PA Bigfoot Camping Adventure (2019) – Paranormal History
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PA Bigfoot Camping Adventure (2019) – Paranormal History

in this video we’re gonna tell you a
little bit about our adventures PA Bigfoot camping adventure alright guys I have a good buddy of ours
mr. Tom Curren here from earring Ohio that we ran into the event we looked
over and we saw somebody that is that time very lonely so I thought we’d do a
little interview and talk about its Facebook page which is some awesome
stuff there’s no time for great period of time is about time that our pair of
beeps get to meet some of our other offline pair of beads sounds good
anyways mr. Curt would you like to my Facebook page usually has everything on
it anything paranormal for movies related science fiction fantasy movies
anything with researchers their books all that kind of stuff I try to get out
the latest stuff and give some kind of reviews on the books that I’ve read I
usually read one book a week a week at least and I’m pretty much friends with
everybody and I promote unity in the paranormal community that’s everybody
that’s into UFOs anybody that’s into ghosts and anybody that’s into cryptids
like Bigfoot I try to keep the peace and delegate different pieces yeah so how did you how did you get in
because you turned paranormal well ever since I was a kid little kid I always
was interested in anything that was strange unusual 14 in nature I was
anything I get my hands on to read policeman he used to take me and get me
UFO magazines and stuff like that and as a little kid I just started reading that
stuff and it’s got one more fascinating and just went from there and if you’re
looking for answers you get some answers but you end up even with more questions
and it just keeps going and going and before you know it your check out so the
event here this place this is a great defense we’re doing very well on sales
I’m getting to see all my friends here and all my colleagues and we’ll really
enjoy ourselves I think the park is really nice it’s clean and all the
people here just fantastic nice to have good conversations with everybody
thank you very much Doraemon you’re welcome and we got some more stuff about
the hookah show you hit me up on Facebook I’m one of your friends with
everybody very good all right everybody I’m here with the
paranormal miners so I’m assuming the miner it’s paranormal I get it now okay see if you specialized investigating
coal mines I’ve been able to see and then it just had me so interested
and a ghost cars I shoulda thrown me in him together so the spirits yeah it
sounds kind of where my family was from I was showing her the area at night and
we’re driving down a long straight stretch of road there’s only one road
off to the side and just talking a past day you know and there’s a fire
department right after that Road but there was a car behind me I said well
turn in here in the parking lot and we’ll get turned around so go in the
parking lot and as soon as we start turning I turned my head look for the
car and it’s normal so we went down looking over the car down the other side
road never did see any kind of taillights or any indication kind of got
us started yeah history I like like history all right well thank you let us know if you like this video by
hitting that thumbs up also if you’d like to see more videos from us in the
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hang in that Bell so you get notified that next time there’s a video from any
videos thanks for watching happy honey


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