Packing Gaya Ultralight (Baseweight 5kg) – Nyaman di Suhu Ekstrim

Okay, this is my gear list with 5kg baseweight Let’s start Tarp tent Ngapak Designs (454 gr.) Trekking poles Worn items, not included in baseweight Backpack (379 gr.) The North Face Verto 26, stowable Disposable rain poncho (48 gr.) Inside, there’s a pair of slippers (40 gr.) Trashbag as a pack liner (44 gr.) Sitpad (28 gr.) This is an aluminum foil pad cut into smaller piece Down jacket (388 gr.) Windbreaker (186 gr.) Down sleeping bag (780 gr.) Legging/tight pants, baselayer gloves, and wool socks (435 gr.) Inflatable sleeping pad (360 gr.) Pillow (94 gr.) Wet wipes and tissue (57 gr.) First aid kit (219 gr.) Chamois To wipe condensation Methanol Knife (37 gr.) Cooking set Inside, there are stuff for cooking & eating (320 gr.) Stove, mug, spork, cleaning kit Windshield (27 gr.) Soft bottle 1,5L (67 gr.) Water filter and 2L water container (78 gr.) Inside this stuffsack, there are powerbank …and headlamp (332 gr.) Camping trowel (50 gr.) Ultralight wallet (55 gr.) Smartphone (181 gr.) Bathtub floor, tyvek homewrap GoPro+Shortie to record this video: 216 gr. So, this is my 5kg baseweight gear list to accomodate up to 3 days hike I can fit logistics, and snacks for 3 days, or 4 days if necessary Temperature dropped to zero at night Remain warm and cozy

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