[Part24][4K] Overlanding / Camping Setup!! MUST SEE!! 2017 4Runner TRD PRO Cement.
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[Part24][4K] Overlanding / Camping Setup!! MUST SEE!! 2017 4Runner TRD PRO Cement.

Hey guys, this is how I pack my overlanding
trips. So first, in this box, it’s a RIGID tool box
but I use it as a survival box. It has air compressor, mats, trash bags, emergency
food and water, all that in there. My lantern, I got this from Home Depot. Other side, it becomes RED, if you turn it
the other way, it is a white light. There is a flash light too. It’s all LED. It uses 4 double D batteries. And this is CABELA’S cooler. I bought it for about $400. The ice does not melt for about 8 days. I got this table at REI. It folds out and becomes a table. There’s an IKEA bags and plastic bags in here. Paper towel and rolls. Foldable chairs, most comfortable. REI simple $30 chair. Seriously this is so comfortable. In the back, there is Northface sleeping bag. It’s a queen size bag. This is a self inflating sleeping pad from
ALPS Mountaineering. There is a fire extinguisher and rubber gloves
in the emergency situations. Also, 10 gallon water tank for TAP water,
Arrowhead drinking water, portable privacy toilet tent, there is a portable toilet with
the toilet paper. Tempurpedic pillow, thick jacket so I can
be warm, fleece and my stove with a propane tank, my emergency bags, camera equipment,
my AR15s, another emergency jacket. In the front, my toiletry, bunch of USB cables,
my Baofeng HAM Radio. Let’s see if it works. What I did was I put a Velcro on the bottom
of the radio. See you can hear it little bit. So what I do is I put it right here, velcro
it down and I place the end of the antenna in the vents. So it doesn’t move around. I can broadcast is easy. I have a neck pillows. I bought it for about $30 on ebay. Really comfortable. And those are my patches. My RAM mount for my cellphone. Offroading. My WE Boost cell reception booster. It really works. Trust me, it works. $500, I would’ve exchanged it if it didn’t
work. And for cold weather, you need a beanie. Seriously when you sleep. Anyways, hopefully That’s my dirty tires. I didn’t use my gas tank. You guys, when you get a chance, you should
come out and explore and overland. Maybe a day or two. It’s really fun experience with friends. I will post more videos. Thank you.


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