PÅ CAMPING TUR…IGEN?! – Roblox Camping 2 Dansk med ComKean
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PÅ CAMPING TUR…IGEN?! – Roblox Camping 2 Dansk med ComKean

get your own “everything counts” merchandise, available today on comkean.shop yeah, its right! its Messi! we are standing here with Messi i have found Messi! Messi? May I take a Selfie with mes- I think its ok its Messi himself that plays camping 2 in Roblox Hey dudes, its comkean here and this is camping 2, the game that started it all, the whole of this camping series, is this boat full? its full WOAH, ok we are on the boat, the game that started the whole camping series, exactly the camping 1 have gotten a new successer and the successer is camping 2, and the first game were pretty popular and good, so I thought we should check it out and the boat is sailing Someone already jumped out, someone already drowned. tha- ok. that were a little too hurry. So this is camping 2 we have a pond- I mean a stream or something, there is a pond there of course, “Welcome to Terra park! I’m Park Ranger The Dumb moose, and I’ll be serving you as your camping guide.” where is he? It’s Daniel “Let’s start with a quick tor, keep an eye out for useful items along the way” ok Daniel, its cool and all that- Is that Messi? That IS Messi! “This is the campsite, where half of you will be sleeping tonight, its going to be a blast!” I don’t think so Maybe a little, but not like “Haha” blast, I think we are going to die “follow me to check out the next location!” Ok, good idea! We’re following him to the next location Don’t ta- What is he doing? cool down! thats not ok! Ooooh, look, a teddy bear! Mine! i have it, you don’t! I grabbed it Whats this place? “Welcome to the cabin. Tonight half of you will sleep here!” Why are we getting separated, is it the boys versus the girls? Daniel, I don’t think thats a good idea! I’ll show you where the bathroom is, That is a good idea indeed! If we need to know anything, then it should be where the bathroom is! Is it in the forest?
Do i have to go all the way over here to pee? It can’t be… I can’t go all the way over here if I have to pee I took Jobbe with me too, that is the name of my teddybear, because It always disappear A mirror that works in Roblox? What is happening? I’ve never seen that before! Wow
so that’s the toilet Daniel? There is three toilets You can look in them, that’s impractical. “That’s the toilet” That’s.. Umm. The mirror works perfectly! The mirror is kind of dirty… No, its not dirty, That’s just how he looks That’s just how he looks, okay WHAT Okay, no panicking WHAT THE HELL IS HAPENING!? Oops, we might have technical problems Don’t worry, it is something we can fix shortly. Okay, That’s just beautiful! *Great* Great great great, that were our little tour, right? Now you have some time to explore the forest, and get ready to sleep. Thats just great, I shall not be in there anymore, that’s just crazy That were a bit unpleasant, okay, where do I want to live I have a teddy bear
There is a hole, too There s a hole, too We can’t go there? God damnit, I just wanted to see what were there We can’t see that. But we can find the hut, Aaaaaaaand the toilet The hut is this way, I want a flashlight. I feel like I need a flashlight, I feel I need a flashlight. Ok, i want to sleep in the tents. Let’s go back to the tents. I feel like it is getting late, let’s split up in our sleeping groups. I will sleep in the hut
Then I will too! No, I shouldn’t, it is likely him, who is the bad. He is likely the bad guy. So i will sleep.. It is getting dark, what is happening??? No problem we did it. great. So this is perfect. we can sit by the campfire, we can sing songs
around the campfire we can… sleep in the tents it’s perfect. its not the girls versus the boys, because we have
a girl in our group We’ll find out what happens.
Its us We are together with Snowstar, and Schlechtshl and Leeboy. Thats our group, Team, we do not vote anyone home. we love each other as much as best friends can Okay, THAT’S JUST AS PERFECT AS IT CAN BE! Thats just great! THAT’S SO UNFAIR! HE HAS A GUN TOO?! Bye. I can’t even run away! THAT DOESN’T COUNT! RUN TO THE HUT! YEAH RUN TO THE HUT YOURSELF DUDE! He’s killing me?! That’s so unfair! I can hear his disgusting slippers behind me! I can promise you I can jump over that fence! I can’t jump over the fence!
