Pack for Summer Vacation with Alayna Perry!
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Pack for Summer Vacation with Alayna Perry!

(upbeat music)
(airplane whooshes) (ball boings) (motor rumbles) – For the summer, I am
going on a study abroad trip to London for two weeks
through the Honors College. And then I’m gonna go to Prague, Budapest, Berlin,
Copenhagen, and New York. This is Abby Jeanne,
she is from Milwaukee. She is pretty awesome,
you should listen to her. She’ll probably be at Summerfest. So I’m gonna fold my shirt in a way that’s very small and compact. So I fold it like a third of the way in, and then I tuck the sleeves
in, and now you’ve got this nice rectangle going
and then I can fold this in either thirds or halves,
and so it fits nicely. And it also can stand up in a drawer. It’s called the KonMari method. I love Meryl Streep and
this is a keychain of her in a bowl of Lucky Charms,
because she’s lucky. I’m looking forward to traveling, I’m looking forward to working, and I’m looking forward to next semester.

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