Parrots Crash our Picnic! – in VR180!
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Parrots Crash our Picnic! – in VR180!

– What’s going on, guys? Today we’re at the
Australian Reptile Park, which is famous for all
of its reptile species. But as you can see,
instead of getting up close with snakes, turtles, or lizards, we’re in the middle of
a bird feeding frenzy. Mario, what species of parrot is this? – These colorful little
birds are called lorikeets, and they love hanging out
in these urban environments. – Mark, what is it that
we’re feeding these bird? – Well, it’s kinda looks like
porridge and mushy apples. That used to be an apple, man, they are ravenous, look at that, look how fast it ate that. – They are just digging into the fruit and lapping it up with their tongues, which are really interesting. They almost look like paintbrushes. And if you keep your camera really steady, you might be able to see the
tongue going in and out there and those beaks are razor sharp. I love their feet. Describe the feet to everybody. – The feet, they’ve got little talons, they’re like these little sharp claws and they’re sort of like dinosaur feet, they’re pretty cool and scaly looking. – Now, Mario, this would be an example of an avian dinosaur, right? – We are surrounded by living
dinosaurs right now, yeah. – I would say, if I were
to have to compare to this to a scene in one of the
Jurassic World movies, it would be The Lost World, when that guy got swarmed
by the procompsognathus. I could imagine these
parrots jumping on top of us, clawing us, and eating
us with those beaks. But the good news for us is
they only eat fruit and nectar. (birds screeching) What a crazy feeding frenzy. Ow, that one bit my finger. (laughing) And they’re loud. The shriek is ear piercing. Mario, why are they so loud? – That’s how they
communicate with each other. They’re actually calling more
lorikeets in as we speak. Look at that. – And I can’t quite tell if
they’re eating the apples, or just ripping them
up into little pieces. (laughs) – [Mark] They’re like, mulching
the apples, it’s hilarious. – I’ll tell you what,
if you needed somebody to make you some apple sauce, these birds would be the ones for the job. Very sloppy eaters. I guess we’re sloppy handlers, because we’ve got apples and
porridge all over us right now. – It looks like you’ve got the ringleader on your hat right now. – I am completely immersed
in a parrot feeding frenzy. It’s colorful, it’s loud, it’s intense, but it certainly makes a
very cool VR 180 experience. – This is awesome. – They’re kinda cute. – So anybody can come and do this, right? – The Australian Reptile
Park is phenomenal because they encourage you to get hands on with some of the animals that are roaming throughout the park. And if you sit down for lunch, bring an apple or a banana with you and you’re guaranteed to find yourself in the middle of a feeding frenzy. I’m Coyote Peterson. – I’m Mark Vins. – I’m Mario Aldecoa. – Be brave. – Stay wild.
– Stay wild. – We’ll see you on the next adventure. Alright, guys, I think lunch is over, we gotta get back to
filming some episodes. Sound good? Okay. – Let’s go. – See ya. (birds screeching)


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