NOOOOOO!! *frustrated sounds*
Continue! YES!?!!! Phew, we survived! Why me??!!
Who was that!? That’s uncool! I couldn’t…
That doesn’t count! That definitely doesn’t count
that I died there, right? Nonononono… Now we are luckily in the hut, in safety Where is the snow..Girl? IS SHE DEAD NOW?!?! NOOOOOOO Did you even take any damage?
No, I know karate I know Karate
Quaaaa! I did it. They are all surprised
that I am this good But I am that good
So good that I didn’t take any damage here That’s just great. That’s just great. Aah! “Hey, are you alright?
I heard someone screaming” Did you tell each other scary stories?
Nope! Someone assaulted me
with a knife And a gun, and other crazy stuff, and we lost some souls We have lost Snowfox look – We lost the girl
And she is dead! Its horrible! argh, it’s probably just some tall tales I just think you need to get some sleep, okay Tomorrow there is a brand new day I think that was the day. I think it’s day again and *SPOILER ALERT, did you know, that Den Mandige Elg (The dumb moose)’s name is Daniel? I’m just saying, it seems like he’s taking it easy that I almost got murdered But luckily I survived because I can KARATE I think the dumb moose is the murderer Who thinks the dumb moose is the murderer, tell me in the commentsection you get a reward if you are brave enough to complete the Pinewood Trail – What’s that? Show us murder Daniel, murder moose If its an obby, then I can If I am good at anything, its obbys
Good luck he’s falling down and dies! *Laughs* What?! What, that definitely doesn’t count wait for me! Wait for me! something were wrong with my that guy is so bad! he’s super bad great, Pinewood Trail, when do I get my health back? Where is everyone? They can’t be… Woah They can’t be far ahead, such we did it.
Did we do it? Do we get a reward now?
I hope it is more life a cookie? do not eat it. Do not eat it its likely poisoned I’m just saying
NOOOOO What are you doing???? stop, put it away
What are you doing? You are just eating and eating It can be poisoned,
if people give you free candy or food that doesn’t mean you have toeat it instantly it’s getting dark again, so that’s just great I am so exited… anyone want my poisoned biscuit?
here, eat it EAT IT Gwawlalwawl What now Jesus christ dude
ok now we sleep where the murder were before, thats just great I think that’s super cool
Nom Nom yourself Oh no, Its raining, let’s get inside hurry Ouch, it hurts a lot that rain! come inside, its raining heavily! come inside the tent! run inside!
we are safe here we are safe here inside the tent
however, we are now united all together So if the murder comes now, we are all in the same tent stop eating those, please stop They are poisonous, everyone knows that I took a bite, and it were an accident stop eating them
daniel, what now? people still eat like crazy he pushed me out!
he pushed me out in the rain! that’s evil it seems like the rain ruined our campfire I don’t know what happened where you came from but where I come from, rain extinguishes fire we should find some yeah, lets go out in the forest at nighttime and find some dry fuel wood collected=five
Well, that’s just great! who thinks there is a murder out there somewhere?
We found one! i have found zero.
We have found two I’ve still got zero. okay We can’t even go that way then I’ll go in the other direction
then there isn’t anything in this direction everything needs to be over here
we have found two Well That’s just great!
We need to search in the dark We have found three
Is there one there? What’s that? OUCH! That doesn’t count! there is an arrow in my knee now I am tired of camping here. There is one piece here
i have helped as such Good job, man, lets go back to the tents anyone who can share some health, cuz I have zero and thats a bit too little if I want to survive here I just want to say, beautiful. Ahhh… then the campfire is on again, thats great,
is there more of that psychorain, because then I’m going in here THEY STILL SMACK THOSE COOKIES IN THEM? then I will- no, I won’t. Nope. Daniel, what now? now I won’t be in your tent, I’m in the green one now I see something in the blue tent well ok, then I’ll go in here
what do you say, Daniel? there is a GUN?, a rifle? well that’s just great! who took that one with us? it was explicitly stated that no guns should be taken with comkean oh no oh no don’t take it what are you doing, Mexican StandOff? ?? do you shoot Daniel?
