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I love halloumi. Fried or pan-seared, it’s
so good. (sneeze sound) Bless you! Hey guys, I’m Megan Mitchell, and today I’m here in the Thrive Market Test Kitchen. I’m gonna show you two simple picnic recipes. Whether you’re going to the beach, or the
park, these are great things to pack, and they’re
portable, and I’m gonna start with some Greek salad
skewers. Let’s get started with the dressing. All right, six tablespoons vinegar
What does that end up being? Like, a fourth of a cup plus two tablespoons
or something? Math! Three teaspoons of honey. Two teaspoons Dijon mustard. Teaspoon of garlic powder. Two teaspoons of dried parsley. One…this is a half teaspoon, if you’re like,
she’s not measuring that right. I need four of them. Aced that math equation. Oregano, or as Marge Simpson says, or-e-gano, one teaspoon. Onion powder, half a teaspoon, teaspoon of salt, and half a teaspoon of black pepper. I like making dressings in jars, because I
get to shake it up. And I can keep it in my fridge like this. And it’s a workout. Looks good. Extra virgin olive oil, glug, glug, glug, glug, glug. Half a cup. Shake it up again. That’s ready. Now onto our skewers. I have an array of things in front of me,
array of items. I have some romaine that I’ve cut into little
pieces, English cucumber, halloumi that I fried
up. Feta cheese, red bell peppers, baby tomatoes,
and then I have pepperoncini, Divina pepperoncini, that I cut into bite-size
pieces. I like the spice, it’s a little milder than
other peppers, but I think it adds a nice punch. And then, I also have pitted kalamata olives by Divina, as well I’m gonna put something sturdy on the bottom. Let’s put some lettuce- pretty sure that’s how you say
it. Feta, tomato, get an olive. So you have the freshness from the veggies,
creaminess from the cheese, a tangy salty bite from the olive. It’s everything you find in a Greek salad,
but on a cute little skewer. And you can mix and match whatever you like. One down, five to go! Last little skewer. For a picnic, you could pack it up in a little
container, And this is already ready to go, so, put the
lid on, and then wherever you end up going, drizzle
it over, dunk it in, but I’m just gonna show you how pretty it
is plated. Just drizzle this dressing. I love Mediterranean food. Recipe One: Greek salad skewers. On to the next one. You may have heard of a seven-layer dip,
I think there are too many layers, I only want three. so I’m gonna put it all into a bowl in three layers. So, just grab a bowl, line it with plastic
wrap, and then we’ll invert it on a plate. Super simple, super easy, appetizer, side
dish, starter, and people just go nuts for it, ’cause they’re
like, “Ooh, what- how’d you make that? That’s so pretty!” And you’re like, “It’s pretty easy.” No, you say, “It’s really difficult,
I’ve been in the kitchen all day, slaving over this.” Wink. In this recipe, we are using Divina’s roasted
tomatoes and their green olive spread. Let’s start with the tomatoes, put it in a
food processor. Okey-dokey. Hang on to this oil, ’cause I’m gonna use
a little of it in my bean layer. Pulse it up. Okay, that one’s good. Mmm, it smells so good! Next layer: white beans. I drained and I patted them dry,
because you do not want this layer to be super loose, ’cause then it just- pfft- out the side. So, drain, pat dry. Garlic. A little pinch of salt and pepper. Some lemon zest, as well. Blend it up. I’m gonna some oil. There’s tons of flavor in here. Alright! That’s ready, this is ready. Our first layer, we are going to do the roasted tomatoes. Kind of smooth it out, so it’s even. Next, the white beans. Kinda plop it in. And we’ll gently spread this out. Last and final layer, the green olive spread. And then take the plastic wrap, you push down, push down, push down. Just like that. I’m gonna go pop this in the fridge. So, this is what I made on camera for you
guys. And I did the tomato, the white bean, and
then the green olive spread. I noticed that this red oil kinda leeched
up, and I didn’t like how it looked. I am in a test kitchen, so I remade it again,
and I put the green olive spread on the bottom, and then I did the white beans, and then I
finished with the tomatoes. I think it looks prettier. It tastes exactly the same, but I’m a bit
of a perfectionist, I’m a food stylist, so I want things to look
really pretty. Okay, so peel back the sides, take your platter, or your plate, Ooh, you look gorgeous! Yeah! You can see each layer, so beautifully, and
that’s so easy, right? I have some gluten-free crackers I’m gonna put around the sides, cucumber slices. You can serve it with whatever you like- crusty
bread, bell peppers. Let’s give this a try. Got all three layers. Mmmm. The tapenade, the green olive spread- super tangy, the beans are nice and creamy and cool, and then you get a little sweetness from the tomatoes. It’s the perfect little dip. Give this a try, and let me know if you like
it, let me know if you make it.
You can find both recipes linked below, and you can find all the products I used at Happy cooking! Subscribe! Like. And you can find all the ingredients that I used at (fumbles) All the products I used you can find at… You can find both recipes below…

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