OZtrail Folding Table with Storage – How to setup and pack away
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OZtrail Folding Table with Storage – How to setup and pack away

– Hey Guys, Ben from Snowy’s
here today with OZtrail’s deluxe folding table, with storage. ♪ Hit it ♪ (upbeat music) So I’ve got with me here today guys, the OZtrail folding table with storage. It’s a camp table and a camp pantry kind of all in one. Have a look at the size of it
when its packed up like this, it’s 60 centimetres by 60 centimetres and eight centimetres thick this way and weighs about seven and a half kilos. I’m going to show you
how to set it up today. First thing we need to
do is undo these clips on the end and fold it open. So from new these tables
have a bit more packaging inside here and this
probably won’t be attached, this is our display
model here so its already got this cupboard section
of the table attached around the legs. This is Velcro and wire
or meshing strips across the top here to put it in
place but that’s easy to do. So inside here we’ve got the two shelves which give our cupboard
underneath a bit of structure and we’ve got four legs which
is actually eight sections so each of these screw apart
and give different heights to the table, we’ll show you
a bit more on them later. First thing we need to
do to set this up is there’s two end leg sections
we’ve got to fold them open and lock them in place with
these yellow clips here. There’s a couple more
latches we need to slid into place before we go any further. And that’s in the middle
here, if we slid these across and they stop the table
from folding in half. Without them done up the table
will still completely fold so slid them into place. Next step is to attach the legs. There’s actually three
sections to these legs, we’ve got two little uprights here and a little foot on the bottom. Now this gives us height
options for the table and a bit of adjustability
for uneven ground. If I want a table that’s low to the ground I can take the short section
and screw it into the end here and take my little foot
and screw it in there, it gives me an adjustable
leg at a low table height. Alternatively I can use the
medium or the longer section screw that in there with
the foot in the ends, gives me a medium height table
or what I’m going to do today is attach both of these together
with the adjustable foot in the ends and then this
just screws into the end here, and we do that for all four legs. There’s one other thing
I wanna show you before I flip the table over, it’s
going to be used to demonstrate how this attaches to the
table while it’s upside down. So on each leg there is a Velcro strip that just attaches to the leg. If I undo the two on this end here we can now see where this attaches underneath the table here. This is a sleeve around a bar,
now this bar is removable, I can just pop that out and it comes out of the sleeve there. There’s three of these, one
on the ends, one in the middle and the same thing at the other ends. So it’s quite easy to remove
this pantry if you want it’s also really easy to put back on. So I just put this back in the sleeve and this attaches up,
clips into place here. They may rattle out of place
while it’s in transport so you might need to check
it when you set it up. And then we just attach
these loops around each leg and we’re ready to flip our table over. That’s the OZtrail
folding table with storage almost setup. One last step and that’s
to put our shelves in the cupboards here. Now I’m putting our shelves
in, there’s nothing technical. We just unzip the mesh
doors on the front here, slide the shelves in, close them up again and that gives us a nice flat platform for storing our food, kitchen utensils or whatever we need. A couple of other things I’ll mention once we’ve got this setup
is to just make sure these legs are pulled
out as far as they’ll go, don’t leave them bent in
like this ’cause the table’s not level, pulling them out
gives us a nice flat tabletop. We’ve also got these legs
that we can adjust here so we’ve got both sections on here which is a full height
table and we’ve also got the adjustable feet on the bottom here. Now one of these is on all four legs so if this is on uneven ground we can make a nice level tabletop no matter where we set it up. Pack ups just as easy,
first thing we need to do is take the shelves
out, flip it upside down and remove the legs. So that’s the shelves
out and the legs off. Before we go any further,
what’s a good idea is to make sure I’ve
left these doors unzipped so make sure they’re
tucked inside the table. It saves them getting pinched
when we fold it up later. Next thing to do is
invert the yellow straps on each corner and fold the
legs in, and as we fold these just make sure the fabric
tucks right inside of the table so it doesn’t get caught up in
the top as we’re folding it. That’s all folded inside the
edges of the table there. Now we grab our legs, we can
just tuck these inside one of these pockets here if you like, just to keep them secure. Put our shelves on top of that. The next thing is these
latches on the side, we can’t fold it up until we
undo both of these latches. And then we flip the table
over, always easier to fold the half that doesn’t
have the loose bits in it so they don’t fall out anywhere. As we push it down just
make sure once again that the cupboard is all
tucked up inside the table. Stand it up on its end, and
we can do these latches up. That is our OZtrail
folding table with storage all packed up ready for transport. They don’t come with a bag. You can get the OZtrail
furniture bag in the medium size, will fit this guy here
and keep it protected in the back of your car. You can grab these at snowys.com.au at lowest prices every day. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time. (upbeat music) Don’t run away on us yet guys, if you thought that video was useful you might like to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss out on any
of the latest information, or just give us a like. Let us know if you’ve got
any comments down below or alternatively check out
some of our other videos on our other camp furniture.

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