i am sorry Daniel but there is too much evidence against you oh no! He shot Daniel! we’re just waving goodbye to Daniel
He shot our tour guide! Daniel were the only one who weren’t there when we got attacked the first time it could only be Daniel
Look at that! You just killed him! you just killed him he were in the blue tent when it rained Daniel were the murderer we can sleep safely tonight i do not want to sleep near a dead tourguide, lets go to the hut
thats a good idea That definitely is a good idea shouldn’t we burry him or anything? we can’t let him lay there
Hello! Please follow us to the hut thats just great. That’s just great.
I could use a health potion I’m almost out of life I’m definitely not gonna beat this game, I have no health left, I am to- Hello! Daniel has the keys! someone, go check if he has the keys in a pocket someone, try to go- I do to want to go I won’t go. It’s not going to be me Definately not me non-nom-nom
*sings* Okay, the night is approaching,
said Comkean Okay, the night is coming,
Daniel is out so we are safe now, right? There is no murder now and if so, he won’t try to take
Comkean two times in a row Then he won’t take comkean, he has to take someone else none is behind us. We are safe! everone, we are safe! we are safe here right? Well that’s just great!
That’s just great! can I go over here? Help! I’m stuck!
I’m feeling I have to be here I feel safe here!
I am so stuck here ok, i am free now, I am scared of being there again,
i will just get stuck we are looking out there any murderers on their way? lock it, okay Leeboy we are closing it Don’t push each other out, its super unfair the rain is hurting I will look out, I do not feel safe about this Oh nnnnnO! We need to-
I am dying of this now! we need to go to the hole? i do not have enough health for this! I have too low health!
continue continue I still survive!
everyone chill everyone chill, nothing happened
Where is the hole? oh god, we are just following them
do they know where the hole is? okay, they knew it. They knew it, everyone in the hole ahh… Phew… *Phew, I made it* oh no, we forgot the ropes, now we can’t come up can’t we stand on each others shoulders like this, everyone
we’ll just find a new way out. let’s go this way we can obviously go this way, server! what?
why does that sound come? ok, let’s follow them, they might know where to go Clearly they are amateurs! Let’s go this way instead! I hate this music! I get the feeling that someone might be after us Not that way! Everyone chill, we will find it someday
Damnit! We are so lost now! Come, its this way everyone oh god, we need to get out of here soon Oh no, we can’t find our way around! This way! There is light here What is this? its snakes! snakes. Why did it have to be snakes. Ouch I thought I died for a second, I would be mad if I did
that would be unfair We did it.
Does the snakes come for us? Its only us four now!
okay. Nom-nom i have eaten all of my biscuit! okay, it’s this way
its super dark down here do not push me while we jump here! aah, that’s great! Well, thats very lovely! Then I think Daniel isn’t the murder anymore! Maybe we shouldn’t have shot Daniel,
I am just saying why do you do this to us!
said robotface good question this is great! what now? are we dead now? Om-nom-nom
Okay Do you even know me?
No! Definitely not Daniel, that we thought please do not kill us! *evil sounds* he said I am Zach Nolan, And I can kill whoever I want to that’s great
well okay what did we all die?
i am confused! To be continued? The last thing we heard were that all of us died *frustrated* I feel like we won Welcome to camping
I feel like we won without winning Luckily we didn’t use any extra lifes, because we only died where it didn’t count And that is how it is sometimes, but this were camping 2 for some reason Okay, I would love to see these games continue,
because it works really really well! So there may happily be a successor to camping and I don’t know. It weren’t Daniel who did it, soo who is the murderer Zach Nolan? Is it someone you know? I do not But I think he killed all of us probably, probably not, but we will end this episode here If you like it, then that’s great you could just overturn me
if you like it, you can show it super easy by clicking tha like button And, if you haven’t already, then please subscribe to my channel It makes Comkean happy, and helps the channel growing thanks for watching, and I hope I’ll see you in the next video Subtitles made by
Sebastian Poulsen


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