knocking it off. Now on this side here, you have an input where
you take this dust cap off, it allows you to recharge it via USB. So how good is that? No need for batteries
and you’ll be able to constantly charge it over and over again. Put that dust cap back on. Now on this side, you’ve
actually got a USB output. Now this has 1800
milliamps of power storage. So you’ll be able to even
charge your phone from it in emergency situations. Now this light has two
settings, high and low. So on high here, we’re
maxed out at 100 lumens, and then you’ve got low at 50 lumens. This actually gives you a
run time of up to 10 hours. On the back here too, you’ve got a neat little
battery indicator there, to let you know when you
need to charge it back up. So there we have it guys, The OZtrail 1800 Powergrid Tent Light. If you want one of these hop into any one of our local stores, or pick up one online.

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